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Content of macroelements and their ionic ratios in oat grain depending on the sulphur form and dose
Bozena BARCZAK,Krystian NOWAK
Journal of Central European Agriculture , 2013, DOI: 10.5513/jcea01/14.1.1167
Abstract: The research was based on the 2001-03 field experiment set up on Luvisol, of a very good rye soil complex, IIIb soil valuation class. The soil was slightly acidic in reaction, average richness in available forms of phosphorus, potassium and magnesium as well as low richness in the content of sulphates (VI). The research demonstrated that the sulphur fertilisation applied showed, in general, a slight effect on the content and equivalent proportions of macroelements in oat grain. The fertilizers (ammonium sulphate (VI), potassium sulphate (VI) and Wigor S) applied, irrespective of the sulphur form and dose, in some of the research years there was shown a slight decrease as compared with the non-fertilisation treatment, the contents of phosphorus, potassium and calcium. The content of magnesium, especially sulphate sulphur (VI) in oat grain, as affected by fertilizers containing sulphur, in general, gets increased. The elementary sulphur form found in Wigor S made it possible to reach slightly higher contents of phosphorus, calcium and magnesium than its sulphate (VI) form than the one used in a form of K2SO4 and (NH4)2SO4 however, in general, these differences were not significant. Neither were there identified any differences between the effect of the 20 and 40 kg Sha-1 doses on the content of the macroelements.
Increase in transforming growth factor β-1, laminin, and hyaluronic acid serum concentrations in advanced chronic pancreatitis
Krystian Adrych
Polish Gastroenterology , 2010,
Abstract: Introduction and aim of the study: Studies indicate that transforming growth factor β-1 (TGFβ-1) may play an important role in pancreatic fibrosis during the course of chronic pancreatitis. Thus it can be expected that chronic pancreatitis may be associated with an increase in serum TGF-β1 and markers of extracellular matrix proliferation. The aim of this study was to test this hypothesis. Material and methods: Twenty-three nondiabetic male patients with a history of chronic alcoholic pancreatitis and 16 healthy subjects were examined. Serum TGF-β1, laminin, and hyaluronic acid concentrations were determined by ELISA. Results: The patients with advanced chronic pancreatitis had significantly higher serum TGF-β1 concentrations than the control subjects. The concentrations of both serum laminin and hyaluronic acid (considered to be markers of extracellular matrix proliferation in pancreatic fibrosis) were also elevated in the patients with chronic pancreatitis. Conclusions: These results provide further evidence that TGF-β1 may play an important role in pancreatic fibrosis during the course of chronic pancreatitis. Moreover, it can be supposed that the measurement of serum hyaluronic acid, laminin, and TGF-β1 could be useful for the noninvasive detection of pancreatic fibrosis during the course of chronic pancreatitis.
Wybrane adipokiny pro- i przeciwzapalne w przewlek ym zapaleniu trzustki
Krystian Adrych
Polish Gastroenterology , 2010,
Abstract: Wyniki badań przeprowadzonych w ci gu ostatnich lat wskazuj , e tkanka t uszczowa charakteryzuje si du aktywno ci endokrynn , a wytwarzane przez ni adipokiny reguluj szereg wa nych procesów w organizmie cz owieka. St enie adipokin we krwi zale y od masy tkanki t uszczowej i stanu od ywienia cz owieka. Procesy chorobowe przebiegaj ce z zaburzonym od ywianiem i utrata masy tkanki t uszczowej mog wp ywa na st enie adipokin we krwi chorego. Z kolei zmiana st enia adipokin we krwi mo e wp ywa na przebieg choroby. Opisano dzia anie i potencjalne znaczenie kliniczne adipokin prozapalnych (leptyny i rezystyny) oraz przeciwzapalnych (adipokininy). U pacjentów z przewlek ym zapaleniem trzustki (PZT) stwierdzono podwy szone st enie rezystyny i obni one st enie leptyny w surowicy krwi. St enie adiponektyny w surowicy krwi jest niezmienione w procesie przewlek ego zapalenia trzustki, zmienia si natomiast stosunek adiponektyny do leptyny. Mimo zmniejszonego st enia leptyny we krwi pacjenci nie wykazuj wzmo onego apetytu. Mo e to sugerowa , e w przebiegu PZT dochodzi do obni enia wra liwo ci podwzgórza na leptyn . Zbadanie st enia neuropeptydu Y we krwi mog oby potwierdzi t hipotez . Przedyskutowano rol adipokin w procesie w óknienia trzustki, jednak potrzebne s dalsze badania w celu ostatecznego wyja nienia znaczenia adipokinin w patofizjologii przewlek ego zapalenia trzustki.
MR&CT analysis of the qualitative and quantitative structure of macrozoobenthos in selected oxbow lakes of Northern Poland
Krystian Obolewski, Agnieszka Strzelczak
Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies , 2008, DOI: 10.2478/v10009-008-0009-x
Abstract: Macrozoobenthos inhabiting six oxbow lakes in the basins of the S upia, yna, and Vistula rivers was investigated during spring, summer, and fall 2002-2006. The researched reservoirs - re-opened, dredged, with a sluice, natural open, natural semi-open, and natural closed - differed in degree of succession and type of connection with the relevant river. In order to determine the dependency of macrozoobenthos structure on type of oxbow lake and season, multivariate regression and classification tree method (MR&CT), and indicator species analysis were applied. The tree obtained revealed that the natural, semi-open oxbow lake differed distinctly from the others and was a favorable habitat for Diptera (mainly - Chironomidae larvae), Bivalvia, and Gastropoda. The latter taxon turned out to be an indicator for summer, while Insecta and Bivalvia dominated in spring and fall. Meliorated oxbow lakes (re-opened, dredged, with a sluice) were characterized by balanced density of all the macrozoobenthos organisms and the lack of indicator taxa. In turn, high trophy was indicated by Oligochaeta abundant in natural open and natural closed oxbow lakes, and in a reservoir with a sluice.
Foreign Migration of Poles in Scientific Research at the Turn of Century
Krystian Heffner, Brygida Solga
Bulletin of Geography. Socio-economic Series , 2008, DOI: 10.2478/v10089-008-0012-8
Abstract: The article deals with problems related to present foreign migrations of Poles. The attention is concentrated on presenting scientific research results in this sphere indicating many problems caused by migrations not only in the social, demographic and economic spheres but also in political and cultural spheres thus enabling scientists to understand better this complex and multidimensional phenomenon.
Oral burning - a gastric problem? Pieczenie w jamie ustnej - problem gastrologiczny?
Sebastian Krystian,K?osek
Polish Gastroenterology , 2011,
Abstract: Oral cavity is a functional part of the gastrointestinal tube, therefore, in search of etiological factors of oral symptoms, underlying systemic conditions should be considered. Oral burning without evident lesions on the tongue can coexist with functional gastrointestinal disorders, as well as with gastroesophageal reflux, gastritis and other gastropathies. This article is an attempt to indicate physiologic and pathologic relations between the oral cavity and the stomach. Therefore, close cooperation between general practitioners, gastroenterologists and dentists is essential.
Charakterystyka uk adu pojazd - kierowca w aspekcie bezpieczeństwa ruchu drogowego (A description of the system vehicle - driver for its safety in road traffic)
Krystian WILK,Rafa? ?ukasik
Transport Problems : an International Scientific Journal , 2007,
Abstract: Pocz wszy od po owy lat 90. XX w. w Polsce zauwa alny jest procesintensyfikacji ruchu drogowego, objawiaj cy si przede wszystkim wzrostem liczebno ci eksploatowanych rodków transportu drogowego. Rozwojowi ruchu drogowego towarzysz negatywne zjawiska, w postaci zatorów p ynno ci potoków ruchu oraz wzrostu liczby szkód komunikacyjnych. Niniejsze opracowanie stanowi prób analizyprzyczynowo ci szkód komunikacyjnych, wynikaj cych z charakterystyki uk adu pojazd-kierowca. Starting from the 1990s a significant increase and modernisation of roadtraffic vehicles used can be observed. There are, however, some negative aspects of this development such as congestions of the traffic flow and road traffic damages.This document aims at verifying the legitimacy of a view that a description of the causes of road traffic damages is a parameter of systems vehicle and driver.
Correlated random band matrices: localization-delocalization transitions
Martin Janssen,Krystian Pracz
Physics , 1999, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.61.6278
Abstract: We study the statistics of eigenvectors in correlated random band matrix models. These models are characterized by two parameters, the band width B(N) of a Hermitian N times N matrix and the correlation parameter C(N) describing correlations of matrix elements along diagonal lines. The correlated band matrices show a much richer phenomenology than models without correlation as soon as the correlation parameter scales sufficiently fast with matrix size. In particular, for B(N) and C(N) increasing like the square root of N the model shows a localization-delocalization transition of the quantum Hall type.
On the continuity of Fourier multipliers on the homogeneous Sobolev spaces $\dot{W}^1_1(R^d)$
Krystian Kazaniecki,Micha? Wojciechowski
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper we proof that every Fourier multiplier on homogeneous sobolev space $\dot{W}_1^1(\mathbb{R}^d)$ is a continuous function. Our theorem is generalization of A. Bonami and S. Poornima result for Fourier multipliers, which are homogeneous functions of degree zero.
Generalized Leibniz's rule on a two step nilpotent Lie group
Krystian Beka?a
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: Let $G$ be a two-step nilpotent Lie group. For a function $f$ on $G$ and a multiindex $\alpha \in N^{\dim{G}}$, let $T^{\alpha}f(x)=x^{\alpha}f(x)$. We find and prove a formula for $T^{\alpha}(f*g)$ for any $\alpha \in N^{\dim{G}}$ and Schwartz functions $f,g$, where $*$ is the convolution on G. As an application we get the formula for $D^{\alpha}(f # g)$, where $f # g = (f^{\vee} * g^{\vee})^{\wedge}$ and $^{\wedge}$ is an Abelian Fourier Transform.
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