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A Study on Anchoring Ability of Three-Leg Micro Intestinal Robot  [PDF]
Wei Lin, Guozheng Yan
Engineering (ENG) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2012.48062
Abstract: This paper proposes an anchoring and extending micro intestinal robot for medical inspection and surgery propose. The three-leg anchoring method is discussed in detail, and micro robot phantom model is used to test anchoring related parameters for mechanical design. A prototype is designed and fabricated base on the experiment results and is tested in in-vitro experiment. The prototype is locomotive in a pig small intestine under a diameter limitation.
The Problem of Scattering by a Mixture of Cracks and Obstacles
Guozheng Yan
Boundary Value Problems , 2009, DOI: 10.1155/2009/524846
Abstract: Consider the scattering of an electromagnetic time-harmonic plane wave by an infinite cylinder having an open crack Γ and a bounded domain D in R2 as cross section. We assume that the crack Γ is divided into two parts, and one of the two parts is (possibly) coated on one side by a material with surface impedance λ. Different boundary conditions are given on Γ and D. Applying potential theory, the problem can be reformulated as a boundary integral system. We obtain the existence and uniqueness of a solution to the system by using Fredholm theory.
The Problem of Scattering by a Mixture of Cracks and Obstacles
Yan Guozheng
Boundary Value Problems , 2009,
Abstract: Consider the scattering of an electromagnetic time-harmonic plane wave by an infinite cylinder having an open crack and a bounded domain in as cross section. We assume that the crack is divided into two parts, and one of the two parts is (possibly) coated on one side by a material with surface impedance . Different boundary conditions are given on and . Applying potential theory, the problem can be reformulated as a boundary integral system. We obtain the existence and uniqueness of a solution to the system by using Fredholm theory.
Silkworm Coatomers and Their Role in Tube Expansion of Posterior Silkgland
Qiao Wang,Birong Shen,Pengli Zheng,Hui Feng,Liang Chen,Jing Zhang,Chuanxi Zhang,Guozheng Zhang,Junlin Teng,Jianguo Chen
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0013252
Abstract: Coat protein complex I (COPI) vesicles, coated by seven coatomer subunits, are mainly responsible for Golgi-to-ER transport. Silkworm posterior silkgland (PSG), a highly differentiated secretory tissue, secretes fibroin for silk production, but many physiological processes in the PSG cells await further investigation.

MENG Qinghui,GU Aijuan,LIANG Guozheng,YUAN Li,

高分子学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 将共聚改性与端氨基超支化聚硅氧烷(HBPSi(N))的合成一步完成,建立了一步法制备改性双马来酰亚胺树脂(记为B/D/H(N))的方法.以N,N′-4,4′-二苯甲烷双马来酰亚胺(BMI)、二烯丙基双酚A(DBA)组成的体系(记为B/D)为对比,探讨了HBPSi(N)含量对B/D/H(N)树脂性能的影响.研究结果表明,HBPSi(N)含量对B/D/H(N)树脂的性能有重要影响.少量HBPSi(N)的加入不仅可以显著提高固化物的韧性,而且能有效加快树脂的凝胶时间,同时大幅度提高固化树脂的耐热性、介电性能和耐湿性.这些性能的改善主要缘于HBPSi(N)的加入改变了交联网络的分子结构.B/D/H(N)体系优异的综合性能使之在制备先进树脂基复合材料、胶黏剂方面显示出很大的应用潜力.
Differentiation between temporary and real non-clearability of biotinylated IgG antibody by avidin in mice
John Virostko,Guozheng Liu
Frontiers in Pharmacology , 2014, DOI: 10.3389/fphar.2014.00172
Abstract: Although an increasing number of antibody conjugates are being used in the clinic, there remain many unmet needs in antibody targeting. Normal tissue background is one of the key issues that limits the therapeutic efficacy and the detection sensitivity. Background reduction coupled with dose increase may provide the required target accumulation of the label or toxin at an acceptable normal tissue background. However, the knowledge about the in vivo interaction between antibody and a clearing agent is currently inadequate for designing a rational clearance regimen or system. The current investigation focuses on the clearability of antibody for background reduction, an important topic to antibody targeting in general. The investigation employs pretargeting as a research tool and avidin as a model clearing agent. By comparing the effects of natural clearance at a longer post-injection time and avidin clearance, we demonstrated that avidin clearance is much more effective. By directly attaching avidin to a biotinylated antibody prior to injection, we found that the biotinylated antibody in blood, once bound to the clearing agent, can be removed from the circulation immediately and completely, while the real non-clearable antibody without biotin stays. The study of multiple avidin injections confirmed that the presence of clearable biotinylated antibodies after an avidin injection is due to their temporary inaccessibility and subsequent return from tissue compartments. The collective clearance efficiency of 91% by three avidin injections indicates a continuous IV infusion would be recommended to remove all of the biotinylated IgG molecules. In conclusion, the use of antibody pretargeting as a tool in this study has improved understanding of the incomplete clearance by avidin and can aid in overcoming this obstacle.
A survey on routing in wireless sensor networks
XIAO Renyi,WU Guozheng,
XIAO Renyi
,WU Guozheng

自然科学进展 , 2007,
Abstract: One of the most important issues in wireless sensor networks is data delivery service between sensors and the data collection unit (called sink). Although sensor networks and mobile ad hoc networks are similar to some extent, they are radically distinct in many aspects. Sensor networks have many unique features, making them more challenging and need further research efforts. The existing routing protocols for sensor networks can be classified as indicator-based and indicator-free. In this survey, we make a comparative study of these protocols. Open issues and research directions are pointed out as guidelines for our future work.
China National Lung Cancer Screening Guideline with Low-dose Computed ?Tomography (2018 version)
Qinghua ZHOU, Yaguang FAN, Ying WANG, Youlin QIAO, Guiqi WANG, Yunchao HUANG, Xinyun WANG, Ning WU, Guozheng ZHANG, Xiangpeng ZHENG, Hong BU, Yin LI, Sen WEI, Liang’an CHEN, Chengping HU, Yuankai SHI, Yan SUN
- , 2018, DOI: : 10.3779/j.issn.1009-3419.2018.02.01
Abstract: Background and objective Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in China. The results from a randomized controlled trial using annual low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) in specific high-risk groups demonstrated a 20% reduction in lung cancer mortality. The aim of tihs study is to establish the China National lung cancer screening guidelines for clinical practice. Methods The China lung cancer early detection and treatment expert group (CLCEDTEG) established the China National Lung Cancer Screening Guideline with multidisciplinary representation including 4 thoracic surgeons, 4 thoracic radiologists, 2 medical oncologists, 2 pulmonologists, 2 pathologist, and 2 epidemiologist. Members have engaged in interdisciplinary collaborations regarding lung cancer screening and clinical care of patients with at risk for lung cancer. The expert group reviewed the literature, including screening trials in the United States and Europe and China, and discussed local best clinical practices in the China. A consensus-based guidelines, China National Lung Cancer Screening Guideline (CNLCSG), was recommended by CLCEDTEG appointed by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, based on results of the National Lung Screening Trial, systematic review of evidence related to LDCT screening, and protocol of lung cancer screening program conducted in rural China. Results Annual lung cancer screening with LDCT is recommended for high risk individuals aged 50-74 years who have at least a 20 pack-year smoking history and who currently smoke or have quit within the past five years. Individualized decision making should be conducted before LDCT screening. LDCT screening also represents an opportunity to educate patients as to the health risks of smoking; thus, education should be integrated into the screening process in order to assist smoking cessation. Conclusion A lung cancer screening guideline is recommended for the high-risk population in China. Additional research , including LDCT combined with biomarkers, is needed to optimize the approach to low-dose CT screening in the future.
A Brief Review of Chelators for Radiolabeling Oligomers
Yuxia Liu,Guozheng Liu,Donald J. Hnatowich
Materials , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/ma3053204
Abstract: The chemical modification of oligomers such as DNA, PNA, MORF, LNA to attach radionuclides for nuclear imaging and radiotherapy applications has become a field rich in innovation as older methods are improved and new methods are introduced. This review intends to provide a brief overview of several chelators currently in use for the labeling of oligomers with metallic radionuclides such as 99mTc, 111In and 188Re. While DNA and its analogs have been radiolabeled with important radionuclides of nonmetals such as 32P, 35S, 14C, 18F and 125I, the labeling methods for these isotopes involve covalent chemistry that is quite distinct from the coordinate-covalent chelation chemistry described herein. In this review, we provide a summary of the several chelators that have been covalently conjugated to oligomers for the purpose of radiolabeling with metallic radionuclides by chelation and including details on the conjugation, the choice of radionuclides and labeling methods.
Tensile elastic modulus, strength and fracture of delta-Al2O3f/Al alloy composites

GuoZheng KANG,Qing GAO,Jixi ZHANG,

材料科学技术学报 , 2000,
Abstract: Based on the experimental and theoretical analysis, the tensile elastic modulus, strength and fracture characteristics of squeeze casting delta-Al2O3/Al alloy composites were studied. The fracture characteristics of composites were observed by SEM. The elastic modulus was predicted by the finite element method based on the energy equivalence principle, and the strength was predicted by the statistical integration average method using the maximum energy criterion of composite strength. In the prediction, the distribution density functions of the fiber's orientation and length were considered. These functions were gained by experimental measurement. It is shown that the predicted results are in agreement with the experimental values well and the microstructure feature of composites controls the fracture characteristics.
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