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Improving QoS of Web Service Composition by Dynamic Configuration
Huaizhou Yang,Zengzhi Li
Information Technology Journal , 2010,
Abstract: In order to achieve self-adaptation to run-time environment and self-management of Web service composition, an extended hierarchical Petri net is presented to reflect the feasible configuration scheme of composite service. Being different from related works, the dynamic configuration scheme and execution process of Web service composition can be reflected together in the extended model. Furthermore, a rapid QoS calculation strategy of composite service is presented. Some important QoS calculation formulas are presented and proved. Based on the extended model and the QoS calculation strategy, a configuration with optimal QoS can be selected dynamically. The QoS of composite service is improved. The soundness and correctness of the dynamic configuration method are proved by simulation results and corresponding analysis.
Discovery and demonstration of the teleomorph ofBeauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill., an important entomogenous fungus
Zengzhi Li,Chunru Li,Bo Huang,Meizhen Fan
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2001, DOI: 10.1007/BF03187215
Abstract: ACordyceps specimen was collected in Anhui, China, a strain ofBeauveria bassiana, an important entomopathogenic fungus for biological pest control, was isolated and their relationship was demonstrated by microcycle conidiation. The teleomorph is an undescribed species and is namedCordyceps bassiana.
Discovery and demonstration of the teleomorph of Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill., an important entomogenous fungus

Zengzhi Li,Chunru Li,Bo Huang,Meizhen Fan,

科学通报(英文版) , 2001,
Abstract: A Cordyceps specimen was collected in Anhui, China, a strain of Beauveria bassiana, an important ento-mopathogenic fungus for biological pest control, was isolated and their relationship was demonstrated by microcycle co-nidiation. The teleomorph is an undescribed species and is named Cordyceps bassiana.
Study of MDA Based Semantic Web Service Composition
Zhengdong Zhu,Yanping Chen,Ronggui Lan,Zengzhi Li
Information Technology Journal , 2009,
Abstract: This study presents a Semantic Web Services composition method based on Model-Driven Architecture (MDA). It uses UML class and use-case diagram to build a model of static composition for OWL-S and it uses activity diagram to build a model of dynamic composition for OWL-S. Based on semantic matching degree, the matching methods are used to select a subset of the available web services and then the most suitable composite web services is identified. Through a translation to a verifiable Promela model, the composition UML models are verified by SPIN tool. The verified UML models are stored as templates in the knowledge base of ontology for reuse. Present method not only improves the development efficiency of the semantic web, but, also ensures the correctness of the composition process.
D-S Evidence Theory Based Quality Evaluation Mechanism for Network Services
Zhu Haiping,Li Zengzhi,Wang Yunlan,Chen Yanping
Information Technology Journal , 2008,
Abstract: QoS evaluation is a process of determining the attributes of the investigated object and quantifying the objective value or subject utility of these attributes. The current research on QoS evaluation is limited to specific domains or specific services. In the research, the QoS evaluation indexes for network services are given firstly. Then a multi-grades evaluation model based on D-S evidence theory to evaluate the running quality of network services is provided, which can achieve variable granularity evaluations at different levels such as users, services and network systems. The mechanism integrates service management, policy management and network management together to provide QoS guaranteed services. A fuzzy quality evaluation method for internet services is designed based on the D-S evidence theory. Examples show that the method can combine the subjective evaluation with objective evaluation and reduce subjectivity during evaluation process.

Li Zengzhi,Huang Bo,Fan Meizhen,

菌物学报 , 1997,
Abstract: 记录了最近在中国记载的侵染双翅目昆虫的虫霉目两个新种,毛蚊虫疠霉(Pandora bibionis)发现于浙江庆元的毛蚊(Bibio sp),其初生分生孢子拟卵形,多对称144~20.5×7.2~11.5μm(平均16.5~174×8.4~10.4μm), L/D 1.4~2.3(平均1.7~2.0);假根2倍粗于分生孢子梗,末端膨大为吸盘状固着器;休眠孢子外壁刺毛状,19.1~23.4μm。食蚜蝇干尸霉(Tarichium syrphis)发现于陕西镇坪县的斑翅狭口食蚜蝇上,其休眠孢子外被圆锥形长刺,长2.2~5.0μm,直径21.2~28.1μm。在毛蠓上发现中国新记录胶孢虫疠霉,并根据本文所采用的Humber(1989)系统,将其组合为胶孢虫瘴霉(Furia gloeosora comb. Nov.);此外,还将北虫疫霉(Erynia borea)组合为北虫疠霉(Pandoraborea comb. Nov.),并同时给予修订。

Tang Xiaoqing Fan Meizhem Li Zengzhi,

菌物学报 , 1996,
Abstract: 球孢白僵菌Beauveria bassiana (Bals.)Vuill]野生型多孢株以及从其上分离的单孢株在不同培养基、光照、温度和湿度条件下继代培养,结果显示:无论是多孢株还是单孢株,在传代中均发生显著的菌落局变,并产生形态各异的分离子,多表现为菌苔瘠薄或气生菌丝徒长,肉眼可见产孢量减少;尤其是单孢株菌落局变产生的分离子往往伴随着棕黄色或红棕色色素的分泌。培养基、温度、湿度和光照等环境因素对菌落局变产生具明显诱导作用。以SDAY培养基、偏低的温湿度和全光照条件下产生局变频率较低。大批量生产中以麦麸作原料较适宜。提出了菌落局变发生的几种可能的遗传机制。

Wang Zhiwen,Xia Qin,Li Zengzhi,Li Pingjun,

光子学报 , 2002,
Abstract: The problem of protection capacity assignment in WDM network is a complicated nonlinear programming which is NP-completely.It is hard to solve the problem mentioned above effectively and acquire a statisfactory solution by using traditional mathematical methods.A new optimization method based on genetic algorithm is presented in this paper.The developed code of solution is very practical so as to simplify successfully the performing of genetic operator such as selection,cross-over and mutation etc.Simulated results indicate that the near global optimal solution can be easily obtained with the method and the solution is definitely satisfactory in engineering.
Analysis and isolation of radical scavengers from metabolites of Hirsutella sp.
一种被毛孢(Hirsutella sp.)培养液中自由基清除剂的分析、分离和制备

Fenglin Hu,Ruili Lu,Bo Huang,Zengzhi Li,

微生物学报 , 2008,
Abstract: Objective] During a screening for free radical scavengers from metabolites of entomogenous fungi, we fond a fermentation broth of the strain RCEF 0881 of Hirsutella sp. exhibited strong radical scavenging activity. To make clear of the constituents of the active compounds, and prepare some pure active compound for further structure identification we launched this study. Methods] We used organic solvent for active compounds extraction. DPPH-TLC and DPPH- Mi-croplate assay were used for activity analysis. Components analysis was carried out on a HPLC-DAD-HRMS, and bioac-tive compound preparation on a preparative RP-HPLC. Results] Our extraction tests showed that ethylacetate was the best solvent for the bioactive constituents extracting. HPLC-DAD-HRMS-DPPH assay revealed that the molecular for-mular of the radical scavengers existed in the extract were possibly C7H6O4, C8H8O3 and C12H14N2O. From the chroma-tographic and Uv properties, and the MS fragments, and database consulting, the compounds could be deduced as dihy-droxybenzoic acid, methyl-hydroxyl benzoic acid, and an alkaloid, however, the structures are still needed to be confirmed. The pick area of HPLC and MS showed that the compound C12H14N2O was the main component of the extract. It was iso-lated via activity directed fractionation. The activity of the prepared compound was confirmed with DPPH-TLC assay and its purity was confirmed with HPLC-DAD-HR-ESIMS. The occurance of the three active compounds in entomogenous fungi was revealed for the first time.
Community structure of entomogenous fungi in Beauveria-inoculated Masson''''s pine forest

WANG Bin,DING Degui,FAN Meizhen,LI Zengzhi,

应用生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: The study on the community structure of entomogenous fungi in a Masson's pine forest having been inoculated with Beauveria bassiana for many years showed that there were 4 genus and 7 species of entomogenous fungi,among which,B.bassiana was the dominant species,occupying 63.22% of the total,followed by Paecilomyces (25.86%),Metarhizium (9.20%) and Verticillum (1.72%).In terms of insect host diversity,the Brillouin index and evenness index were 3.564 and 2.315,and 0.814 and 0.865 for B.bassiana and P.cateniannulatus,and 1.471 and 0.862,and 0.963 and 1.000 for P.farinosus and V.lecanii,respectively,while M.flavoviride,M.anisopliae,and P.fumosoroseus had lower diversity and evenness.The diversity index of insect hosts infected by B.bassiana showed a temporal variation,i.e.,higher in spring and autumn,and lower in summer,which reflected the seasonal dynamics of B.bassiana population.
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