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New Advances Based on the DCT Transforming Coding

LU Ye-ping,LI Feng-ting,ZHU Ren-yi,CHEN Zhao-long,

中国图象图形学报 , 2004,
Abstract: DCT(Discrete Cosine Transform) transforming coding has been widely used coding-standards such as JPEG,MPEG and H.26x exclusive of JPEG2000 at present. The compressing codings for image/video signals have been advanced to a new stage since the EZW(Embedded Zerotree Wavelet) had been introduced by Shapiro and the SPIHT(Set partition in hierarchical trees) applied by Said et al,which are a competitive challenge against the conventional DCT's coding. However,DCT's coefficients have a similar multiresolutional attributes after reorganization its datum like wavelet transforming. There are many excellent performances in the based-DCT such as arbitrarily shaped DCT,region support DCT and morphological representation of DCT coefficients are proposed.Digital watermarking,image resizing and pattern cognition can be done through utilizing DCT's coefficients,and so on.The capability and performance of the DCT have further been promoted to a higher phase. For instance,object-based coding for DCT is a promising technique for next-generation coding.Besides,the experiments show that MR-DCT(Morphological representation of DCT) is among the state-of-the-art DCT-based image coders reported in the literature.What mentioned above have been studied and analyzed deeply in this paper.Hereby,the future development of DCT is also conjected.
Noise Image Coding Using Soft-Threshold Based Denoising

YU Yue,XUE Yong-ling,LI Feng-ting,GE Cheng-hui,

中国图象图形学报 , 2001,
Abstract: The soft threshold method proposed by Donoho is studied in this paper. The noise standard deviation of noise image and the thresholds of different scale are given. A separable 2 D wavelet filter is used so that the soft threshold denoising by Donoho is expediently applied to image processing, such as simultaneous denosing makes compression rate of a noisy image be large farthest. For noise image of nature scene and SAR, different image compression schemes are proposed respectively. Especially for SAR image, a natural logarithm transfors multiplicative noise to additive noise so that SAR image can be suppressed via the soft threshold denoising scheme. Experimental results show the decoded images by the soft threshold denoising have better quality than by the hard threshold denoising. It indicates that the improved ways in this paper are effective for noise image compression.
Combined Bio-Process for Treatment of Municipal Wastewater Containing Cu2+

WU Xiao-lin,WANG Lei,GAO Yan,SU Yao-dong,LI Feng-ting,

环境科学 , 2005,
Abstract: A combined bioprocess consisting of biosorption section with P. putida 5-x cell as biosorbent followed by a SBR is developed to treat Cu2+ containing municipal wastewater. The optimal preparing technique of P. putida 5-x cell as biosorbent is studied. Under the optimal condition, adsorption capacity of the P. putida 5-x cell to Cu 2+ reached 87.3 mg·g-1. The performance of the combined bioprocess for treating Cu2+ containing wastewater is assessed. The experimental results indicate that after treatment by the biosorption section, the Cu 2+ concentration in wastewater reduced to the level that did not inhibit COD removal efficiency of subsequent SBR activated sludge process, although it still affectes the COD adsorption capacity of activated sludge. In terms of COD removal, the biosorption section is efficient for reducing Cu2+ concentration to provide biodegradable wastewater for subsequent SBR activated sludge process.


系统科学与数学 , 1987,
Abstract: The influence of the perturbation of the geometrical parameter of a reactor on the criticalparameter is discussed.An approach to the spherical geometric problem in 2] is applied indealing with a geometric problem of the infinite plate.Numerical computation is carriedout.
Theoretical research of the influence of operation mode of chemical oxygen-iodine laser on its pulsing

Li Guo-Fu,Duo Li-Ping,Jin Yu-Qi,Yu Hai-Jun,Wang Jian,Wang De-Zhen,Sang Feng-Ting,

物理学报 , 2012,
Abstract: One-dimensional pre-mixed model for a pulsed chemical oxygen-iodine laser is presented according to the reaction mechanism in chemical oxygen-iodine laser. The influences of gas temperature of 150-450 K and pressure of 660-2660 Pa on single pulse energy, pulse duration and peak power are studied. The internal reason of the influences of pressure and temperature on laser characteristics is analyzed. The results show that the higher laser peak power can be obtained in the case of gas temperature of 150 K and pressure of 1330 Pa than in the case of 400 K and 2660 Pa. Thus an efficient pulsed chemical oxygen-iodine laser is promising if the abundant atomic iodine is generated instantaneously. The approach to atomic iodine generation does not disturb the state of supersonic flow.
Dynamical simulation of pulsed chemical oxygen-iodine laser

Li Guo-Fu,Duo Li-Ping,Jin Yu-Qi,Yu Hai-Jun,Wang De-Zhen,Sang Feng-Ting,

物理学报 , 2010,
Abstract: One-dimensional pre-mixed model for a pulsed chemical oxygen-iodine laser is presented according to the reaction mechanism in chemical oxygen-iodine laser. The dependence of species concentration and optical parameters on single pulse energy and pulse duration is studied. The dynamical process is analyzed while laser is running. Gain switching during lasing is discussed.These results can provide theoretical support for the optimization of pulsed chemical oxygen-iodine laser.
Estimation of leaf area index of planted forests in subtropical China by photogrammetry

MA Ze-Qing,LIU Qi-Jing,ZENG Hui-Qing,LI Xuan-Ran,CHEN Yong-Rui,LIN Yao-Ming,ZHANG Shi-Huang,YANG Feng-Ting,WANG Hong-Qing,

生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: Leaf area index (LAI) of three types of forests in the Qianyanzhou of subtropical China was investigated with fisheye photographs and CI-110 canopy analyzer. DBH-leaf area (hemi-surface) regressive model was used for assessing the measurement accuracy by photogrammetry and the canopy analyzer. Field survey was conducted on 74 plots. The values of LAI of for the Pinus elliottii forest, the Pinus massoniana forest, and the Cunninghamia lanceolata forest were 1.339 (0.71-1.79), 1.491 (1.11-1.92) and 1.984 (1.26-2.59) by fisheye photos photogrammetry, 1.355 (0.38-2.85), 1.265 (0.62-2.55) and 2.140 (0.76-3.31) by the CI-110 canopy analyzer, and 4.53 (2.24-6.34), 3.88 (1.19-6.28) and 6.63 (3.5-8.37) by DBH-leaf area model, respectively. Compared with the results by individual-based leaf area model, the two indirect measurement techniques underestimated the LAI, but there are correlations among the three methods. The individual-based model is considered the most reliable approach for estimating leaf area index but labor consuming. Hemispherical photography proved to be more accurate than the CI-110 canopy analyzer for estimating LAI in the planted forests of the subtropical China.
The expression with purification and the immunological activity study of recombine islet neogenesis associated protein in human

SHA Jian-ping,XUE Yao-ming,CHen Xuan,ZHU Yong-hong,LI Shi-sheng,WANG Xiao-qin,ZHUO Feng-ting,ZENG Zhan-jun,

中国生物工程杂志 , 2007,
Abstract: The gene of human Islet neogenesis associated protein (INGAP)was amplified with RT-PCR and cloned into prokaryotic expression vector pET22b( ).INGAP was expressed in the E.coli BL21(DE3) and purified by affinity chromatography and gel filtration chromatography.The inclusion bodies of the expressed protein were extracted and dissolved in 8mol/L.The heparin Agrose affinity chromatography was used to separated the desired protein,and the further purified protein was obtained by the Superdex75 the gel filtration chromatography.The purified INGAP protein immune the rabbits by injection,and the polyclonal antibody against INGAP protein was prepared.The immunological activity of expressed and purified LexA protein was detected by ELISA ,and Western blot.The result showed that the INGAP was accounted for about 40 % of the total bacteria protein.The final purity of the INGAP was 98.81%,which was determined by the HPLC.The expressed and purified LexA protein had satisfactory immunological activity,which was confirmed by immunodiffusion and ELISA.


微生物学报 , 1953,
Space Target Real-time IR Rendering Technology

CHANG Yong,XUE Feng-ting,

红外 , 2008,
Abstract: In this paper,the thermal balance of a space target is analyzed and the thermal distribution and radiation intensity of the space target are calculated by using a geometric model of the space target established.The orbit data of a satellite in orbit is derived with a Satellite Tool Kit (STK),the infrared radiation attenuation due to the atmosphere is calculated and the infrared visual image of a satellite on the platform of a ground-based infrared detector system is simulated.
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