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Implementation and Comparison of the License Plate Algorithms: A Case Study
Zhi-Jiang Xu,Sheng-Feng Yu,Hui Wang,Li-Min Meng
Information Technology Journal , 2013,
Abstract: License plate location is a critical part in the license plate detection and recognition system. It is sensitive to weather, illumination and the size of license plate. A variety of license plate location algorithms is proposed, which have limited adaptability. In order to resolve the above mentioned problem, this study improves the image preprocessing, image filtering and discrimination of pseudo-regions in 6 different algorithms based on the corner detection, on wavelet transform, on HSV color space, on RGB color space, on license plate texture and on the integrated features of license plate respectively. The experiments show that the improved algorithms have strong robust.
An Improved TFRC Scheme for Wired/Wireless Hybrid Networks
Zhi-Jiang Xu,Shui-Qin Chu,Yuan Wu,Li-Min Meng
Information Technology Journal , 2013,
Abstract: TFRC (TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) Friendly Rate Control) has been widely used in wired networks for its enhanced friendliness and fairness. However, TFRC cannot distinguish between packet losses due to network congestion and those due to wireless link error in wireless networks. Thus, in this study an improved TFRC scheme that is able to differentiate between congestion losses and wireless link error losses for wired/wireless hybrid network is proposed. Specifically, the improved TFRC scheme utilizes the information of the one-way delay to regulate the transmission rate at the sender and simulation experimental results show this strategy is effective and performs much better than the traditional TFRC.
Ion Beam Analysis of the Annealing Behavior of Helium in Ti Films

HE Zhi-Jiang,SHI Li-Qun,LIU Chao-Zhuo,ZHANG Lei,LU Yong-Fang,ZHANGBin,

中国物理快报 , 2009,
Abstract: We present a theoretical calculation finding that a spectrum from ion beam analysis will change at different stopping cross sections. This is more visible at a deeper place in the sample. Helium-contained Ti films annealed at different temperatures are prepared to gain different stopping cross sections whereby the stopping cross section will change with the helium phase states and the pressure of helium bubbles. Then ion beam analysis is used to measure the concentration of helium. It is found that the concentration curve rises greatly after the sample is annealed at 673K which reflects the increasing size of the helium bubble. The results are consistent with that of positron annihilation radiation spectra which are performed by using a changeable energy positron beam.
Enhanced Backoff Algorithm of IEEE 802.11 Network
IEEE 802.11网络中增强的退避算法

Xu Zhi-jiang,Li Shi-ju,Guan Jun,

电子与信息学报 , 2004,
Abstract: The MAC layer of the IEEE 802.11 standard adopts an exponential backoff scheme to access media. This paper provides an enhanced backoff scheme, which changes Contending Windows(CW) adaptively by estimating the number of active stations in network to improve the efficiency of network.
Thermal Annealing Behavior of Helium in Ti Films Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering

ZHANG Lei,HE Zhi-Jiang,LIU Chao-Zhuo,WANG Xu-Fei,SHI Li-Qun,

中国物理快报 , 2012,
Study on the correlation measure of harbor-hinterland and its driving forces: Taking Lianyungang Port-Huaihai Economic Region as an example

ZHU Chuan-geng,LIU Bo,LI Zhi-jiang,
,刘 波,李志江

地理研究 , 2009,
Abstract: Based on the theoretical research results about the relationships of the Port-hinterland at home and abroad,this paper analyzes the mean value correlation degree of Lianyungang Port-Huaihai Economic Region by grey correlation analysis method during the period 1990~2005 as well as the driving factors affecting the correlation degree of Lianyungang Port-Huaihai Economic Region.Some conclusions are drawn as follows:(1) The correlation degree of Lianyungang Port-Lianyungang City is remarkable as a whole,but the...
Distribution and Activity of Marine Bacterioplankton at Frequent HAB Area of East China Sea

WANG Xin,LI Zhi-jiang,ZHENG Tian-ling,

环境科学 , 2010,
Abstract: 于2006年4~5月对东海近海28°~30.7°N之间的赤潮高发区浮游细菌的分布、活性和群落结构特征进行了调查.采用荧光显微计数法测定细菌丰度,荧光模拟底物法测定细菌胞外酶活性,PCR-DGGE分析该区域的细菌群落结构特征.结果表明,东海赤潮高发区的浮游细菌丰度在5.85×104~9.26×105cells.mL-1之间,其中舟山外海区域较高,在整个调查区域北部海域高于南部海域.β-葡萄糖苷酶的平均活性为0.023μmol.(L.h)-1,氨肽酶的平均活性约为其3.6倍,在5μm以上颗粒中的胞外酶活性平均占总活性分别为47.4%和44.24%.细菌胞外酶活性的分布与细菌丰度的分布无相关性,在整个调查区域南部海域高于北部海域.细菌群落结构和多样性差异较大,南部海域的细菌多样性低于北部海域.人类活动和陆源输入是影响浮游细菌分布的决定性因素,台湾暖流对细菌胞外酶活性及其分布有着决定性的影响,复杂的环境条件是细菌群落结构和多样性差异的主要原因之一.海洋细菌在东海赤潮高发区的生态作用有待进一步研究.
Distribution and Translocation of Trans- and Cis-Chlordane in Cock

L Zhi-jiang,LI Kai-yang,SUN Kang,LI Li,TAO Shu,

生态毒理学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 通过工业氯丹口服暴露实验,研究了顺式氯丹(CC)和反式氯丹(TC)在家鸡体内的吸收、代谢、排泄和在各个器官组织内富集的动态过程. 分别测定了未暴露个体和一次性暴露后60、120、160、200、300、500、1000和2000min时脑、肝、肠、肌肉、皮、脂肪等组织和器官样品以及胃部和肠道残余物、排泄物中的氯丹含量. 研究发现,暴露2000min后,95%以上的氯丹通过代谢途径被消除,只有少量氯丹通过排泄方式被消除;体内氯丹的消除满足一级反应动力学. 研究还发现,在代谢过程中,反式氯丹快于顺式氯丹. 另外,在吸收和代谢的过程中,有明显的手性特征,(+)-CC和(-)-TC更易被消除,但各个器官组织存在明显差异.
Methods for the identification of horizontal gene transfer (HGT) events and progress in related fields

LI Zhi-Jiang,LI Hai-Quan,DIAO Xian-Min,

遗传 , 2008,
Abstract: Horizontal gene transfer is the gene exchange between different organisms or different organelles, which occurs frequently in prokaryotes. Many newly identified horizontal transfer events in eukaryotes indicates that it is a common phenomenon in all organisms. This paper describes the concept of horizontal gene transfer, the standard for judging a horizontal gene transfer events, the character, the mode, the way of horizontal gene transfer, and its impact on gene and genome evolution. The analyses of phylogenetic tree, base composition, selection pressure, intron sequence comparison, inserted special sequence, and biased nucleotide substitution are the most common methods used in previous researches. Evidence accumulated demonstrated that transposable sequences are most likely undergoing horizontal transferring. Transformation, conjugation, and transduction are the main forms of horizontal gene transfer in prokaryotes, but no clear clue was related with the mechanism of horizontal gene transfer in eukaryotes. Horizontal gene transfer plays a special role in genetic, ge-nomic, and the biological evolution.
An Image Navigation Way for Orthopaedic Surgery Robot

SUN Li-Ning,ZHANG Jian,DU Zhi-Jiang,FU Li-Xin,

自动化学报 , 2006,
Abstract: Precise target orientation and surgery path planning are important technologies to use robot in long bone fracture therapies. After correcting the distortion of X-ray images by local method, the paper proposes a targeting method based on a geometric model to get the path for guiding the series robot to lock distal holes. Experimental results indicate that this method only needs one X-ray image, has enough positioning accuracy and stability, and dramatically decreases operating time and radiation dose.
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