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Characterizing semigroups by Q-fuzzy ideals
Caixia Li,Zhenji Tian
International Mathematical Forum , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper, we introduce the concept of Q-fuzzy left [right, twosided]ideal in semigroups. Moreover, the operations with Q-fuzzy setsand its related properties are discussed. Especially, we investigate therelationship between Q-fuzzy point and Q-fuzzy left [right] ideal. Finally,some theorems are given to characterize intra-regular semigroupsin terms of fuzzy semiprime Q-fuzzy [left, right] ideals.
Configuration Mode of Ornamental Plants in Norbulingka of Tibet and Application of Landscape Color  [PDF]
Wenbo Li, Zhen Xing, Zhenji Suolang, Jiangping Fang
Current Urban Studies (CUS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/cus.2018.62016
The application of plant landscape color has a great effect on the landscape of the scenic spot. By colorful foliage and ornamental plants with high color recognition, visitors can deepen their impressions, and thus increase the landscape aesthetic expectations and psychological recognition of the landscape sense. The plants in Norbulingka were taken as research object in this paper. Via field investigation and consulting a lot of data, color characters of ornamental plants from each genus and family were identified from the angle of plant characteristics of arbor, shrub and herb. CMYK color card value was used to collect color data of leaves, flowers and fruits from different plants, and quantitative analysis on color difference of leaves, flowers and fruits from ornamental plants was conducted, to obtain evaluation method and reasoning basis of plant color design in Norbulingka. The results showed that: 1) in color values of leaves, percentage of purple herb = red shrub; cyan herb > light green herb, dark green arbor > grass green arbor, yellow shrub > jade green shrub, bitter orange arbor < bottle green arbor; 2) in color values of flowers, percentage of bitter orange herb < blue shrub, cyan herb > light green herb, dark green arbor > grass green arbor, yellow shrub > jade green shrub, bitter orange arbor < bottle green arbor; 3) in color values of fruits, percentage of purple shrub > yellow shrub, yellow arbor > red arbor, blue herb = green arbor, red shrub < green shrub.
Overall Construction of Well-to-do Society in China and Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Li Zhenji,

世界科学技术-中医药现代化 , 2003,
Abstract: The objectives of the struggle for the overall construction of a well -to -do society in China, which were fonnulated at the sixteenth congress of the Communist Party of China makes people clear about the historical tasks which should be fulfilled in the first 20 years of the present century. All the workers in the field of traditional Chinese medicine ( TCM) in the country should deeply understand the situation of social development in this historical stage, grasp the trends of muld-disciplinary fusion in the systems of modern science and technology and build up strong national pride and confidence, carrying forward and developing the concept of wholism and the methodology of the traditional Culture of China to form a thinking mode of fusion and reform so as to make creative contributions beyond those of our predecessors in the progress of the great rejuvenations of the Chinese nation and the modernization of TCM. The article analyzes and expounds the system of objectives of the construction of a well-to-do society and the modernization of TCM, and proposes that the contents of the TCM culture should be further promoted and developed in order to push ahead the modernization of TCM and provide the overall construction of a well-to-do society with spiritual motive force and material support in China.
Distribution and accumulation of heavy metals in A vicennia marina communi ty in Shenzhen,China
Lin Peng,Zheng Wenjian,Li Zhenji
环境科学学报(英文版) , 1997,
Abstract: This paper deals with the absorption,accumulation and distribution of several heavy metals in Avicennia marina community at Futian Nature Reserve in Shenzhen。China.The results showed that:(1)the contents of Cu,Ph,Zn,Cd,Cr,Ni and Mn in the topsoil(O---30cm in depth)were 38.3,28.7,11.4,0.136,7 97,25.0 and 537 μg/g respectively;(2)there were significant differences in the contents of heavy metals in different fractions of Avicennia marina,and the content ranges were 1.8—13.8 for Cu,0.4—3.51 for Pb;3.4—69.5 for Zn,0.013—0.295 for Cd,0.28—0.73 for Cr,0.43—7.65 for Ni and 25一1552 μg/g for Mn;(3)The enrichment coefficient (weighted mean) of the plants to topsoil was Cd>Mn>Zn>Cu>Ni=Cr>Pb;(4)the accumulation amounts of seven elements in standing biomass of this community were 53.70,19.27,187.89,0.72,6.06,20.76 and 1631.17 mg/m2 for Cu,Pb,Zn,Cd,Cr,Ni and Mn respectively.The net retention amount in the community(1993)were 4.06,1.32,16.36,1.43,107.98 rag/(m2.a)for Cu,Pb,Zn,Ni and Mn,60.21 and 431.8Oμg/(m2.a)for Cd and Cr respectively;(5)the potential amounts of the elements which existed in the residues of soil surface in the community were 2.09,1.96,5.05,1.54 and 405.54 mg/m2for Cu,Pb,Zn,Ni and Mn,and which of Cd and Cr were 19.30 and 78.00 μg/m2,respectively.
Research advance in response of forest seedling regeneration to light environmental heterogeneity

CHEN Shengbin,SONG Aiqin,LI Zhenji,

应用生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Based on the analysis of characteristics of forest light environmental heterogeneity,this paper reviewed the research advance in the response of forest seedlings to light environmental heterogeneity from the aspects of photosynthesis,thermal dissipation,biomass accumulation and distribution,morphological traits,germination,and population dynamics,and discussed the ecological significance of different responses of seedling regeneration to light environmental heterogeneity in forest biodiversity maintenance,forest succession,and revegetation.Some suggestions for future research in this field were put forward.

Lian Yuwu,Qiu Xizhao,Zhang Raoting,Li Zhenji,Liu Xiuxi,Lin Peng,

生态学报 , 1998,
Abstract: 福建南靖县和溪南亚热带雨林,是我国南亚热带东段境内目前保存较完整的地带性植被类型之一,是福建南亚热带的代表植被[1,2],于1962年起由国家对其作永久性封禁,今为福建省自然保护区。现将该群落特征作定量分析,并与1965年的群落特征[3]进行全面比较...
c-Jun Amino-Terminal Kinase-1 Mediates Glucose-Responsive Upregulation of the RNA Editing Enzyme ADAR2 in Pancreatic Beta-Cells
Liu Yang, Ping Huang, Feng Li, Liyun Zhao, Yongliang Zhang, Shoufeng Li, Zhenji Gan, Anning Lin, Wenjun Li, Yong Liu
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0048611
Abstract: A-to-I RNA editing catalyzed by the two main members of the adenosine deaminase acting on RNA (ADAR) family, ADAR1 and ADAR2, represents a RNA-based recoding mechanism implicated in a variety of cellular processes. Previously we have demonstrated that the expression of ADAR2 in pancreatic islet β-cells is responsive to the metabolic cues and ADAR2 deficiency affects regulated cellular exocytosis. To investigate the molecular mechanism by which ADAR2 is metabolically regulated, we found that in cultured β-cells and primary islets, the stress-activated protein kinase JNK1 mediates the upregulation of ADAR2 in response to changes of the nutritional state. In parallel with glucose induction of ADAR2 expression, JNK phosphorylation was concurrently increased in insulin-secreting INS-1 β-cells. Pharmacological inhibition of JNKs or siRNA knockdown of the expression of JNK1 prominently suppressed glucose-augmented ADAR2 expression, resulting in decreased efficiency of ADAR2 auto-editing. Consistently, the mRNA expression of Adar2 was selectively reduced in the islets from JNK1 null mice in comparison with that of wild-type littermates or JNK2 null mice, and ablation of JNK1 diminished high-fat diet-induced Adar2 expression in the islets from JNK1 null mice. Furthermore, promoter analysis of the mouse Adar2 gene identified a glucose-responsive region and revealed the transcription factor c-Jun as a driver of Adar2 transcription. Taken together, these results demonstrate that JNK1 serves as a crucial component in mediating glucose-responsive upregulation of ADAR2 expression in pancreatic β-cells. Thus, the JNK1 pathway may be functionally linked to the nutrient-sensing actions of ADAR2-mediated RNA editing in professional secretory cells.
Further Regulating International Examinations Concerning Traditional Chinese Medicine and Improving the Competence of Related Persons in This Field

Li Zhenji,Deng Liangyue,Long Zhixian,He Xingdong,Shen Zhixiang,

世界科学技术-中医药现代化 , 2005,
Abstract: The Association of World Institutes of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of a few international academic organizations, which is supported by the Chinese government and has its headquarters in China. One of its major tasks is to, by organizing international examinations concerning traditional Chinese medicine, transform our mature standards into international ones through certain procedures and to use these standards to regulate personnel and institutes involved in the examinations. This article reviews the history of international examinations concerning traditional Chinese medicine and gives a detailed explanation of the orientation and objective, the principle and framework of the standard system and the management system of examinations as well as the examination and identification of examinees' qualification.
Progress in the International Organization Standard for Chinese Herbal Granules

Xu Chunbo,Li Zhenji,Zhu Xiaolei,Gu Xiaojing,

世界科学技术-中医药现代化 , 2010,
Abstract: Chinese herbal granules are convenient for use, safe and effective, with controllable quality, while maintaining the characteristic and advantage of Chinese herbal pieces. To gain broader domestic and international markets, the international promotion is critical, and thus a unified quality specification is urgently needed. According to the production and development of Chinese herbal granules, this work set up a standard for the production craft and quality specification of 300 kinds of commonly used Chinese herbal granules. The items covered include the name, origin, character, distinction, inspection, content determination, function and indication, usage and dosage, attention, specification, storage, aspect and term of validity. The establishment of the international organization standard for Chinese herbal granules, under the guidance by WFCMS, may be helpful to the healthy and orderly development of the international market for Chinese herbal granules.
Identification of the adakite rocks of Kulesayi series and it''s significance of Mo prospecting in the Tekesidaban of western Tianshan

LI YongJun,GU PingYang,PANG ZhenJi,LUAN XinDong,TONG LiLi,

岩石学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 库勒萨依序列斑岩体δ平均3.05,属于钙碱性系列岛弧浅成岩。 SiO2含量为57.06%~70.74%,高Al2O3、Na2O、Sr和相对富集LREE,低MgO、Y、Yb,强烈亏损HREE。Na2O/K2O>1,Sr/Y平均57.67,正Eu异常,因而具有典型O型埃达克岩特征。库勒萨依序列斑岩体与Mo异常套合好,已发现钼矿体,找矿前景良好。该埃达克岩的确立,对深化西天山区域成矿规律和指导今后找矿具有借鉴和指导意义。
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