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The Study on the Process and Impact of External-Care-Seeking Behavior in Shanghai  [PDF]
Chunlin Jin, Linan Wang, Shanlian Hu, Changying Wang, Fen Li
Open Journal of Preventive Medicine (OJPM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojpm.2015.53012
Abstract: Objectives: To evaluate the impact of external-care-seeking, explore the framework to regulate patients’ seeking doctor behavior and to promote better medical resources allocation. Methods: Obtaining data from regular reports from public medical institutions in Shanghai, comparing patients who seek doctors from out-of-Shanghai residence and local patients with insurance in terms of the quantity of service, types of diseases, medical expenses, etc. Results: External-care-seeking has a large quantity, especially in hospitalization. In 2012, the number of discharged population from out-of-Shanghai accounted for 22.74% of the total discharged number, the proportion even higher than 30% in tertiary hospitals. Tertiary hospitals have a significant attraction effect, concentrating 59.42% of the outpatient and emergency visits and 71.82% of the amount of hospitalization, with corresponding cost of 75.86% and 82.56%. The top three divisions in tertiary hospitals for external-care-seeking were surgical, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine. Based on the interview, admitting out-of-shanghai patients is conducive to the improvement of the technical level of hospitals, and to the enhancement of the utilization efficiency of health resource. However, the local residents may have less accessibility of high quality of medical service. The average expense of external-care-seeking is higher than that of local patients happened in the same level of hospitals. Conclusions: External-care-seeking will have a more far-reaching impact on the health care system in Shanghai; some interventions might be necessary, such as rationally allocating medical resources based on the estimates of external-care-seeking and establishing a medical service supervision mechanism.
Effect of Pyrolysis Temperature on the Electrical Behavior of Polymer-Derived SiOCN Ceramic  [PDF]
Yan Li, Yuxi Yu, Haisheng San, Qingkai Han, Linan An
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2015.310002
Abstract: The conductivity of polymer-derived SiOCN ceramics exhibited an Arrhenius dependence on pyrolysis temperature, with the activation energy of ~3.95 eV. The formation and structure change of the free carbon phase were detected by means of electron spin resonance spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. It reveals that the number of dangling bonds on the free carbon is increased as pyrolysis temperature increases, with the activation energy of ~3.87 eV. So it is demonstrated that the pyrolysis-temperature induced increase in the conductivity is mainly attributed to the increase of dangling on the graphite-like carbon.
Study on Cloud Computing Resource Scheduling Strategy Based on the Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
Linan Zhu,Qingshui Li,Lingna He
International Journal of Computer Science Issues , 2012,
Abstract: In order to replace the traditional Internet software usage patterns and enterprise management mode, this paper proposes a new business calculation mode- cloud computing, resources scheduling strategy is the key technology in cloud computing, Based on the study of cloud computing system structure and the mode of operation, The key research for cloud computing the process of the work scheduling and resource allocation problems based on ant colony algorithm , Detailed analysis and design of the specific implementation for cloud resources scheduling . And in CloudSim simulation environment and simulation experiments, the results show that the algorithm has better scheduling performance and load balance than general algorithm.

LI Chunqiang
, CHAI Weiyan, LIU Jian, CHEN Linan

- , 2016, DOI: 10.11887/j.cn.201602011
Abstract: 针对现有集成方法主要面向数据库系统层面的不足,重点讨论面向应用系统层面的集成方法。通过引入数据库应用系统的访问控制新视角,将访问控制层从应用层中划分出来,继而提出融入式访问控制技术,并基于该访问控制技术提出一种新的异构数据库应用系统简化集成方法。通过实例展示了如何应用简化集成方法实现异构数据库应用系统的集成,并通过对比分析验证了新方法的优势。
The existing integrated methods are mainly aimed at the layer of database system. In view of the shortage of those methods, the integration method in the application layer was focused on. According to a new perspective of access control for the database application system, the access control layer was separated from the application layer. A new method called as “fusion” access control was put forward. Based on the method, a simplified integration method of heterogeneous database application system was proposed. An example was shown about how to apply the simplified integration method to achieve the integration of heterogeneous database application system, and the advantages of the new method were verified by a comparison analysis.
Thick Points of High-Dimensional Gaussian Free Fields
Linan Chen
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: This work aims to extend the existing results on thick points of logarithmic-correlated Gaussian Free Fields to Gaussian random fields that are more singular. To be specific, we adopt a sphere averaging regularization to study polynomial-correlated Gaussian Free Fields in higher-than-two dimensions. Under this setting, we introduce the definition of thick points which, heuristically speaking, are points where the value of the Gaussian Free Field is unusually large. We then establish a result on the Hausdorff dimension of the sets containing thick points.
Grabbing Technique for High Speed Dynamic Image

Tong Jingwei Zhang Dongsheng Li Hongqi Li Linan,

实验力学 , 1992,
Abstract: 本文介绍一种新的高速动态图像的采集技术,它采用红宝石双脉冲激光器作光源,利用普通的图像处理设备,对受冲击载荷作用下的模型,在应力波传播过程中,可采集到光脉冲宽度在30~50毫微秒内的动态图像.本文详细介绍了该采集系统的采图原理以及对模型加载、双脉冲激光器的触发、延时和采图之间的时序和同步关系,并给出了模型受冲击载荷后,延时为30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100μs 时的光弹性等差线条纹图的快速采集实例.
Characterization of Genome-Wide Microsatellites of Saccharina japonica Based on a Preliminary Assembly of Illumina Sequencing Reads Characterization of Genome-Wide Microsatellites of Saccharina japonica Based on a Preliminary Assembly of Illumina Sequencing Reads
ZHANG Linan,PENG Jie,LI Xiaojie,CUI Cuiju,SUN Juan,YANG Guanpin
- , 2016,
Abstract: Microsatellites or simple sequence repeats(SSR) function widely and locate dependently in genome. However, their characteristics are often ignored due to the lack of genomic sequences of most species. Kelp(Saccharina japonica), a brown macroalga, is extensively cultured in China. In this study, the genome of S. japonica was surveyed using an Illumina sequencing platform, and its microsatellites were characterized. The preliminarily assembled genome was 469.4 Mb in size, with a scaffold N_(50) of 20529 bp. Among the 128370 identified microsatellites, 90671, 25726 and 11973 were found in intergenic regions, introns and exons, averaging 339.3, 178.8 and 205.4 microsatellites per Mb, respectively. These microsatellites distributed unevenly in S. japonica genome. Mononucleotide motifs were the most abundant in the genome, while trinucleotide ones were the most prevalent in exons. The microsatellite abundance decreased significantly with the increase of motif repeat numbers, and the microsatellites with a small number of repeats accounted for a higher proportion of the exons than those of the intergenic regions and introns. C/G-rich motifs were more common in exons than in intergenic regions and introns. These characteristics of microsatellites in S. japonica genome may associate with their functions, and ultimately their adaptation and evolution. Among the 120140 pairs of designed microsatellite primers, approximately 75% were predicted to be able to amplify S. japonica DNA. These microsatellite markers will be extremely useful for the genetic breeding and population evolution studies of kelp
Study on the relationship between particle size distribution and stress-strain of soil

, LI Linan, CHEN Kunsheng, ZHANG Zhanjia

- , 2018,
Abstract: 粗粒料粒径较大,很难采用原型级配料开展相应的室内试验,有必要对原型土进行缩尺,并根据试验级配料试验结果推测原型土的力学参数。目前,对于粗粒土的缩尺效应依然缺乏足够的认识。针对土体的级配变化,通过连续级配方程、泰勒级配方程、Fuller理想级配方程人为设置5组不同的级配试样,利用数值模拟软件PFC开展直剪试验。分析级配变化对土体抗剪强度指标的影响规律,并提出新的级配评价指标,建立该指标与土体抗剪强度之间的拟合关系。研究结果表明:两者之间具有较好的曲线关系。
In this paper, according to the gradation change of soil, five grades of graded samples were set up by means of the continuous gradation equation, the Taylor equation and the Fuller formula. The numerical simulation software PFC was used to carry out the direct shear test. According to the results, the paper analyzes the influence of gradation change on soil shear strength index and puts forward a new evaluation index of gradation, and establishes the index and the fitting relationship between the soil shear strength, and makes a detailed analysis
A Visibility-based Algorithm for Multi-robot Boundary Coverage
Linan Jiao,Zhenmin Tang
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems , 2008,
Abstract: Cell decomposition is often used in autonomous area coverage. We propose a visibility-based decomposition algorithm for single robot boundary coverage and a corresponding multi-robot algorithm in unknown environment. A graph data structure is exploited for completeness of coverage and incremental description of partially observed world. Visibility-based decomposition facilitates the construction of graph and algorithms operated on it. In the context of multi-robot, a dynamically selected highest priority robot is in charge of information share and synchrony through communication, polygon set operations provide tools for environmental information mergence, a distributed algorithm for multi-robot boundary coverage is proposed based on those technologies. Finally the experimental results show the relationships between robot number and traversable gate number, some future subjects of researches are introduced.
Gaussian Free Fields and KPZ Relation in R^4
Linan Chen,Dmitry Jakobson
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: This work aims to extend part of the two dimensional results of Duplantier and Sheffield on Liouville quantum gravity to four dimensions, and indicate possible extensions to other even-dimensional spaces R^(2n) as well as Riemannian manifolds. Let "\Theta" be the Gaussian free field on R^4 with the underlying Hilbert space being the Sobolev space H^2 witb the inner product determined by the operator (I-\Delta)^2. Assume "\theta" is a generic element from \Theta. We consider a sequence of random Borel measures on R^4, each of which is absolutely continuous with respect to the Lebesgue measure dx and the density function is given by the exponential of a centered Gaussian family parametrized by x in R^4. We show that with probability 1, this sequence of measures weakly converges to a limit random measure which can be "formally" written as "exp(2\gamma\theta(x)dx". In this setting, we also prove a KPZ relation, which is the quadratic relation between the scaling exponent of a bounded Borel set on R^4 under the Lebesgue measure and its counterpart under the random measure obtained above. Our approach is similar to the one used by Duplantier and Sheffield in 2D but with adaptations to R^4.
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