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[(E)-(1-Phenylethylidene)amino]urea methanol monosolvate
Guang-Bin Liu,Peng-Sheng Chen,Chang-Xiang Liu,Ling Fu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2011, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536811000225
Abstract: In the title compound, C9H11N3O·CH4O, the semicarbazone moiety is nearly planar [maximum deviation = 0.017 (2) ] and is twisted by a dihedral angle of 29.40 (13)° with respect to the phenyl ring. The semicarbazone moiety and phenyl ring are located on opposite sides of the C=N bond, showing the E configuration. An intermolecular O—H...O and N—H...O hydrogen-bonding network occurs in the crystal structure.
The Application of Federated Kalman Filtering in SINS/GPS/CNS Intergrated Navigation System
DENG Hong,LIU Guang-bin,CHEN Hao-ming,DENG Chun-lin
International Journal of Wireless and Microwave Technologies , 2012, DOI: doi: 10.5815/ijwmt.2012.02.03
Abstract: Federated filter was an important method to estimate high-precision navigation parameters based on “SINS/GPS/CNS”. A no-feedback federated filter with UD_UKF algorithm was designed in the paper, a threetime amendment scheme to correct navigation parameters was designed at the same time and the mathematical model of SINS/GPS/CNS was established in launch inertial coordinate system too. The paper discussed the simulation conditions and a lot of simulations were carried out to compare 2 aspects: (1)the performance between four navigation mode, which respectively is SINS, SINS/GPS, SINS/CNS, SINS/GPS/CNS;(2)the estimate precision of federated filter and that of centralized Kalman filter. The results of simulation showed that the designed federated filter and amendment scheme based on SINS/GPS/CNS had high estimate precision and led to gain high hitting precision of ballistic missile, that is to say position errors were less than 20 meter and velocity errors were less than 0.1m/s in simulation.
Effect of temperature on growth and HSP70 mRNA expres-sion of thermo-tolerant brood of Apostichopus japonicus

LIU Guang-bin,YANG Hong-sheng,LIU Shi-lin,

海洋科学 , 2010,
Abstract: 高温(26℃)培育刺参(Apostichopus japonicus)幼体获得选择群体, 生长至1.03 g±1.30 g, 与对照组幼参在18、20、22 和24℃温度下培育。二者的成活率随着温度升高而降低, 而选择组幼参24℃的成活率显著高于对照群体(P<0.05)。不同温度下的特定生长率之间没有差异。TRIzol 法提取刺参总RNA,获得刺参HSP70片断基因序列, 利用实时定量PCR方法检测,选择群体HSP70mRNA 的表达量在正常温度和热激条件下都较对照组高, 但表达量升高的倍数相近, 选择组为1.99 倍, 对照组为2.07 倍。
Elevated interleukin-8 enhances prefrontal synaptic transmission in mice with persistent inflammatory pain
Guang-bin Cui, Jia-ze An, Nan Zhang, Ming-gao Zhao, Shui-bing Liu, Jun Yi
Molecular Pain , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1744-8069-8-11
Abstract: In the present study, we examined IL-8 expression in the ACC, somatosensory cortex (SSC), and the dorsal horn of lumbar spinal cord following hind-paw administration of complete Freund's adjuvant (CFA) in mice and its effects on the ACC synaptic transmission. Quantification of IL-8 at protein level (by ELISA) revealed enhanced expression in the ACC and spinal cord during the chronic phases of CFA-induced peripheral inflammation. In vitro whole-cell patch-clamp recordings revealed that IL-8 significantly enhanced synaptic transmission through increased probability of neurotransmitter release in the ACC slice. ACC local infusion of repertaxin, a non-competitive allosteric blocker of IL-8 receptors, notably prolonged the paw withdrawal latency to thermal radian heat stimuli bilaterally in mice.Our findings suggest that up-regulation of IL-8 in the ACC partly attributable to the enhanced prefrontal synaptic transmission in the mice with persistent inflammatory pain.Chemokines, a family of proinflammatory cytokines play a role in immune system regulation, cell growth, cell development, and inflammation [1]. Interleukin-8 (IL-8), also known as CXCL8, is an α chemokine and its main function is chemotaxis of neutrophils and T lymphocytes [2]. In the immune system, IL-8 exerts its biological action by binding to seven-transmembrane G-protein-coupled receptors named CXCR1 and CXCR2. In the CNS, CXCR2 receptors have been described on astrocytes, microglia, and neurons [3]. The chemokine IL-8 is known to be synthesized by microglial cells and astrocytes [4]. IL-8 may be an important factor in intercellular communication between glia and neurons by rapidly altering the excitability of neurons, probably through presynaptic mechanisms [5]. Repertaxin is a new non-competitive allosteric blocker of IL-8 receptors (CXCR1/R2), which by locking CXCR1/R2 in an inactive conformation prevents receptor signaling and human polymorphonuclear leukocyte (PMN) chemotaxis [6].Studies using diffe
Promoter hypermethylation-induced transcriptional down-regulation of the gene MYCT1 in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma
Min Yang, Wei Li, Yi-Ying Liu, Shuang Fu, Guang-Bin Qiu, Kai-Lai Su, Wei-neng Fu
BMC Cancer , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2407-12-219
Abstract: Here, we sought to investigate the methylation status of the CpG islands of MYCT1 and mRNA levels by bisulfite-specific PCR (BSP) based on sequencing restriction enzyme digestion, reverse transcription and real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RQ-PCR). The function of specific sites in the proximal promoter of MYCT1 in LSCC was measured by transient transfection, luciferase assays, electrophoretic mobility shift assay (EMSA) and chromatin immunoprecipitation assay (ChIP).The results suggested hypermethylation of 12 CpG sites of the promoter in both laryngeal cancer tissues and the laryngeal cancer line Hep-2 cell. The hypermethylation of the site CGCG (?695 to ?692), which has been identified as the c-Myc binding site, was identified in laryngeal cancer tissues (59/73) compared to paired mucosa (13/73); in addition, statistical analysis revealed that the methylation status of this site significantly correlated with cancer cell differentiation(p?<?0.01). The mRNA level of MYCT1 increased in Hep-2 cells treated with 5-aza-C (p?<?0.01). The luciferase activity from mutant transfectants pGL3-MYCT1m (?852/+12, mut-695-C?>?A, mut-693-C?>?G) was significantly reduced compared with the wild type pGL3-MYCT1 (?852/+12), while the luciferase activity from wild transfectants pGL3-MYCT1 (?852/+12) rose after 5-aza treatment in Hep-2 cells. Finally, EMSA and ChIP confirmed that the methylation of the CGCG (?695 to ?692) site prevented c-Myc from binding of the site and demethylation treatment of the 5′ flanking region of MYCT1 by 5-aza induced the increased occupation of the core promoter by c-Myc (p?<?0.01).In summary, this study concluded that hypermethylation contributed to the transcriptional down-regulation of MYCT1 and could inhibit cancer cell differentiation in LSCC. DNA methylation of the CGCG site (?695 to ?692) of MYCT1 altered the promoter activity by interfering with its binding to c-Myc in LSCC. Epigenetic therapy of reactivating MYCT1 by 5-aza should be
Annual changes of immune enzymes in coelome fluid of sea cucumber, Apostichopus japonicus

WANG Fang-yu,YANG Hong-sheng,GAO Fei,LIU Guang-bin,

海洋科学 , 2009,
Abstract: In view of eco-immunology, immune enzymes in coelome fluid of sea cucumber, Apostichopus japonicus, were investigated from July in 2006 to June in 2007. The data showed that turing points of enzyme changes were in September, October, January, February, April and May. The results showed that immune characters in coelomic fluid of A. japonicus might not solely be attributed to temperature and salinity. These data were complex and interesting. Considering the life characters of A. japonicus, the significant changes of enzymes activity might be associated with growth, reproduction, aestivation, and environment.
System identification based on the sparse representation of signals

GUO Jin-ku,WU Jin-ying,LIU Guang-bin,

控制理论与应用 , 2010,
Abstract: On the basis of sparse representation of signals, a novel method is proposed to identify the linear timeinvariant system in low signal-to-noise ratio environment. This method employs the chirp signals as the input to the identified system, and let the output be processed before identification by using the matching pursuit algorithm for noisereduction. Because of the time-frequency localization property of the input and output signals, a large amount of additive white noise can be reduced and the performance of system identification is thus improved. Simulation results show that the proposed method outperforms the conventional methods significantly in very low signal-to-noise ratio environment.
Synthesis, Characterization, In Vitro Cytotoxicity, and Apoptosis-Inducing Properties of Ruthenium(II) Complexes
Li Xu, Nan-Jing Zhong, Yang-Yin Xie, Hong-Liang Huang, Guang-Bin Jiang, Yun-Jun Liu
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0096082
Abstract: Two new Ru(II) complexes, [Ru(bpy)2(FAMP)](ClO4)2 1 and 2, are synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, electrospray mass spectrometry, and 1H nuclear magnetic resonance. The in vitro cytotoxicities and apoptosis-inducing properties of these complexes are extensively studied. Complexes 1 and 2 exhibit potent antiproliferative activities against a panel of human cancer cell lines. The cell cycle analysis shows that complexes 1 and 2 exhibit effective cell growth inhibition by triggering G0/G1 phase arrest and inducing apoptosis by mitochondrial dysfunction. The in vitro DNA binding properties of the two complexes are investigated by different spectrophotometric methods and viscosity measurements.
Recognizing and predicting of strange interactive entity''s behavior in pervasive environment

LIU Guang-bin,MAN Jun-feng,LI Chang-yun,WEN Xiang-bing,

计算机应用研究 , 2009,
Abstract: 基于普适环境下陌生交互实体之间没有先验交互经历,为了该环境的计算安全,必须确保其交互的行为可信,提出一种基于嵌套的狄利克雷过程和无限隐马尔可夫模型的行为分析与态势预测模型。该模型能有效地预防陌生实体交互过程中反常、欺诈等行为,对不可信的行为提前干预,避免产生严重的后果。最后举出模型在智能商场中应用并仿真分析了模型的可行性。
Insulator-to-metal phase transition in Yb-based Kondo insulators
Guang-Bin Li,Guang-Ming Zhang,Lu Yu
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/91/57002
Abstract: The periodic Anderson lattice model for the crystalline electric field (CEF)split 4f quartet states is used to describe the Yb-based Kondo insulators/semiconductors. In the slave-boson mean-field approximation, we derive the hybridized quasiparticle bands, and find that decreasing the hybridization difference of the two CEF quartets may induce an insulator-to-metal phase transition. The resulting metallic phase has a hole and an electron Fermi pockets. Such a phase transition may be realized experimentally by applying pressure, reducing the difference in hybridization of the two CEF quartets.
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