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Caracterización biológica y clínica de pacientes pediátricos con leucemia linfoide aguda pro-B
Marsán Suárez,Vianed; Cos Padrón,Yanelkys; Socarrás Ferrer,Bertha Beatriz; Sánchez Segura,Miriam; Macías Abraham,Consuelo; del Valle Pérez,Lázaro O; Torres Leyva,Isabel; Nú?ez Quintana,Aramís; González Otero,Alejandro;
Revista Cubana de Hematolog?-a, Inmunolog?-a y Hemoterapia , 2006,
Abstract: the biological and clinical characteristics of 19 children with pro-b acute lymphocytic leukemia were studied during 14 years. the cellular immunophenotyping was performed by the immunocytochemical ultramicrornethod. a higher incidence was observed in a group aged 2-5 years old. the distribution by race was the same as in the normal population. the white boys were the most affected. 73.7 % of the patients presented leukocytes < 20x10 9 /l at the onset of the disease, and 57.9 % had hepatomegaly and splenomegaly. adenopathies and hemorrhagic manifestations were observed in 47.4 % and in 2 %, respectively. the cd19 antigen was expressed in 100 % of the patients, the cd22 plasmatic antigen in 89.5 %, the tdt enzyme in 68.4 % and hla-dr in 57.9 %. of the total of studied patients, 4 (21 %) expressed myeloid antigens and were classified as pro-b lla-mi+. the expressed myeloid antigens were cd13 and cd33 (5.3 %) in a patient, and cd15 in 2 patients (10.5 %). these results show that lla is a heterogenous disease with different biological and clinical subtypes
Significado biológico y clínico de la expresión de antígenos mieloides en la leucemia linfoide aguda pediátrica
Marsán Suárez,Vianed; Sánchez Segura,Miriam; Socarrás Ferrer,Bertha B.; del Valle Pérez,Lázaro O.; Macías Abraham,Consuelo; Nú?ez Quintana,Aramís; González Otero,Alejandro; Lam Díaz,Rosa M.;
Revista Cubana de Hematolog?-a, Inmunolog?-a y Hemoterapia , 2009,
Abstract: in 238 children presenting with acute lymphoid leukemia (all) authors studied the possible association between the myeloid antigens expression with determined biologic and clinic features at disease onset. the cellular immunophenotyping was performed by ultraimmunocytochemical method. from the total of diagnosed alls, the 21,8% were lla-mi+. there was a lymphadenopathies predominance (71,2%), splenomegaly (65,4%) and hepatomegaly (57,7%) in patients with lla-mi+ and very significant differences (p =0,003, p = 0,0068, and p = 0,000, respectively. there was also alight predominance of mediastinum adenopathies, cns infiltration and hemorrahagic manifestations in patients with lla-mi+, no statistically significant. results showed that in our patients the myeloid antigen expression on the lymphoid blasts influenced on appearance of determined presentation of morphologic and clinical features in children.
Hipogammaglobulinemia congénita asociada con trastornos de los granulocitos.: Presentación de un caso
Sánchez Segura,Miriam C.; Marsán Suárez,Vianed; Socarrás Ferrer,Bertha B.; Ojeda de León,Norma; Nú?ez Quintana,Aramís; Insua Arregui,Concepción; del Valle Pérez,Lázaro O.; Arce Hernández,Ada A.; Macías Abraham,Consuelo;
Revista Cubana de Hematolog?-a, Inmunolog?-a y Hemoterapia , 2009,
Abstract: this is the case of a child aged 11 months with a history of systemic sepsis from pseudomona aeruginosa at 5 months, neutropenia, leucopenia, sepsis-associated anemia and from then, recurrent acute respiratory infections of the high respiratory tract, allergic manifestations and furunculosis from pseudomona. immunologic study conducted showed a decreased figure of igg with a light increase of cd4+ cooperative-igm of t cells. also, we found the presence of neutropenia and marked defect of phagocytosis. we made the diagnosis of granulocyte-associate congenital hypogammaglobulinemia. the patient was treated with human gamma globulin by intramuscular route, transference factor and immunoferon, with an obvious improvement.
Relevancia biológica y clínica del inmunofenotipaje celular en la leucemia linfoide aguda del ni?o
Marsán Suárez,Vianed; Cos Padrón,Yanelkys; Sánchez Segura,Miriam; Socarrás Ferrer,Bertha B.; Macías Abraham,Consuelo; del Valle Pérez,Lázaro O.; Nú?ez Quintana,Aramís; González Otero,Alejandro; Svarch Guerchicoff,Eva; Lam Díaz,Rosa M.;
Revista Cubana de Hematolog?-a, Inmunolog?-a y Hemoterapia , 2008,
Abstract: the biological and clinical characteristics of 238 children with acute lymphocytic leukemia (all) were studied for 13 years. the cellular immunophenotyping of samples from the bone marrow was performed by an immunocytochemical ultramicromethod. of the total of studied all, 81.4 % were phenotype b and 18.5 % phenotype t. 48.4 % of the children with b-all were 2-5 years old, whereas 65.9 % with t-all were 6 or over. no statistically significant differences were found when sex and colour of the skin were analyzed in relation to the cellular leukemic phenotype. on diagnosing the disease, 59.3 % of the patients with b-all showed figures of leukocytes in peripheral blood < 20x109/l, whereas in 61.4 % with t-all, the figures were higher than 50x109/l. it was observed a greater incidence of organomegaly, mediastinal adenopathies, hemorrhagic manifestations and initial infiltration of the central nervous system in patients with t-all compared with those suffering b-all. the differences were highly significant. these results proved that the leukemic phenotype in all in children could be considered as a positive or negative prognostic factor of the disease.
Heterogeneidad biológica y clínica de la leucemia linfoide aguda pediátrica de fenotipo T
Marsán Suárez,Vianed; Cos Padrón,Yanelkys; Fuentes de Armas,Lillian Teresa; Socarrás Ferrer,Bertha Beatriz; Sánchez Segura,Miriam; Nú?ez Quintana,Aramís; Svarch Guerchicoff,Eva; Lam Díaz,Rosa; del Valle Pére,Lázaro O; Macías Abraham,Consuelo;
Revista Cubana de Hematolog?-a, Inmunolog?-a y Hemoterapia , 2005,
Abstract: the biological and clinical characteristics of 31 children with phenotype t acute lymphoid leukemia (t-all) were studied in a period of 14 years. the cellular immunophenotyping was performed by the immunocytochemical (umiciq) and alkaline phosphatase anti-alkaline phosphatase (apaap) methods. it was observed a higher incidence (38.5 %) in the age group 2-5. the white male children were the most affected. 61.3 % of the patients showed leukocytes < 20x109/l at the onset of the disease. the mean figure of hemoglobin was 8.8x109/l. 71 % presented lymphadenopathies and splenomegalia. mediastinal mass, hepatomegalia and hemorrhages were found in 32.2 %, 83.9 % and 16.1 %, respectively. 25.8 % had infiltration of the central nervous system. the immunological classification revealed a predominance of the late t-all variety (45.2 %) over the early (29 %) and the cortical (25.8 %). 2 (6,4 %) mi+ t-all were diagnosed. these results proved that the t-all of the child is a clinical and biologically heterogeneous disease
Desarrollo y análisis de un indicador integral para potenciar el control económico.
Arialys Hernández Nari?o,Dianelys Nogueira Rivera,Alberto Medina León,Lázaro Quintana Tápanes
Avanzada Científica , 2010,
Abstract: Atendiendo a la necesidad que existe del perfeccionamiento empresarial y lograr resultados eficaces y eficientes dentro del entorno altamente competitivo y agresivo de nuestros tiempos; así como, de agilizar el proceso de toma de decisiones, este trabajo tiene como objetivo el dise o y validación de un índice integral para evaluar la eficiencia financiera de una entidad. Para alcanzar este fin, se tomó como punto de partida la experiencia teórico-práctica de los autores, y se dise o un índice de eficiencia financiera con el propósito de estudiar y evaluar la salud financiera de la empresa, para fortalecer el control económico de la organización, como base fundamental del control de gestión. Como resultado del trabajo se muestra la aplicación de este índice en la Empresa de Calzado Textil-Goma "Humberto Lamothe".
La eritropoyetina: de la eritropoyesis a la cardioprotección
Dita Salabert,Liermis; Mendoza Hernández,Ivis; Gómez Baute,Rafael; García López,Elena; de la Cruz Avilés,Lázaro; Nú?ez Quintana,Aramis;
MediSur , 2010,
Abstract: many of the drugs that has shown promise in the treatment of hematologic malignancies and solid tumors, associated with a high potential cardiotoxic. within this group stand anthracyclines, identified as the type of chemotherapy most likely to cause heart damage, short or long term. with the improvement achieved in the survival of patients with these diseases, this adverse event has become a major concern for the scientific community. although many agents have been evaluated as potential cardioprotective therapeutic, clinical data are limited and does not suggest that the use of these agents promotes the survival of patients undergoing cardiotoxic treatments. the identification of erythropoietin receptor in hematopoietic tissues, including the heart, as well as its marked cardioprotective effect during ischemia have led to the hypothesis that erythropoietin may be able to prevent anthracycline-induced cardiomyopathy. addressing this hypothesis is the objective of this work.
Características clínicas y resultados terapéuticos de linfomas no Hodgkin de células grandes B mediastinal primarios
Chávez Medina,Reysel; Carnot Uria,José; de Castro Arenas,Raúl; Mu?ío Perurena,Jorge; Pérez Román,Guillermo; Nú?ez Quintana,Aramís;
Revista Cubana de Medicina , 2011,
Abstract: a retrospective, descriptive and observational study was conducted to assess the clinical-biological features and the therapeutic results of the primary mediastinal of large b cells lymphoma in 34 patients seen in the "hermanos ameijeiras" clinical surgical hospital from june, 1989 to february, 2009. there was predominance of female sex (61.8 %), mean age of 31.5 years (19 to 61 years) and of white race (70.6 %). the localized stages were more frequent (67.7 %), without b symptoms (64.7 %) and with a large tumor mass (70.6 %). global survival and the free of progression survival at five years were of 53.4 and 43.4 %, respectively. the global survival at three years of the patients treated with macopb/vacopb, chop and r-chop was of 77.7; 30.4 and 100 %, respectively. it was proved that patients treated with macopb/vacopb had better results than those treated with chop. age-adjusted international prognostic rate was not a survival predictor. in multivariable analysis, the only survival predictor was the applied (chop versus macopb). the routine use of radiotherapy has neither a significant impact on the global survival nor on the free of progression survival at five years.
Papel del túbulo en la vasoconstricción renal inducida por ciclosporina
Cama?oez,S.; Lázaro Fernández,A.; Callejas Martínez,R.; Lázaro Manero,J.A.; Castilla Barba,M.; Martín-Vasallo,P.; Martínez Escandell,A.; Tejedor Jorge,A.;
Actas Urológicas Espa?olas , 2008, DOI: 10.4321/S0210-48062008000100013
Abstract: introduction: cyclosporine (cya) has proved to induce cell apoptosis on cultured proximal tubule cells. however, there is no much data about the in vivo functional consequences of this injury or the long time observed cya-induced renal vasoconstriction. material and methods: in a swine model of subacute cya nephrotoxicity (10 mg/ kg. d x 15 days), we performed a right nephrectomy, followed by left renal artery, vein and ureter catheterisation. after inducing water diuresis, three clearance periods of 15 minutes were performed before and after a furosemide 1 mg/kg infusion. plasma and urine electrolytes, blood gas, acid excretion, plasma renin activity and aldosterone concentration, gfr, rpf, rbf, intra-renal vascular resistances, glomerular filtration pressure, distal cl- delivery, water clearance and ttkg were measured or estimated on 7 control and 7 treated animals. right kidney was processed for nakatpase activity and immunostaining. results: treated animals presented detaching proximal cells, luminal blebbing and loss of tight junctions. cortical but not medullar sodium pump was internalised and partially inactive. treated animals showed much lower fractional excretions of na+, with significantly higher distal fractional reabsorption of cl-. distal shift in fluid load resulted in a significant rise in renal o2 consumption, and odifications in the global renal estequiometry of na+ transport/o2 uptake. several consequences followed this situation: preglomerular resistances increased 3 times with only minor changes in postglomerular resistances and renal blood and plasma flow were significantly reduced. furosemide partially reversed these effects. a slight increase in fractional filtration prevented gfr differences to become statistically significant. conclusión: subacute cya treatment even al doses not modifying gfr, may cause proximal tubule na+ transport impairment, resulting in increased rates of distal delivery and absorption of fluid load. renal uptake of o2
Efectividad de la profilaxis para enfermedad tuberculosa en pacientes infectados por el virus de la inmunodeficiencia humana, Medellín, 2002-2005
Arbeláez,María Patricia; Arbeláez,Alexánder; Gómez,Rubén Darío; Rojas,Carlos; Vélez,Lázaro; Arias,Sonia Luz; Nagles,Jorge; Peláez,Luz Marina; Betancourt,Gloria; Velásquez,Gloria;
Biomédica , 2007,
Abstract: introduction. prophylaxis against tuberculosis has been recognized as important for preventing clinical forms of tuberculosis, mainly in hiv positive patients. however, in countries with high tuberculosis prevalence, prophylaxis application and effectiveness remains controversial. objective. effectiveness was established for two prophylaxis regimens -isoniazid treatment for nine months and pirazinamid/rifampin for 60 days. materials and methods. two cohort groups of patients diagnosed with hiv/aids were compared. one consisted of 131 volunteer patients, who received one of the two prophylactic regimens -pirazinamid/rifampin or isoniazid. the tuberculosis treatment drugs were self-administered and independent of tuberculin response tests. the second group consisted of 200 patients selected from the records of a hiv/aids control program. follow up for both groups was conducted over a two-year period through clinical records. results. the 2 groups were similar with respect to clinical and demographic variables. a higher proportion of patients in the control group had cd4 counts <200/ml and viral load >100,000 copies. in the prophylactic group, 8% of patients reported adverse effects due to the drug, and one person had tuberculosis in that group (0.8%). ten persons in the control group contracted tuberculosis (5%) rr=0.15, 95%ci 0.02-1.18, p=0.07. the prophylaxis protective level was calculated to be 80%, after taking into account cd4, viral load, and effective antiretroviral therapy. conclusion. the prophylaxis against tuberculosis was effective in hiv positive patients, independently of the immune status, viral load, and highly effective antiretroviral therapy.
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