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Comparasion of Brassica napus L. varieties in northern coastal mudflat of Jiangsu Province

LIU Hai-yan,LONG Xiao-hu,LIU Zhao-pu,

土壤 , 2010,
Abstract: In order to screen suitable rapeseed varieties with high yield and quality in saline soil of coastal beach and to provide a reliable theoretical basis for more efficient use of the coastal beach resources, the characteristics of winter traits, biological and yield component characteristics of 11 Brassica napus L. varieties including five varieties breeded by key laboratory of marine biology, Jiangsu Province (NY) and other six varieties were studied in northern-coastal middle-degree saline mudflat of Jiangsu province in 2009. The results were as follows: The growth of NY cultivars was better than other 6 varieties in the saline soil. The branches of NY cultivars were grown from the base of the main stem. There were more branches in NY cultivars than other 6 varieties. There was no significant difference in main stem diameter among the NY cultivars, Ningyou 16, Sanbei98, Qinyou 66 and Qinyou 9; while the main stem diameter of NY cultivars was higher than Baozayou 1 and Qinyou 33. There was little difference in plant height, pod length and pod width for all varieties, the yields of NY cultivars were significantly higher than Baozayou 1, Qinyou 66, Qinyou 9 and Qinyou 33. The correlation were significant between the first and the second numbers of branches and oilseed yields.
The Study of Bio-energy Plants Development from Non-tillage Resource of Coastal Mudflat

LIU Zhao-pu,LONG Xiao-hu,LIU Ling,ZHAO Geng-mao,

自然资源学报 , 2008,
Abstract: According to the actuality of the development of bio-energy in China,the ideas of making full use of the non-tillage resource of coastal mudflat to develop bio-energy plants were pointed out in the paper.Some bio-energy plants that are suitable to be extensively cultivated in coastal mudflat were collected.A few seawater-tolerance and high-yield varieties of glucide bio-energy plants(Helianthus Tuberosus) and bio-oil plant(oleic sunflower) were sifted.At the same time,the field experiments were carried out in Dafeng of Jiangsu province and Laizhou of Shandong province.The sugar yields of H.Tuberosus were in the scope from 16160 kg/ha to 12102 kg/ha.The oil yield of oleic sunflower was about 2934 kg/ha.The colligate uses of H.Tuberosus and oleic sunflower were also disscussed conducively.
Effects of NaCl on the growth and alkaloid content of Catharanthus roseus seedlings.

WANG Jing-yan,LIU Zhao-pu,LIU Ling,LIU Chong,

应用生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: Catharanthus roseus seedlings were grown in 1/2 Hoagland solution containing 0250 mmol·L-1of NaCl, and their fresh and dry mass, malondialdehyde (MDA) and chlorophyll contents, tryptophan decarboxylase (TDC) and peroxidase (POD) activities, and vindoline, catharanthine, vincristine and vinblastine contents were measured after 7 days. The results showed that NaCl markedly decreased the fresh and dry mass but increased the MDA content. The chlorophyll content had no difference with the control when the concentration of NaCl was 50 mmol·L-1, but decreased with increasing NaCl concentration when the NaCl concentration was above 50 mmol·L-1. There was a significant enhancement of POD activity under NaCl stress. The TDC activity was the highest when the concentration of NaCl was 50 mmol·L-1, but decreased with increasing NaCl concentration. The vindoline, catharanthine, vincristine, and vinblastine contents were the highest under 50 mmol·L-1NaCl stress, with the values being 4.61, 3.56, 1.19, and 2.95 mg·g-1, respectively, and significant higher than the control and other treatments. Salt stress could restrain the growth of C. roseus seedlings, but promote the metabolism of alkaloid and increase the alkaloid content. 50 mmol·L-1 of NaCl had the greatest promotion effect on the alkaloid content of C. roseus eedlings.
Effects of seawater irrigation on soil safety and crop yield in coastal semi-arid area

ZHAO Geng-Mao,LIU Zhao-Pu,XIA Tian-Xiang,CHEN Ming-Da,

生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Seawater irrigation has recently emerged and plays important roles in saving freshwater resources and promoting agriculture production in the coastal semi-arid areas of North China Plain. From 2001 to 2003, field experiments were conducted to study the effects of seawater irrigation on soil safety and crop yield in Laizhou county, Shangdong province. There were four treatments in the experiments, i.e. CK (Non-irrigated), 25%, 50% and 75% seawater irrigation treatments. The results showed that total dissolve...
Studies on utilization of saline aquaculture water and measures to reduce evaporation and salt accumulation in subarid coastal zones

ZHAO Geng-mao,LIU Zhao-pu,ZHANG Bo,LI Jie,
,刘兆普,张 博,李 杰

土壤 , 2010,
Abstract: In subarid areas of Lai Chou, plot experiment was conducted to study the effects of soil-crop systems under saline aquaculture water irrigation and straw coverage conditions. The results showed that straw coverage could inhibit soil water evaporation, thus could maintain soil moisture; moreover, straw coverage could significantly reduce salt accumulation in surface soil layer and effectively alleviate crop salt stress due to the direct contact with salts. A high amount of salt, as a result of aquaculture water irrigation, could be leached out by low-frequency supplementary aquaculture water irrigation as well as natural rain water in the summer; the accumulated salts in soil was under control within salt-tolerant threshold of Jerusalem artichoke. Straw coverage could improve effectively plant morphology and increase significantly crop yield. Therefore, straw coverage is a reliable agronomic technique for the use of high saline water in the coastal salinized areas.
Effects of different potash fertilizer uses on growth and alkaloid content of flowering Catharanthus roseus

SONG Shan-shan,LONG Xiao-hu,LIU Ling,LIU Zhao-pu,
,隆小华,刘 玲,刘兆普

土壤 , 2011,
Abstract: The effects of different K fertilizer rates on the biomass,the activites of antioxidant enzymes,the MDA content,the chlorophyll content and the contents of vindoline,catharanthine,vinblastine and vincristine of flowering Catharanthus roseus were investigated in greenhouse.The results indicated that the KCl could promote the growth of C.roseus when it was 100 ~ 400 mg/kg.The activities of SOD,CAT and POD enzymes and the content of chlorophyll were gradually increased,but the MDA content was decreased with the increase of KCl concentration.The excess of K nutrition could inhibit the growth of C.roseus when the KCl was 800 mg/kg.The uses of 400 mg/kg KCl could significantly promote the growth and the alkaloids metabolism of flowering C.roseus.Also the vindoline,catharanthine,vinblastine and vincristine contents were highest when the KCl was 400 mg/kg,with 42.81,37.82,1.88 and 3.1 mg/g,respectively.
Effects of different concentration sea water on chicory seedlings growth and physiological characteristics

SUN Lei,LONG Xiao-hua,LI Hong-yan,LIU Zhao-pu,

生态学杂志 , 2009,
Abstract: 种植抗盐耐海水植物是合理利用和开发海涂资源的有效措施之一。采用沙培的方式,研究了不同浓度海水对菊苣幼苗生物量、离子吸收分布、叶绿素含量以及光合作用变化的影响。结果表明:1)10%海水处理下,菊苣幼苗生物量、叶绿素含量、净光合速率与对照相比差异不显著,表明较低浓度的海水处理对菊苣幼苗生长没有明显的抑制作用;而20%、30%和40%的海水处理则显著降低了菊苣幼苗的生物量、叶绿素含量、净光合速率、气孔导度和蒸腾速率,说明高浓度海水抑制了菊苣幼苗叶绿素含量,降低了光合碳同化能力,不利于幼苗的生长;2)随海水浓度增高菊苣幼苗地上部与地下部单位干质量积累的Na+和Cl-依次增大,而K+积累情况则不同,K+在20%海水胁迫下地上部单位干质量积累的最多,地下部单位干质量积累的K+情况仍然呈现显著升高的趋势。表明菊苣幼苗具有一定耐盐性,具备咸水微咸水灌溉栽培的潜势。
Nitrogen pollution status of various types of passing-by water bodies in upper reaches of Taihu Lake

XU Hai,LIU Zhao-pu,JIAO Jia-guo,YANG Lin-zhang,

生态学杂志 , 2008,
Abstract: With the aid of Global Positioning System(GPS),this paper investigated the present nitrogen pollution status of passing-by water bodies in the agricultural area,rural residential area,fishpond area,and animal farming area of Yixing in the upper reaches of Taihu Lake in spring,summer,autumn and winter.The seasonal variations of the nitrogen concentration in the water bodies were analyzed,and the 15N natural abundance in the water bodies was compared.The results showed that anthropogenic activities had intense effects on the nitrogen pollution,and various agricultural and anthropogenic activities had different nitrogen pollution characters.The passing-by water bodies in agricultural area were more easily polluted by NO3--N than by NH4 -N,and the NH4 -N concentration in passing-by water bodies was higher in rural residential area than in agricultural area due to the domestic sewage discharge.The passing-by water bodies in animal farming area was often heavily polluted by NH4 -N.Fishponds had the least nitrogen pollution,compared to other passing-by water bodies,and the main pollutant was organic nitrogen.The nitrogen pollution of the passing-by water bodies was also affected by the seasonal evolvement of environment,with the lowest nitrogen concentration in summer and the highest one in winter.Farmland fertilization was the main source of the nitrogen pollution in Taihu Lake,and domestic sewage and animal excreta were also the important nitrogen pollution sources when the water level was high.

LONG Xiao-Hua,LIU Zhao-Pu,XU Wen-Jun,

植物生态学报 , 2006,
Abstract: Growing plants that are tolerant to salt_water is one option for exploiting mudflats along the coast. Pot experiments were carried out to study the effects of seawater on growth, inorganic and organic osmotic, antioxidant enzyme, membrane permeability in Helianthus tuberosus seedlings and response to phosphorus supply. The results showed that 1) compared with the control, the fresh weights of roots and aerial parts of Helianthus tuberosus seedlings treated with 10% seawater changed slightly, even were higher than the control, whereas decreased with treatment of 25% seawaters. The fresh weights of roots and aerial parts increased with the concentration of phosphorus augment. The trends of dry weights of roots and aerial parts resembled the trends of fresh weights with the same treatments. 2) The contents of proline and soluble_sugar increased obviously with increasing seawater concentrations. The contents of proline and soluble_sugar increased on 8 days and decreased on 12 days after the treatments of 10% and 25% seawater. They both increased with phosphorus augment. 3) The activities of SOD, POD and CAT in leaves of seawater_stressed plants were significantly stimulated compared to control plants, and the trends toned up with increasing seawater concentrations. The activities of SOD, POD and CAT all significantly stimulated with phosphorus augment. 4) Compared with the control, there was slight change of MDA content in leaves of Helianthus tuberosus seedlings treated with 10% seawater. The MDA content and ELP significantly increased with the treatment of 25% seawater. They both decreased with phosphorus augment. 5) The Na~+ and Cl~- contents of the aerial parts and roots significantly increased with increasing seawater concentrations and time lasting. And the contents of Na~+ and Cl~- decreased with phosphorus augment. Compared with the control, the contents of K~+, Ca~ 2+ and Mg~ 2+ of the aerial parts and roots increased, and they all increased with phosphorus augment. Above all, phosphorus can improve nutrition and increase resisting salinity for Helianthus tuberosus seedlings.
Study on Aloe vera L.irrigated by seawater in the sea-beach of South China

LIU Lian,LIU Ling,LIU Zhao-pu,FU Yong-sheng,YUN Yan,DENG Li-qun,CHEN Ming-da,

自然资源学报 , 2003,
Abstract: 在海南海涂沙滩(非耕地资源)对药用植物库拉索芦荟进行海水灌溉试验,设6种处理,淡、海水配比分别为A1(CK):100∶0;A2:90∶10;A3:75∶25;A4:50∶50;A5:25∶75;A6:0∶100。结果表明:①用一定浓度范围的海水灌溉时,库拉索芦荟苗期返青系数、根的综合生长量等植物生态指标为处理A3>A2>A1,超过一定海水浓度后则递减;连续3年的田间试验表明,芦荟叶片鲜重、干重A1、A2、A3三种处理间没有显著差异,而根干重A3显著高于A1,A4比A1处理叶片鲜重、干重减产均在20%以内,表明海水灌溉库拉索芦荟是可行的。②海水灌溉明显推迟芦荟从营养生长向生殖生长的转化时期,随着海水比例的增加,抽苔期明显推迟。③各种处理海水灌溉的沙滩深度在0~10cm范围内,盐分含量随深度迅速下降,10cm以下下降幅度变缓;经3年的海水灌溉试验,海涂沙滩在未作任何人为调控措施下,0~50cm沙滩含盐量仍在0.3%范围内。
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