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Water in the Neck-Zipper Region of Kinesin

HUANG Yan-Bin,PAN Zhang,ZHANG Hui,AN Li,KONG De-Xin,JI Qing,

中国物理快报 , 2009,
Abstract: Neck linker (NL) is one of the most important mechanical elements of kinesin motors. The zipping up process of the neck-zipper (NZ) formed by NL and the related secondary structure elements is one of the major parts of kinesin's power stroke. All the weak interactions that are responsible for the formation of NZ are sensitive to or dependent on water. To investigate the role of water in the NZ region, a molecular dynamics (MD) model is set up with a crystal structure of kinesin 2KIN surrounded by a 10 , water layer, and minimization is performed to determine the positions of hydrogen atoms and other atoms. It is revealed that water molecules can assist the docking process of NL by forming hydrogen bonds at those positions where direct hydrogen bonding between the two sides of NZ is hindered and then acts as a constructive component of NZ at the docked state of NL. This result may improve the understanding of the mechanism for the docking of NL of kinesin wherein the function of water has not been comprehended sufficiently.
Chinese character association measurement method and its application on Chinese text similarity analysis

ZHAO Yan-bin,LI Qing-hua,

计算机应用 , 2006,
Abstract: The research of text similarity analysis and text clustering is mostly based on feature words. Because Chinese text does not have a natural delimiter between words, it must solve two problems such as Chinese word segmentation and higher-level dimensions feature vector spaces. In order to reduce the higher complexity, a novel investigation method of text similarity analysis using the association of Chinese characters was probed without using feature words. The notation of Chinese Character Association Measurement was defined, and the Chinese Character Association Measurement matrix to represent the Chinese text documents was constructed. Then a Chinese text similarity algorithm based on Chinese Character Association Measurement Matrix is proposed. The experiment result shows the Chinese Character Association Measurement is better than the mutual information and the T test and the bi-gram frequency. Without Chinese word segmentation, so this algorithm is useful in massive Chinese data corpus.
Impact of Lev Vygotsky on Special Education
Yan-bin WANG
Canadian Social Science , 2009,
Abstract: Lev Vygotsky is a famous psychologist from former Soviet Union, whose theory made great contribution to defectology. The paradigm to educate children with special requirements is derived from his theory on children development. This paper mainly discusses Lev Vygotsky’s views on disabled children and how to educate them, his standard on measure of mental block education and some relevant issues. Key words: special education; Lev Vygotsk; Zone of Proximal Development Résumé: Vygotsky est un célèbre psychologue de l'URSS. Ses idées ont beaucoup contribué à la théorie de défectuosité. De sa théorie sur le développement de l'enfant, dérive le modèl de l’éducation des enfants ayant des besoins spéciaux. Cet article tente d’analyser le point de vue de Vygotski sur des enfants handicapés, les critères de mesure de l'éducation psychologique, l’éducation des enfants handicapés et des thèmes qui y sont liés. Mots-Clés: éducation spéciale; Vygotsky; novelle zone de développement
An Analysis of the Athetis lepigone Transcriptome from Four Developmental Stages
Li-Tao Li, Yan-Bin Zhu, Ji-Fang Ma, Zhi-Yong Li, Zhi-Ping Dong
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0073911
Abstract: Athetis lepigone M?schler (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) has recently become an important insect pest of maize (Zea mays) crops in China. In order to understand the characteristics of the different developmental stages of this pest, we used Illumina short-read sequences to perform de novo transcriptome assembly and gene expression analysis for egg, larva, pupa and adult developmental stages. We obtained 10.08 Gb of raw data from Illumina sequencing and recovered 81,356 unigenes longer than 100 bp through a de novo assembly. The total sequence length reached 49.75 Mb with 858 bp of N50 and an average unigene length of 612 bp. Annotation analysis of predicted proteins indicate that 33,736 unigenes (41.47% of total unigenes) are matches to genes in the Genbank Nr database. The unigene sequences were subjected to GO, COG and KEGG functional classification. A large number of differentially expressed genes were recovered by pairwise comparison of the four developmental stages. The most dramatic differences in gene expression were found in the transitions from one stage to another stage. Some of these differentially expressed genes are related to cuticle and wing formation as well as the growth and development. We identified more than 2,500 microsatellite markers that may be used for population studies of A. lepigone. This study lays the foundation for further research on population genetics and gene function analysis in A. lepigone.
Inhibitory Effects of Morinda officinalis Extract on Bone Loss in Ovariectomized Rats
Nan Li,Lu-Ping Qin,Ting Han,Yan-Bin Wu,Qiao-Yan Zhang,Hong Zhang
Molecules , 2009, DOI: 10.3390/molecules14062049
Abstract: The present study was undertaken to investigate the protective effects of ethanol extract from the root of Morinda Officinalis (RMO) on ovariectomy-induced bone loss. Administration of RMO extract increased trabecular bone mineral content and bone mineral density of tibia, improved the levels of phosphorus (P), calcium (Ca) and OPG, decreased the levels of DPD/Cr, TRAP, ACTH and corticosterone, but did not reverse the levels of ALP, TNF-α and IL-6 in serum of ovariectomized rats. These findings demonstrated that RMO extract reduced bone loss in ovariectomized rats, probably via the inhibition of bone resorption, but was not involved with bone formation. Anthraquinones and polysaccharides from Morinda officinals could be responsible for their antiosteoporotic activity, and the action mechanism of these constituents needs to be further studied. Therefore, RMO has the potential to develop a clinically useful antiosteoporotic agent.
Effects of Ni content on the cast and solid-solution microstructures of Cu-0.4wt%Be alloys
Shuang-jiang He,Yan-bin Jiang,Jian-xin Xie,Yong-hua Li,Li-juan Yue
- , 2018, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12613-018-1611-x
Abstract: The effects of Ni content (0–2.1wt%) on the cast and solid-solution microstructures of Cu-0.4wt%Be alloys were investigated, and the corresponding mechanisms of influence were analyzed. The results show that the amount of precipitated phase increases in the cast alloys with increasing Ni content. When the Ni content is 0.45wt% or 0.98wt%, needle-like Be21Ni5 phases form in the grains and are mainly distributed in the interdendritic regions. When the Ni content is 1.5wt% or greater, a large number of needle-like precipitates form in the grains and chain-like Be21Ni5 and BeNi precipitates form along the grain boundaries. The addition of Ni can substantially refine the cast and solid-solution microstructures of Cu-0.4wt%Be alloys. The hindering effects of both the dissolution of Ni into the matrix and the formation of Be–Ni precipitates on grain-boundary migration are mainly responsible for refining the cast and solid-solution microstructures of Cu-0.4wt%Be alloys. Higher Ni contents result in finer microstructures; however, given the precipitation characteristics of Be–Ni phases and their dissolution into the matrix during the solid-solution treatment, the upper limit of the Ni content is 1.5wt%–2.1wt%.
Risk assessment of heavy metals in soils and vegetables around non-ferrous metals mining and smelting sites, Baiyin, China
LI Yu,WANG Yan-bin,GOU Xin,SU Yi-bing,WANG Gang,
,WANG Yan-bin,GOU Xin,SU Yi-bing,WANG Gang

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2006,
Abstract: A field survey was conducted to investigate the metal and arsenic contamination in soils and vegetables on four villages (Shuichuan (SCH), Beiwan (BWA), Dongwan (DWA) and Wufe (WFE)) located along, Baiyin, China, and to evaluate the possible health risks to local population through foodchain. Results show that the most significantly contaminated soils occurred upstream at SCH where Cd, Cu and As concentrations exceeded maximum allowable concentrations for Chinese agricultural soil. Further downstream the degree of contamination semi-systematically decreased in concentrations of metal. Generally, the leafy vegetables were more heavily contaminated than non-leafy vegetables. Chinese cabbage is the most severely contaminated, the concentrations of Cd exceeded the maximum permit levels (0.05 mg/kg) by 4.5 times. Bio-accumulate factor also shows that an entry of Cd to food chain plants is the greatest potential. Furthermore, the estimated daily intake amounts of the considered toxic elements (Cd, Pb and Cu) from the vegetables grown at SCH and BWA and DWA have exceeded the recommended dietary allowance levels. Thus, the vegetables grown in three villages above, which affected by Baiyin mining and smelting have a health hazard for human consumption.

ZHOU Guang-Sheng,XIE Yan-Bin,JIA Qing-Yu,ZHOU Guang-Sheng,ZHOU Li,XIE Yan-Bin,
,周广胜,周 莉,谢艳兵

植物生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 湿地植物组织器官氮素变化是湿地氮循环的一个重要环节。对盘锦湿地芦苇(Phragmites australis)植株整个生长季地上和地下不同器官的含氮量进行分析,结果表明:芦苇不同器官(叶片、茎秆、根须、根茎)的含氮量差异显著,总体表现为叶片〉茎秆〉根须〉根茎,地上器官的含氮量大于地下器官,且各器官含氮量的高值出现在生育前期。生长期叶片含氮量与累积叶面积指数呈负相关关系,而成熟期叶片含氮量与叶面积指数呈负相关关系;根茎含氮量随土壤深度的增加而增DN;根系含氮量与生物量呈线性关系。整个生长季芦苇群落氮库随生长进程逐渐增大,2005年芦苇地上冠层和地下30cm以上的氮储量分别为25.76和24.04g·m^-2。
Sequential Patterns Mining Approach for Network Intrusion Detection

ZHAO Feng LI Qing-Hua ZHAO Yan-Bin,

计算机科学 , 2004,
Abstract: One of the most advace research problems of network security .database and information decision is Data Mining based on Instrusion Detection- Since in sequential patterns mining for IDS,frequent network patterns and system activity patterns are got from operation system and single audit stream, the old sequential patterns mining algorithms are not fit for ID, which include mining single pattern from event stream and mining patterns from data sequences. We put forward the framework and the realtime mining model of sequential patterns mining in IDS .and more, we design a new algorithm based-on axis-attributes, reference-attributes and relative support for intrusion dectection whose name is SPM-ID( Sequential Patterns Mining for Intrusion Detection). What more, we implemente SPM-ID on enviorment in KDD Cup99 data set.
Bacteroides and Gut Microbial Ecology

LI Ya-Dan,REN Hong-Wei,WU Yan-Bin,BIAN Yan-Qing,

微生物学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 人和动物的肠道正常微生态体系对于维持机体的健康有重要作用。文章主要介绍了肠道中的优势厌氧菌—— 拟杆菌的作用及其作用机理, 从其基因组角度揭示它对宿主益生作用的根源, 为进一步认识动物与其共生菌的互惠关系提供了重要依据, 同时也为动物肠道疾病的防治提供重要的理论基础。
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