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Alcohol attitudes and behaviors among faculty at U.S. schools and colleges of pharmacy
Schlesselman,L.S.; Nobre,C.; English,C.D.;
Pharmacy Practice (Internet) , 2011, DOI: 10.4321/S1886-36552011000400009
Abstract: despite attempts to control college-aged drinking, binge and underage drinking continues at colleges and universities. although often underutilized, faculty have the potential to influence students' behaviors and attitudes towards drinking. little information is available pertaining to college faculty drinking patterns, views on drinking, or their influence on college drinking. what little information is available predates the economic crisis, mandates for increased alcohol education, and the american pharmacists association's call for increased alcohol awareness in pharmacists. objectives: this study was designed to determine alcohol use patterns and viewpoints among faculty at u.s. colleges of pharmacy, in particular, to identify alcohol practices among faculty, use of alcohol with their students, mentioning alcohol in classroom as a social norm, and perceived drinking norms within their colleagues. methods: following institution review board approval, 2809 invitations were emailed to u.s. pharmacy faculty for this survey-based study. the survey consisted of demographic questions, the world health organization alcohol use disorders identification test (audit), and questions pertaining to personal and institution attitudes on drinking and on drinking with students. results: more than 96% of 753 respondents had a total audit score <8. males and preceptors were more likely to have higher audit scores. more than 75% of faculty reported never drinking with students. conclusion: in order to help pharmacy students address the extent of their alcohol use and misuse, pharmacy faculty must address their own use, along with their own and their institutions attitudes and behaviors towards alcohol use.
CaMKIIdelta overexpression in hypertrophy and heart failure: cellular consequences for excitation-contraction coupling
Maier, L.S.;
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-879X2005000900002
Abstract: ca/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase iid (camkiid) is the predominant isoform in the heart. during excitation-contraction coupling (ecc) camkii phosphorylates several ca-handling proteins including ryanodine receptors (ryr), phospholamban, and l-type ca channels. camkii expression and activity have been shown to correlate positively with impaired ejection fraction in the myocardium of patients with heart failure and camkii has been proposed to be a possible compensatory mechanism to keep hearts from complete failure. however, in addition to these acute effects on ecc, camkii was shown to be involved in hypertrophic signaling, termed excitation-transcription coupling (etc). thus, animal models have shown that overexpression of nuclear isoform camkiidb can induce myocyte hypertrophy. recent study from our laboratory has suggested that transgenic overexpression of the cytosolic isoform camkiidc in mice causes severe heart failure with altered intracellular ca handling and protein expression leading to reduced sarcoplasmic reticulum (sr) ca content. interestingly, the frequency of diastolic spontaneous sr ca release events (or opening of ryr) was greatly enhanced, demonstrating increased diastolic sr ca leak. this was attributed to increased camkii-dependent ryr phosphorylation, resulting in increased and prolonged openings of ryr since ca spark frequency could be reduced back to normal levels by camkii inhibition. this review focuses on acute and chronic effects of camkii in ecc and etc. in summary, camkii overexpression can lead to heart failure and camkii-dependent ryr hyperphosphorylation seems to be a novel and important mechanism in ecc due to sr ca leak which may be important in the pathogenesis of heart failure.
Scientific school of professor L.S. Schwarz during the years of the Great Patriotic War
L.S. Yudanova
Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2010,
Abstract: The article presents the history of scientific school of professor L.S. Schwarz during the years of the Great patriotic war
Peculiarity of immunocompetent cells allocation in segmental bronchus for patients with chronic ob-structive pulmonary disease
Malofiy L.S.
Морфолог?я , 2012,
Abstract: We made complex immunehistology ex amination of local immune system of segmental bronchus for 54 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In the article author give principles about allocation and quantitative index for immunocompetent cells. We ascert ained correlation between level of expression, stage and clinic al course of disease. Our examination demonstrated ambiguous fate for local immunity cells duri ng formation of pathogenetical aspects about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease progress. There is a pronounced disbalance of immunoregulatory index. The predominance of cytotoxic lymphocytes is observed in the foci of disregeneration processes, namely, in proliferation, hyperpla-sia, squamous metaplasia and dysp lasia of the bronchial epithelium.
L.S. Mnyandu
Scientia Militaria : South African Journal of Military Studies , 2012, DOI: 10.5787/28-2-220
Abstract: "A ghost is stalking the corridors of general staffs and defence departments all over the 'developed' world - the fear of military impotence, even irrelevance. ...As new forms of armed conflict multiply and spread, they will cause the lines between public and private, government and people, military and civilian to become as blurred as they were before 1648. ...One very important way in which men can attain joy, freedom, happiness is (through) war." (Van Creveld, 1991: 1,226,227) These are the words that open and conclude this book whose stated objective is to provide a non-Clausewitzian perspective to 'modern' warfare (p ix). In the first two chapters, Van Creveld perceptively addresses the bankruptcy of nuclear weapons and strategy, the declining utility of conventional armed forces and the resurgence of low intensity conflict as well as the resounding political outcomes accrued through such conflicts. Acknowledging Karl von Clausewitz as an outstanding military theoretician, Van Creveld not only delineates the historical context in which Clausewitz's writings were most relevant, but goes on to evoke the works of Colmar von der Goltz (Das Volk in Waffen, 1883) and Erich Ludendorf (Der Totale Krieg, 1936) in order to clearly distinguish the concept of a trinitarian war in comparison to those of a total war and nontrinitarian war (p 35, 42, 45, 49). "Involving the surgical separation of the state, society and the military, the trinitarian war is compatible with the Clausewitzian prescription and primary notion of war as a continuation of politics" (p 63). While total war appears to be an extreme and perverted form of trinitarian war - it plays a vital role in as far as it nearly obliterated society, facilitated the rise of totalitarian governments and even precipitated the Second World War. This openened the flood gates for the resurgence of nontrinitarian conflict in which individuals and individual societies (not established armies acting on behalf of governments) take up arms in defense of their lives, property and freedom. Adopting the orthodox label of low intensity conflict (LIC) Van Creveld postulates that LIC's are set to become the way of war in the future for which modern armies are not prepared and to which the orthodox Clausewitzian view of warfare and strategy is inapplicable.
Prognostic factors in pulmonary arterial hypertension: assessing the course of the disease
L.S. Howard
European Respiratory Review , 2011,
Abstract: The practical management of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) requires an accurate assessment of disease severity and prognosis. A number of prognostic indicators are known to be associated with patient outcome, and recent treatment guidelines advocate using such parameters to guide management decisions. Although PAH is characterised by the presence of pulmonary vasculopathy, it is the response of the right ventricle to an increased afterload that is the greatest determinant of a patient's symptoms and survival; thus, measurements that capture right ventricular function provide the best potential to assess PAH severity. One challenge is to understand how the tests we use in everyday clinical practice relate to right heart function in PAH patients, and how current measures can be improved and developed to optimise assessment of disease status and progress. Future research in the field of PAH should focus on how best to assess right heart function, and which measures or combination of measures provide the most relevant information for the individual patient.
Diagnosis and medical treatment of otitis externa in the dog and cat : review article
L.S. Jacobson
Journal of the South African Veterinary Association , 2012, DOI: 10.4102/jsava.v73i4.581
Abstract: Otitis externa is no longer viewed as an isolated disease of the ear canal, but is a syndrome that is often a reflection of underlying dermatological disease. Causes are classified as predisposing (increase the risk of otitis) ; primary (directly induce otitis), secondary (contribute to otitis only in an abnormal ear or in conjunction with predisposing factors) and perpetuating (result from inflammation and pathology in ear, prevent resolution of otitis). Common primary causes include foreign bodies, hypersensitivity (particularly atopy and food allergy), keratinisation disorders (most commonly primary idiopathic seborrhoea and hypothyroidism) and earmites, particularly in cats. A systematic diagnostic procedure is required to identify causes and contributing factors. This should include history, clinical examination, otoscopy and cytology in all cases and culture and sensitivity as well as otitis media assessment and biopsy in severe and recurrent cases. Ancillary tests may be required depending on the underlying cause. Treatment consists of identifying and addressing predisposing and primary factors ; cleaning the ear canal ; topical therapy ; systemic therapy where necessary ; client education ; follow-up ; and preventive and maintenance therapy as required.
Song of Migration of the Nagas
L.S. Enie
Journal of Literature, Culture and Media Studies , 2009,
Example of the Smooth Skew Product in the Plane with the One-dimensional Ramified Continuum as the Global Attractor*
Efremova L.S.
ESAIM : Proceedings , 2012, DOI: 10.1051/proc/201236002
Abstract: The example is constructed of the C1-smooth skew product of interval maps possessing the one-dimensional ramified continuum (containing no arcs homeomorphic to the circle) with an infinite set of ramification points as the global attractor. L’exemple est construit à partir d’un produit biaisé lisse de classe C1 de transformations d’un intervalle, qui a un continuum unidimensionnel ramifié (ne contenant pas d’arcs homéomorphes à un cercle) avec un ensemble infini de points de branchement comme attracteur global.
The founding fathers and the two confederations. The United States of America and the United Provinces of the Netherlands, 1783-1789
L.S. Kaplan
BMGN : Low Countries Historical Review , 1982,
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