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Existence of nontrivial solutions for semilinear problems with strictly differentiable nonlinearity
Sergio Lancelotti
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2006, DOI: 10.1155/aaa/2006/62458
Abstract: The existence of a nontrivial solution for semilinear ellipticproblems with strictly differentiable nonlinearity is proved. Aresult of homological linking under nonstandard geometricalassumption is also shown. Techniques of Morse theory are employed.
Existence of nontrivial solutions for semilinear problems with strictly differentiable nonlinearity
Sergio Lancelotti
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2006,
Abstract: The existence of a nontrivial solution for semilinear elliptic problems with strictly differentiable nonlinearity is proved. A result of homological linking under nonstandard geometrical assumption is also shown. Techniques of Morse theory are employed.
Waterbird occurrence and abundance in the Strobel Plateau, Patagonia, Argentina
Lancelotti,Julio L.; Pozzi,Luciana M.; Márquez,Federico; Yorio,Pablo; Pascual,Miguel A.;
El hornero , 2009,
Abstract: the strobel plateau is a conspicuous and representative basaltic plateau ("meseta") in the patagonian steppe, argentina. this plateau is dotted with more than 1500 shallow lakes, which are regularly used by waterbirds and support one of the main breeding populations of the near threatened hooded grebe (podiceps gallardoi). we collected data on bird presence and abundance in 41 shallow lakes, covering a wide spectrum of the wetland environmental variability found in the area. we conducted six surveys from spring to fall between 2004 and 2006. we recorded a total of 18 waterbird species, which represent 5 different families. anatidae was the family most represented with 12 species, accounting for 85% of the observed waterbirds. waterbird distribution among lakes was variable, from 2.4% occupied lakes for wilson's phalarope (steganopus tricolor) and andean ruddy-duck (oxyura jamaicensis) to 80% for black-necked swan (cygnus melanocorypha), and abundance varied greatly both between species and seasons. the hooded grebe, in particular, was recorded in 14 lakes (1-81 individuals). six species were detected breeding in the area: hooded grebe, silvery grebe (podiceps occipitalis), flying steamer-duck (tachyeres patachonicus), crested duck (anas specularioides), upland goose (chloephaga picta), and white-winged coot (fulica leucoptera). the hooded grebe nested at four lakes, three of them not previously known to hold breeding birds. results point to the need of further studies on the dynamic nature of waterbird lake use to adequately assess the importance of the strobel plateau as waterbird habitat.
Estudo preliminar do comportamento histológico da prega vocal do coelho após inje??o de ácido hialur?nico
Perazzo, Paulo Sérgio Lins;Duprat, André de Campos;Lancelotti, Carmem;Donati, Fernanda;
Revista Brasileira de Otorrinolaringologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-72992007000200006
Abstract: the vocal fold structure is composed of tissues with many cells surrounded by the extra-cellular matrix. one of the most important components of the extra-cellular matrix is hyaluronic acid (ha). the aim of the study was to evaluate the inflammatory response of rabbit vocal folds after a local injection of restylane? ha. methods: twelve adult male rabbits randomly received a 0.1 ml injection of restylane? ha in one vocal fold and 0.1 ml of saline in the other vocal fold. the animals were prospectively subdivided into two groups; animals in one group were sacrificed after one week of follow-up and animals in the other group were sacrificed after 3 months. slides were hematoxylin-eosin (he), masson trichromic and toluidine blue stained. results: hyaluronic acid was found microscopically in all specimens in both groups. there was more connective tissue surrounding ha, always associated with a mild inflammatory response. the longer exposure time did not increase the intensity of inflammation. tissue necrosis and foreign body inflammatory reaction were not observed in both groups. conclusion: the study suggests that ha is a good alternative as a filling material in vocal folds when treating glottal insufficiency.
Analysis of the effects of the interruption of the flow in the normal arterial endothelium morphology and the correlation with the ischemia duration in rabbits
Hueb, Walkíria Ciappina;Guedes Neto, Henrique Jorge;Lancelotti, Carmem Lúcia Penteado;Castelli Júnior, Valter;Caffaro, Roberto Augusto;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502007000200012
Abstract: the study of acute arterial insufficiency of the extremities is an area of continuing interest and investigation, in light of the possible effects stemming from the evolution of the disease and the necessity for urgent treatment. purpose: to analyze the effects of the interruption of the flow in the normal arterial endothelium morphology and correlate them with the ischemia duration. methods: we submitted 30 rabbits to the ligature of the right external iliac artery for 6 hours or 72 hours and observed specific morphological variables in the endothelial layer under optical and electronic microscopy. results: in the optical microscopic study, no statistically significant results were observed in the comparison of the groups (control, 6- and 72-hour occlusions). with electronic microscopy, we observed alterations in the endothelial cell characterized by hyperpigmentation with detachment of the same from its bed; and rupture of the internal elastic membrane, with the exposure of the subendothelial material to the vascular lumen. conclusions: the optical microscopy was not an effective method for the determination of endothelial morphological alterations; the electronic microscopy allowed us to observe initial signals of the endothelial cell and layer injury 72 hours after the interruption of the normal arterial flow.
Squaring the Circle. Social and Environmental Implications of Pre-Pottery Neolithic Building Technology at Tell Qarassa (South Syria)
Andrea L. Balbo, Eneko Iriarte, Amaia Arranz, Lydia Zapata, Carla Lancelotti, Marco Madella, Luis Teira, Miguel Jiménez, Frank Braemer, Juan José Ibá?ez
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0042109
Abstract: We present the results of the microstratigraphic, phytolith and wood charcoal study of the remains of a 10.5 ka roof. The roof is part of a building excavated at Tell Qarassa (South Syria), assigned to the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B period (PPNB). The Pre-Pottery Neolithic (PPN) period in the Levant coincides with the emergence of farming. This fundamental change in subsistence strategy implied the shift from mobile to settled aggregated life, and from tents and huts to hard buildings. As settled life spread across the Levant, a generalised transition from round to square buildings occurred, that is a trademark of the PPNB period. The study of these buildings is fundamental for the understanding of the ever-stronger reciprocal socio-ecological relationship humans developed with the local environment since the introduction of sedentism and domestication. Descriptions of buildings in PPN archaeological contexts are usually restricted to the macroscopic observation of wooden elements (posts and beams) and mineral components (daub, plaster and stone elements). Reconstructions of microscopic and organic components are frequently based on ethnographic analogy. The direct study of macroscopic and microscopic, organic and mineral, building components performed at Tell Qarassa provides new insights on building conception, maintenance, use and destruction. These elements reflect new emerging paradigms in the relationship between Neolithic societies and the environment. A square building was possibly covered here with a radial roof, providing a glance into a topologic shift in the conception and understanding of volumes, from round-based to square-based geometries. Macroscopic and microscopic roof components indicate buildings were conceived for year-round residence rather than seasonal mobility. This implied performing maintenance and restoration of partially damaged buildings, as well as their adaptation to seasonal variability.

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