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Factores asociados a presentar parada respiratoria en las sobredosis por opiáceos atendidas en un escenario abierto de consumo de drogas en Barcelona
Anoro,Manel; Ilundain,Enrique; Rodriguez,Rosa; Rossell,Lali; Iglesias,Bego?a; Guinovart,Caterina; Gabari,Mercedes;
Revista Espa?ola de Salud Pública , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1135-57272004000500005
Abstract: background: to determine the factors associated with respiratory arrest in opiate overdoses (coma, pupillary miosis, respiratory depression, and response to naloxone) among injecting drug users in the can tunis quarter of barcelona. methods: we ran a transversal observational study where all overdoses assisted between march, 2001 and june, 2002. after overdose treatment, data were collected using a standard questionnaire, including: patients' sociodemographic data, opiate and other substances' use prior to overdose, clinical signs and symptoms presented, and medical intervention received, by ways of a standardised questionnaire. logistic regression was used as a tool for analysis. results: of 222 opiate overdose cases, 60.8% showed respiratory arrest. of all risk factors tested, only prior abstinence heroin abstinence for 2 weeks or longer days (or= 1.893; p=0.04), and no previous consumption of benzodiazepines (or:0,462; p=0,017), proved to have a statistically significant association with suffering a respiratory arrest. concomitant use of alcohol, cocaine or methadone appeared not associated with suffering respiratory arrest in opiate overdose. conclusions: the main risk factor for respiratory arrest in opiate overdoses was a prior abstinence period of more than 2 weeks. benzodiazepines use was associated with absence of respiratory arrest in overdose cases. alcohol or methadone use, as well as the use of larger quantities of heroin, was not associated with suffering respiratory arrest in opiate overdoses. a study of other factors, not included in this study, and that could interfere with our results, should be considered for their possible relationship to benzodiazepine use as well as to absence of respiratory arrest in overdose cases.
Importance of using micronucleus test for hospital personnel exposed to cytostatics – Croatian study
Hrvoje Lali
Journal of Hospital Administration , 2012, DOI: 10.5430/jha.v2n1p40
Abstract: Health personnel and administration is exposed to health risks. The paper ′s objective is to show that despite protection measures the exposed persons′ health is damaged. The government and management show intentions to enhance protection programs but they lack the means because of recession. Twenty-seven employees of Clinical Centre Rijeka working with cytostatics have been analyzed by micronucleus test. In 11 nurses at the Pediatric oncology, 10 nurses at Internal hematology and 6 at Oncology there have been no significant differences in MN, p=0.2106, p>0.05, mean 10 MN, range 2-29. In 7 nurses differences from referential values in the number of MN/1000 binuclear cells were found and they were not allowed to work for six months. Occupational medicine was done his part for the hospital. Meanwhile the problem of payment according to the Rules guarantied special standard remains since MN test although compulsory is not a part of routine examination
Study of Multiparticle Azimuthal Correlations in Central Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions at Energy of 3.7 GeV per Nucleon
Lali Kharkhelauri
Physics , 2003,
Abstract: The multiparticle azimuthal correlations between protons and between pions in central C-Ne, Mg-Mg, C-Cu and O-Pb collisions at energy of 3.7 GeV/nucleon (Streamer Chamber experiment of JINR) have been studied. The dependence of the azimuthal correlations function on the angle between the transverse momentum vectors sums of particles emitted in forward and backward hemispheres have been studied; A detailed study of pion production in central Mg-Mg collisions have been performed by use of the Lorentz invariant variables; Comparison of the obtained experimental results with predictions of intranuclear cascade model (CASIMIR) and Quark Gluon String Model (QGSM) have been carried out.
Analytic approach to qq ˉ systems in potential models
Lali Chatterjee,S. Bhattacharyya
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 1987, DOI: 10.1155/s016117128700022x
Abstract: Analytic solutions for qq ˉ systems obtained from a cut-off type approximation to the funnel potential are applied to bb ˉ and cc ˉ systems. Perturbative corrections to oscillator energy levels due to inclusion of short range a/r effect are also obtained.
Praise and reward in school
Lali? Nata?a Z.
Zbornik Instituta za Pedago?ka Istra?ivanja , 2002, DOI: 10.2298/zipi0204236l
Abstract: Pedagogic literature points out that rewarding is desirable in the process of education and is a constituent part of teacher's work in school. However it is of importance to determine the type of behavior that deserves praise and reward as well as 'the situations' where praise and reward may have adverse effects. Praise and reward practiced in school are quite specific compared to those applied in a family, because rewards for a desirable behavior, as well as praises, are formally and officially prescribed. The meaning of rewarding is often restrictive and simplified thus being a kind of teacher's mechanical response to student's behavior. Consequently rewarding, especially when praise is in question, is deprived of encouraging features that, if they imply support and encouragement, contribute to child's developing self-confidence and positive self-image. That is why we have presented herein the types of rewards and their effects by using a -survey of studies carried out in our country and abroad, and all this to highlight some aspects of rewarding procedures, whereby we can check how important they are for the outcomes of education and student's personality development. A material reward is considered to have a more expressive control role, whilst verbal encouragement and praise mean information about achievement. Furthermore, considerations are given to some factors essential to a more efficient application of praise and reward in concrete educational situations as well as to their motivational advantages for teacher's educational practice. Lastly, possibilities of more successful application of praise and reward in school are suggested.
The role of encouragement in primary schools
Lali? Nata?a Z.
Zbornik Instituta za Pedago?ka Istra?ivanja , 2005, DOI: 10.2298/zipi0502132l
Abstract: Encouragement can be applied in several important segments: creation of a positive social and emotional atmosphere, creation of a positive learning environment, use of preventive techniques in some discipline-related situations, type of intervention when dealing with behavioral problems of students and in the strategy of strengthening students self-confidence. The paper deals with the frequency and manners in which encouragement is used. One of the primary segments in which encouragement is exercised is teacher-student relation, where both verbal and non-verbal encouragement approval, praise, reward and example have large rational and emotional significance. The research comprises the results of systematic observation of individual encouragement tools with their characteristics and functions in primary school teaching practice. The research has been conducted in three primary schools in Belgrade. The quantitative indicators show the reduced frequency of encouragement with the growing age of students. The collected results reveal that in relation to the tested variables the teacher’s personality plays an important role. This suggests the need for teachers to be instructed on the possibilities and conditions for the use of encouragement with primary school children.
Administration of punishment in school
Lali? Nata?a Z.
Zbornik Instituta za Pedago?ka Istra?ivanja , 2003, DOI: 10.2298/zipi0335245l
Abstract: Giving consideration to punishment, one of the inevitable elements of school discipline, always reactivates the issue of punishment administration and its effects in school setting. Punishment is administered by a beforehand-determined intention, its general and final goal being the attempt to make a child change his/her behavior so as to more successfully take part in school life. The issue of how much it is justifiable to administer punishment, as a way of directing child’s behavior, is not only raised in professional discussions but occurs as a personal dilemma with parents, teachers and all those involved in child upbringing. The definition of punishment contains certain incompatible elements in attitudes, which is reflected in punishment administration within different social contexts. Based on the analysis of research results, the paper discusses all the elements the teacher should be well acquainted with, influencing the effectiveness of punishment. The effects of punishment administration depend, among other things, on the type of punishment, way in which a person experiences and perceives punishment and the way of administering it. Prior to punishment administration, as a means of directing child’s behavior factors influencing successfulness of punishment should be established consistency in punishment administration, postponement of punishment intensity of punishment, explanation for punishment administration, nature of interrelations between a child and a person punishing him/her.
Kansei Mühendisli i ve Uygulamalar = Kansei Engineering and its Applications
Dogus University Journal , 2002,
Abstract: In the 1970's, manufacturers produced a volume of products and people bought them. Nowadays consumers desire the products that match their own feelings of design, function and price. That's why the newest ergonomic technology, which was the opposite pole from western objectivity and logical thinking -named Kansei Engineering (KE) - was born in Japan. KE aims to implement the consumer's needs and desires into the product design. In this study, the need of consumer centered design, the development of designing theories and the place of KE in design process are explained. KE is introduced and procedure of KE is explained. After that some examples of application areas of KE are presented. How KE can help or develop design processes is explained. Finally the difficulties that KE applicants are faced to are presented and some comments are given about the present and future situation of KE.
The effect of urinary tract calculosis to levels of low molecular inhibitors of crystallization in the urine
Milenkovi? Dragica,Lali? Nata?a
Srpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo , 2006, DOI: 10.2298/sarh0602040m
Abstract: The incidence of urinary tract calculosis continuously progresses. The triggering event in the process of stone formation is decreased urinary level of crystallizing inhibitors. The aim of our study was to investigate whether the existing stone or applied therapeutic procedure - extracorporeal shock waves lithotripsy (ESWL) - has effect to urinary levels of Mg, citrate and pyrophosphate. Study included 128 patients with the upper urinary tract stones. ESWL using the Lithostar (Siemens) device was used as a mode of treatment. Out of all patients, 76 (59%) were free of stone particles before 1 month, while 52 (41%) had residual stone fragments even 3 months after ESWL. Mg, citrate and pyrophosphate were measured in 24hurine specimens: before, between days 2 and 3, as well as 1 and 3 months after ESWL. The analysis of the results revealed that stone itself had no effect on urinary crystallizing inhibitors. Detected increased urinary levels of Mg, citrate and pyrophosphate after ESWL, compared with pre-treatment values, could be attributed to applied therapeutic procedure.
Anthropology of sexual exploitation
Lali? Velibor,Ke?etovi? ?elimir
Temida , 2009, DOI: 10.2298/tem0901017l
Abstract: In this paper, the authors observe sexual exploitation from an anthropological perspective. They analyze the rational, ethical, emotional and mythological dimensions of human sexuality. Consequently, after setting the phenomenon in a social and historical context, sexual exploitation is closely observed in the contemporary age. Based on thoughts of relevant thinkers, they make the conclusion that the elimination of sexual exploitation is not an utterly legal issue, but political and economical issues as well. Namely, legal norms are not sufficient to overcome sexual exploitation, but, political and economical relationships in contemporary societies, which will be based on sincere equal opportunities must be established.
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