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Advance in Developmental Genetic Models and Analysis Methods for Quantitative Traits
数量性状发育遗传模型及其分析方法的研究进展 Advance in Developmental Genetic Models and Analysis Methods for Quantitative Traits

YE Zi hong,ZHU Jun,
,朱军YE Zi-hong,ZHU Jun

遗传 , 2001,
Abstract: Developmental genetic models and analysis methods for quantitative traits are presented.Developmental genetic models should reflect the genetic and developmental essence,and provide the information of the factors influencing the genetic variation and the developmental process.Direct effect models,which based on the population genetics,may be suitable to analyze simple traits with single gene.Epigenetic models can decompose the whole genetic variation into direct and epigenetic components (maternal effects and epigenetic interaction effects),so that biological mechanism can be better understood.Growth trace models effectively synthesize the developmental dynamics of components of complex traits.With them,continuous,compositive,detailed,and dynamic information of development is available.Conditional analysis method can not only estimate the net effects in a specific time interval,but also depose them into genetic components and help to appreciate the contributions of different effects.
Isolation and identification of Ustilago esculenta and detection of plant hormones in the fermentation broth

YOU Wen-Yu,ZOU Ke-Qin,YU Xiao-Ping,LIU Qian,AN Xin-Xin,ZHAO Xu-Hong,YE Zi-Hong,

菌物学报 , 2010,
Abstract: The morphology of spores and colonies were observed and the ITS-5.8S rDNA squences of the strains were cloned, sequenced and analyzed by using BLAST. The strain was cultured in liquid culture and plant hormones were detected by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The result showed that the isolated strain was Ustilago esculenta, and indole acetic acid (IAA), abscisic acid (ABA), and gibberellic acid3 (GA3) were detected in the fermentation broth, and the contents of IAA is 0.1306mg/L, ABA is 0.01367mg/L.
Effect of SO2 and NO on removal of VOC from simulated flue gas by activated carbon fibers at low temperature

LIU Zi-hong,QIU Jian-rong,LIU Hao,TAN Zeng-qiang,YAN Zhi-qiang,ZHANG Man-na,ZENG Han-cai,YANG Hui,

燃料化学学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Volatile organic compounds(VOC) seriously affect the environment and human health.The removal of pollutants from coal-fired power plants based on ACF adsorption is a promising method.In this paper,hydrogen peroxide(H2O2) was used to modify the ACF sample,and the methods of N2 adsorption isotherm and XPS(X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy) were utilized to characterize the ACF samples.The adsorption tests of VOC(toluene as a typical representative) based on ACF were conducted and the effect of SO2 and NO on the adsorption of toluene were investigated.It was found that H2O2 modification had no impact on the BET surface and pore volume of the ACF sample,but increased the oxygen groups on the ACF surface.The results also indicated that SO2 or NO inhibited the adsorption of VOC on ACF,and this inhibition became strong with increasing concentration of SO2 or NO.It is also found that the coexistence of SO2 and NO deteriorated the adsorption VOC on ACF more seriously than the single existence of SO2 or NO.
Analysis of the genetic relationships from different genetic systems between the amylose content and the appearance quality of indica rice across environments
Ge, Guo-Ke;Shi, Chun-Hai;Wu, Jian-Guo;Ye, Zi-Hong;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572008000400018
Abstract: the genetic relationships between amylose content (ac) and appearance quality traits of indica rice (oryza sativa l.) were investigated using conditional analysis and unconditional analysis in present experiment. the results from the unconditional analysis indicated that ac of rice positively correlated with brown rice (br, i.e., dehulled but unmilled rice) length (brl), width (brw) and thickness (brt), but was negatively correlated with the ratio of length to width (rlw). the conditional analysis showed that weight of brown rice (wbr) negatively affected the genetic relationships between ac and the appearance quality traits of rice except between ac and brw, while the genetic relationships between ac and most appearance quality traits were negatively affected by protein content (pc). however, these influences were not apparent due to the impact of wbr or pc on the most covariance components of the different genetic systems between ac and the appearance quality traits. the conditional analysis showed that it was possible to improve ac while significantly reduce brl and brt under maintaining wbr. furthermore, ac could be improved when brl was reduced under maintaining pc, but brw and brt could be significantly increased.
Preparation and Catalytic Kinetic of Hydrophobic Photocatalytic Catalysts
HU Xue-Bin,XU Xuan,JI Fang-Ying,FAN Zi-Hong
无机材料学报 , 2009, DOI: 10.3724/sp.j.1077.2009.01115
Abstract: Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) and copper oxide both were used to modify titanium dioxide photocatalytic catalysts. SDS was used to prepare hydrophobic titanium dioxide. Copper oxide was used to modify the visible light absorption capacity of titanium dioxide. FTIR, UV-Vis and 3-D fluorescence spectra methods were used to characterize the modified titanium dioxide photocatalytic catalysts. The modified titanium dioxide catalysts were used to treat nitrobenzene wastewater. Four factors including pH, initial nitrobenzene concentration, catalysts dosage and light intensity, were researched in a nitrobenzene degradation system that was treated under visible light. FTIR characterization shows that CC and CHfunctional groups appear on the surface of the catalysts. UV-Vis characterization shows that the catalysts modified by copper oxide have excellent visible light response capacity and their absorption edges reach or exceed 830nm. 3-D fluorescence spectra shows that holea2electrons are separated well after copper oxide and/or SDS is added. The speed of nitrobenzene degradationis fastest when pH is 9, the initial nitrobenzene concentration is 500mg/L, the catalyst dosage is 0.2g/L, and light intensity exceeds 2000| /cm2. A kinetic model is established based on the results. The relative errors of the kinetic constants obtained by the model are between -16.5% and approximately -4.5% with low initial nitrobenzene concentrations, and between -11.3% and approximately 4.6% with high initial concentrations.
Dynamics of Bell nonlocality in non-degenerate two-photon Jaynes-Cummings model

Liao Chang-Geng,Chen Zi-Hong,Luo Cheng-Li,

物理学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 基于赝自旋算符的关联所对应的贝尔算符期待值,研究了各种双模非经典态(纠缠相干态、对相干态以及双模压缩真空态)在非简并双光子Jaynes-Cummings模型中贝尔非定域性的动力学特性.结果表明:对于纠缠相干态,贝尔非定域性的演化与双模场平均光子数的大小息息相关;对于对相干态和双模压缩真空态,贝尔非定域性会在有限的时间内完全消失,之后又基本上复原到初始值,呈现出周期性振荡现象.
Nonclassical properties in the resonant interaction of a three level Λ-type atom with pair coherent states

Chen Zi-Hong,Liao Chang-Geng,Luo Cheng-Li,

物理学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 研究了对相干态光场与一个Λ型三能级原子的共振相互作用中的各种非经典性质,例如光场的反群聚效应,Cauchy-Schwart不等式违背,光场的双模压缩性质等,并发现这些非经典性质在对原子态进行测量后将得到增强.
evelopmental genetic analysis for head diameter of cauliflower (Brassica oleracea L. var. botrytis L.)

YANG Jia-fu,RAO Li-bing,YE Zi-hong,

浙江大学学报(农业与生命科学版) , 2010,
Abstract: An additive-dominant genetic model with genotype-environment(GE) interaction was employed to analyze the genetic behavior of head diameter of cauliflower at different developmental stages, based on 2-year data from 6×6 diallel crosses. The results indicate that head diameter of parents and F1 was mainly controlled by additive effects at whole developmental period, and the effect of environmental deviation of different years on it was less. Compared with genetic main effects, GE interaction effects played a minor and insignificant role on the head diameter. The predicted additive effects of head diameter at different developmental stages indicated that enhanced head diameter over population mean could be expected when Ruixue 70, c-3 and c-5 were selected as parents, while opposite phenomenon was observed when Fuzhou 80 and c-8 were selected. It was found that, by conditional variances and conditional additive effects, extra new additive and dominant effects were detected at most developmental periods, which were relatively stable under different environmental conditions. But interestingly, opposite direction was observed for these extra new additive and dominant effects before and after Oct.12. Significant conditional additive variance and conditional dominant variance were detected at most stages (except final stage conditioned on Oct.24 for conditional additive variance). Eighty-eight point eight percent of unconditional additive variation was contributed by net additive effects accumulated from initial time to Oct.6.
Sudden death of entanglement of two atoms interacting with thermal fields

Luo Cheng-Li,Miao Long,Zheng Xiao-Lan,Chen Zi-Hong,Liao Chang-Geng,

中国物理 B , 2011,
Abstract: We investigate the entanglement dynamics of two initially entangled atoms each interacting with a thermal field. We show that the two entangled atoms become completely disentangled in a finite time and that the lost information cannot return to the atomic system when the mean photon number of the thermal field exceeds a critical value (3.3584), even though the whole system is lossless. Then we study how the detuning between the atomic transition frequency and the field frequency and the disparity between two coupling rates would affect the evolution of the entanglement of the atomic system.
Combining Electronic Tongue Array and Chemometrics for Discriminating the Specific Geographical Origins of Green Tea
Lu Xu,Si-Min Yan,Zi-Hong Ye,Xian-Shu Fu,Xiao-Ping Yu
Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/350801
Abstract: The feasibility of electronic tongue and multivariate analysis was investigated for discriminating the specific geographical origins of a Chinese green tea with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). 155 Longjing tea samples from three subareas were collected and analyzed by an electronic tongue array of 7 sensors. To remove the influence of abnormal measurements and samples, robust principal component analysis (ROBPCA) was used to detect outliers in each class. Partial least squares discriminant analysis (PLSDA) was then used to develop a classification model. The prediction sensitivity/specificity of PLSDA was 1.000/1.000, 1.000/0.967, and 0.950/1.000 for longjing from Xihu, Qiantang, and Yuezhou, respectively. Electronic tongue and chemometrics can provide a rapid and reliable tool for discriminating the specific producing areas of Longjing. 1. Introduction Green tea, unfermented and made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, is one of the most popular beverages consumed across the world [1–3]. The property and chemical components of green teas are influenced by many factors, such as tea species, harvest season, climate, geographical locations, and processing. In China, among various factors, the geographical origin is recognized as an important aspect of tea. Because of the similar tea species, cultivation and processing conditions in a specific tea-producing area, many teas are named after their geographical origins. Longjing tea is a green tea produced in Xihu and its surrounding areas (Hangzhou, China). As a famous green tea with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Longjing is recognized as one of the top green teas for its special appearance (flat and straight leaves), flavor, and taste. Various methods for distinguishing Longjing from other teas have been reported [4–6]. However, little information has been available on the feasibility of discriminating Longjing from its three specific subproducing areas, namely, Xihu, Qiantang, and Yuezhou. As the quality and prices of Longjing tea from the above three producing areas are different, it is necessary to develop effective analysis methods for discrimination of Longjing from different subproducing areas. Because of the similarity (processing, appearance, and taste) among different subproducing areas, the specific geographical origins of Longjing are usually distinguished by sensory analysis. However, because it is very expensive and may take years to train a tea taster, it would be more efficient to use some nonhuman techniques. Recent years have witnessed increased applications of
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