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2,2′-(Quinoxaline-2,3-diyl)diphenol dimethylformamide solvate
Zhong-Lu You
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2010, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536809054385
Abstract: In the title compound, C20H14N2O2·C3H7NO, the quinoxaline ring forms dihedral angles of 64.9 (2) and 30.9 (2)° with the two substituted benzene rings, which are themselves inclined at 58.4 (2)°. An intramolecular O—H...N hydrogen bond occurs. In the crystal, molecules are linked through intermolecular O—H...O hydrogen bonds.
Network-Coded Multiple Access
Lu Lu,Lizhao You,Soung Chang Liew
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: This paper proposes and experimentally demonstrates a first wireless local area network (WLAN) system that jointly exploits physical-layer network coding (PNC) and multiuser decoding (MUD) to boost system throughput. We refer to this multiple access mode as Network-Coded Multiple Access (NCMA). Prior studies on PNC mostly focused on relay networks. NCMA is the first realized multiple access scheme that establishes the usefulness of PNC in a non-relay setting. NCMA allows multiple nodes to transmit simultaneously to the access point (AP) to boost throughput. In the non-relay setting, when two nodes A and B transmit to the AP simultaneously, the AP aims to obtain both packet A and packet B rather than their network-coded packet. An interesting question is whether network coding, specifically PNC which extracts packet (A XOR B), can still be useful in such a setting. We provide an affirmative answer to this question with a novel two-layer decoding approach amenable to real-time implementation. Our USRP prototype indicates that NCMA can boost throughput by 100% in the medium-high SNR regime (>=10dB). We believe further throughput enhancement is possible by allowing more than two users to transmit together.
Microstructure and Fatigue Characteristic of AM60B Magnesium Alloy
Farid Taheri,You Lu,Morteza Mehrzadi
Metals , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/met2040411
Abstract: This paper summarizes and reviews the findings of our research on AM60B magnesium alloy conducted in past 8 years. It essentially covers three categories: microstructural study, environmental effect, and fatigue crack growth rate of AM60B. The experimental and numerical studies on the influence of casting defects on this particular material’s properties are reviewed in the first part. It has been shown that the non-uniform solidification of the casting results in variations of the microstructure in different layers (skin and core) of the alloy which affects the mechanical properties in those regions. Moreover, the influence of microstructure on fatigue crack initiation and propagation response of the alloy is presented. The influence of several casting defects on the failure mechanism of the material are also numerically analyzed and discussed. The influence of elevated and cold temperatures on the fatigue response of the alloy is reviewed in the second part. Our findings show that the temperature does not have a significant effect on the number of cycles to failure. However, but at some stress level, this effect cannot be dismissed. The fatigue crack growth rate (FCGR) response of the alloy at a wide range of stress ratios is also investigated in the last part. The FCGR of the alloy showed a noticeable dependency on the stress ratio. A model is proposed for estimating the FCGR of the alloy, which could provide a good prediction of alloy’s FCGR over a wide range of negative and positive stress ratios. The integrity of the new model is also compared against other models. Finally, the influence of compressive loading on fatigue life of the specimens under constant and random amplitude cyclic loading is investigated experimentally.
Preparation of Silk Fibroin Microspheres and Its Cytocompatibility  [PDF]
Jing Qu, Lu Wang, Yongpei Hu, Lingshuang Wang, Renchuan You, Mingzhong Li
Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology (JBNB) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jbnb.2013.41011
Abstract: The goal of this proof-of-concept study was the fabrication of porous silk fibroin (SF) microspheres which could be used as cell culture carriers under very mild processing conditions. The SF solution was differentiated into droplets which were induced by a syringe needle in the high-voltage electrostatic field. They were collected and frozen in liquid nitrogen and water in droplets formed ice crystals which sublimated during lyophilization and a great quantity of micropores shaped in SF microspheres. Finally, the microspheres were treated in ethanol so as to transfer the molecular conformation into β-sheet and then they were insoluble in water. SF particles were spherical in shape with diameters in the range of 208.4 μm to 727.3 μm, while the pore size on the surface altered from 0.3 μm to 10.7 μm. In vitro, the performances of SF microspheres were assessed by culturing L-929 fibroblasts cells. Cells were observed to be tightly adhered and fully extended; also a large number of connections were established between cells. After 5-day culture, it could be observed under a confocal laser scanning microscope that the porous microenvironment offered by SF particles accelerated proliferation of cells significantly. Furthermore, porous SF particles with smaller diameters (200 - 300 μm) might promote cell growth better. These new porous SF microspheres hold a great potential for cell culture carriers and issue engineering scaffolds.
Life cycle analysis of water resources and function response in the process of eco-agriculture construction

LU Bing,you,

自然资源学报 , 2001,
Abstract: 论从生命周期角度,对原先自然环境恶劣、通过生态农业建设取得了良好效果原3个生态农业具有水资源利用进行了全过程研究。结果,水资源生命周期过程的进展情况受多种因素影响。目前,各生态农业县水生命周期过程仍处在发育的初级阶段。这一过程的完整性与系统生态、经济和社会功能的提高成正比。
On the Essence of “Human Rights above Sovereignty”

LU You-zhi,

浙江大学学报(人文社会科学版) , 2001,
Abstract: “Human rights above sovereignty” is the important theoretical foundation of the western countries' new interventionism. The theory is a fallacy in that it distorts the relationship between human rights and sovereignty and exaggerates individuals' role in the international cemmunity. As to the United States, it has carried on human rights diplomacy for a long time. However, the theory of “human rights above sovereignty” has been widespread since 1990s, with a profound background of international politics and economy. The theory of “human rights above sovereignty” is directly intended as a theory for interfering in other countries' internal affairs, avoiding the responsibility of doing it for the western countries' existing international strategic objectives.
Eco-engineering for Integrated Utilization of Corn Resources in Zhaodong City of Heilongjiang Province

LU Bing,you,

资源科学 , 2001,
Abstract: Based on principles of eco engineering and industrial ecology, including the conversion, reuse and recycling of products, by products and wastes, life cycling analysis, the integrated utilization of corn resources consisting of target products and their by products has been studied in combination with chemical, biological and physical methods taking Zhaodong city of Heilongjiang Province as a case. Results showed that only corn and its processed by products are reasonably utilized can they become resources and do no harm to eco environment. The most influential factor, which is the maximum amount and the most harmful released in the processing process, is alcohol waste water. It is expected to be treated through different stages of ways relating to chemistry, biomass and soil for the purpose of meeting state standards of waste water discharge. Meanwhile, the combination among firms, scientific institutions and farmer households has been realized, and 4,000 job opportunities are offered after carrying out engineering projects which play an important role in mitigating employment pressure for urban citizens. This concludes that the principles of eco engineering and industrial ecology serve as an effective way in dealing with problems confronting present agricultural and industrial production processes.
Nonlinear MPC Design for Identified Nonlinear Parameter Varying (NPV) Model
Jie You,Qinmin Yang,Jiangang Lu
TELKOMNIKA : Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.11591/telkomnika.v10i3.612
Abstract: In this paper, a novel nonlinear model predictive controller (MPC) is proposed based on an identified nonlinear parameter varying (NPV) model. Firstly, an NPV model scheme is present for process identification, which is featured by its nonlinear hybrid Hammerstein model structure and varying model parameters. The hybrid Hammerstein model combines a normalized static artificial neural network with a linear transfer function to identify general nonlinear systems at each fixed working point. Meanwhile, a model interpolating philosophy is utilized to obtain the global model across the whole operation domain. The NPV model considers both the nonlinearity of transition dynamics due to the variation of the working-point and the nonlinear mapping from the input to the output at fixed working points. Moreover, under the new NPV framework, the control action is computed via a multistep linearization method aimed for nonlinear optimization problems. In the proposed scheme, only low cost tests are needed for system identification and the controller can achieve better output performance than MPC methods based on linear parameter varying (LPV) models. Numerical examples validate the effectiveness of the proposed approach. Keywords: Nonlinear parameter varying (NPV), Hammerstein model, nonlinear MPC.
A Fast Ellipsoid Model for Asteroids Inverted From Lightcurves
Xiaoping Lu,Haibin Zhao,Zhong You
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1088/1674-4527/13/4/008
Abstract: The research about asteroids attracts more and more attention recently, especially focusing on their physical structures, such as the spin axis, the rotation period and the shape. The long distance between Earth observers and asteroids makes it impossible to get the shape and other parameters of asteroids directly with the exception of the NEAs (Near Earth Asteroids) and others passed by some spacecrafts. Generally photometric measurement is still the main way to obtain the research data for asteroids now, i.e. the lightcurves recording the brightness and positions of asteroids. Supposing that the shape of the asteroid is a triaxial ellipsoid with a stable spinning status, a new method is present in this article to reconstruct the shape models of asteroids from the lightcurves, with the other physical parameters together. By applying a special curvature function, the method calculates the brightness integration on a unit sphere and Lebedev Quadrature is employed for the discretization. At last the method searches the optimal solution by Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm to minimize the residual of the brightness. By adopting this method not only related physical parameters of asteroids can be obtained at a reasonable accuracy, but also a simple shape model of Ellipsoid can be generated for reconstructing more sophisticated shape model further.
Trees with Maximum p-Reinforcement Number
You Lu,Jun-Ming Xu
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: Let $G=(V,E)$ be a graph and $p$ a positive integer. The $p$-domination number $\g_p(G)$ is the minimum cardinality of a set $D\subseteq V$ with $|N_G(x)\cap D|\geq p$ for all $x\in V\setminus D$. The $p$-reinforcement number $r_p(G)$ is the smallest number of edges whose addition to $G$ results in a graph $G'$ with $\g_p(G')<\g_p(G)$. Recently, it was proved by Lu et al. that $r_p(T)\leq p+1$ for a tree $T$ and $p\geq 2$. In this paper, we characterize all trees attaining this upper bound for $p\geq 3$.

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