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A Special Integer Sequence Strongly Connected to the Discrete Logarithm Problem
Omar Khadir,Laszlo Szalay
Journal of Theoretical Physics and Cryptography , 2013,
Abstract: Let p be a large prime integer. In this work, we study the recurrent sequence defined by ... and ... . This integer sequence has connection with the discrete logarithm problem, and under certain assumptions, we obtain an exact solution.
Only finitely many Tribonacci Diophantine triples exist
Clemens Fuchs,Christoph Hutle,Nurettin Irmak,Florian Luca,Laszlo Szalay
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: Diophantine triples taking values in recurrence sequences have recently been studied quite a lot. In particular the question was raised whether or not there are finitely many Diophantine triples in the Tribonacci sequence. We answer this question here in the affirmative. We prove that there are only finitely many triples of integers $1\le u
Extinction in Star-Forming Disk Galaxies from Inclination-Dependent Composite Spectra
Ching-Wa Yip,Alex Szalay,Rosemary Wyse,Laszlo Dobos,Tamas Budavari,Istvan Csabai
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/709/2/780
Abstract: Extinction in galaxies affects their observed properties. In scenarios describing the distribution of dust and stars in individual disk galaxies, the amplitude of the extinction can be modulated by the inclination of the galaxies. In this work we investigate the inclination dependency in composite spectra of star-forming disk galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 5. In a volume-limited sample within a redshift range 0.065-0.075 and a r-band Petrosian absolute magnitude range -19.5 to -22 which exhibits a flat distribution of inclination, the inclined relative to face-on extinction in the stellar continuum is found empirically to increase with inclination in the g, r, and i bands. Within the central 0.5 intrinsic half-light radius of the galaxies, the g-band relative extinction in the stellar continuum for the highly-inclined objects (axis ratio b/a = 0.1) is 1.2 mag, agreeing with previous studies. The extinction curve of the disk galaxies is given in the restframe wavelengths 3700-8000 angstrom, identified with major optical emission and absorption lines in diagnostics. The Balmer decrement remains constant with inclination, suggesting a different kind of dust configuration and/or reddening mechanism in the HII region from that in the stellar continuum. One factor is shown to be the presence of spatially non-uniform interstellar extinction, presumably caused by clumped dust in the vicinity of the HII region.
Objective Identification of Informative Wavelength Regions in Galaxy Spectra
Ching-Wa Yip,Michael Mahoney,Alex Szalay,Istvan Csabai,Tamas Budavari,Rosemary Wyse,Laszlo Dobos
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1088/0004-6256/147/5/110
Abstract: Understanding the diversity in spectra is the key to determining the physical parameters of galaxies. The optical spectra of galaxies are highly convoluted with continuum and lines which are potentially sensitive to different physical parameters. Defining the wavelength regions of interest is therefore an important question. In this work, we identify informative wavelength regions in a single-burst stellar populations model by using the CUR Matrix Decomposition. Simulating the Lick/IDS spectrograph configuration, we recover the widely used Dn(4000), Hbeta, and HdeltaA to be most informative. Simulating the SDSS spectrograph configuration with a wavelength range 3450-8350 Angstrom and a model-limited spectral resolution of 3 Angstrom, the most informative regions are: first region-the 4000 Angstrom break and the Hdelta line; second region-the Fe-like indices; third region-the Hbeta line; fourth region-the G band and the Hgamma line. A Principal Component Analysis on the first region shows that the first eigenspectrum tells primarily the stellar age, the second eigenspectrum is related to the age-metallicity degeneracy, and the third eigenspectrum shows an anti-correlation between the strengths of the Balmer and the Ca K and H absorptions. The regions can be used to determine the stellar age and metallicity in early-type galaxies which have solar abundance ratios, no dust, and a single-burst star formation history. The region identification method can be applied to any set of spectra of the user's interest, so that we eliminate the need for a common, fixed-resolution index system. We discuss future directions in extending the current analysis to late-type galaxies.
Common NOD2/CARD15 variants are not associated with susceptibility or the clinicopathologic characteristics of sporadic colorectal cancer in Hungarian patients
Peter Lakatos, Erika Hitre, Ferenc Szalay, Kerstin Zinober, Peter Fuszek, Laszlo Lakatos, Simon Fischer, Janos Osztovits, Orsolya Gemela, Gabor Veres, Janos Papp, Peter Ferenci
BMC Cancer , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2407-7-54
Abstract: A total of 194 sporadic CRC patients (m/f: 108/86, age at diagnosis of CRC: 63.2 ± 9.1 years old) and 200 healthy subjects were included. DNA was screened for SNP8, SNP12 and SNP13 NOD2/CARD15 mutations by denaturing-HPLC and confirmed by direct sequencing.NOD2/CARD15 mutations were found in 28 patients (14.4%) and in 23 controls (11.5%, p = NS). Allele frequencies for SNP8/R702W (1.8% vs. 1.5%) SNP12/G908R (1.8% vs. 1.8%) and SNP13/3020insC (3.6% vs. 2.5%) were also not statistically different between patients and controls. The clinicopathologic characteristics of CRC patients with or without NOD2/CARD15 mutations were not significantly different.Our results suggest that common NOD2/CARD15 mutations alone do not contribute to CRC risk in the Hungarian population.Colorectal adenocarcinoma (CRC) is the second most common cause of death in developed countries. It is preceded only by lung cancer in mortality statistics as the leading cause of malignant deaths. Approximately 700,000 new cases are discovered and almost half a million patients die of the disease each year [1]. In Hungary, CRC mortality has almost tripled in the past four decades, with a great proportion of the patients being diagnosed only in advanced stages [2]. The pathogenesis of sporadic CRCs is thought to be multifactorial, with multiple genetic and various environmental factors involved [3-5].Epidemiological studies have suggested that chronic continuous inflammation predisposes to cancer [6]. A typical example is the association between inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and colorectal cancer (CRC) [7]. Although CRC, complicating ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, accounts for only 1–2% of all cases of CRC in the general population, it is considered a serious complication of the disease accounting for 1 in 6 of all deaths in IBD patients [8,9]. Precursor lesions of CRC may often have inflammatory histological features [10]. Inflammation may favour tumorigenesis by inducing DNA damage [11] stimu
Immune phenotype in children with therapy-na ve remitted and relapsed Crohn’s disease
Aron Cseh, Barna Vasarhelyi, Kriszta Molnar, Balazs Szalay, Peter Svec, Andras Treszl, Antal Dezsofi, Peter Laszlo Lakatos, Andras Arato, Tivadar Tulassay, Gabor Veres
World Journal of Gastroenterology , 2010,
Abstract: AIM: To characterize the prevalence of subpopulations of CD4+ cells along with that of major inhibitor or stimulator cell types in therapy-na ve childhood Crohn’s disease (CD) and to test whether abnormalities of immune phenotype are normalized with the improvement of clinical signs and symptoms of disease.METHODS: We enrolled 26 pediatric patients with CD. 14 therapy-na ve CD children; of those, 10 children remitted on conventional therapy and formed the remission group. We also tested another group of 12 children who relapsed with conventional therapy and were given infliximab; and 15 healthy children who served as controls. The prevalence of Th1 and Th2, na ve and memory, activated and regulatory T cells, along with the members of innate immunity such as natural killer (NK), NK-T, myeloid and plasmocytoid dendritic cells (DCs), monocytes and Toll-like receptor (TLR)-2 and TLR-4 expression were determined in peripheral blood samples.RESULTS: Children with therapy-na ve CD and those in relapse showed a decrease in Th1 cell prevalence. Simultaneously, an increased prevalence of memory and activated lymphocytes along with that of DCs and monocytes was observed. In addition, the ratio of myeloid /plasmocytoid DCs and the prevalence of TLR-2 or TLR-4 positive DCs and monocytes were also higher in therapy-na ve CD than in controls. The majority of alterations diminished in remitted CD irrespective of whether remission was obtained by conventional or biological therapy.CONCLUSION: The finding that immune phenotype is normalized in remission suggests a link between immune phenotype and disease activity in childhood CD. Our observations support the involvement of members of the adaptive and innate immune systems in childhood CD.
The Time Structure of Hadronic Showers in Calorimeters with Scintillator and with Gas Readout
Marco Szalay
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/587/1/012037
Abstract: Hadronic showers are characterized by a rich particle structure in the spatial as well as in the time domain. The prompt component comes from relativistic fragments that deposit energy at the ns scale, while late components are associated predominantly with neutrons in the cascade. To measure the impact of these late components, two experiments, based on gaseous and plastic active layers with steel and tungsten absorbers, were set up. The different choice for the material of the active layers produces distinct responses to neutrons, and consequently to late energy depositions. After discussing the technical aspects of these systems, we present a comparison of the signals, read out with fast digitizers with deep buffers, and provide detailed information of the time structure of hadronic showers over a long sampling window.
Hubble Diagram Test of 280 Supernovae Redshift Data  [PDF]
Laszlo A. Marosi
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2014.51005

We compare the Hubble diagram calculated from the observed redshift (RS)/magnitude (μ) data of 280 Supernovae in the RS range of z = 0.0104 to 8.1 with Hubble diagrams inferred on the basis of the exponential tired light and the Lambda Cold Dark Matter (ΛCDM) cosmological model. We show that the experimentally measured Hubble diagram follows clearly the exponential photon flight time (tS)/RS relation, whilst the data calculated on the basis of the ΛCDM model exhibit poor agreement with the observed data.

Presence of Anti-Microbial Antibodies in Liver Cirrhosis – A Tell-Tale Sign of Compromised Immunity?
Maria Papp,Gary L. Norman,Zsuzsanna Vitalis,Istvan Tornai,Istvan Altorjay,Ildiko Foldi,Miklos Udvardy,Zakera Shums,Tamas Dinya,Peter Orosz,Bela Lombay Jr,Gabriella Par,Alajos Par,Gabor Veres,Timea Csak,Janos Osztovits,Ferenc Szalay,Peter Laszlo Lakatos
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0012957
Abstract: Bacterial translocation plays important role in the complications of liver cirrhosis. Antibody formation against various microbial antigens is common in Crohn's disease and considered to be caused by sustained exposure to gut microflora constituents. We hypothesized that anti-microbial antibodies are present in patients with liver cirrhosis and may be associated with the development of bacterial infections.
La traducción deficiente, del inglés al espa?ol, de obras teóricas sobre las organizaciones: Un obstáculo al conocimiento
Ríos Szalay, Jorge;
Contaduría y administración , 2009,
Abstract: firstly, it is argued that language is a vital element of the scientific method since knowledge is created through the dialog established between researchers mainly by means of written words; therefore, the rigor or negligence when using language influences knowledge itself. consequently, translation of an author's thought from one language to another is a crucial issue since it may function as a mean for advancing or for obstructing knowledge. secondly, it is argued that translations from english to spanish of management and theory of organization books are often so mistaken that they distort important ideas of the authors. evidences of this assertion are presented through analyzing the translation of important paragraphs of books of five influential thinkers: koontz and o'donnell, terry, barnard and mouzelis. finally, main causes of these problems are briefly analyzed and some preliminary ideas to diminish them are outlined.

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