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Identification and Characterization of a Novel Thermophilic Geobacillus Degrading Phenol

TANG Yun,LIU Mu-Zhi,LIANG Feng-Lai,FENG Lu,LIU Ru-Lin,

微生物学通报 , 2006,
Abstract: 从油田地层水中分离到一株嗜热并高效降解苯酚的BF80菌株,其最适生长和降解苯酚的温度为60℃65℃。利用API50CHB/E系统和16SrDNA序列分析对菌株BF80进行了分类鉴定,该菌株的形态和生理生化特性与Geobacillusthermoglucosidasius基本相同,其16SrDNA序列与GeobacillusthermoglucosidasiusBGSCW95A1(=ATCC43742)的相似性为99·22%。在接种量为1%的条件下,该菌在20h内能完全降解3mmol/L的苯酚;在pH值5·59·0范围内能保持对苯酚良好的降解能力,并在12mmol/L苯酚的无机盐培养基中也能生长和降解苯酚,表明该菌能耐受高浓度苯酚并可用于高温含酚废水的生物处理。
Shuang Zhi,Shuai Mu,Ying Liu,Deng-Ke Liu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2011, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536811017107
Abstract: In the title compound, C13H16N4OS3, a thienopyridinederivative, the tetrahydropyridine ring exhibits a half-chair conformation, and the folded conformation of the molecule is defined by the N—C—C—N torsion angle of 78.85 (16)°. The crystal packing features intermolecular C—H...N, N—H...N and C—H...O hydrogen bonds.
Evaluation of Three-Dimensional Reconstruction CT in Percutaneous Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) of the Unresectable Lung Tumor with a Clustered Electrode
Baodong LIU,Xiuyi ZHI,Lei LIU,Mu HU
Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer , 2009,
Abstract: Background and objective Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of lung tumours has recently received much attention for the promising results achieved. Here, to evaluate the value of three-dimensional reconstruction CT in radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of advanced non-small cell lung cancer. Methods Sixty-six cases of advanced non-small cell lung cancer with 68 lesions (2 patients had 2 lesion treated in one session) were underwent three-dimensional reconstruction CT-giuded percutaneous RFA therapy. To evaluate short-term therapeutic effect of lung tumors using spiral CT scanning in 1-3 months after RFA to investigate the alterations of tumor size and density pre-and post-procedure, and complications, to observe the short-term curative effect. Results Our experiences have shown an initial increase in lesion size at immediate follow-up CT. The density of 64 lesions was lowered (94.1%) and 4 lesion is increased (5.9%) at immediate and one month follow-up CT. SPECT scan findings that 82.4% (56/68) cases of FDG uptake in tumors after RFA with tumor/non-tumor of lower than 2.5 at one month follow-up. The change in treated lesion size over time, radiologically assessed through measurements of the lesions on axial CT scans in the lung window setting no lesions had complete response, 50 lesions (73.5%) had partial response, 2 lesions with stable disease, 6 lesions showed progressive disease at 3 month follow-up CT. SPECT scan findings that 79.4% (54/68) cases of FDG uptake in tumors after RFA with tumor/non-tumor of lower than 2.5 at 3 month follow-up. Conclusion The percutaneous RFA therapy under the guidance of three-dimensional reconstruction CT scan is safe and effective, with few complications, and can serve as a new method to the treatment of advanced non-small cell lung cancers.
Analysis of Percutaneous Biopsy of 41 Small Lung Lesions
Mu HU, Lei LIU, Kun QIAN, Yuanbo LI, Xiuyi ZHI
- , 2018, DOI: : 10.3779/j.issn.1009-3419.2018.09.06
Abstract: Background and objective When lung cancer screening work extensively developed in recent years, more and more small lung lesions were found in clinic. The aim of this study is to analysis computed tomography (CT) guided percutaneous biopsy for lung small lesions (diameter<2 cm) on results, complications and prognosis. Methods Choose CT guided percutaneous lung biopsy were performed in 41 cases of pulmonary peripheral lesions, single lesion in 39 cases, multiple lesions in 2 cases, 5-20 (13.1±5.2) mm in maximum diameter, depth from lung surface 1-45 (16.5±13.7) mm, ground-glass opacity (GGO) components 0%-100% (66.8%±35.2%). Results 41 patients and 43 biopsies successfully obtained pathological tissue. Atypical adenomatous hyperplasia in 3 cases, squamous carcinoma in 1 case, adenocarcinoma in 37 cases( carcinoma in situ in 7 cases, micro-invasive carcinoma in 5 cases, invasive adenocarcinoma in 25 cases, double primary lung cancer in 2 cases), inflammatory lesions in 2 cases. Except 2 cases of inflammatory lesions are in follow-up, biopsy and surgical pathology alignment (specificity) was 100%. 41 patients occurred complications related to percutaneous biopsy. Pneumothorax were in 22 cases, drainage required in 2 cases. There were 17 cases with hemoptysis, accounting for 39.5% incidence are self-limited. Intracranial air embolism occurred in 2 cases by 4.6% incidence. They were fully recovered. Conclusion For small lung lesions, CT guided percutaneous biopsy is technically feasible. However, for small lung lesions especially pure GGO biopsy, it is still need to be cautious.?
Feeding Deterrents against Two Grain Storage Insects from Euphorbia fischeriana
Zhu Feng Geng,Zhi Long Liu,Cheng Fang Wang,Qi Zhi Liu,Sheng Min Shen,Zi Mu Liu,Shu Shan Du,Zhi Wei Deng
Molecules , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/molecules16010466
Abstract: The screening of several Chinese medicinal herbs for insecticidal principles showed that Euphorbia fischeriana roots possessed significant feeding deterrent activity against two stored-product insects (Tribolium castaneum and Sitophilus zeamais). From ethanol extract, four feeding deterrents were isolated by bioassay-guided fractionation. The compounds were identified as jolkinolide B, 12-deoxyphorbol 13-(9Z)-octadecenoate 20-acetate, 17-hydroxyjolkinolide A and B on the basis of their phytochemical and spectral data. Jolkinolide B and 17-hydroxyjolkinolide B possessed strong feeding deterrent activities against S. zeamais (EC50 = 342.1 and 543.9 ppm, respectively) and T. castaneum adults (EC50 = 361.4 and 551.5 ppm, respectively). 17-Hydroxyjolkinolide A and 12-deoxyphorbol 13-(9Z)-octadecenoate 20-acetate A also exhibited feeding deterrent activity against the two grain storage insects with EC50 values of 631.9 and 884.3 ppm for S. zeamais and 656.5 and 1058.4 ppm for T. castaneum adults.
Recovery of vanadium and molybdenum from spent petrochemical catalyst by microwave-assisted leaching
Zhi-yuan Ma,Yong Liu,Ji-kui Zhou,Mu-dan Liu,Zhen-zhen Liu
- , 2019, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12613-019-1707-y
Abstract: The study of the leaching of vanadium (V) and molybdenum (Mo) from spent petrochemical catalysts in sodium hydroxide (NaOH) medium was performed using two approaches, namely, conventional leaching and microwave-assisted leaching methods. The influence of microwave power, leaching time, leaching temperature, and NaOH concentration on the leaching efficiency of spent petrochemical catalyst was investigated. Under microwave-assisted conditions (600 W, 10 min, 90°C, 2.0 mol·L?1 NaOH, and 0.20 g·mL?1 solid-liquid ratio), the leaching efficiencies of V and Mo reached 94.35% and 96.23%, respectively. It has been confirmed that microwave energy has considerable potential to enhance the efficiency of the leaching process and reduce the leaching time. It is suggested that the enhancement of the leaching efficiencies of V and Mo can be attributed to the existence of a thermal gradient between solid and liquid and the generation of cracks on the mineral surface.
Research on a Minimax Portfolio Selection Model

LIU Zhi-xin,MU Xu-tao,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2000,
Abstract: 根据损失的定义 ,提出了证券投资组合的一种线性规划模型——最大损失最小化 ( MM)模型 ,给出模型的两种表达式 ,并进行了效用分析 .文中进一步阐述了 MM模型和 Markowitz的 MV模型及 Konno的 MAD模型之间的关系 ,比较了它们各自的优缺点.
Real-time Ear Tracking Based on Both Skin-color and Contour Information

ZHAO Yi,MU Zhi-chun,LIU Ke,

中国图象图形学报 , 2006,
Abstract: Robust real-time human ear tracking is a challenging task. In order to realize the fast tracking and locating of the human ear,a new method is proposed that combines both skin-color information and intensity contour information to detect and track the human ear in the sequence frames. CAMSHIFT as a fast computationally efficient algorithm on color-based tracking is applied to roughly track the side view of human face as the region of interest(ROI) and then contour fitting is operated in ROI,which can improve the calculation speed obviously,for further accurate locating due to the ample contour information the ear contains. Experimental results show that this method is fast,robust and effective,which can meet the real-time requirement and has certain tolerance of distractors and angle change of the ear caused by the head rolling. Furthermore,the method can be implemented under relative complex background situation and works well in practice.
Prognostic and Predictive Value of Thyroid Transcription Factor-1, CD56, P40 and Other Clinical Characteristics in Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients
Xin WANG, Yi ZHANG, Mu HU, Ruotian WANG, Lei LIU, Kun QIAN, Yuanbo LI, Xiuyi ZHI
- , 2017, DOI: : 10.3779/j.issn.1009-3419.2017.08.04
Abstract: Background and objective The aim of this study is to explore roles of thyroid transcription factor-1 (TTF-1), CD56, P40 expression and other clinical characteristics predicting response and survival in patients with small cell lung cancer (SCLC). Methods Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded biopsy tissues were retrospectively obtained from 198 SCLC patients who were diagnosed first in Xuanwu Hospital. The expressions of TTF-1, CD56 and P40 were detected by immunohistochemistry. The clinical data including age, gender, cancer stage, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) score, smoking or not, superior vena cava syndrome (SVCS) due to lung cancer or not were collected. Cox proportional hazard model was used to analyze the relationship between the overall survival (OS) and factors. Results Immunohistochemical staining results showed the positive rate of TTF-1, CD56, P40 were 73.2%, 88.4% and 7.1% respectively. TTF-1 expression (OR=0.665, 95%CI: 0.472-0.937), smoking index ≤400 (OR=1.72, 95%CI: 1.061-2.789) and ECOG=2 (OR=3.551, 95%CI: 2.133-5.914), extensive-stage (OR=2.487, 95%CI: 1.793-3.451) and SVCS due to lung cancer (OR=2.394, 95%CI: 1.49-3.846) were independent prognostic factors for SCLC patients. Conclusion Prognosis of SCLC was related to TTF-1 expression independently after adjusting smoking, ECOG score, stage and SVCS due to lung cancer. Detection of TTF-1, CD56 and P40 expression level might be helpful for predict the prognosis of SCLC.
Transcriptomic Analysis of Phenotypic Changes in Birch (Betula platyphylla) Autotetraploids
Huai-Zhi Mu,Zi-Jia Liu,Lin Lin,Hui-Yu Li,Jing Jiang,Gui-Feng Liu
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/ijms131013012
Abstract: Plant breeders have focused much attention on polyploid trees because of their importance to forestry. To evaluate the impact of intraspecies genome duplication on the transcriptome, a series of Betula platyphylla autotetraploids and diploids were generated from four full-sib families. The phenotypes and transcriptomes of these autotetraploid individuals were compared with those of diploid trees. Autotetraploids were generally superior in breast-height diameter, volume, leaf, fruit and stoma and were generally inferior in height compared to diploids. Transcriptome data revealed numerous changes in gene expression attributable to autotetraploidization, which resulted in the upregulation of 7052 unigenes and the downregulation of 3658 unigenes. Pathway analysis revealed that the biosynthesis and signal transduction of indoleacetate (IAA) and ethylene were altered after genome duplication, which may have contributed to phenotypic changes. These results shed light on variations in birch autotetraploidization and help identify important genes for the genetic engineering of birch trees.
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