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Yan-Fang Shi,Fu-Xing Li,Bo Geng,Yan-Cheng Liu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2009, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536809049605
Abstract: The title compound, [Ni(SO4)(C5H5N)(H2O)3]n, was synthesized by the hydrothermal reaction of NiSO4·6H2O, pyridine and water. The central NiII atom is coordinated in a distorted octahedral environment by a pyridine N atom, three aqua O atoms and two O atoms of bridging sulfate anions, yielding a zigzag chain. A three-dimensional network is generated via complex hydrogen bonds involving the sulfate and aqua ligands and a pyridine C—H group.
中国沙漠 , 2000,
Abstract: 河西走廊是甘肃省主要的经济区之一,是国家21世纪初大规模开发大西北的纽带和依托。文章分析了该区生态环境的现状及区域经济特征,提出"以流域为单元,合理规划利用水土资源,边发展经济,边治理环境,实行资源节约型发展"的生态环境战略,经济增长与环境整治同步协调进行,以及生态环境建设的措施。
A role of periaqueductal grey NR2B-containing NMDA receptor in mediating persistent inflammatory pain
Jing Hu, Zhe Wang, Yan-Yan Guo, Xiao-Nan Zhang, Zhao-Hui Xu, Shui-Bing Liu, Hong-Ju Guo, Qi Yang, Fu-Xing Zhang, Xiao-Li Sun, Ming-Gao Zhao
Molecular Pain , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1744-8069-5-71
Abstract: Brainstem descending pathways linking the periaqueductal gray (PAG), the rostral ventromedial medulla (RVM), and the spinal cord constitute a major mechanism in the modulation of pain transmission [1,2]. Considerable evidence has recently emerged regarding participation of this system in persistent pain conditions such as inflammation and neuropathy. Recent studies indicate that persistent pain after tissue or nerve injury is linked to an enhanced activation of descending modulatory circuits [2]. The increased excitability in the descending circuitry after injury likely reflects long-lasting changes in synaptic efficacy, similar to that seen in hippocampal synapses that are involved in learning and memory[3,4]. The increased net descending facilitatory drive leads to an amplification of the pain [2,5-8]. However, the cellular mechanisms underlying injury-induced synaptic plasticity in PAG circuitry are poorly understood.Although PAG has limited direct projections to the spinal cord, it has a key role in the descending modulation of nociception and uses the RVM as an important intermediate in pain modulation, a site that projects directly to the spinal cord dorsal horn [5,9-11]. Glutamate and GABA play a critical role in processing pain at the PAG-RVM level [12].Studies have shown that N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR) contribute to persistent pain following nerve and tissue injury [1,13]. Native NMDARs are composed of NR1, NR2 (A, B, C, and D), and NR3 (A and B) subunits. The formation of functional NMDARs requires a combination of NR1, an essential channel-forming subunit, and at least one NR2 subunit. NMDARs are highly expressed in the brain and subunit compositions may occur during early development and in different brain areas [14-16]. Previous studies show that peripheral inflammation increases the expression of NR2B-containing NMDARs and enhanced neurotransmitter release in the anterior cingulate cortex [4,17-19]. Inhibition of NR2B receptors by administer

LIU Ya-Qin,ZOU Guo-Yan,SONG Xiang-Fu,FU Zi-Shi,PAN Qi,LIU Fu-Xing,FAN Jie-Qun,

水生生物学报 , 2010,
Abstract: The ecological floating bed system (EFBS), as an effective means to improve the water quality and restore water ecosystem, was widely applied by worldwide scientists. Biomass and the community structure of phytoplankton are important characters of the water eutrophication. The effect of two EFBSs, a new EFBS with sufficient space in surface, equipped with zeolite, and the traditional foam EFBS, on water quality and phytoplankton community was employed to investigate the response of phytoplankton to EFBS during the process of water quality restoration. A terrestrial plant Cyperus alternifolius and the water from a canal nearby were tested in the present study. Treatments included Control with no phytoplankton, the traditional EFBS and the new EFBS. Nutrient concentration in water and phytoplankton were detected at two weeks interval during the two months experimental time. The results showed that after the canal water was transported to the experimental concrete cistern for 2 weeks, Chlorella Beij. and Scenedesmus Mey., which belong to Chlorophyta, came to dominate the phytoplankton population, insteading of Oscillatoria Vauch. and Spirulina Turp., which belong to Cyanophyta due to the habitat alteration. Simultaneously, total biomass of phytoplankton decreased rapidly from 20mg/L to below 3mg/L. At most of the experimental time, the biomass of phytoplankton under both EFBS treatments was significantly lower than that in Control (P<0.05) with a decreasing order of control>traditional EFBS>new EFBS. A water bloom composed of Microcystis Kütz broke out in Control after one and half months and it highest abundance and biomass reached 80.22×106ind./L and 5.21mg/L. Both EFBS could significantly remove all forms of N and P (P<0.05), especially NH4-N and TP (P<0.01) in water, and the new EFBS showed better effect than the traditional EFBS. The positive correlation between phytoplankton biomass and nutrients level, especially with TP (0.579, P<0.05) and TDP (0.611, P<0.05) indicated that EFBS might affect phytoplankton indirectly through removing nutrients from water, and the high efficiency of P removal by EFBS could be the main contribution of EFBS in controlling water bloom.
Preparation of Nano-TiO2 by Dialysis Hydrolysis of TiCl4
渗透水解 TiCl4制备纳米 TiO2

CHEN Yun-Hua,LIN An,GAN Fu-Xing,

无机材料学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 利用渗透膜使TiCl4溶液中H^+和Cl^-慢慢渗透出来而水解得到凝胶,然后用有机溶剂置换出其中的水分而干燥,焙烧后即得纳米TiO2.采用TEM、XRD、氮气吸脱附实验对样品进行了表征和分析.所得产品颗粒细小、均匀,比表面积大.晶体相转变温度高,700℃焙烧仍然为锐态矿型晶体,900℃转变为金红石型晶体.文中还将该法和加热水解法、氨水沉淀法以及钛酸丁酯溶胶-凝胶法进行了比较.
A New Vanishing Point Detecting Algorithm

Chen Fu-xing,Wang Run-sheng,

电子与信息学报 , 2006,
Abstract: Preview model Parameters Evaluation RANSAC algorithm (PERANSAC) is given in vanishing point detecting. A preview model parameters evaluation selection is added in the RANSAC algorithm. With guaranteeing the same confidence of the solution as RANSAC, a very large number of erroneous vanishing point obtained from contaminated samples are discarded in the preview evaluation selection. The time of evaluating the quality of the vanishing point is reduced. RANSAC efficiency is significantly improved. PERANSAC algorithm is evaluated on real-world images, a significant increase in speed is shown and the solutions are same as RANSAC.

CHEN Yun-hua,LIN An,GAN Fu-xing,

腐蚀科学与防护技术 , 2007,
Abstract: A method is designed to modify nano-TiO2 particles, by which nanoparticles are modified by silane coupling agent WD-70 with double bond group and then the silane coupling agent copolymerizes with methyl methacrylate and butyl acrylate to produce a thin polymer shell on the nanoparticles. The modified nanoparticles are applied as pigment to polyacrylate coating. The modification of nano-TiO2 can improve its dispersibility in the coating and thereby reduce water absorption and permeability of the polyacrylate coating.
Possibility of automatically picking first arrival of microseismic wave by energy eigenvalue method

YE Gen-Xi,JIANG Fu-Xing,YANG Shu-Hua,

地球物理学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 微地震(MS)波初始到时的自动拾取是MS监测数据处理的关键技术之一,也是实现MS震源自动定位的技术难点.本文在MS震源定位结果反演与推断的研究基础上,对不同类型MS波的到时点特征进行了分析与描述,并对不同时窗长度下能量特征值的变化规律进行了研究,提出了控制时窗移动范围和确定时窗长度自适应参数的具体方法,利用建立的MS波初始到时点特征的模式识别库,对拾取的到时进行模式归类、定量评价和匹配,提高了自动拾取结果的可靠性.研究结果表明,对典型的信噪比高的MS波,到时自动拾取的结果与手工拾取的结果基本一致;对无量纲大振幅的MS波,到时自动拾取结果的可靠性要高于手工拾取,对信噪比低和到时点不清晰的MS波自动拾取的可靠性较低.
Fast RANSAC with Preview Model Parameters Evaluation

Chen Fu-xing,WANG Run-Sheng,

软件学报 , 2005,
Abstract: 随机抽样一致性算法MNSAC(random sample consensus)是在计算机视觉领域内应用最广泛的Robust 估计算法之一,但是MNSAC算法计算效率较低.提出一种基于模型参数预检验的快速MNSAC算法(preview model parameters evaluation MNSAC,简称PEMNSAC).算法在RANSAC算法模型参数检验前,加入预检验过程,在保证计算结果置信概率不变的前提下,过滤掉大量偏差较大的模型参数,提高了MNSAC算法的整体效率.模拟数据和真实图像数据实验结果表明,此算法和MNSAC算法计算精度保持一致,计算速度高于MNSAC算法.
trans-Bis[4-amino-N-(pyrimidin-2-yl)benzenesulfonamidato]dipyridinenickel(II) hemihydrate
Yan-Fei Wang,Fu-Xing Li,Yan Peng,Zhen-Feng Chen
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2009, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536809043621
Abstract: The asymmetric unit of the title compound, [Ni(C10H9N4O2S)2(C5H5N)2]·0.5H2O, contains the distorted octahedral trans-[Ni(sdz)2(py)2] (sdz is the sulfadiazine anion and py is pyridine) complex molecule and half of a water molecule. A three-dimensional network is generated by N—H...O and O—H...O hydrogen bonds and C—H...O interactions between the complex and the water molecules.
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