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Temporally Consistent Depth Maps Recovery from Stereo Videos
Li Yao,Dong-Xiao Li,Ming Zhang
Information Technology Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Dense depth maps provide significant geometry information for 3D video and free viewpoint video systems. Traditional stereo correspondence methods usually deal with each stereo image pair separately. As a result, the generated depth sequence is temporally inconsistent. This paper presented a novel approach to recover spatio-temporally consistent depth maps. The proposed method first applied sequential belief propagation algorithm to achieve an approximate minimum of spatial energy on Markov random fields. Then in temporal domain, a smoothness cost along optical flow was incorporated between consecutive frames. The combined cost which determined the disparity value was passed forward and temporal consistency was enforced during the process. In addition, the streamlined implementation was time and memory efficient. In experimental validation, quantitative evaluation as well as subject assessment was performed on several test datasets. The results showed that the proposed method yielded temporally consistent depth sequence and reduced flickering artifacts in the synthesized view while maintaining visual quality.
Performance Modeling and Optimization of Hierarchical B Pictures Based on Directed Tree
Zheng Zhu,Dong-Xiao Li,Ming Zhang
Information Technology Journal , 2010,
Abstract: A general methodology for performance modeling and optimization of hierarchical B pictures used in video coding is proposed in this study. First, an approach of directed tree decomposition is used to denote hierarchical B pictures. In combination with a proposed linear model for compression efficiency, the performance of any hierarchical B prediction structure can be evaluated conveniently from the directed tree. Then with a dynamic programming method, the optimal tree for any group length of hierarchical B pictures can be set up elegantly from recursive subtrees. This method can be adapted to tradeoff between compression efficiency and random access ability. Besides, experimental results show that the optimal tree of compression efficiency achieves higher performance than the existing hierarchical B prediction structures.
A New Approach to Boundary Matting for 3DTV System
Lingshan Liu,Ming Xi,Dong-Xiao Li,Ming Zhang
Information Technology Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Precision of depth has a significant impact on quality of virtual view synthesis in 3DTV system. Artifacts exist in stereo correspondence. Object boundary artifact is one of the most difficult problems. The object boundary pixels receive colors from both foreground and background thus leads to wrong mapping. The occlusion fill-up process causes object boundary expansion which makes boundary pixels unreliable. We propose a boundary matting technique based on natural image matting algorithms to calculate the alpha value of the boundary pixels. Depth values which are suggested by alpha values can be recalculated. The limitation of matting algorithms is that they define only boundaries between two layers and cannot solve the multiple-layer definition problem. Our contribution is the localized methods of boundary matting which can solve the multiple layer boundaries in complex depth map. Our goal is superior view synthesis from stereo, thus the quality of virtual views are valued in experiments. The result shows that our technique reduces the boundary artifacts effectively.
Temperature Inversion in the Bay of Bengal Prior to Summer Monsoon Onsets in 2010 and 2011
LI Jian,YANG Lei,SHU Ye-Qiang,WANG Dong-Xiao,
LI Jian
,YANG Lei,SHU Ye-Qiang,WANG Dong-Xiao

大气和海洋科学快报 , 2012,
Abstract: Freshwater input such as runoff and rainfall can enhance stratification in the Bay of Bengal(BOB) through the formation of a "barrier layer",which can lead to the formation of a temperature inversion.The authors focused on the temperature inversion in spring,especially before the onset of the summer monsoon,because previous research has mainly focused on the temperature inversion in winter.Using the hydrographic data from two cruises performed during 24-30 April 2010 and 1-4 May 2011,the authors found that inversions appeared at two out of nine Conductivity-Temperature-Depth Recorder(CTD) stations across the 10°N section and at seven out of 13 CTD stations across the 6°N section in the BOB.In 2010,the inversions(at stations N02 and N05) occurred at depths of approximately 50-60 meters,and their formation was caused by the advection of cold water over warm water.In 2010,the N02 inversion was mainly influenced by the warm saline water from the east sinking below the cold freshwater from the west,while the N05 inversion was affected by the warm saline water from its west sinking below the cold freshwater from its east.In 2011,the inversions appeared at depths of 20-40 meters(at stations S01,S02,S07,S08,and S09) and near 50 m(S12 and S13).The inversions in 2011 were mainly caused by the net heat loss of the ocean along the 6°N section.
Seasonal and interannual variabilities of evaporation and net freshwater flux in the South China Sea

ZENG Li-Li,SHI Ping,WANG Dong-Xiao,CHEN Ju,

地球物理学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 以19年(1988~2006年)的SSM/I(Special Sensor Microwave/Imager)卫星观测为基础,计算了南海的逐月海面蒸发量,并结合SSM/I的降雨观测,得到了南海的逐月净淡水通量,并分析其季节和年际变化.研究结果表明:南海的蒸发量年变化基本呈双峰型结构,降雨和净淡水通量呈单峰型结构.1988~2001年,南海的蒸发量呈上升趋势,增长速率为1 mm/yr;2001~2006年,以1.9 mm/yr的速率减少.南海的降雨量和净淡水通量与Nino3指数成负相关,相关系数为-O.62和-O.58.在1997~1998厄尔尼诺暧事件期间,降雨量和净淡水通量均显著下降,且以其为界,降雨量在此之前以1.3 mm/yr的速率增长,净淡水通量升降趋势不明显;而在此之后,降雨以8.5 mm/yr的速率下降,净淡水通量的下降速率为7.5 mm/yr.
Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layers Associated with Summer Monsoon Onset over the South China Sea in 1998

WANG Dong-Xiao,ZHOU Wen,YU Xiao-Li,XIE Qiang,WANG Xin,
WANG Dong-Xiao
,ZHOU Wen,YU Xiao-Li,XIE Qiang,WANG Xin

大气和海洋科学快报 , 2010,
Abstract: The variations of the marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL) associated with the South China Sea Summer Monsoon were examined using the Global Positioning System (GPS) sounding datasets obtained four times daily during May-June 1998 on board Research Vessels Kexue 1 and Shiyan 3. The MABL height is defined as the height at the lowest level where virtual potential temperature increases by 1 K from the surface. The results indicate that the MABL height decreased over the northern South China Sea (SCS) and remained the same over the southern SCS, as sea surface temperature (SST) fell for the northern and rose for the southern SCS after the monsoon onset. Over the northern SCS, a decrease in both the SST and the surface latent-heat flux after the onset resulted in a reduction of the MABL height as well as a decoupling of MABL from clouds. It was found that MABL height reduction corresponded to rainfall occurrence. Over the southern SCS, a probable reason for the constant increase of SST and surface heat flux was the rainfall and internal atmospheric dynamics.
Polymorphism Analysis of the GOLA-DRB3 Gene Digested with Hae Ⅲ in Mongolian Goat and Kazakh Goat
蒙古山羊和哈萨克山羊GOLA-DRB3基因的HaeⅢ酶切多态性分析 Polymorphism Analysis of the GOLA-DRB3 Gene Digested with HaeⅢ in Mongolian Goat and Kazakh Goat

SUN Dong-Xiao~,ZHANG Yuan~,LI Ning~ College of Animal Science,Technology,China Agricultural University,Beijing,China,ing,China,
,张沅,李宁SUN Dong-Xiao,ZHANG Yuan,LI Ning

遗传 , 2004,
Abstract: The exon2 of GOLA-DRB3 gene was amplified and a uniform fragment of 285 bp was obtained in Mongolian Goat and Kazakh Goat. The 285bp PCR product was digested with restriction endomuclease HaeIII and genetic polymorphism was investigated by PCR-RFLP. Seventeen kinds of genotypes were found in two populations,which were controlled by seven alleles. There are significant differences in some genotypic frequencies and gene frequencies between the two populations (P<0.10, P<0.05, P<0.01); The results of chi(2) test showed that genotypes of GOLA-DRB3 gene in two populations did not fit with Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (P<0.01).
An Analysis of the Characteristics of Monsoon Onset over the Bay of Bengal and the South China Sea in 2010
DING Xuan-Ru,WANG Dong-Xiao,LI Wei-Biao,GUAN Zhao-Yong,
DING Xuan-Ru
,WANG Dong-Xiao,LI Wei-Biao,GUAN Zhao-Yong

大气和海洋科学快报 , 2012,
Abstract: Based on NCEP/NCAR daily reanalysis and the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission data,the background atmospheric circulation and the characteristics of meteorological elements during the period of the Bay of Bengal monsoon(BOBM) and the South China Sea(SCS) monsoon(SCSM) in 2010 are studied.The impacts of the BOBM onset on the SCSM onset and the relationship between the two monsoons are also analyzed.The two main results are as follows:(1) The BOBM onset obviously occurs earlier than the SCSM onset in 2010,which is a typical onset process of the Asian monsoon.During the BOBM’s onset,northward jump,and eastward expansion,convective precipitation and southwest winds occurred over the SCS,which resulted in the onset of the SCSM.(2) The relationship among strong convection,heavy rainfall,and vertical circulation configuration is obtained during the monsoon onsets over the BOB and SCS,and it is concluded that the South Asian High plays an important role in this period.

PAN Qiao-Hai,LI Dong-Xiao,YAO Qing-Dong,CHENG Xiao-Chu,

红外与毫米波学报 , 2000,
Abstract: 从目材噪声模型以及最大值递归滤波器处法入法,在两种不同的条件下对基于最大值递归滤波器检测进行了详细的性能分析与仿真,得出一系列结论。
Analysis of the 5''-region of Bovine Lactoferrin Gene

LI Guo-Hua,ZHANG Yuan,SUN Dong-Xiao,LI Ning,
,张 沅,孙东晓,李 宁

遗传 , 2004,
Abstract: To detect DNA variation of bovine lactoferrin gene, the sequence of 5'-regulatory region has been studied by PCR-SSCP. Among the five sub-sequences of this region, Blf 5'-1(227bp),Blf 5'-3(175bp) and Blf 5'-5(293bp)were found to be polymorphic. After sequencing the Blf 5'-1, G-->A and T-->G transitions were identified at the sites of -926 and -915 respectively. In the Blf 5'-3 fragment, a G insertion at -478 was found. Transversions of C-->A, G-->C at -28 and +33 respectively were also detected in the Blf 5'-5 region. The frequencies of mutated alleles were 0.101,0.112 and 0.237, respectively, in the three regions. By applying an analysis tool of TFSEARCH ver1.3, we studied the potential elements and protein factors which bind to the 5' -region, and discovered the different regulatory elements of pre-mutation and post-mutation.
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