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The Species Identity of the Widely Cultivated Ganoderma, ‘G. lucidum’ (Ling-zhi), in China
Xin-Cun Wang, Rui-Jiao Xi, Yi Li, Dong-Mei Wang, Yi-Jian Yao
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0040857
Abstract: Ling-zhi, a widely cultivated fungus in China, has a long history in traditional Chinese medicine. Although the name ‘Ganoderma lucidum’, a species originally described from England, has been applied to the fungus, their identities are not the same. This study aims to clarify the identity of this medicinally and economically important fungus. Specimens of Ling-zhi from China (field collections and cultivated basidiomata of the Chinese ‘G. lucidum’), G. lucidum from UK and other related Ganoderma species, were examined both morphologically and molecularly. High variability of basidioma morphology was found in the cultivated specimens of the Chinese ‘G. lucidum’, while some microscopic characters were more or less consistent, i.e. short clavate cutis elements, Bovista-type ligative hyphae and strongly echinulate basidiospores. These characters were also found in the holotype of G. sichuanense, a species originally described from Sichuan, China, and in recent collections made in the type locality of the species, which matched the diagnostic characters in the prologue. For comparison, specimens of closely related species, G. lucidum, G. multipileum, G. resinaceum, G. tropicum and G. weberianum, were also examined. DNA sequences were obtained from field collections, cultivated basidiomata and living strains of the Chinese ‘G. lucidum’, specimens from the type locality of G. sichuanense, and specimens of the closely related species studied. Three-gene combined analyses (ITS+IGS+rpb2) were performed and the results indicated that the Chinese ‘G. lucidum’ shared almost identical sequences with G. sichuanense. Based on both morphological and molecular data, the identity of the Chinese ‘G. lucidum’ (Ling-zhi) is considered conspecific with G. sichuanense. Detailed morphological descriptions and illustrations are provided in addition to discussion of nomenclature implications.

ZHANG Hao,KANG Yi-li,CHEN Yi-jian,LI Qian-gui,GAO Bo,

天然气地球科学 , 2005,
Abstract: Recognizing the water saturation in tight gas reservoirs directly affects reserves evaluation and development measurement of the gas reservoirs. Sealed coring and log interpretation show there is an ultra-low water saturation in tight gas reservoirs in northern Ordos basin, the initial water saturation in tight gas reservoirs is between 20% and 30%, which is far below the irreducible water saturation. This article believe that the mechanism of forming ultra-low water saturation in tight gas reservoirs is the result of the process of removing water during hydrocarbon generating, then proving the conclusion by an experiment. The effects of isolation of mudstone, the variation of relative permeability between water and gas in gas and water transitional zone, the continual gas accumulation increasing the pressure in tight gas reservoirs are main issues for sustaining ultra-low water saturation.


物理学报 , 1988,
Abstract: 在13.6℃用中子四圆衍射仪收集了BaTiO3单晶的衍射数据55个。利用最小二乘法对四方相BaTiO3(p4mm)的结构作了进一步的研究,R因子达到1.86%。结果表明,b位附近的O原子是无序的。
The influence of Isospin Dependence of In-Medium NN Cross Sections on the Ratio of Emitted Neutrons to Protons in HICs

JIA Yi-Jian,ZHANG Ying-Xun,LI Zhu-Xia,LU Xiao-Hua,LIU Fu-Hu,

中国物理快报 , 2009,
Abstract: The influence of isospin dependence of in-medium nucleon-nucleon cross sections on the n/p ratios for emitted nucleons in reactions 96Zr+96Zr and 96Ru+96Ru at Eb=400AMeV is investigated by means of an improved quantum molecular dynamics model. Our results show that the high energy part of the spectra of the n/p ratios for emitted nucleons is sensitive to the isospin dependence of in-medium nucleon-nucleon cross sections for neutron-rich reaction systems. Therefore, we propose that the n/p ratio of emitted high energy nucleons in a very neutron-rich reaction system at several hundreds of AMeV can be taken as sensitive observables to constrain the isospindependence of in-medium nucleon-nucleon cross sections.
Structural properties of Bi1-xLaxFeO3 studied by micro-Raman scattering

Yang Yang,Liu Yu-Long,Zhu Ke,Zhang Li-Yan,Ma Shu-Yuan,Liu Jie,Jiang Yi-Jian,

中国物理 B , 2010,
Abstract: This paper reports that La-doped BiFeO3 (Bi1-xLaxFeO3, x=0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.6, 0.8 and 1.0) were studied by using micro-Raman spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction (XRD). The XRD patterns indicate that the structure of Bi1-xLaxFeO3 changes from rhombohedral BiFeO3 to orthorhombic LaFeO3. The results of Raman spectroscopy show good agreement with the XRD results. Strikingly, the phonon peak at around 610~cm-1 and the two-phonon peaks in the high frequency range exist in all compounds and enhance with increasing La substitution. The increasing intensity of the 610~cm-1 peak is attributed to the changes in the FeO6 octahedron during the rhombohedral--orthorhombic phase transition. The enhancements of the two-phonon peaks are associated with the breakdown of the cycloid spin configuration with the appearance of the orthorhombic structure. These results indicate the existence of strong spin--phonon coupling in Bi1-xLaxFeO3, which may provide useful information for understanding the effects of La content on the structural and magnetic properties of Bi1-xLaxFeO3.
The research to the extending edge and interpolation based on the minimum curvature method in potential field data processing

WANG Wan-yin,QIU Zhi-yun,LIU Jin-lan,HUANG Yi-jian,YU Chang-chun,LI Han,

地球物理学进展 , 2009,
Abstract: 在频率域中进行位场数据的各种处理和转换时必须对网格数据进行扩边或补空处理,而扩边和补空结果的精度直接影响到位场数据处理和转换结果的精度.本文提出了一种精度较高的位场数据扩边和补空方法——最小曲率方法,给出了该方法的迭代格式,讨论了相关的技术措施.理论模型的补空试验表明,最小曲率方法补空结果的精度高于余弦方法7倍以上;而扩边和补空结果对位场数据处理和转换结果精度的影响试验表明,最小曲率方法比余弦方法平均提高2倍以上,甚至可以达到一个数量级.将最小曲率方法应用到实际资料的扩边和补空计算表明,最小曲率方法明显优于余弦方法.上述研究表明最小曲率扩边和补空方法效果好、精度高,可用于任何连续且光滑的数据的扩边和补空计算.
Brillouin scattering study on elastic and piezoelectric properties of laser irradiated ZnO single crystals

Liu Jie,Jiang Yi-Jian,

中国物理 B , 2010,
Abstract: Brillouin light scattering technique can be successfully used to determine the whole set of elastic and piezoelectric constants of a ZnO single crystal irradiated by different laser energy densities, into a micron range (radiation layer thickness). It is found that the scattering intensity, the linewidth and the Brillouin scattering shift of acoustic phonons are all strongly dependent on laser energy density. Based on the sound propagation equations and these results, the directional dependences of the compressional and shear moduli of the irradiated ZnO sample in the (001) plane are investigated. It is found that under an appropriate laser condition, 248 nm KrF excimer laser irradiation can significantly improve the surface quality and increase the elastic properties of ZnO single crystal. This procedure has potential applications in the fabrication of ZnO-based surface acoustic wave and optic-electronic devices.

ZHANG Hao,KANG Yi-li,CHEN Yi-jian,LI Qian-gui,YOU Li-jun,HE Jian,

天然气地球科学 , 2004,
Abstract: During exploiting the tight sandstone oil and gas reservoirs, the descent of pore pressure will induce the virtual stress increase, which makes the formation rocks deformation and the porosity permeability descent. The theories and the deformation reasons about the tight sandstone are analysed from rock mechanics point of view in this article. With the virtual stress alteration, the tight sandstone samples porosity and permeability change rule has been studied by the stress sensitivity experiment. The result shows that the porosity volume and the fracture width change are the main issues of the tight sandstone deformation, the deformation types in tight sandstone oil and gas reservoirs are mainly about elastic deformation and elastic-plastic deformation. The interior factors of tight sandstone result in tight sandstone deformation, such as grain's rigidity, contact and cementation relationship between grains, the characters of fracture in tight sandstone, and so on. With the virtual stress increase, the tight sandstone porosity volume and the width of the fracture are compressed, the permeability of the tight sandstone decrease in much extent, which will lead to a serous formation damage.

KANG Yi-li,ZHANG Hao,CHEN Yi-jian,LI Qian-gui,YOU Li-jun,CHENG Qiu-ju,

天然气地球科学 , 2006,
Abstract: During exploiting the tight sandstone gas reservoirs, the descent of pore pressure will induce the virtual stress increase, which makes the permeability drop, and it is basic reason of the gas reservoirs production descent. The study of stress sensitivity damage mechanism can provide a reasonable foundation for protection the tight gas reservoir. Taking Daniudi gas field tight sandstone as example, the factors of rock compositions, fracture, temperature, water saturation and repeatedly pressuring were considered for the evaluation of tight gas sandstone stress sensitivity. It shows that the higher fluorescence content and higher temperature lead a higher stress sensitivity. The association behavior of temperature and effective stress made a more strong stress sensitivity. Water can give a stimulation action for tight sandstone stress sensitivity. Repeatedly pressuring will make the permeability continuously drop. The tight sandstone stress sensitivity of fracture sample is stronger than matix. Temporary shielding protection reservoirs method can reduce the stress sensitivity damage of tight sandstone gas reservoirs.

Zhang Shen,Tang Yi-jian,Yang Wei-li,Rao Li-li,Feng Fu-jian,Qu Cui-hui,

环境科学学报 , 1981,
Abstract: This is an investigation on pollutant chemogeography in the Ji Yun river basin, aiming at evaluating mercury pollution of that river and providing useful information for mercury control.The river running through Han Gu industrial area to Bo Bay, has a drainage basin of 10000 square km and about 300km long. Its water resources have been used for years for farming irrigation in this basin and there is penstock in the river estuary, which is helpful in forming river-reservoir. Industrial plants more or less concentrate along the lower reaches (Han Gu area) of the river near Tianjin. Industries in this area have discharged wastes to the river for more than 30 years, especially from a chlor-alkali plant. In the aquatic environment mercury is so far the most remarkable contaminant. Its form, content, distribution and transformation in water and sediments have been studied with a view to understand the extent and characteristics ofmercury pollution, as well as the historical development of such a pollution. Samples of water and sediments were taken from upstream all the way to estuary. Results are summarized as follows:1. Distribution of mercury in water and sediments and its seasonal variation.2. The form of mercury in river water and sediments.3. Protection of water resources and the Way for cleaning up bottom sediment, which is polluted by mercury.
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