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Domestic violence
Kiurski Jasmina
Temida , 2003, DOI: 10.2298/tem0302037k
Abstract: In this article author examines a definition of a family, the role of a family as a social and legal institution as well as state reaction in a situation of mal function of a family. Special attention is given to a definition of a family, its protective function and criminal law in modern legal systems. Author also analyzes recent reform of our legislation firstly new criminal offence (Article 118a of the Criminal Code of Republic of Serbia) - Domestic Violence - and its relation to other similar criminal offences. Finally, author gives an overview of up-to-now practice from District and Municipal Prosecutors Offices in Belgrade and suggestions for solving observed problems in implementation of this criminal offence.
The influence of pH/conductivity of fountain solution on dot circularity, line and text raggedness
Jelena Kiurski,Ivana Oros
Journal of Graphic Engineering and Design , 2012,
Abstract: The influence of pH and conductivity of fountain solutions on the quality of dot, line and text raggedness was investigated. Physico-chemical parameters of fountain solutions were analyzed by standard methods. Image quality assessment (IQA) was carried out using the ISO methodology and ImageJ software. There is a great influence of pH and conductivity of fountain solutions on the final quality of magenta prints. Magenta dot circularity on the printed sheets showed the mutual nonlinear dependence, second-order polynomial, followed by equation: y = 0.00514x2 - 0.07524x + 0.78238. Line analysis pointed out the least raggedly edges of 1pt horizontal and vertical lines. Times printed text had the most raggedly edges in comparison with Arial. The results indicated that the dot circularity, line and text raggedness could be useful attributes in the quality control of offset prints.
The geosystems of complex geographical atlases
Jovanovi? Jasmina
Glasnik Srpskog Geografskog Dru?tva , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/gsgd1203019j
Abstract: Complex geographical atlases represent geosystems of different hierarchical rank, complexity and diversity, scale and connection. They represent a set of large number of different pieces of information about geospace. Also, they contain systematized, correlative and in the apparent form represented pieces of information about space. The degree of information revealed in the atlas is precisely explained by its content structure and the form of presentation. The quality of atlas depends on the method of visualization of data and the quality of geodata. Cartographic visualization represents cognitive process. The analysis converts geospatial data into knowledge. A complex geographical atlas represents information complex of spatial - temporal coordinated database on geosystems of different complexity and territorial scope. Each geographical atlas defines a concrete geosystem. Systemic organization (structural and contextual) determines its complexity and concreteness. In complex atlases, the attributes of geosystems are modeled and pieces of information are given in systematized, graphically unique form. The atlas can be considered as a database. In composing a database, semantic analysis of data is important. The result of semantic modeling is expressed in structuring of data information, in emphasizing logic connections between phenomena and processes and in defining their classes according to the degree of similarity. Accordingly, the efficiency of research of needed pieces of information in the process of the database use is enabled. An atlas map has a special power to integrate sets of geodata and present information contents in user - friendly and understandable visual and tactile way using its visual ability. Composing an atlas by systemic cartography requires the pieces of information on concrete - defined geosystems of different hierarchical level, the application of scientific methods and making of adequate number of analytical, synthetic and complex maps. The essence of each database is its model. The selection of model - the organization of database is very important.
On distribution of complementizers in contemporary Serbian
Moskovljevi? Jasmina
Ju?noslovenski Filolog , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/jfi0460057m
Abstract: The paper investigates the principles governing the distribution of complementizers in contemporary Serbian. Evidence is presented that the distribution of da, to, kako, gde, da li, and numerous interrogative pronouns and adverbials which may function as complementizers is determined not only by matrix-verb subcategorization properties and semantic co-occurrence restrictions which hold between the predicate and its complement, but by the lexical an syntactic properties of the particular verb class (or subclass) to which matrix predicate belongs as well. According to their ability to govern a particular complementizer, ten major verb subclasses are identified in contemporary Serbian, and their specific properties are signaled.
Jazykovye osobennosti rukopisnogo Zakonnika pervoj poloviny XVI veka
Nedeljkovi? Jasmina
Ju?noslovenski Filolog , 2010, DOI: 10.2298/jfi1066325n
Abstract: Rukopisnaja kniga Zakonnik sozdavalas', soglasno vodjanym znakam, v period s 1525 do 1535 goda. Ee napisal (kako ukazano v special'noj zapisi) ieromonah Gennadij dlja manastyrja Blagove enie. Narodnyj jazyk ieromonaha Gennadija, soglasno rjadu foneti eskih i morfologi eskih priznakov, prinadle it sovremennomu prizrensko-ju no-moravskomu poddialektu.
Diagnosing of caries risk in pregnancy
Teki? Jasmina
Stomatolo?ki Glasnik Srbije , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/sgs0404188t
Abstract: Objective: To diagnose the risk of developing caries in pregnancy as a parameter for providing oral health and defining individually preventive programs for pregnant women. Methods: The research was designed as a section study using methods of social medicine and epidemiology. 150 pregnant women were examined. 50 of the pregnant women were asked to answer a specially designed test for this research. The sources for data were: the caries risk diagnosis test as instrument of research and part of the original set of methodological forms for following oral health, and the Preventive Program for dental health care of the inhabitants of Serbia. The test contains general and specific parameters of risk with data of the course of pregnancy, diet and oral status. The tested women were classified in the zones of low, middle and high risk. Results: Of all the 50 tested pregnant women, 62% of them were in the low risk zone, and 38% in the middle risk zone of caries risk. In pregnant women of the low risk zone DMFT was determined as 14.65; for pregnant women in the middle risk zone the average was DMFT of 17.05. Conclusion: Diagnosis of caries risk in pregnancy is a parameter for providing oral health in pregnancy with which we can determine the risk zone and contents of primary and secondary dental prevention in caring for the health of the pregnant woman and the future baby.
Diagnostics of mucopolysaccharidoses presented through the case of sanfilippo syndrome
Durkovi? Jasmina
Srpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/sarh0406174d
Abstract: Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) are recessive inheritable, progressive diseases of disordered degradation and storage of acid glucos-aminoglycans. A five-year old child with psychomotor development retardation, which started at his age of two, was presented in our study. Clinical examination showed big head with rough facial features, skeleton deformities and hepatosplenomegaly. The diagnosis Dysostosis epifisealis multiplex was also confirmed by the X-ray examination of skeleton. Karyotype: 46, XY. Mental retardation: IQ-48. Clinically suspected mucopolysaccharidosis called for metabolic screening of first morning urine and the positive toluidine blue test result indicated the increased excretion of mucopolysaccharides. Further enzyme analyses of peripheral blood leucocytes confirmed the heparin sulphate sulphatase deficiency on the basis of which A (MPS III) Sanfilippo syndrome was defined. Our patient was born as a twin sibling. The other sibling is clinically healthy and of normal metabolic screening. It was not possible to define precisely the healthy heterozygote by testing the enzyme activities. A large number of mutations at various loci and big genetic heterogeneity of mucopolysaccharidoses made molecular diagnostics difficult. In the subsequent pregnancy, the mother was recommended prenatal diagnostics by enzyme analysis from the cultured chorionic villus. The prognosis of the presented patient is bad, the course of the disease is progressive and the patient can be expected to die in spastic tetraplegia in the second decade of life. The treatment is symptomatic for the time being.
Agricultural population of Belgrade city territory: Basic tendencies in the demographic development, problems and possibilities of its revitalization
Jovanovi? Jasmina
Glasnik Srpskog Geografskog Dru?tva , 2006, DOI: 10.2298/gsgd0601123j
Abstract: The territory of Belgrade city after the Second World War, has been characterized by the intensive processes of qualitative transformation concerning settling and arrangement of population, territorial organization of production and other activities. The facts that mostly influenced these processes are migrations, caused by economic movements and development. There has been a sudden transfer of agricultural population into non-agricultural activities. Participation of agricultural population in total population of Belgrade city has decreased from 29,7% in 1953 to 12,6% in 1971, and to 2,2% in 2002. Participation of active agricultural population in total active population in Belgrade city has decreased from 34,5% in 1953 to 16,3% in 1971, and to 4,1% in 2002. The decrease of the total and active agricultural population is the result of the weakened influence of demographic factors (changes in number and structure of the total and active population), as well as the greater influence of socio-economic factors. The basic tendencies of the future demographic development of agricultural population are influenced by the possibilities of its revitalization, because demographic reserves to from new working powers in agriculture are endangered.
City Center for Social Work Belgrade and assistance for victims of crime
Nikoli? Jasmina
Temida , 2003, DOI: 10.2298/tem0301053n
Abstract: This paper contains review of a work of the City Center for Social Work in Belgrade and its importance for victims of crime. Article presents Center’s organization of work, referral system and the way of functioning, with particular emphasis on counseling and therapeutic work of the Counseling Center for marriage and family.
Services for children and specialized organization for disabled persons and Roma in Belgrade
Nikoli? Jasmina
Temida , 2007, DOI: 10.2298/tem0702029n
Abstract: This paper presents the results of the survey on services for children and organizations specialized for disabled persons and Roma in Belgrade, with special emphasis on programs relevant for crime victims. This survey was conducted during 2006 and 2007 by Victimology Society of Serbia. In introduction, the author gives a short review of research methodology. In the next three parts of the paper, the author presents results of the survey on services for children, disabled persons and Roma in Belgrade, with special emphasize on specific fields of work of each organization. Finally, in conclusion, the author summarizes the data, analyzing them in connection to the current activities of VDS info and victim support service, and gives recommendations for possible solutions of further development of the Service related to the mentioned categories of victims. .
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