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Double balloon enteroscopy in the old: Experience from China
Qiong He,Qiang Zhang,Jian-Dong Li,Ya-Dong Wang
World Journal of Gastroenterology , 2012, DOI: 10.3748/wjg.v18.i22.2859
Abstract: AIM: To evaluate the safety, efficacy and management of double balloon enteroscopy (DBE) carried out in those aged individuals with suspicious small intestine diseases. METHODS: DBE is a wonderful invention of the past decade and is widely used as an examination tool for the gastrointestinal tract. From January 2003 to July 2011, data from patients who were ≥ 65 years old and underwent DBE examination in the Nanfang Hospital were included in a retrospective analysis. RESULTS: Fifty-nine individuals were found and subsequently analyzed. The mean age was 69.63 ± 3.89 years (range 65-84), 34 were males. Indications for DBE were melena/hematochezia (36 cases), abdominal pain (15 cases), diarrhea (3 cases), stool change (1 case), weight loss (1 case), vomiting (2 cases), and debilitation (1 case). The average duration of symptoms was 33.34 ± 64.24 mo. Twenty-seven patients suffered from age-related diseases. Severe complications were not found during and after DBE. Comparison between systolic and diastolic blood pressure before and after DBE was statistically significant (mean ± SD, P < 0.01, P < 0.05, respectively). Small bowel pathologies were found by DBE in 35 patients, definite diagnoses were made in 31 cases, and detection rate and diagnostic yield for DBE were 68.6% and 60.8%, respectively. CONCLUSION: DBE is a safe and effective method for gastrointestinal examination in the aged population. Aging alone is not a risk factor for elderly patients with suspicious gastrointestinal diseases and thorough preparation prior to the DBE procedure should be made for individuals with multiple diseases especially cardiopulmonary disorders.
Cross-Layer TCP Throughput Fairness Optimization for Downlink in Mobile WiMAX

Song Jian-feng,Li Jian-dong,

电子与信息学报 , 2010,
Abstract: A cross-layer TCP fairness optimization model in mobile WiMAX is proposed, under which a TCP protocol, cross-layer TCP, is designed. The rate information from link layer of the mobile nodes and the strategy of preallocation bandwidth for ACK packet at the base station are both used to improve the quality of service of the downlink nodes, which gives throughput fairness to the downlink nodes and the uplink nodes. Experiments show that cross-layer TCP protocol can improve the fairness of the downlink nodes under the same system throughtput.
PKCθ Synergizes with TLR-Dependent TRAF6 Signaling Pathway to Upregulate MUC5AC Mucin via CARMA1
Hirofumi Jono, Jae Hyang Lim, Haidong Xu, Jian-Dong Li
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0031049
Abstract: CARD-containing MAGUK protein 1 (CARMA1) plays a crucial role in regulating adaptive immune responses upon T-cell receptor (TCR) activation in T cells. Its role in regulating host mucosal innate immune response such as upregulation of mucin remains unknown. Here we show that CARMA1 acts as a key signaling mediator for synergistic upregulation of MUC5AC mucin by bacterium nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae (NTHi) and phorbol ester PMA in respiratory epithelial cells. NTHi-induced TLR-dependent TRAF6-MKK3-p38 MAPK signaling pathway synergizes with PKCθ-MEK-ERK signaling pathway. CARMA1 plays a crucial role in mediating this synergistic effect via TRAF6, thereby resulting in synergistic upregulation of MUC5AC mucin. Thus our study unveils a novel role for CARMA1 in mediating host mucosal innate immune response.
Glucocorticoids synergize with IL-1β to induce TLR2 expression via MAP Kinase Phosphatase-1-dependent dual Inhibition of MAPK JNK and p38 in epithelial cells
Akihiro Sakai, Jiahuai Han, Andrew CB Cato, Shizuo Akira, Jian-Dong Li
BMC Molecular Biology , 2004, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2199-5-2
Abstract: We show that IL-1β, a key proinflammatory cytokine, greatly up-regulates TLR2 expression in human epithelial cells via a positive IKKβ-IκBα-dependent NF-κB pathway and negative MEKK1-MKK4/7-JNK1/2 and MKK3/6-p38 α/β pathways. Glucocorticoids synergistically enhance IL-1β-induced TLR2 expression via specific up-regulation of the MAP kinase phosphatase-1 that, in turn, leads to dephosphorylation and inactivation of both MAPK JNK and p38, the negative regulators for TLR2 induction.These results indicate that glucocorticoids not only suppress immune and inflammatory response, but also enhance the expression of the host defense receptor, TLR2. Thus, our studies may bring new insights into the novel role of glucocorticoids in orchestrating and optimizing host immune and defense responses during bacterial infections and enhance our understanding of the signaling mechanisms underlying the glucocorticoid-mediated attenuation of MAPK.Epithelial cells are often situated at host-environment boundaries, and thus act as the first line of defense against bacterial pathogens [1]. The epithelial cells are not merely a passive barrier but can detect foreign pathogens and generate a range of mediators that play important roles in the activation of innate and adaptive immunity. For effective host defense, the epithelial cells recognize highly conserved structural motifs only expressed by microbial pathogens, called pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs). Toll-like receptors (TLRs) play a critical role in early innate immunity to invading microorganisms by sensing PAMPs [2]. Stimulation of TLRs by PAMPs initiates a signaling cascade that induces the production and secretion of proinflammatory cytokines [3]. Moreover, stimulation of TLRs also induces the production of effector cytokines that leads to activation of adaptive immunity.Mammalian TLRs were originally found as homologues of the Drosophila Toll [4]. TLRs are type I transmembrane receptors, that possess extracellular leu

Li Jian-dong,

植物生态学报 , 1987,
Abstract: The investigation shows that the Stipa genus in its narrow sense has only two species,Stipa baicalensis and S.grandis,on the Song- Nen Plain.The Stipa Steppe constituted by them mainly has four community types:(1) Stipa baicalensis community;(2)Stipa baicalensis and FiIifolium sibiricum community;(3)Stipa grandis and Stipa baicalensis community and (4)Stipa grandis community.Through the analysis of the geographic distribution and the ecological environment of the two species of Stipa,the flora composition,the species composition of the communities,the characteristic of community structure,the eco-geogra- phical distribution pattern of varies types of Stipa Steppe,and the differences of the water and soil conditions which they reflected,it can be confirmed that the Stipa baicalensis community is the representative zonal vegetation of this region and it should be put under the meadow- steppe in the regionalisation of Chinese temperate grassland,be separated from the steppe which distributes in the Inner Mongolia Plateau,and be considered as an independent natural region.

Wang Ren-zhong,Li Jian-dong,

植物生态学报 , 1995,
Abstract: 羊草草地是东北西部及内蒙东部草原区主要的天然放牧场和割草场、具有较高的经济价值,但是由于长期过度放牧,草地已严重退化并盐碱化。本文采用数学手段,以植物种群在群落中的相对优势度为指标,用植被在放牧退化演替系列上的空间分布序列推断其在时间上演替系列的方法。研究羊草等5种植物种群的优势度随放牧退化演替消长的规律及其数学模型。
Frequency Synchronization in OFDM Systems Using Null Subcarriers: Analysis and Improvement

Wu Jie,Li Jian-dong,

电子与信息学报 , 2006,
Abstract: A novel frequency offset estimation algorithm for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing(OFDM) signals transmitted over frequency-selective channels is analyzed. The algorithm is discussed with channel zeros and arbitrarily assignment of null-subcarriers. The effect of distribution of null subcarriers and channel zeros is discussed. An adaptive assignment of null-subcarriers scheme is proposed. The proposed algorithm performs significantly better than the already existing methods.
Robust Modulation Classification Algorithm Based on Higher-Order Cyclic Cumulants for SQAM Signals with Frequency Offset

Feng Xiang,Li Jian-dong,

电子与信息学报 , 2007,
Abstract: An algorithm based on higher-order cyclic eumulants for the automatic classification of SQAM signals is proposed. The algorithm utilizes the cyclostationary property of communication signals and presents classification feature in cyclic cumulants domain. It is robust to the presence of carrier frequency offsets, time delay and phase offsets. Interesting signals can also be classified under the presence of interference signals and carrier frequency offsets. The efficiency of the proposed classification algorithm is verified via theoretical analysis and extensive simulations.
Blind Adaptive Multiuser Detector Based on Robust Kalman Filter

Xue Yi-bing,Li Jian-dong,

电子与信息学报 , 2005,
Abstract: A high performance blind adaptive multiuser detection algorithm is proposed by introducing robust Kalman filter based on a compensation technique of a fictitious noise to estimate the optimal decision vector of asynchronous CDMA multiple-users receiver. This algorithm can converge rapidly, track in high accuracy and has satisfied numeric stability. Simulation results show that this algorithm can eliminate Multiple Access Interference (MAI) efficiently and is robust for numerical calculation.
Static Threshold Pressure Gradient Characteristics of Liquid Influenced by Boundary Wettability

SONG Fu-Quan,WANG Jian-Dong,LIU Hai-Li,

中国物理快报 , 2010,
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