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Consequências sociais e emocionais da dislexia de desenvolvimento: um estudo de caso
Carvalhais, Lénia Sofia de Almeida;Silva, Carlos;
Psicologia Escolar e Educacional , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-85572007000100003
Abstract: developmental dyslexia is a specific learning disability characterized by difficulty in learning how to read and write. this difficulty affects the auto-concept and the relationships that dyslexics establish with pairs, teachers and parents. to evaluate the social and emotional consequences of development dyslexia diagnosis we did two interviews, oriented by inquiries built for the effect, to a portuguese pupil and to its foreman of education, as a result of a study case, of longitudinal character. the results showed us the necessity of a dyslexia evaluation which will allow us to detect it at an early age and will permit us to make a proper intervention in order to fight school failure. on the other hand, we came to the conclusion that it is fundamental to bring this learning disability to teachers' and other education professionals' attention, so as to avoid situations of discrimination, such as the ones we came across in the course of this study.
L1 Educational Studies in Language and Literature , 2009,
Abstract: The aim of this article is to discuss the theoretical issues behind reading processes, the relationbetween this skill and dyslexia, and to present some results from a pseudowords reading test with Portuguesechildren. Developmental dyslexia is a specific learning disability characterized by difficulty inlearning to read, and there is strong evidence that dyslexia is related to underlying deficiencies in phonologicalskills. Phonological deficits establish robust differences between dyslexic and normal readers and,according to the theoretical background, phonological awareness can be assessed with pseudowords tests.In this study, we applied the Pseudo words Reading Test, one of twenty tests of the Battery of Tests toAssess Developmental Dyslexia (BADD) constructed to assess dyslexia in Portuguese children between 7and 12 years old. We gave the Pseudo words Reading Test to 555 Portuguese children, aged 8 to 12.Fifty-seven of these children had been previously assessed by other professionals as dyslexics. We triedto verify how factors like age, gender and learning disabilities influence the acuity in pseudo words readingand if this test can be used to assist in an early diagnosis of developmental dyslexia. The results provethat there are significant differences between dyslexic children and normal readers in reading pseudowords in Portuguese language.
The Gammaherpesvirus m2 Protein Manipulates the Fyn/Vav Pathway through a Multidocking Mechanism of Assembly
Marta Pires de Miranda, Marta Alenquer, Sofia Marques, Lénia Rodrigues, Filipa Lopes, Xosé R. Bustelo, J. Pedro Simas
PLOS ONE , 2008, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0001654
Abstract: To establish latent infections in B-cells, gammaherpesviruses express proteins in the infected B-cells of the host that spuriously activate signalling pathways located downstream of the B-cell receptor. One such protein is M2, a murine gammaherpesvirus 68-encoded molecule that activates the Vav1/Rac1 pathway via the formation of trimolecular complexes with Scr family members. Previous reports have shown that the formation of this heteromolecular complex involves interactions between a proline rich region of M2 and the Vav1 and Fyn SH3 domains. Here, we show that the optimal association of these proteins requires a second structural motif encompassing two tyrosine residues (Tyr120 and 129). These residues are inducibly phosphorylated by Fyn in non-hematopoietic cells and constitutively phosphorylated in B-cells. We also demonstrate that the phosphorylation of Tyr120 creates specific docking sites for the SH2 domains of both Vav1 and Fyn, a condition sine qua non for the optimal association of these two signalling proteins in vivo. Interestingly, signaling experiments indicate that the expression of M2 in B-cells promotes the tyrosine phosphorylation of Vav1 and additional signaling proteins, a biological process that requires the integrity of both the M2 phosphotyrosine and proline rich region motifs. By infecting mice with viruses mutated in the m2 locus, we show that the integrity of each of these two M2 docking motifs is essential for the early steps of murine gammaherpesvirus-68 latency. Taken together, these results indicate that the M2 phosphotyrosine motif and the previously described M2 proline rich region work in a concerted manner to manipulate the signaling machinery of the host B-cell.
Alimentos e Nutri??o , 2009,
Abstract: The purpose of the present study was to analyze the acute effects of the green coffee extracts consumption in some biomarkers of adult Brazilian subjects. Twenty healthy adult subjects between 18 and 35 years old of different sex and ethnic groups took part in the present study. All participants were submitted a 12 hours overnight fast before experiments. Plasma and serum biochemical parameters were measured in distinct intervals after a breakfast standard ingestion and 0.6 L of green coffee been extract consumption. No statistically differences (Wilcoxon test) on serum lipid profi le and plasmatic homocysteine concentration were noted after green coffee beverage intake. Caffeine has been associated with increase of the glycaemia in roasted coffee consumers. In the present study, a signifi cant increase (p= 0.03) in glycaemia was observed thirty minutes after the green coffee beverage ingestion and, then, there was a tendency of glycaemia maintenance. The low amount of free caffeine found in green coffee matrix could explain the quick stabilization of the glycaemia. The ingestion of green coffee beverage also signifi cantly reduced uricaemia (p= 0.03) (Wilcoxon test). It is possible that the polyphenols, present in high amounts in this beverage, could act inhibiting the xanthine oxidase enzyme. Therefore, the consumption of green coffee has to stabilize blood glucose 30 minutes after ingestion of test meal, and reduction of uricaemia.
Constituintes químicos voláteis e n?o-voláteis de Cochlospermum vitifolium (Willdenow) Sprengel
Almeida, Sheyla Cristiane Xenofonte de;Lemos, Telma Lêda Gomes de;Silveira, Edilberto Rocha;Pessoa, Otília Deusdênia Loiola;
Química Nova , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422005000100012
Abstract: the essential oils from leaves, root bark and root wood of cochlospermum vitifolium were investigated for the first time. the oils were obtained by hydrodistillation and analyzed by gc/ms. the main volatile constituents were b-caryophyllene (8.2 - 46.5%), b-bisabolene (11.5 - 29.3%), g-muurolene (28.4%), a-humulene (26.0%), 1-hydroxy-3-hexadecanone (16.2 - 19.5%) and b-pinene (10.6%). phytochemical analysis of the root bark and root wood extracts yielded excelsin, pinoresinol, narigenin, aromadendrin, galic acid and a triacylbenzene, along with b-sitosterol and stigmasterol and their d-glucosides. the structures of all compounds were determined by analyses of the spectroscopic data (nmr and ms), and comparison with the literature.
Embolia pulmonar por líquido amniótico: relato de caso e revis?o da literatura
Almeida, Edmilton Pereira de;Almeida, Maria Ant?nia Campos;Amaral, Lígia Menezes do;Soares Júnior, Cleber;Haddad, Márcia Abudd;Rodrigues, Lúcia Lopes;
Revista Brasileira de Terapia Intensiva , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-507X2007000200017
Abstract: background and objectives: amniotic fluid embolism is a rare complication of pregnancy whose physiopathology is not completely known and still not frequently remembered by intensive care physicians and obstetricians. the main aim of this case report was to emphasize the need of better knowledge of this disease by physicians. case report: a 15 years old, primigravida, 35th week of gestation was admitted in our intensive care unit (icu) with a sudden respiratory distress. soon after admission she was intubated and put on mechanical ventilation. after stabilization she was transferred to the operating room and a cesarean section was undertaken. during the operation, instead of fluid reposition with crystalloids in large amounts, her hemodynamic status deteriorated and it was necessary to use vasoactive drugs. after three days on mechanical ventilation she was successfully weaned and discharged from the intensive care unit (icu) after 6 days. she and her baby were discharged from hospital on13th day of hospitalization. conclusions: amniotic fluid embolism is a rare and catastrophic complication of pregnancy, at least in its classic presentation. it is characterized by acute respiratory distress, hemodynamic compromise and coagulopathy that occur during or within 30 min after labor. diagnosis is by exclusion of other conditions of pregnancy or diseases that can be aggravated during pregnancy such as eclampsia, sepsis, pos-partum cardiomyopathy, anaphylaxis, pulmonary thromboembolism, transfusion reactions, anesthetic complications and mitral stenosis. there is growing evidence that we have a spectrum of manifestation which can be more common that in the classic ones. the treatment is supportive of vital functions, such as mechanical ventilation, fluid reposition, vasoactive drugs and fresh frozen plasma as necessary. the intensive care physicians and obstetricians should be aware of this disease in order to make early diagnosis and prompt treatment.
Pilot study on the action of Nux vomica 12cH os mice subjected to sleep deprovation. Estudio piloto de la aci 3n de Nux vomica 12cH sobre la conducta de ratones sometios a privaci 3n de sue ±o. Estudo piloto sobre a a § £o da Nux Vomica 12cH no comportamento de camundongos submetidos priva § £o de sono.
Karina F. L. R. de O. Figueiredo,Leoni V. Bonamin,Luiselle P. Miranda,V???¢nia D' Almeida
International Journal of High Dilution Research , 2007,
Abstract: This work was intended to evaluate the effects of the homeopathic medicine Nux vomica 12CH in stressed mice submitted to a sleep deprivation protocol. The remedy was chosen according to the homeopathic similarity law. Male mice were divided in 4 groups: sleep deprived (SD); animals allowed to sleep (control) and treated with water; SD treated with Nux vomica 12 CH (SD-NV); and control mice treated with Nux vomica (NV). The animals were exposed to sleep deprivation for 3 days. The animals were weighed and submitted to open field (OF) and elevated plus maze (PM) tests before and after the SD. At the end of the experiment, the animals were sacrificed.During the experiment, 10 μl of water or medicine were given orally to the mice, daily, between 9 and 10 a.m. The experiment was blindly conducted. All sleep deprived animals had decrease of weight gain, independent of the treatment employed. The group of animals treated with NV produced more excrement on second OF exposition, but the results, taken together, suggest that Nux vomica 12CH had no anxiolytic effects on sleep deprived animals.
Imagens de Fran a do século XVIII através da colec o cartográfica do Visconde de Balsem o
Ana Sofia de Almeida Coutinho
Revista da Faculdade de Letras : Historia , 2009,
Mycoplasma synoviae infection on Newcastle disease vaccination of chickens
Silva, Rita de Cássia Figueira;Nascimento, Elmiro Rosendo do;Pereira, Virgínia Léo de Almeida;Barreto, Maria Lúcia;Nascimento, Maria da Gra?a Fichel do;
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-83822008000200033
Abstract: newcastle disease is characterized by respiratory manifestations in association with nervous and/or digestive symptoms. its prevention is done by vaccination with live attenuated (lentogenic strains) and/or killed vaccines. the lentogenic strains can lead to strong post-vaccination reaction, principally due to the presence of other pathogenic agents. among them, mycoplasma synoviae is worldwide important, mainly in brazil. the dissemination of this agent in poultry flocks has been achieved due to difficulties in diagnosis and disease reproduction, virulence variations among different m.synoviae strains, and attribution of typical m.synoviae disease manifestation to other disease agents. this experimental study in spf chicks (gallus gallus), previously infected by m.synoviae and thereafter vaccinated against newcastle disease, was done with the objective of evaluating m.synoviae pathogenicity through assessment of post-vaccinal respiratory reactions and serologic responses to newcastle disease virus vaccine in the absence of environmental factors. a total of 86 three days old chicks were used, being 57 infected by eye and nostril drop, with chicken activated m. synoviae strain wvu 1853. seven days later, 21 mycoplasma infected birds plus 29 not mycoplasma infected ones were vaccinated against newcastle disease. as results, the not infected and vaccinated birds yielded, significantly, higher and longer lasting serologic responses to newcastle disease vaccine virus than those infected and vaccinated. similarly, the infected and vaccinated birds yielded lower serologic reactions to m.synoviae than those only mycoplasma infected. no post-vaccinal respiratory reaction was observed in the vaccinated birds.
Atividade eletromiográfica no agachamento nas posi??es de 40o, 60o e 90o de flex?o do joelho
Sousa, Catarina de Oliveira;Ferreira, José Jamacy de Almeida;Medeiros, Ana Catarina L. Veras;Carvalho, Ant?nia Hermínia de;Pereira, Rosana Cavalcante;Guedes, Dimitri Taurino;Alencar, Jer?nimo F. de;
Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-86922007000500006
Abstract: the aim of this study was to compare the electromyographic (emg) activity of the femoris rectus, femoris biceps, tibialis anterior and soleus muscles in squatting, associating the trunk in erect position with two angles of knee flexion (40° and 60°) and the trunk at 45° flexion with three angles of knee flexion (40°, 60° and 90°). all associations were performed with and without additional load (10 kg). the sample was composed of 12 healthy individuals with mean age of 21.1 ± 2.5 years and weight of 62.8 ± 7.4 kg. the emg of the cited muscles was isometrically registered in 10 squatting positions. for statistical analysis, friedman two-way anova and the newman-keuls post-hoc test were used. the results showed co-activation between the femoris rectus and femoris biceps muscles with the trunk in flexion and at 40° of knee flexion and between the femoris rectus and soleus muscles in the other positions considered (p < 0.05). it was also possible to observe co-activation between tibialis anterior and femoris biceps muscles with knee at 40° and 60° of flexion, with the trunk erect and in flexion and between the tibialis anterior and soleus muscles in the other positions (p < 0.05). concerning isolated muscular activation, higher knee flexion in squatting was an important factor to greater muscles activation, except for the soleus. trunk position and the additional load of 10 kg have influenced in the muscular activation of the femoris rectus at 60° of knee flexion, in which the erect trunk provided more activation. the femoris biceps presented greater activation when the knee was in 40° of flexion and the trunk flexioned. the co-activation between the femoris rectus and biceps with the trunk in flexion, and between the femoris rectus and soleus in the other positions, lead to new possibilities of exercises in rehabilitation.
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