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Joint Statement of Establishing Chinese Clinical Trial Registration and Publishing System
You-Ping LI
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2006,
Quality of Life, Physical Diseases, and Psychological Impairment among Survivors 3 Years after Wenchuan Earthquake: A Population Based Survey
Jin Wen, Ying-kang Shi, You-ping Li, Ping Yuan, Fang Wang
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0043081
Abstract: Background Few research studies have addressed the long-term effects caused by catastrophes, and no study has ever explored the life quality, physical diseases, and psychological impairment of earthquake survivors at the same time. This study seeks to reveal survivors' quality of life, physical diseases, and mental health. Methods A cross-sectional survey was conducted through multi-stage sampling approach three years after the Wenchuan earthquake. Results A total of 2525 subjects were interviewed. Symptoms of PTSD were reported by 8.8% of the respondents from the seriously affected areas and 0.5%, the less hit areas. Prevalence of chronic diseases was 39.2% and 22.1% respectively, and two-week prevalence rate, 24.9% and 12.7% respectively. In the multivariate analysis, two-week prevalence, displacement, no regular income, receiving mental health support after the disaster, family members died or missing, injured due to the quake, and person who witnessed someone being killed or injured were independently associated with higher prevalence for symptoms of PTSD. Most subscales of SF-12 negatively correlated with age, chronic diseases, two-week prevalence, injured due to the disaster, home or property loss, and score of the 3-year PTSD symptoms, but positively correlated with higher education and higher household income. Conclusions The rates of physical diseases and symptoms of PTSD were relatively high, and the quality of life was poor among victims in the hard-hit areas 3 years after the earthquake. Physical impairment correlated with symptom of PTSD, and both were negatively associated with quality of life.
Mycobacterium vaccae as Adjuvant Therapy to Anti-Tuberculosis Chemotherapy in Never-Treated Tuberculosis Patients: A Meta-Analysis
Xiao-Yan Yang, Qun-Fei Chen, You-Ping Li, Si-Miao Wu
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0023826
Abstract: Objective To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of heat-killed M.vaccae added to chemotherapy of never-treated tuberculosis (TB) patients. Methods The databases of Medline, Embase, Biosis, Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, SCI, CBM, VIP and CNKI were searched. Randomized controlled trials (RCT) and Controlled clinical trials (CCT) comparing M.vaccae with or without a placebo-control injection as adjuvant therapy in the chemotherapy of never-treated TB patients were included. Two reviewers independently performed data extraction and quality assessment. Data were analyzed using RevMan 5.0 software by The Cochrane Collaboration. Results Fifty four studies were included. At the end of the follow-up period, Pooled RR (Risk Ratio) and its 95% CI of sputum smear conversion rate were 1.07 (1.04, 1.10) in TB patients without complications, 1.17 (0.92, 1.49) in TB patients with diabetes mellitus, 1.02 (0.94, 1.10) in TB patients with hepatitis B, and 1.46 (0.21, 10.06) in TB patients with pneumosilicosis. In elderly TB patients the RR was 1.22 (1.13, 1.32). Analysis of each time point during the follow-up period showed that M.vaccae could help to improve the removal of acid-fast bacilli from the sputum, and promote improvement of radiological focal lesions and cavity closure. Compared with the control group, the differences in levels of immunological indicators of Th1 such as IL-2 and TNF-α were not statistical significant (P = 0.65 and 0.31 respectively), and neither was that of IL-6 produced by Th2 (P = 0.52). An effect of M.vaccae of prevention of liver damage was found in TB patients with hepatitis B (RR 0.20 and 95% CI (0.12, 0.33). No systemic adverse events were reported. Conclusion Added to chemotherapy, M.vaccae is helpful in the treatment of never-treated TB patients in terms of improving both sputum conversion and X-ray appearances.
Joint Statement for advancing the practice of publication ethics in Chinese medical journals
Tai-xiang WU,You-ping LI,Shang-wei ZHENG,Shao-lin DENG
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2012,
Abstract: No abstract.
Constraints on Cosmological Models from Hubble Parameters Measurements
Wei Zheng,Hong Li,Jun-Qing Xia,You-Ping Wan,Si-Yu Li,Mingzhe Li
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1142/S0218271814500515
Abstract: In this paper, we study the cosmological constraints from the measurements of Hubble parameters---$H(z)$ data. Here, we consider two kinds of $H(z)$ data: the direct $H_0$ probe from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) observations of Cepheid variables with $H_0=73.8\pm2.4$ ${\rm km\,s^{-1}\,Mpc^{-1}}$ and several measurements on the Hubble parameter at high redshifts $H(z)$. Employing Markov Chain Monte Carlo method, we also combine the WMAP nine-year data (WMAP9), the baryon acoustic oscillations (BAO) and type Ia supernovae (SNIa) "Union2.1" compilation to determine the cosmological parameters, such as the equation of state (EoS) of dark energy $w$, the curvature of the universe $\Omega_k$, the total neutrino mass $\sum{m_\nu}$, the effective number of neutrinos $N_{\rm eff}$, and the parameters associated with the power spectrum of primordial fluctuations. These $H(z)$ data provide extra information on the accelerate rate of our Universe at high redshifts. Therefore, adding these $H(z)$ data significantly improves the constraints on cosmological parameters, such as the number of relativistic species. Moreover, we find that direct prior on $H_0$ from HST can also give good constraints on some parameters, due to the degeneracies between these parameters and $H_0$.
Small-scale heterogeneity in seed bank of a freshwater marsh

LIU Gui-Hu,LIU You-Ping,LI Wei,

生态学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 以长江中下游淡水湿地湖里沼泽为对象,研究了种子库在小尺度空间范围的水平分布格局。在沼泽中选择地表植被分布比较均一的16m×4m大小的方形区域,按1m间隔获取64个内径7·8cm、深5cm的圆柱状土样,通过幼苗萌发法鉴定每个土样的种子库组成。采用2个格局指数(离散系数和Lloyd平均拥挤指数)以及Moran空间自相关系数分析了种子库中优势种的空间分布格局。结果显示种子库由17个物种组成,多年生的锐棱荸荠(Eleocharisacutangula)和龙师草(E·tetraqueter)是种子库中密度最大的物种。两个格局指数显示7个分布频率大于10%的物种的种子全部为聚集分布。MoransI统计分析显示其中只有3个物种为显著的正的空间自相关,表明这3个物种的种子斑块大小超过了目前的两个取样单位之间的距离(1m),而其它4个物种的种子斑块则小于这个尺度。


物理学报 , 1965,
Abstract: 铝-镉-铜三元系富铜合金相图的室温固相截面已用X-射线方法测定。合金含量最高达30%(重量)铝及30%镉。室温相截面由五个单相区α,γ2,δ,ζ2,η2;十个两相区α+β,α+γ2,β+γ2,γ2+δ,β+δ,δ+ζ2,ζ2+η,η2+δ,η2+β,η2+θ及四个三相区α+β+γ2,β+γ2+δ,β+δ+η2,δ+ζ2+η2所构成。没有发现新相。

MA You-ping,YANG Lei,LI Xiu-lan,

腐蚀科学与防护技术 , 2009,
Abstract: 采用扩渗法在镁合金表面共渗Al-Zn,研究了扩渗时间和温度对表面合金层显微组织的影响.结果表明:当温度为390%时,随着扩渗时间的增加,生成的表面合金层由不连续金属间化合物层(Al6Mg10Zn、Al5Mg11Zn4)+过渡层变为连续金属间化合物层+过渡层;此过程应是物理置换扩散机制和反应扩散机制同时存在,生成的金属间化合物相主要为Al6Mg10Zn和Al5Mg11Zn4两种类型金属间化合物,其中Al5Mg11Zn4是较为稳定的相;当温度提高到410℃时,晶界扩散活性提高,晶界扩散通道增强,仅为2小时已出现了严重的沿晶界扩渗,造成合金层中金属间化合物沿晶界呈网状不均匀分布.
The Object Oriented Model of Cyberspace and Information Dissemination

MA Wei-Dong LI You-Ping YUANG Hong-Chun,

计算机科学 , 2003,
Abstract: The Cyberspace is composed of a set including all electronic information elements and its information dissemination networks. In this paper,a kind of Cyberspace Model that four-dimensional entity described is submitted, and the classification and characteristic of the information element and information node are studied. The Object Oriented Model of Cyberspace that anthropomorphized is discussed and the mechanism of the information dissemination is analyzed. Finally we put forward to a Personalizing Information Storage Model.
Identification of Genes Required for Nonhost Resistance to Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae Reveals Novel Signaling Components
Wen Li, You-Ping Xu, Zhi-Xin Zhang, Wen-Yuan Cao, Fei Li, Xueping Zhou, Gong-You Chen, Xin-Zhong Cai
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0042796
Abstract: Background Nonhost resistance is a generalized, durable, broad-spectrum resistance exhibited by plant species to a wide variety of microbial pathogens. Although nonhost resistance is an attractive breeding strategy, the molecular basis of this form of resistance remains unclear for many plant-microbe pathosystems, including interactions with the bacterial pathogen of rice, Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Xoo). Methods and Findings Virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) and an assay to detect the hypersensitive response (HR) were used to screen for genes required for nonhost resistance to Xoo in N. benthamiana. When infiltrated with Xoo strain YN-1, N. benthamiana plants exhibited a strong necrosis within 24 h and produced a large amount of H2O2 in the infiltrated area. Expression of HR- and defense-related genes was induced, whereas bacterial numbers dramatically decreased during necrosis. VIGS of 45 ACE (Avr/Cf-elicited) genes revealed identified seven genes required for nonhost resistance to Xoo in N. benthamiana. The seven genes encoded a calreticulin protein (ACE35), an ERF transcriptional factor (ACE43), a novel Solanaceous protein (ACE80), a hydrolase (ACE117), a peroxidase (ACE175) and two proteins with unknown function (ACE95 and ACE112). The results indicate that oxidative burst and calcium-dependent signaling pathways play an important role in nonhost resistance to Xoo. VIGS analysis further revealed that ACE35, ACE80, ACE95 and ACE175, but not the other three ACE genes, interfered with the Cf-4/Avr4-dependent HR. Conclusions/Significance N. benthamiana plants inoculated with Xoo respond by rapidly eliciting an HR and nonhost resistance. The oxidative burst and other signaling pathways are pivotal in Xoo-N. benthamiana nonhost resistance, and genes involved in this response partially overlap with those involved in Cf/Avr4-dependent HR. The seven genes required for N. benthamiana-mediated resistance to Xoo provide a basis for further dissecting the molecular mechanism of nonhost resistance.

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