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Stochastic Averaging in Discrete Time and Its Applications to Extremum Seeking
Shu-Jun Liu,Miroslav Krstic
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We investigate stochastic averaging theory for locally Lipschitz discrete-time nonlinear systems with stochastic perturbation and its applications to convergence analysis of discrete-time stochastic extremum seeking algorithms. Firstly, by defining two average systems (one is continuous time, the other is discrete time), we develop discrete-time stochastic averaging theorem for locally Lipschitz nonlinear systems with stochastic perturbation. Our results only need some simple and applicable conditions, which are easy to verify, and remove a significant restriction present in existing results: global Lipschitzness of the nonlinear vector field. Secondly, we provide a discrete-time stochastic extremum seeking algorithm for a static map, in which measurement noise is considered and an ergodic discrete-time stochastic process is used as the excitation signal. Finally, for discrete-time nonlinear dynamical systems, in which the output equilibrium map has an extremum, we present a discrete-time stochastic extremum seeking scheme and, with a singular perturbation reduction, we prove the stability of the reduced system. Compared with classical stochastic approximation methods, while the convergence that we prove is in a weaker sense, the conditions of the algorithm are easy to verify and no requirements (e.g., boundedness) are imposed on the algorithm itself.
Flavor State of the Neutrino: Conditions for a Consistent Definition

RONG Shu-Jun,LIU Qiu-Yu,

中国物理快报 , 2011,
DNA 指纹技术中所用的探针及其发展Probes used in DNA Fingerprinting Technique and their Development
刘树俊,程光潮 LIU Shu-Jun CHENG Guang-Chao
遗传 , 1994,
Abstract: ProbesUsedinDNAFingerprintingTechniqueandTheirDevelopmentLiuShujunChengGuangchao(InstituteofGenetics,AcademiaSinieaBeijing100101)1概述1980年,Wyman和White描述了第一个多等位性的具有高度多态性的人类DNA标记11].不久,在胰岛素基因(insulingene)的5’端区域、致癌基因c—HarasIoncogene)的3’端分别发现了相同的高度可变的标记(hypervariablemarker).在α-球蛋白(α-globin)基因群周围还发现了其它三个标记2].1982年,Bell等1]证实:这些高度多态性区域串联着重复的短序列单位,由于重复单位数目的差…
Controller design for stochastic nonlinear systems and performance analysis of the closed-loop systems

LIU Shu-Jun,ZHANG Ji-Feng,

中国科学院研究生院学报 , 2010,
Abstract: For several classes of important stochastic nonlinear systems we develop new concepts and basic analysis tools, based on which some problems of controller design are investigated and solved. The main contents are the following. (1) For a class of stochastic nonlinear systems with unmeasurable dynamics, the concept of stochastic input-to-state stability (SISS) is introduced. By using the probability theory, a method of changing supply functions is developed in the stochastic framework, and a small-gain condition on the SISS is given for cascaded stochastic nonlinear systems. (2) For a class of large-scale stochastic nonlinear systems with SISS stochastic inverse dynamics, a decentralized adaptive stabilization controller based on output feedback is constructively designed. Both practical stabilization and asymptotical stabilization are solved. A method dealing with the stochastic nonlinear inverse dynamics is given in the framework of decentralized control. (3) For a class of stochastic nonlinear systems with unstable zero dynamics, the concept of stochastic input-to-state stabilization is introduced, and by using this concept a global stabilization controller based on output feedback is constructively designed. (4) For a class of stochastic nonlinear systems with linearly bounded unmeasurable states, the concept of generalized stochastic input-to-state stability is introduced with respect to the noises with unknown covariance and the general stochastic inputs, and by using this concept, output-feedback controllers are constructively designed for stochastic disturbance attenuation and asymptotically global stabilization, respectively. (5) For general stochastic nonlinear systems with time delays, some conditions on the existence and uniqueness of the solution are provided, global (asymptotical) stability in probability is introduced, and the corresponding criterion is obtained. Besides, for a class of uncertain stochastic nonlinear systems with time-varying time delays, an adaptive output-feedback stabilization controller is constructed.
Adaptive Stabilization Control of a Class of Large-scale Stochastic Nonlinear Systems with Time-delays and Unknown Virtual Control Coefficients

ZHAO Ping,LIU Shu-Jun,

自动化学报 , 2008,
Abstract: In this paper,the adaptive stabilization problem is investigated for a class of large-scale stochastic time-delay nonlinear systems with unknown virtual control coefficients and unknown noise covariances.First,corresponding to the unknown virtual control coefficients and unknown noise covariances,some parameters to be estimated are properly chosen. Then,in view of the effect of the time-varying delay on the stability of the closed-loop system,an suitable Lyapunov- Krasovskii functional is constructed,based on which and the well-known integrator backstepping method,a memoryless state-feedback control law is systematically designed.Under some mild conditions,it is shown that the equilibrium of the closed-loop system is globally stable in probability,and all the signals of the closed-loop system except for parameter estimates converge to zero almost surely.A simulation example is given to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.
Research and Implementation of Rights Management in Third Party Logistics System

WANG Yan,BI Li,LIU Shu-Jun,

计算机系统应用 , 2010,
Abstract: The paper first combines the characteristics of a third-party logistics system, analyzes the shortcomings of traditional access control methods, and discusses the advantages of role-based access control(RBAC Role Based Access Control)methods, which is currently popular. The paper then summarizes the characteristics of EJB and Struts, and finally introduces the design and implementation process of right management in the third-party logistics with a role-based and Struts+EJB architecture. The result shows that the system has high security, flexibility, and not only provides a good access control for the third-party logistics system, but it also can be reused by adding to the other system with the right management.
Web Service Composition Technology Based on WS-BPEL
基于WS-BPEL 的Web 服务组合技术

LIU Shu-Jun,WANG Bing-Tong,LI Li,

计算机系统应用 , 2012,
Abstract: With the gradual development of Web services technology, more and more web services has been published on the Internet. However, a single web service just provides limited functionality, and cannot meet the needs of user or business practice. Therefore, Web service composition is becoming increasingly important. This paper introduces web services composition and knowledge of WS-BPEL, by using the latest business process execution language WS-BPEL to describe business process, by using business process, a loan approval application case is designed and realized in J2EE integrated development environment, by using the web service executive engine Active BPEL to deploy, the web services are combined effectively.
Inheritance of Hetero-Diploid Pollen S-Haplotype in Self-Compatible Tetraploid Chinese Cherry (Prunus pseudocerasus Lindl)
Chao Gu, Qing-Zhong Liu, Ya-Nan Yang, Shu-Jun Zhang, Muhammad Awais Khan, Jun Wu, Shao-Ling Zhang
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0061219
Abstract: The breakdown of self-incompatibility, which could result from the accumulation of non-functional S-haplotypes or competitive interaction between two different functional S-haplotypes, has been studied extensively at the molecular level in tetraploid Rosaceae species. In this study, two tetraploid Chinese cherry (Prunus pseudocerasus) cultivars and one diploid sweet cherry (Prunus avium) cultivar were used to investigate the ploidy of pollen grains and inheritance of pollen-S alleles. Genetic analysis of the S-genotypes of two intercross-pollinated progenies showed that the pollen grains derived from Chinese cherry cultivars were hetero-diploid, and that the two S-haplotypes were made up of every combination of two of the four possible S-haplotypes. Moreover, the distributions of single S-haplotypes expressed in self- and intercross-pollinated progenies were in disequilibrium. The number of individuals of the two different S-haplotypes was unequal in two self-pollinated and two intercross-pollinated progenies. Notably, the number of individuals containing two different S-haplotypes (S1- and S5-, S5- and S8-, S1- and S4-haplotype) was larger than that of other individuals in the two self-pollinated progenies, indicating that some of these hetero-diploid pollen grains may have the capability to inactivate stylar S-RNase inside the pollen tube and grow better into the ovaries.

LIU Shu-Jun,YANG Wen-Bo,SHI An-Hui,

微生物学通报 , 2000,
Abstract: Based on the flask culture conditions, the batch and fed batch of fermentor cultures were performed in a small fermentor. The kinetics of growth and lipid producing were also studied, and the result indicated that using a fed-batch couldn't only prolong the period of lipid synthesis but also markedly retard the fast decreasing of specific lipid productivity after the time of sugar exhaustion. besides these, the cell density and the amount of lipid could also be increased. A content of 11.og/L lipid and 19.4g/L dry biomass were determined at 120h and the cell contained 56.5% lipid by using a fed-batch at the later period of fermentaion.
Screeing of the High Lipid Production Strains and Studies on its Flask Culture Conditions

LIU Shu-Jun YANG Wen-Bo SHI An-Hui,

微生物学通报 , 2000,
Abstract: A mutant of Lipomyces starkeyi was obtained through multiple mutagenesis (Ultraviolet and EMS) and named as L. starkeyi HL, which has the capability of accumulating substantial amount of lipid under N4indted culture conditions. Then seveal factors influencing the lipid accumulation were investigated and the optimum conditions of producing lipid were obtained: concentrations of waste sugar and the nitrogen source (NH4),SO4 were 165.7ml/L and 1.08g/L; C/N 61:1; initial pH5.0; inoculation volume 10%; temperature 28t; culture time 96h. This research analyzed the lipid from the mutant L starkeyi HL with MS/GC, it's content fatty acid were palmitic acid 33.2%, palmitoleic acid 3.4, steric acid 6.0%, oleic acid 50.8%, linoleic acid 3.55%, lindenic acid 1.53%, others 1.52%.
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