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Multiresolution techniques for the detection of gravitational-wave bursts
S Chatterji,L Blackburn,G Martin,E Katsavounidis
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1088/0264-9381/21/20/024
Abstract: We present two search algorithms that implement logarithmic tiling of the time-frequency plane in order to efficiently detect astrophysically unmodeled bursts of gravitational radiation. The first is a straightforward application of the dyadic wavelet transform. The second is a modification of the windowed Fourier transform which tiles the time-frequency plane for a specific Q. In addition, we also demonstrate adaptive whitening by linear prediction, which greatly simplifies our statistical analysis. This is a methodology paper that aims to describe the techniques for identifying significant events as well as the necessary pre-processing that is required in order to improve their performance. For this reason we use simulated LIGO noise in order to illustrate the methods and to present their preliminary performance.
South-of-the-Border Boolean: Teaching Search Strategies with the Value Menu
Heidi Blackburn
Kansas Library Association College and University Libraries Section Proceedings , 2012, DOI: 10.4148/culs.v1i0.1609
Abstract: As databases and Internet search engines continue to become increasingly user-friendly, the need for Boolean operator skills seems to have waned but in reality, the amount of online information is skyrocketing as thousands of articles are uploaded each day. Bridging familiar activities with new Boolean operator skills sets the stage for a smooth introduction for students and creates a strong foundation for the retention of those skills. Using the simple task of ordering from a restaurant menu to demonstrate to students they already have the skills to do successful online searching, the South-of-the-Border Boolean lesson plan connects everyday tasks and scholarly application, while boosting confidence in students. This article will begin with a brief literature review, followed by an introduction of the lesson plan, including student learning outcomes, assessment, and unexpected results.
Four Corners Television History: Gallipoli and the Fall of Singapore
Kevin Blackburn
Public History Review , 2007,
Abstract: This article analyses how the Australian current affairs programme, Four Corners, which follows a style modelled on the BBC programme Panorama, has represented Australian military history in two of its programmes, Gallipoli: The Fatal Shore and No Prisoners on Australian deserters at the fall of Singapore. Chris Masters was the reporter on both programmes. These historical documentaries claim to investigate Australian Anzac mythology. Four Corners is noted for its rigorous pursuit of issues in current affairs. Programmes construct argument that the journalists steadfastly pursue in order to ‘expose the truth’. Rather than neutrally representing both sides of a debate, the programmes tend to take the side that the journalists perceive to be in the public interest. Examining how Four Corners has applied its own style of investigative journalism to the Anzac mythology is explored by outlining whether the programmes follow Ken Burn’s ideas of documentary-makers as ‘tribal story-teller’ crafting stories that uphold national identity or Bill Nichols’ view that documentary is an argument that is representative of reality rather than reflects reality. Examining the history of Gallipoli and the fall of Singapore in the Four Corners programmes tends suggest that the journalists working on the programmes preferred to reaffirm the assumptions of the Anzac legend, but attack or ignore historians and evidence that questions it. The programmes appear to be a mixture of Burns’s and Nichols’ ideas of documentary making.
Quasi-realism in Moral Philosophy
Simon Blackburn
Ethic@ : an International Journal for Moral Philosophy , 2002,
Complementarities and network externalities in casually copied goods.
David Blackburn
Estudios de Economia , 2002,
Abstract: En este artículo, se examinan los impactos de una copia casual en el mercado de bienes, donde estos tienen una red con fuertes externalidades y/o fuertes complementos con bienes de otros mercados. Permitiendo la copia casual gatillar dos efectos en el monopolista, un efecto copia que reduce la demanda (las ganancias) a través de permitir el acceso a una mejor alternativa a los consumidores, como también, un efecto de aumento de difusión que incrementa la demanda a través del tama o de la red que permite la copia, por ende, si la externalidad marginal de la red es suficientemente grande, entonces el monopolista encontrará beneficioso permitir algún grado de copia casual entre los no compradores del bien. En un planteamiento dinámico simple, se encuentra que en la medida que el tiempo transcurre y la red de bienes madura el monopolista buscará niveles más altos de protección a la copia, es decir, las firmas en mercados recién formados deberían permitir un mayor grado de copia que en aquellos mercados establecidos.
Enhanced balance associated with coordination training with stochastic resonance stimulation in subjects with functional ankle instability: an experimental trial
Scott E Ross, Brent L Arnold, J Troy Blackburn, Cathleen N Brown, Kevin M Guskiewicz
Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1743-0003-4-47
Abstract: This study was conducted in a research laboratory. Thirty subjects with FAI were randomly assigned to either a: 1) conventional coordination training group (CCT); 2) SR stimulation coordination training group (SCT); or 3) control group. Training groups performed coordination exercises for six weeks. The SCT group received SR stimulation during training, while the CCT group only performed coordination training. Single leg postural stability was measured after the completion of balance training. Static postural stability was quantified on a force plate using anterior/posterior (A/P) and medial/lateral (M/L) center-of-pressure velocity (COPvel), M/L COP standard deviation (COPsd), M/L COP maximum excursion (COPmax), and COP area (COParea).Treatment effects comparing posttest to pretest COP measures were highest for the SCT group. At posttest, the SCT group had reduced A/P COPvel (2.3 ± 0.4 cm/s vs. 2.7 ± 0.6 cm/s), M/L COPvel (2.6 ± 0.5 cm/s vs. 2.9 ± 0.5 cm/s), M/L COPsd (0.63 ± 0.12 cm vs. 0.73 ± 0.11 cm), M/L COPmax (1.76 ± 0.25 cm vs. 1.98 ± 0.25 cm), and COParea (0.13 ± 0.03 cm2 vs. 0.16 ± 0.04 cm2) than the pooled means of the CCT and control groups (P < 0.05).Reduced values in COP measures indicated postural stability improvements. Thus, six weeks of coordination training with SR stimulation enhanced postural stability. Future research should examine the use of SR stimulation for decreasing recurrent ankle sprain injury in physically active individuals with FAI.Ankle sprains are common sports injuries that occur frequently in the physically active [1,2]. Residual symptoms can exist following ankle sprains, and often lead to a pathology known as functional ankle instability (FAI) [3]. Physically active individuals with FAI report feelings of ankle instability and recurrent ankle sprains with activity [3,4]. Interestingly, the underlying cause of FAI is unclear even though this pathology is prevalent in individuals with a history of ankle sprain injury. Researcher
Glycine propionyl-L-carnitine produces enhanced anaerobic work capacity with reduced lactate accumulation in resistance trained males
Patrick L Jacobs, Erica R Goldstein, Will Blackburn, Ihsan Orem, John J Hughes
Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1550-2783-6-9
Abstract: In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over design, twenty-four male resistance trained subjects (25.2 ± 3.6 years) participated in two test sessions separated by one week. Testing was performed 90 minutes following oral ingestion of either 4.5 grams GPLC or 4.5 grams cellulose (PL), in randomized order. The exercise testing protocol consisted of five 10-second Wingate cycle sprints separated by 1-minute active recovery periods. Peak (PP) and mean values (MP) of sprint power output and percent decrement of power (DEC) were determined per bout and standardized relative to body masss. Heart rate (HR) and blood lactate (LAC) were measured prior to, during and following the five sprint bouts.Significant main effects (p < 0.001) were observed for sprint bout order in values of PP, MP, DEC, and HR. There were significant main effects detected for condition in PP and MP (p < 0.05), with values across the five sprint bouts 2.6 – 15% greater with GPLC. Significant statistical interactions were detected between bout order and condition for both PP and MP (p < 0.05). There was a significant main effect of condition for LAC, LAC values 15.7% lower 4 min post-exercise with GPLC (p = 0.09) and with GPLC resulting in 16.2% less LAC at 14 min post-exercise (p < 0.05).These findings indicate that short-term oral supplementation of GPLC can enhance peak power production in resistance trained males with significantly less LAC accumulation.It is known that exercise hyperemia can provide a dramatic elevation of blood flow to specific active skeletal musculature, which also corresponds to metabolic demand [1]. There is an immediate and rapid increase in flow in response to a single muscle contraction, and the magnitude of the increased flow is directly related to the intensity of the contraction [2]. During heavy exercise, blood flow to local muscle tissue can be increased proportionally with exercise intensity to levels 25 – 50 times of those at rest [3]. This process is primarily
Raman study of the Verwey transition in Magnetite at high-pressure and low-temperature; effect of Al doping
L. Gasparov,Z. Shirshikova,T. Pekarek,J. Blackburn,V. Struzhkin,A. Gavriliuk,R. Rueckamp,H. Berger
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1063/1.4747834
Abstract: We report high-pressure low-temperature Raman studies of the Verwey transition in pure and Al-doped magnetite (Fe_3O_4). The low temperature phase of magnetite displays a number of additional Raman modes that serve as transition markers. These transition markers allow one to investigate the effect of hydrostatic pressure on the Verwey transition temperature. Al-doped magnetite Fe_2.8Al_0.2O_4 (TV=116.5K) displays a nearly linear decrease of the transition temperature with an increase of pressure yielding dP/dT_V = -0.096 GPa/K. In contrast pure magnetite displays a significantly steeper slope of the PT equilibrium line with dP/dT_V = -0.18 GPa/K. The slope of the PT equilibrium lines is related to the changes of the molar entropy and molar volume at the transition. We compare our spectroscopic data with that obtained from the ambient pressure specific heat measurements and find a good agreement in the optimally doped magnetite. Our data indicates that Al doping leads to a smaller entropy change and larger volume expansion at the transition. Our data displays the trends that are consistent with the mean field model of the transition that assumes charge ordering in magnetite.
Solution of the two identical ion Penning trap final state
W. Blackburn,T. L. Brown,E. Cozzo,B. Moyers,M. Crescimanno
Physics , 2001, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.64.055401
Abstract: We have derived a closed form analytic expression for the asymptotic motion of a pair of identical ions in a high precision Penning trap. The analytic solution includes the effects of special relativity and the Coulomb interaction between the ions. The existence and physical relevance of such a final state is supported by a confluence of theoretical, experimental and numerical evidence.
Superconductivity near lattice instability: the case of NbC$_{1-x}$N$_x$ and NbN
Simon Blackburn,Michel C?té,Steven G. Louie,Marvin L. Cohen
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: Using density functional theory within the local density approximation we report a study of the electron-phonon coupling in NbC$_{1-x}$N$_x$ and NbN crystals in the rocksalt structure. The Fermi surface of these systems exhibits important nesting. The associated Kohn anomaly greatly increases the electron-phonon coupling and induces a structural instability when the electronic density of states reaches a critical value. Our results reproduce the observed rise in $T_{c}$ from 11.2 K to 17.3 K as the nitrogen doping is increased in NbC$_{1-x}$N$_x$. To further understand the contribution of the structural instability to the rise of the superconducting temperature, we develop a model for the Eliashberg spectral function in which the effect of the unstable phonons is set apart. We show that this model together with the McMillan formula can reproduce the increase of $T_{c}$ near the structural phase transition.
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