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Screening of high virulent strain of Metarhizium spp. against the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens

LI Mao-Ye,LIN Hua-Feng,LI Shi-Guang,ZHANG Song-Ying,

菌物学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Nine strains of different species of Metarhizium,including strain of M.flavoviride(Mf82) newly isolated from Nilaparvata lugens(Stl),and eight M.anisopliae strains from lab collection,were tested against the adults of N.lugens.The chitinase activities of these strains were also assayed.The results showed that both the cumulative mortality(82.1%) and the chitinase activity(9.78U/mg) of strain Mf82 were the highest among all tested strains.Scanning electron microscope(SEM) observations showed the germinating conidia of the strain Mf82 penetrated the cuticle not only via the intersegmental membranes and folded regions,but also through the pronotum which contained a large quantity of chitin.The biological characteristics of these strains,including growth rate,sporulation,germination rate and timing of sporulation,were further investigated.The results showed Mf82 was the best strain having strong pathogenicity and exhibited a great potential for sustainable control of N.lugens.
Analyses of time-dose-mortality model of the emulsifiable formulation of Metarhizium flavoviride Mf82 against Nilaparvata lugens

LIN Hua-Feng,ZHANG Song-Ying,LI Mao-Ye,LI Shi-Guang,FENG Ming-Feng,

菌物学报 , 2013,
Abstract: In order to effectively control Nilaparvata lugens, ten strains of entomogenous fungi including a new strain of Metarhizium flavoviride, Mf82, isolated from N. lugens and six strains of Beauveria bassiana and four different species of Metarhizium were bioassayed for its virulence against the adults of N. lugens. The results showed that cumulative mortality (81.7%) of strain Mf82 was the highest among all tested strains, and the median lethal time (LT50) value was 4.6d at a concentration of 1.0×108conidia/mL. Thus, an emulsifiable formulation of Mf82 was processed in the laboratory, and the bioassay of virulence of Mf82 against N. lugens was carried out. The results showed that the daily cumulative mortality of N.?lugens increased with the concentration of conidial suspension, and the highest concentration (1,048conidia/mm2) treatment caused 85.0% mortality. A time-dose-mortality model was used to analyze the bioassay data and the model fitted the data well, resulting in parameters for estimating the time and dose effects. The estimated LC50 values on day 7 and 9 post treatment were 2.1×103, 9.9×102conidia/mm2, respectively; while LC90 were 7.8×104, 3.7×104conidia/mm2, respectively. The LT50 of the emulsifiable formulation of M. flavoviride against the N. lugens differed at various logarithmic dose, and values of LT50 of tested agents were shortened with logarithmic dose. While logarithmic dose increased from 7.0 to 8.0, the LT50 values reduced from 8.9d to 5.7d. It is thus clear that the emulsifiable formulation of M. flavoviride has high virulence to N. lugens, and this new formulation could be used for biocontrol of N. lugens.
Automated Oracle Based on Multi-Weighted Neural Networks for GUI Testing
Mao Ye,Boqin Feng,Li Zhu
Information Technology Journal , 2007,
Abstract: Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) software has characteristics different from traditional software. The oracle for GUI software testing must validate the correctness of the GUI. An automated oracle based on multi-weighted Neural Networks (NN) is proposed in this paper to validate the GUI from users` viewpoint. In this approach the multi-weighted NN is used to learn the topological information in the feature space for the expected images of the graphical interface. The topological information is then used to verify the correctness of the GUI. By this method, trivial difference in the graphical interfaces can be ignored and GUI be automatically tested in the manner of human being. Experimental results show the method is of potential application in automated GUI testing.
Group Variable Selection via a Combination of Lq Norm and Correlation-Based Penalty  [PDF]
Ning Mao, Wanzhou Ye
Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/apm.2017.71005
Abstract: Considering the problem of feature selection in linear regression model, a new method called LqCP is proposed simultaneously to select variables and favor a grouping effect, where strongly correlated predictors tend to be in or out of the model together. LqCP is based on penalized least squares with a penalty function that combines the Lq (0n. In addition, a simulation about grouped variable selection is performed. Finally, The model is applied to two real data: US Crime Data and Gasoline Data. In terms of prediction error and estimation error, empirical studies show the efficiency of LqCP.
Improved Dual Band-Notched UWB Slot Antenna with Controllable Notched Bandwidths
Chun-Mao Li;Liang-Hua Ye
PIER , 2011, DOI: 10.2528/PIER11030304
Abstract: A compact dual band-notched ultra-wideband slot antenna with sharp band-notched characteristics and controllable notched bandwidths is presented. The antenna is formed by a rectangular slot with chamfered corners on a printed circuit board ground plane, a T-shaped stub and two sets of compound band-notched structures. The compound band-notched structures are employed to generate desired lower and upper rejected bands with satisfactory skirt characteristics and sufficient rejection bandwidths. Moreover, the bandwidth of either the lower or upper rejected band can be independently adjusted by changing the size and location of the corresponding band-notched structure. Finally, an UWB slot antenna with two rejected bands at WiMAX/WLAN frequencies is successfully simulated, designed, and measured, showing good impedance matching, stable gain and near omnidirectional radiation patterns.
Important Usage Paths Selection for GUI Software Testing
Ye Mao,Feng Boqin,Huang Zhenfang,Zhu Li
Information Technology Journal , 2006,
Abstract: From the user`s point of view, the reliability of software depends greatly on the manner in which the software is used. As a result, it is necessary to test the software according to some model that highlights critical usage. Windows Navigation Networks (WNN) were proposed to model the usage of GUI software. Vertexes in the model represent windows and arcs represent transitions between windows. Each transition has probability of occurrence. Algorithm was proposed to obtain the transition probability from software usage log automatically. Important paths can be selected based on the WNN. Existing testing technologies then be used to test the important paths. WNN can describe the usage of GUI software from users` view and reduce the complexity of modeling GUI software. Important usage paths of GUI software can be got from WNN. It can focus the testing to reveal more important faults.
Changes in groundwater levels and the response of natural vegetation to transfer of water to the lower reaches of the Tarim River
XU Hai-liang,YE Mao,LI Ji-mei,
XU Hai-liang
,YE Mao,LI Ji-mei

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2007,
Abstract: Restoration and reconstruction of the degraded Tarim River ecosystem is an important challenge. A goal of an ecological water conveyance project is to protect and restore the natural vegetation in the lower reaches of Tarim River by transferring water from Bosten Lake, through the river channel, to the lower reaches. This study describes the changes in groundwater depth during the water transfer and the respondence of riparian vegetation to alterations in groundwater levels. The results indicate that groundwater depth along the Tarim River channel has a significant spatial-temporal component. Groundwater levels closest to the river channel show the most immediate and pronounced changes as a response to water transfer while those further away respond more slowly, although the observed change appears to be longer in duration. With a rise in the groundwater level, natural vegetation responded with higher growth rates, biomass and biodiversity. These favorable changes show that it is feasible to protect and restore the degraded natural vegetation by raising the groundwater depth. Plant communities are likely to reflect the hysteresis phenomenon, requiring higher water levels to initiate and stimulate desired growth than what may be needed to maintain the plant community. Because different species have different ecologies, including different root depths and densities and water needs, their response to increasing water availability will be spatially and temporally heterogenous. The response of vegetation is also influenced by microtopography and watering style. This paper discusses strategies for the protection and restoration of the degraded vegetation in the lower reaches of the Tarim River and provides information to complement ongoing theoretical research into ecological restoration in arid or semi-arid ecosystems.
Modulation of Ca2+ Signals by Epigallocatechin-3-gallate(EGCG) in Cultured Rat Hippocampal Neurons
Jiang-Hua Wang,Jin Cheng,Cai-Rong Li,Mao Ye,Zhe Ma,Fei Cai
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/ijms12010742
Abstract: Green tea has been receiving considerable attention as a possible neuroprotective agent against neurodegenerative disease. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is the major compound of green tea. Calcium signaling has profound effects on almost all aspects of neuronal function. Using digital calcium imaging and patch-clamp technique, we determined the effects of EGCG on Ca 2+ signals in hippocampal neurons. The results indicated that EGCG caused a dose-dependent increase in intracellular Ca 2+ ([Ca 2+] i). This [Ca 2+] i increase was blocked by depleting intracellular Ca 2+ stores with the endoplasmic reticulum Ca 2+ pump inhibitor thapsigargin and cyclopiazonic acid. Furthermore, EGCG-stimulated increase in [Ca 2+] i was abolished following treatment with a PLC inhibitor. However, EGCG inhibited high-voltage activated Ca 2+ currents (I HVA) and NMDA-induced inward currents (I NMDA). These data suggest that EGCG triggers a cascade of events: it activates phospholipase C (PLC), mobilizes intracellular Ca 2+ stores, raises the cytosolic Ca 2+ levels, and inhibits the VGCC and NMDA receptors-mediated Ca 2+ influx through a process that remains to be determined.
Polydatin up-regulates clara cell secretory protein to suppress phospholipase A2 of lung induced by LPS in vivo and in vitro
Shu Shiyu, Ling Zhiyu, Ye Mao, Bo Lin, Wang Lijia, Zhang Tianbao, Chen Jie, Li Tingyu
BMC Cell Biology , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2121-12-31
Abstract: Our results suggested that the CCSP mRNA level was consistent with its protein expression. CCSP expression was decreased in lung after LPS challenge. In contrast, PD markedly increased CCSP expression in a concentration-dependent manner. In particular, CCSP expression in PD-pretreated rat lung was higher than in rats receiving only PD treatment.These results indicated that up-regulation of CCSP expression causing inhibition of PLA2 activation may be one of the crucial protective mechanisms of PD in LPS-induced lung injury.Acute lung injury (ALI), or its severe form, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), induced by sepsis is still a major cause of morbidity and mortality in children [1]. ALI is characterized by an extensive neutrophil influx into the lung, the expression of proinflammatory mediators and damage to the lung epithelium and endothelium. Current clinical and experimental research on the treatment of lung injury is aimed at inhibiting different stages of this process with drugs or therapy, along with enhancing the body's own resistance, to delay or mitigate lung injury. However, the outcome of sepsis and septic shock cases has not been improved significantly. Mortality in ALI is still as high as 18%-27%, and the mortality rate of (ARDS) is even higher to 29%-50% [2]. Therefore, improved treatments and prevention strategies are needed to minimize the mortality associated with ALI.It is generally acknowledged that damage to membrane phospholipids leads to the collapse of the bronchial alveolar epithelial barrier during ALI/ARDS. Phospholipase A2 (PLA2), a key enzyme that hydrolyzes membrane phospholipids, plays a critical traumatic role in pulmonary inflammation through its influence on membrane signal transduction, biomembrane stability, activation of lipid mediators and leukocyte-endothelial cell adhesion cascade formation. PLA2 hydrolyzes the fatty acid from the sn-2 position of phospholipids to release arachidonic acid, prostaglandins, platelet-act
SHRIMP zircon U-Pb dating for volcanic rocks of the Dasi Formation in southeast Hubei Province, middle-lower reaches of the Yangtze River and its implications
Guiqing Xie,Jingwen Mao,Ruiling Li,Shaodong Zhou,Huishou Ye,Quanren Yan,Zusong Zhang
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2006, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-006-2187-9
Abstract: The Jinniu Basin in southeast Hubei, located at the westernmost part of middle-lower valley of the Yangtze River, is one of the important volcanic basins in East China. Volcanic rocks in the Jinniu Basin are distributed mainly in the Majiashan Formation, the Lingxiang Formation and the Dasi Formation, consisting of rhyolite, basalt and basaltic andesite, (trachy)-basalt and basaltic trachy-andesite and (trachy)-andesite and (trachy)-dacite and rhyolite respectively, in which the Dasi volcanism is volumetrically dominant and widespread. The Dasi volcanic rocks were selected for SHRIMP zircon U-Pb dating to confirm the timing of volcanism. The results indicate that there exist a large amount of magmatic zircons characterized by high U and Th contents in the volcanic rocks. The concordia ages for 13 points are 128 ± 1Ma (MSWD = 3.0). On account of the shape of zircons and Th/U ratios, this age is considered to represent the crystallization time of the Dasi volcanism. The volcanic rocks in the Dasi, Majiashan and Lingxiang Formations share similar trace element and REE partition patterns as well as Sr-Nd isotopic compositions. In combination with the regional geology, it is proposed that the southeast Hubei volcanic rocks were formed mainly during the Early Cretaceous, just like other volcanic basins in middle-lower Yangtze valley. A lithospheric extension is also suggested for tectonic regime in this region in the Cretaceous Period.
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