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Efecto de las condiciones de elaboración en la incorporación de calcio y la firmeza del mamón (carica papaya l.) en almíbar
Ramallo,Laura A; Liotta,Trinidad;
Revista de ciencia y tecnolog?-a , 2011,
Abstract: in this work, the effect of operating conditions during calcium pretreatment on the calcium uptake and the compression resistance of papaya bits in syrup was studied. the papaya fruit was cut into cylinders of approximately 10 mm in length and 25 mm in diameter. an aqueous solution of calcium hydroxide was used as impregnation medium. different conditions of calcium pre-treatment were applied. a three-factor two-level factorial design was chosen to evaluate the combined effect of three independent impregnation variables: concentration solution, temperature and impregnation time. the system response was measured in terms of calcium gain in the fruit and mechanical property values of processed food. the results showed that the solution concentration and the impregnation time were the most relevant variables on the hardness of papaya in syrup. the greatest calcium content (116.7 mg/100 g fresh fruit) was reached by fruit impregnation in 1.5% ca(ho)2-solution at 40°c for 4.5 h.
Human papillomavirus (HPV) detection and Papanicolaou cytology in low-resource women in Posadas city, Misiones, Argentina
Badano,Inés; Pedrozo,René W; Ruíz Díaz,Laura S; Galuppo,Juan A; Picconi,María A; Campos,Rodolfo H; Liotta,Domingo J;
Revista argentina de microbiolog?-a , 2011,
Abstract: the objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of hpv infection and cervical lesions present in women who attended a health center in a low-resource area of the city of posadas, misiones, argentina. cervical cell samples (n = 163) were processed for papanicolaou cytology and hpv-pcr tests. socio-cultural risk factors were estimated using the odds ratio (or, ci 95 %). cervical lesions were detected in 14.7 % of women. the general prevalence of hpv infection was of 38 %. the most common types among the total population were hpv-16 (9.8 %) and hpv-33 (9.3 %). hpv-16 was detected in association with 29.2 % and 6.5 % of women with and without cervical lesions, respectively, the or being 5.3 (1.8-15.8). risk factors for hpv-16 infection were a smoking habit and a history of previous sexually-transmitted diseases. these data are important for the implementation of prevention programs, including an appropriate introduction of vaccination and the baseline for virological surveillance in the vaccine era.
A Novel Approach to Spherical Harmonics Expansion for Electron Transport in Semiconductors
S. F. Liotta,A. Majorana
Physics , 2000,
Abstract: A set of equations is derived from the Boltzmann kinetic equation describing charge transport in semiconductors. The unknowns of these equations depend on the space-time coordinates and the electron energy. The non-parabolic and parabolic band approximation are treated in detail. In these cases, the set of equations is equivalent to those obtained in the spherical-harmonics expansion. Stationary and homogeneous solutions are explicitly treated. In order to solve numerically the equations, a cut in the energy range is introduced. The modified model maintains the physical characteristics of the original equations. The solution of an asymptotic equation is found and compared to the numerical solutions.
High Field Mobility and Diffusivity of Electron Gas in Silicon Devices
S. F. Liotta,A. Majorana
Physics , 2000,
Abstract: In this paper the Boltzmann equation describing the carrier transport in a semiconductor is considered. A modified Chapman-Enskog method is used, in order to find approximate solutions in the weakly non-homogeneous case. These solutions allow to calculate the mobility and diffusion coefficients as function of the electric field. The integral-differential equations derived by the above method are numerically solved by means of a combination of spherical harmonics functions and finite-difference operators. The Kane model for the electron band structure is assumed; the parabolic band approximation is obtained as a particular case. The numerical values for mobility and diffusivity in a silicon device are compared with the experimental data. The Einstein relation is also shown.
Beyond the genome to tissue proteomics
Lance A Liotta, Emanuel F Petricoin
Breast Cancer Research , 1999, DOI: 10.1186/bcr23
Abstract: Progress in these three phases of molecular medicine is largely driven by new technologies. The development of polymerase chain reaction, high throughput sequencing, and bioinformatics has been a driving force in the first phase. In the second phase, microhybridization arrays applied to genetic analysis and gene expression [1] is a powerful new tool that has entered the commercial sector, and is becoming widely available to researchers. As more genes are identified, it is likely that specialized arrays will be offered that are specific for a tissue type (eg mammary gland chip), physiologic process (eg apoptosis chip, angiogenesis chip, invasion chip) or class of genes (eg suppressor gene chip, oncogene chip).Whereas DNA is an information archive, proteins do all the work of the cell. The existence of a given DNA sequence does not guarantee the synthesis of a corresponding protein [2,3]. The DNA sequence is also not sufficient to describe protein structure, function, and cellular location. This is because protein complexity and versatility stems from context-dependent post-translational processes such as phosphorylation, sulfation, and glycosylation. Moreover, the DNA code does not provide information about how proteins link together into networks and functional machines in the cell. In fact, the activation of a protein signal pathway causing a cell to migrate, die, or initiate division can immediately take place before any changes occur in DNA/RNA gene expression. Consequently, the technology to drive the molecular medicine revolution into the third phase is emerging from protein analytic methods.The term 'proteome', which denotes all the proteins expressed by a genome, was first coined in late 1994 at the Siena two-dimensional gel electrophoresis meeting [4]. Proteomics is proclaimed as the next step after genomics. A goal of investigators in this exciting field is to assemble a complete library of all of the proteins. Only a small percentage of the proteome has be
Michael E. DeBakey and Denton A. Cooley— Mike, the Master Assembler; Denton, the Courageous Fighter: A Personal Overview Unforgettable Past Remembrances in the 1960s  [PDF]
Domingo S. Liotta
Open Journal of Thoracic Surgery (OJTS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojts.2012.23010
Abstract: Domingo S. Liotta discovered Assisted Circulation at the Department of Surgery of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston in 1961 and opened up a new medical therapy: Prolonged mechanical Cardiocirculatory Assistance (LVASs) for the treatment of Refractory and Irreversible Heart Failure. The American Society of Cardiology selected Liotta’s work for the “Young Investigator Award” granted in Denver in May 1962: ”This prolonged left ventricular bypass decompresses the left ventricle, reduces left ventricular work, decreases left ventricular wall tension and increases coronary circulation” (D. Liotta, D. A. Cooley, M. E. DeBakey et al. Prolonged assisted circulation during and after cardiac or aortic surgery: prolonged partial left ventricular bypass by means of intracorporeal circulation (Am J Cardiol 1963; 12: 399-405). Indeed, there is a lucky occurrence in science; I had the good luck to start this research at a moment when initially unrelated developments were actively taking place in cardiac surgery, long before any rigor or fine statistics were produced. The first observation was to recognize an interaction between the overstretched myocardial fibers and the result of cardiac assistance causing their shortening within the normal values when the excess of blood volume retained in the heart chamber was unloaded, and the second one was that the oxygen consumption of the heart (a measurement of its energy use) decreases during Cardiac Assistance. With the collaboration of Michael E. DeBakey, Liotta started the clinical experience of Cardiocirculatory Assistance and on August 6 1966 they succeeded in the first survival of a patient in postcardiotomy cardiogenic shock. Today, after 50 years, LVASs are in force in the medical practice worldwide and contrarily to transplantation practices, they have an unlimited future; they are continuously fed back by the scientific advances of general technologies. On April 4 1969 Cooley and Liotta implanted the first clinical Total Artificial Heart (TAH) as a bridge to heart transplantation. So far, this has been the case of TAH use in which the patient could be extubated and weaned off the ventilator the following morning. This is a sort of historical document. The venerable visit of Mike DeBakey to Argentina in 1996 was evidence of his majestic peace harmonized in the memory and veracity of useful years.
Two Dimensional MESFET Simulation of Transients and Steady State with Kinetic Based Hydrodynamical Models
A. M. Anile,S. F. Liotta,G. Mascali,S. Rinaudo
VLSI Design , 2001, DOI: 10.1155/2001/81481
Abstract: In this paper we compare the well-known and widely used hydrodynamical model of Blotekjaer-Baccarani-Worderman (BBW model) with a new hydrodynamical model recently proposed by Anile, Liotta and Mascali (ALM model). The benchmark utilized is a standard two-dimensional MESFET already employed in computational studies. Suitable numerical methods for hyperbolic systems of balance laws have been used.
Effects of different nutritional levels on Nero Siciliano pig performance
L. Liotta,B. Chiofalo,A. Zumbo,V. Chiofalo
Italian Journal of Animal Science , 2010, DOI: 10.4081/ijas.2005.2s.470
Abstract: It is well-known that the productive performance and the carcass and meat characteristics are influenced by genetic factors so as by different environmental conditionings. Among these, the feeding should be considered particularly for the quantitative (nutritional level) and qualitative aspects (different components of the ration) so as for the modality of administration, because of the important correlation between genotype and nutritive requirements.
Demographic characterization, inbreeding and genetic variability within Sanfratellano population horse from genealogical data
L. Chiofalo,B. Portolano,L. Liotta,A. Rundo Sotera
Italian Journal of Animal Science , 2011, DOI: 10.4081/ijas.2003.s1.592
Abstract: The Sanfratellano horse is an ancient Sicilian population, however nothing is definite with regards its origin. The breed, raised in the Nebrodi mountains near Messina, is very well adapted to the hard Sicilian habitat (Chiofalo et al., 1983). In 1948 the first try to improve the Sanfratellano horse was set up (Chiofalo et al., 1959). Nowadays the Sanfratellano’s morphology is no longer definite. Over the years stallions from other breeds (Mecklenburg, Hackney, Nonius, Thoroughbred derivatives and Maremmano) were frequently used in the Sanfratellano’s stud farms. The Maremmano horse was, above all, used more recently...
Universal decay law in charged-particle emission and exotic cluster radioactivity
Chong Qi,Furong Xu,Roberto J. Liotta,Ramon A. Wyss
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.103.072501
Abstract: A linear universal decay formula is presented starting from the microscopic mechanism of the charged-particle emission. It relates the half-lives of monopole radioactive decays with the $Q$-values of the outgoing particles as well as the masses and charges of the nuclei involved in the decay. This relation is found to be a generalization of the Geiger-Nuttall law in $\alpha$ radioactivity and explains well all known cluster decays. Predictions on the most likely emissions of various clusters are presented.
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