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On -porous sets in abstract spaces
L. Zají ek
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2005, DOI: 10.1155/aaa.2005.509
Abstract: The main aim of this survey paper is to give basic information about properties and applications ofσ-porous sets in Banach spaces (and some other infinite-dimensional spaces). This paper can be considered a partial continuation of the author's 1987 survey on porosity and σ-porosity and therefore only some results, remarks, and references (important for infinite-dimensional spaces) are repeated. However, this paper can be used without any knowledge of the previous survey. Some new results concerning σ-porosity in finite-dimensional spaces are also briefly mentioned. However, results concerning porosity (but not σ-porosity) are mentioned only exceptionally.
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: Turkish folk lullabies which is one of the types of anonymous folkpoetry in Turkish folk lullabies, to be addressed as a separate type ofverse is one of the biggest factors is being performed by women . Externaland internal structural features and execution contexts of lullabiesdefined by women, , so that the features of a lullaby occur as genres. Inthis article, how to female gender influenced the Turkish folk lullabies,within the changing structure of the Turkish socio-cultural. Becauselullabies which is created in socio-cultural environments is impossible tobe considered independently. Moreover, analysing lullabies withinchanges the social sex role of women , to understand how motherdescribe her self in the patriarchal life. Lullabies will be evaluatedseparately in oral, written and electronic cultural environments. Thefactors what is affecting women performance and lullabies as a genre isdetermined.It will be focused on new forms of lullabies, wich have traditional patterns; lullaby books, tapes and CDs will be analysed theimpact of the execution of lullabies.Thus, different communicationenvironments experienced by Turkish folk lullabies, structural, thematicand functional differentiation will be evaluated. Anonim halk iiri türlerinden biri olan Türk halk ninnilerinin, ayr bir naz m türü olarak ele al nmas n sa layan en büyük fakt rlerden biri,kad nlar taraf ndan icra ediliyor olmas d r. D ve i yap zellikleri, icraba lamlar kad n taraf ndan ekillendirilen ninnilerin, türsel nitelikleri busayede ortaya kmaktad r. Ninnilerin de di er s zlü türler gibiyarat ld klar sosyo-kültürel ortamlardan ba ms z dü ünülmesimümkün olmad ndan bu al ma daha ziyade, Türk halk ninnilerinkad n cinsiyetinden nas l etkilendi ini irdelemeye y neliktir. Ninnilerinanlamland r lmas nda kad n n toplumsal cinsiyet rolünde ortaya kande i imleri ve annenin ataerkil ya am bi imi i inde kendini dile getiri bi imini g rmek zorunludur. Bu ama la ninniler, s zlü, yaz l veelektronik kültür ortamlar nda ayr ayr de erlendirilecek; ninnilerdekad n n icras n etkileyen dolay s yla da ninnilerin türsel niteliklerinibelirleyen olu umlar üzerinde durulacakt r. S zlü kültürde dilden dilegeleneksel kal plarla birlikte aktar lan ninnilerin yaz l ve elektronikkültür ortamlar nda ald klar yeni bi imler üzerinde durulacak; ninnikitaplar n n, kaset ve CD’lerinin ninni icras na etkisi incelenecektir.B ylelikle Türk halk ninnilerinin farkl ileti im ortamlar nda u rad klar yap sal, tematik ve fonksiyonel farkl la malar de erlendirilecektir.
Development of unconventional forming methods
S. Rusz,L. ?í?ek
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: Purpose: Paper presents results of progress ECAP processing method for UFG structure reached (gained).The properties and microstructure are influenced by technological factors during application ECAP method.Design/methodology/approach: Summary of methods studied on Department of technology at Machining faculty of V B-TU Ostrava through of co-operation with Institute of Engineering Materials and Biomaterials, Silesian University of Technology is presented.Findings: Achievement of ultra-fine grained structure in initial material leads to substantial increase of plasticity and makes it possible to form materials in conditions of superplastic state“. Achievement of the required structure depends namely of the tool geometry, number of passes through the matrix, obtained deformation magnitude and strain rate, process temperature and lubrication conditions. High deformation at comparatively low homologous temperatures is an efficient method of production of ultra-fine grained solid materials.The new technologies, which use severe plastic deformation, comprise namely these techniques: High Pressure Torsion, Equal Channel Angular Pressing = ECAP, Cyclic Channel Die Compression = CCDC, Cyclic Extrusion Compression = CEC, Continuous Extrusion Forming = CONFORM, Accumulative Roll Bonding, Constrained Groove Pressing.Research limitations/implications: Achieved hardness and microstructure characteristics will be determined by new research.Practical implications: The results may be utilized for a relation between structure and properties of the investigated materials in future process of manufacturing.Originality/value: These results contribute to complex evaluation of properties new metals after application unconventional forming methods. The results of this paper are determined for research workers deal by the process severe plastic deformation.
Utilization of heat treatment aimed to spheroidization of eutectic silicon for silumin castings produced by squeeze casting
B. Vanko,L. Stan?ek
Archives of Foundry Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: This paper describes the possibility of using very short periods of solution annealing in the heat treatment of unmodified hypoeutectic silumin alloy AlSi7Mg0,3 casted by method of casting with crystallization under pressure with forced convection (direct squeeze casting process). Castings prepared at different casting parameters were subjected to special heat treatment called SST (Silicon Spheroidization Treatment), which were originally used only for the modified silumin alloys to spheroidization of eutectic silicon. Temperature holding time in solution annealing of T6 heat treatment is limited in the SST process to only a few minutes. It was studied the effect of casting parameters and periods of solution annealing on ultimate strength, yield strength, and especially ductility that in the unmodified silumin alloy castings is relatively low.
Development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for quantification of Salmonella enteritidis-specific antibodies in egg yolk
Tayeb, IT;Nehme, P;Jaber, L;Barbour, EK;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-635X2006000400009
Abstract: the present study aims at developing an indirect elisa to quantify yolk antibodies specific to all surface proteins of the invasive salmonella enteritidis (se), which acquired the 1.8, 14.1, and ~ 50 kb plasmids. an elisa checkerboard was used in four different experiments to account for the different parameters included in the preliminary elisa procedure, and consequently to maximize the difference in optical density (od) values between control positive and negative yolk samples. the first experiment aimed at studying the impact of 5% bovine serum albumin (bsa) dissolved in distilled water as a blocking reagent on a 28 μg/well se antigen-coated plate, while applying the positive and negative control yolk samples to different concentrations of phosphate-buffered saline (pbs).conjugate application was maintained constant at a dilution of 1:500 in pbs. the second experiment was similar to the first one, but the positive and negative control yolk samples were diluted in pbs-tween 20, and the conjugate dilution was changed to 1:1500 in pbs-tween 20. in the third experiment, the conjugate was diluted at 1:1500 in 5% bsa/pbs-tween 20 diluent or pbs-tween 20 diluent with no 5% bsa. the objective of the fourth experiment was to study the impact of four different concentrations of se-coated antigen levels (28μg/well, 56μg/well, 84μg/well, and 112μg/well), while fixing the blocking step with 5% bsa in distilled water, and the conjugate dilution set at 1:1000 in 5% bsa/pbstween 20, and fixing the control yolk samples dilution at 1% in pbs-tween 20. this last experimental procedure allowed the highest difference in mean absorbance od values of the positive control minus the negative control samples, which was equivalent to 0.381. in addition, the final protocol for this elisa was applied on individual egg yolk samples of two groups of chicken layers: one challenged in the esophagus at 11 days with 5.4 x 1010 cfu/ml/bird of se, and the second group was not challenged. the mean o
Sa l kta e itsizliklerle ilgili temel kavramlar
Hatice ?im?ek,Bülent K?l??
Turkish Journal of Public Health , 2012, DOI: 10.5421/10.5421/1304.1086
Abstract: zet Sa l kta e itsizlik, sa l a etki eden sosyal etmenlerin ve/veya sa l k sistemindeki yetersizliklerin etkisiyle bireylerin ve/veya toplumun sa l nda nlenebilir ve kabul edilemez bozulmalar n olu mas d r. Neoliberalizmin yayg nla mas ndan sonra günümüzün ba l ca konular aras ndad r. Sa l kta e itsizli in iki bile eni vard r: sa l n sosyal belirleyicilerindeki e itsizlik ve sa l k hizmetlerindeki e itsizlik. Sa l kta e itsizlik al malar nda standart bir de erlendirme y ntemi yoktur, pek ok ba ml ve ba ms z de i ken kullan lmaktad r. al malarda kullan lan ba l ca ba ml de i kenler sa l k durumuna (mortalite, morbidite, engellilik), sa l etkileyen risk etmenlerine, sa l k alg s na, sa l k hizmetlerinin eri ilebilirli ine ve kullan m na ili kindir. Ba ms z de i ken olarak temelde renim, gelir, meslek, sosyal s n f de i kenleri kullan lmaktad r. Konut zellikleri, sosyal güvence durumu, etnik yap , ya am kolayla t r c ara lar/dayan kl tüketim mallar na sahip olma, baz bireysel ve b lgesel e itsizlik indeksleri de ba ms z de i ken olabilmektedir. Sa l kta e itsizliklerin yaln zca sa l k hizmeti sunumu ile giderilmesi olas de ildir. Sa l kta e itsizlikleri azaltman n yolu s n fsal farkl l klar azaltmak, sa l k hizmetlerini daha ula labilir ve kapsay c hale getirmek olmakla birlikte temel züm s n fl toplum yap s n n ortadan kald r lmas d r. Anahtar Kelimeler: Sa l k, e itsizlik, sosyoekonomik durum, yoksulluk Basic concepts related to health inequalities Abstract Health inequalities can be defined as the avoidable and unacceptable disruptions in the health of individuals or communities caused by social factors and/or deficiencies in the organization of the health system. It is among the main political/social topics today after the spread of neoliberalism. There are two main components of health inequality, inequality in the social determinants of health and inequality in health care. There is no Standard method used for evaluation in health inequality studies and many dependent and independent variables have beenused. The main dependent variables used in these studies are related to health status (mortality, morbidity, disability), perceived health, access to and use of health care. Basically, education, income, occupation and social class are used as independent variables. House ownership, social security status, ethnicity, ownership of durable goods, and some of the individual and regional inequality indexes can also be used as independent variables. It is unlikely that inequalities in health can be eliminated by provid
Industrial Wastes and Economics of their Utilization
Dvo?á?ek, J.,Vodzinsky,, V.,Domaracká, L.
Metalurgija , 2006,
Abstract: The contribution deals with the utilization of industrial wastes, especially from mining and metallurgical enterprises. The wastes are being processed into the form of hydraulic non-washable stowing which can be deposited in the closed underground mines. The economic aspects of this activity which compete with depositing of non-processed industrial wastes on surface stockyards are considered here.
Tax Implementations and Smuggling According to Cuneiform Tablets in Old Anatolia (B.C. ± 1975-1750)
L. Gürkan G?k?ek
Journal of Gazi Academic View , 2009,
Abstract: Tablets of cuneiform writing remaining from the period named as “Assyrian Trade Colonies Age” of the second millenium B.C. to the present-day are the oldest written sources which enlighten the Anatolian history. Almost all the tablets are about the doings of Assyrian merchants who came to Anatolia on business purposes. For that reason all the information we obtain about the said period of Anatolia deals with the economic life. According to the information given by those cuneiform tablets which are written in the old Assyrian dialect and about 25 thousand in number for today, the trade activities were being carried out in exchange of taxes levied by the Anatolian city chieftains and on condition that the merchants should obey some other regolations. From the tablets it is possible to determine the names and the characteristics of different kinds of taxes implemented in those days. Smugling was being comitted by means of bringing the commodities in the cities without getting permission from the local rulers or using awkward routes outside the human settlements not to pay taxes. Buying and selling the goods that are subject to the prohibition of trade was another means of smuggling.
Superplastic properties of magnesium alloys
M. Greger,R. Kocich,L. ?í?ek
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering , 2007,
Abstract: Purpose: The paper summarises results of experiments aimed at development of structure of modified Mg-Al-Zn alloys at hot deformation.Design/methodology/approach: Methods ARB and ECAP were used in the described experiment. It was proved that hardly forming materials could achieve very high plastics properties.Findings: After making plastics deformation, the using materials of alloys AZ61 and AZ91 analysed superplastics behaviour, it was certified by obtaining results, when ductility to rupture of alloy AZ91 was 418 %, it is demostrated at conclusion of the article.Research limitations/implications: The experiment proved big influence of previous plastics deformation to ending values of mechanical properties. It was verified that better results are at rolling in more steps compared to rolling in one pass.Practical implications: The low submission temperature at last pass through die it causes obtaining higher final properties.Originality/value: It was obtained the material about grain size d ≈ 0,7μm during using the technology of ECAP. Abreast of it the technology ARB enabled to get material of grain size in interval d ≈ 1-10 μm. The sekond technology brings higher strength properties. Only 3 cycles were sufficient to lower original grain size under limit 10 μm
Forging and Rolling of magnesium alloy AZ61
M. Greger,R. Kocich,L. ?í?ek
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering , 2007,
Abstract: Purpose: The paper summarises results of experiments aimed at development of structure of modified alloyAZ61 at hot deformation.Design/methodology/approach: Deformation behaviour of alloy was verified at the temperature of 420°C byrolling at 380°C by forging, respectively.Findings: Magnesium alloy AZ 61 have hexagonal structure and their forming is at room temperatures verydifficult, that’s why big plastic deformations are carried out in hot condition. After plastic deformations wasobtained that original grain size decreased 15 times.Research limitations/implications: This paper provide data about magnitude of deformation, strain rate andtemperature of forming at different techniques of plastic deformation. It was aimed to determine the conditionsfor non problem rolling and forging respectively.Practical implications: Initial structure was as cast and after heat treatment T4. Heat treatment appeared muchbetter for forming as well as forging than rolling because of state of stress.Originality/value: Role of βphase (Mg17Al12 ) in these alloys at plastic forming is very important, such thathow it was obtained, best final properties of AZ 61 alloy supports very fine particles, distributed into Mg matrix.Next a relevant information is that multi stage forming process is much better in comparison with a big singlereduction.
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