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Influences of the Shape of Rods in Two Dimension Photonic Crystals on Their Defect Eigenmodes  [PDF]
Guo-Hong Xiao, Li-Qing Huang
Optics and Photonics Journal (OPJ) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/opj.2013.34045

The cross section of photonic crystal fiber (PCF) is a two dimensional photonic crystal. The rods formed in PCF are not exact cylinders, the shape of rods will affect the eigenmode formed in two dimensional photonic crystals around a defect. Based on the relations between the defect eigenmodes and the radius of dielectric cylinders, the defect eigenmodes in photonic crystals in which the ellipse rods take the place of cylinders are studied by numerical calculation. The analysis of the relation between the eigenfrequency and the minor axis radius of ellipse rods show that the defect eigenfrequency is controlled by the cross section area of rods and the distribution of electromagnetic field around the defect is also affected by the cross section shape of rods. It provides a better way to modify the distribution of electromagnetic fields in photonic crystal and keeps the eigenfrequency unchanged.

The Simulation Experiment on Verifying the Convergence of Combination Evaluation

CHEN Guo-hong,LI Mei-juan,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2005,
Abstract: Convergence of combination evaluation is studied through simulation experiment to resolve inconsistency among the evaluation conclusions drawn by different evaluation methods. In this experiment, stochastic simulated data and practical examples data are used respectively to simulate the combination evaluation and re\|combination evaluation by different kind methods. The results indicate that combination evaluation converges very well. After several times combination, combination evaluation results can reach consistency rapidly, thus consistent evaluation conclusions are obtained.
Research of Hierarchical Clustering Based on Dynamic Granular Computing
Xue-yong Li,Jia-Xia Sun,Guo-Hong Gao,Jun-hui Fu
Journal of Computers , 2011, DOI: 10.4304/jcp.6.12.2526-2533
Abstract: Hierarchical clustering algorithm of cluster analysis method can detect data in different granularity levels, and the clustering process is suitable for most of practical problems, but complexity of the merger and split conditions limits its application. This paper proposed a new hierarchical clustering algorithm basis on dynamic fuzzy granular computing combining with the particle swarm optimization, the condition of merger and split were new expressed and optimized. The experimental results show that the new algorithm is effective.
Information Security Risk Assessment Based on Information Measure and Fuzzy Clustering
Guo-hong Gao,Xue-yong Li,Bao-jian Zhang,Wen-xian Xiao
Journal of Software , 2011, DOI: 10.4304/jsw.6.11.2159-2166
Abstract: To address the problems of lack of training data and difficult to find optimal value in information security risk assessment, this paper applying a new information measure method and fuzzy clustering in information security risk assessment. The new method quantifies risk factors of all data and the dependence degree of safety with the mutual information computing. Then search optimal points in each degree of risk as original center points of K-means clustering algorithm, and use the K-means clustering algorithm for data classification. This method has less computation, and it can overcome the K-means’s shortcoming of sensitive to initial value and problem of nonlinear and complexity of information security risk assessment. Experimental results show the effectiveness of our method
A New Semi-unsupervised Intrusion Detection Method Based on Improved DBSCAN
Xue-yong Li,Guo-hong Gao,Jia-xia Sun
Journal of Networks , 2010, DOI: 10.4304/jnw.5.12.1527-1534
Abstract: In order to improve the efficiency of the existing intrusion detection systems, this paper proposed a new semi-unsupervised intrusion detection model based on improved DBSCAN algorithm, called IIDBG, and it was applied to detection engine. In IIDBG, distance calculation formula and clusters merger process were improved based on the DBSCAN and existing the improved algorithm IDBC. The experiments demonstrate that our method outperforms the existing clustering methods in terms of accuracy and detecting unknown intrusions.
Modeling citation networks based on vigorousness and dormancy
Xue-Wen Wang,Li-Jie Zhang,Guo-Hong Yang,Xin-Jian Xu
Computer Science , 2013, DOI: 10.1142/S0217984913501558
Abstract: In citation networks, the activity of papers usually decreases with age and dormant papers may be discovered and become fashionable again. To model this phenomenon, a competition mechanism is suggested which incorporates two factors: vigorousness and dormancy. Based on this idea, a citation network model is proposed, in which a node has two discrete stage: vigorous and dormant. Vigorous nodes can be deactivated and dormant nodes may be activated and become vigorous. The evolution of the network couples addition of new nodes and state transitions of old ones. Both analytical calculation and numerical simulation show that the degree distribution of nodes in generated networks displays a good right-skewed behavior. Particularly, scale-free networks are obtained as the deactivated vertex is target selected and exponential networks are realized for the random-selected case. Moreover, the measurement of four real-world citation networks achieves a good agreement with the stochastic model.
Analysis of the pay satisfaction structure and dimensions of medical staff in Shanghai public hospitals

, TAO Rong, LI Guo-hong

- , 2017, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2017.01.020
Abstract: 目的 ·研究上海市公立医院医务人员薪酬满意度的结构及维度,为推进上海薪酬制度改革提供相应的政策建议。方法 ·在上海市38家三甲医院中,随机选取了4家医院作为研究对象,选择在岗医务人员进行问卷调查。采用Epidata3.0、SPSS 17.0和AMOS 17.0软件对数据进行分析。结果 ·上海市公立医院医务人员薪酬满意度较低,为(2.91±0.86)分;5个子维度中,福利满意度评分最低,为(2.81±0.95)分。上海市公立医院医务人员薪酬满意度是由5个维度组成,分别是薪酬水平满意度、薪酬提升满意度、福利满意度、薪酬结构满意度和薪酬管理满意度。所有维度对医务人员薪酬满意度起到的都是正向作用,其中影响程度最大的是薪酬结构满意度。结论 ·医院应认识到医务人员薪酬满意度是一个多维度模型。建议维持现有上海市公立医院医务人员整体薪酬水平,加强上海市公立医院医务人员福利建设,建立科学合理的薪酬增长机制,设定科学合理的薪酬结构,探索更加先进科学的薪酬管理制度。
: Objective · To analyze the pay satisfaction structure and dimensions of medical staff in public hospitals in Shanghai and to provide reference for the policy making. Methods · The research randomly selected 4 hospitals from 38 hospitals in Shanghai as a sample and selected on-the-job medical staff to conduct the questionnaire survey. The data was analysed by Epidata 3.0, SPSS 17.0 and AMOS 17.0. Results · The score of pay satisfaction of the medical staffs in Shanghai was relatively low. The score was 2.91±0.86. In the five dimensions, the welfare satisfaction score was 2.81±0.95 and was the lowest. The pay satisfaction of the medical staffs in public hospitals in Shanghai was made up of five dimensions pay level satisfaction, pay improvement satisfaction, welfare satisfaction, pay structure satisfaction and pay management satisfaction. The five dimensions had significant positive effect on pay satisfaction of medical staffs and the pay structure satisfaction had the highest degree of influence. Conclusion · Hospitals should strengthen the cognition of the multi-dimension model of pay satisfaction of medical staffs. The current pay level of Shanghai public hospital medical staffs should be maintained. The construction of public hospital medical staff welfare in Shanghai should be strengthen. A scientific and reasonable compensation increase mechanism should be established. A scientific and reasonable compensation structure should be set up and more advanced scientific compensation management system should be explored
Analysis of the salary satisfaction among physicians in four third-class public hospitals in Shanghai

, TAO Rong, LI Guo-hong

- , 2016, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2016.06.022
Abstract: 目的 薪酬满意度是决定医师行为的一个重要因素,对调动医师工作积极性、提高医疗服务质量起着重要作用。通过对上海市公立医院医师进行抽样调查,分析目前上海市公立医院医师薪酬满意度及其意见和建议,为相关政策设计提供参考。方法 对上海市4家公立医院医师进行现场问卷调查,利用SPSS 18.0统计软件进行统计描述与Logistic回归分析。结果 调查对象的薪酬满意度平均得分为(2.75±0.78)分。Logistic回归分析结果显示,医院类型及医师性别、年龄、所在科室、职称是影响医师薪酬满意度的主要因素。大部分医师认为,保证和改善医师的福利,薪酬分配时考虑科室、岗位和职位差异,按劳分配,兼顾公平以及提高医师薪酬水平,体现医师劳动价值等有助于提高薪酬满意度。结论 目前上海市公立医院医师薪酬满意度水平不高;薪酬水平不是影响薪酬满意度的唯一方面,医师越来越重视福利等方面。因此,要保持目前医师薪酬水平,建立科学合理的薪酬增长机制;加强医师福利建设,设定科学合理的薪酬结构;探索更加先进科学的薪酬分配机制,保证薪酬制度的先进性和科学性。
: Objective To survey and analyze the salary satisfaction, advices, and suggestions among physicians in public hospitals in Shanghai and provide reference for designing relevant policies via sampling survey. Methods Site survey was performed among physicians in four public hospitals in Shanghai. SPSS 18.0 was used to conduct statistical description and logistic regression analysis. Results The average salary satisfaction score of the respondents was 2.75±0.78. Logistic regression analysis showed that hospital type, sex, age, department, and title were main factors affecting the salary satisfaction in physicians. Most physicians deemed that guarantee and improvement of welfare, salary distribution considering department, post, and position differences and according to contribution and fairness, increase in the salary level and reflection of work value were helpful for improving the salary satisfaction. Conclusion At present, physicians in public hospitals in Shanghai have low salary satisfaction. The salary level is not the only aspect of salary satisfaction as physicians pay more attention to aspects such as welfare. Therefore it is necessary to maintain the current salary level, establish scientific and reasonable salary increase mechanism and salary structure, increase welfare, explore more advanced salary distribution mechanism, and ensure the progressiveness and scientificity of the salary system
Study on catastrophic health expenditure of families with old people and its influencing factors

ZHANG Wei-wei
, LI Guo-hong

- , 2015, DOI: 11.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2015.03.025
Abstract: 目的 了解60岁及以上老年人的医疗卫生支出对家庭的影响。方法 采用中国健康与养老追踪(CHARLS)的数据,用60岁以上老年人医疗卫生支出以及家庭支付能力,计算60岁及以上老年人的家庭灾难性卫生支出,并用Logistic回归模型分析导致灾难性卫生支出的影响因素。结果 有60岁及以上老年人的家庭灾难性卫生支出的发生率为17.00%。在分析灾难性卫生支出的影响因素中,家庭总人口数(OR=0.765)、社会经济地位为富裕(OR=0.576)和社会经济地位为最富裕(OR=0.514)是保护性因素;老年人的年龄(OR=1.025)、是否患有慢性病(OR=1.443)、是否住院(OR=2.285)是危险因素。结论 为降低家庭灾难性卫生支出的发生率,政府应该重视初级保健、加大对老年患者的医疗保障、提高收入公平性。
: Objective To explore the impact of health expenditure of the elderly who are 60 or more years old on the family. Methods Data from the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS) was adopted. The household catastrophic health expenditure for the elderly who were 60 or more years old was calculated according to their health expenditures and household affordability. Factors that affected the catastrophic health expenditure were analyzed by the Logistic regression model. Results Among all families that at least one family member was 60 or more years old, 17.00% of them had paid for the catastrophic health expenditure. For factors that affected the catastrophic health expenditure, the number of family members (OR=0.765), socioeconomic status was wealthy (OR=0.576), and socioeconomic status was the wealthiest (OR=0.514) were protective factors, and age (OR=1.025), suffering from chronic diseases (OR=1.443), and hospitalization (OR=2.285) were risk factors. Conclusion The government should pay attention to the primary health care, increasing the medical security for the elderly, and improving the equity of income, so as to reduce the incidence of paying the catastrophic health expenditure
Synergic effects of Danggui Buxue Decoction in reducing toxicity of cytoxan in tumor-bearing mice
Guo-hong YUAN
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2008,
Abstract: Objective: To study the inhibitory effect of Danggui Buxue Tang (DBT), a compound traditional Chinese herbal medicine for supplementing blood, on tumor growth in tumor-bearing mice after inoculation of EL-4 cells, and its immune mechanism as well as its synergic effect in reducing toxicity of cytoxan (CTX).Methods: Experiment was carried out in tumor-bearing mice after inoculation of EL-4 cells. The mice were randomly divided into four groups after 7 days of the inoculation: untreated group, DBT-treated group [24 g/(kg·d)], CTX-treated group [7.5 mg/(kg·d)] and DBT plus CTX-treated group, with another ten normal mice as control. Inhibitory rate of tumor growth, survival time, immune function and variability of blood cells were measured in the mice during the experiment.Results: After treatment of relevant interventions for 15 days, the tumor in the DBT-treated group, CTX-treated group and DBT plus CTX-treated group grew slower than the untreated group (P<0.05). Murine survival time in the DBT-treated group, CTX-treated group and DBT plus CTX-treated group was lengthened as compared with that in the untreated group (P<0.05). Compared with the untreated group, all kinds of immune indexes in the DBT-treated group and DBT plus CTX-treated group were significantly improved (P<0.05), while the immune indexes in the CTX-treated group were decreased (P<0.05). Compared with the CTX-treated group, all kinds of immune indexes in the DBT plus CTX-treated group were significantly improved (P<0.05).Conclusions: DBT can enhance the immune function in tumor-bearing mice and the inhibitory effect of DBT on tumor growth is related to the enhanced immune response. DBT can also increase the therapeutic effects and reduce the side effects of CTX.
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