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Morgana Kich,Flávia Brochetto Ramos
Nuances : Estudos sobre Educa??o , 2011,
Abstract: Resenha: Literatura infantil: políticas e concep es
Projeto UAB: uma análise estrutural dos pólos de apoio presencial do curso de Administra o da UFSC
Daniele Weidle,Juliane Ines Di Francesco Kich,Juliane Ines Di Francesco Kich
Revista Gest?o Universitária na América Latina : Revista GUAL , 2011, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5007/1983-4535.2011v4nespp94
Abstract: The Distance Education has occupied an important place in the national education. Through it, we have provided quality education in places lacking in education, bringing development to the region where the poles of presence support. Which are essential in the development of courses, the pole is where the student has the support provided by the framework available - computer labs, classrooms and library - as well as classroom tutors and coordinators, who also encourage and assist in doubt that arise. This work is dedicated to analyzing the structure of all the poles supporting the project face Brazil Open University (UAB), Travel Management, Federal University of Santa Catarina. The survey was conducted based on the structure pole face minimum required by the Ministry of Education. For this purpose, a questionnaire was qualitative and quantitative in all poles, with questions directed to the purpose of this study, thus providing an overview of the structural situation of the same. It was noticed that there are structural differences between the poles of the same course and design, all of which showed any deficiency on the structure proposed by MEC.
A influência da lideran?a, cultura, estrutura e comunica??o organizacional no processo de implanta??o do planejamento estratégico
Kich, Juliane Ines Di Francesco;Pereira, Maurício Fernandes;
Cadernos EBAPE.BR , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-39512011000400007
Abstract: this article aims to evaluate how factors organizational structure, leadership, culture and communication influence the implementation process of strategic planning, through a case study. the theoretical framework that guided the research used discourse on strategic planning, focusing on its deployment process, as well as posted on culture, structure, leadership and communication and involvement with strategic planning, such references helped in understanding these concepts in the field -work. the research is characterized as a single case study with qualitative approach, where they were used as instruments of data collection: document analysis, semi-structured in-depth questionnaire and systematic observation, data were analyzed qualitatively. the company analyzed was the santa luzia medical laboratory, for their relevance in the area in which it operates. through the data collected, it can be seen that for a company to deploy its strategic planning effectively, the latter must be aligned with its culture and its integrated structure, and rely on effective communication and the presence in the organization of leadership involved in the process, those aspects that were mentioned in the theory and found in the empirical study. it can be concluded that although they are integrated, the organizational factors studied - structure, culture, leadership and communication - has reached the strategic planning process in the company analyzed with different intensities, both in terms contribution to its effective implementation, as in with respect to certain limitations.
Arranjo e descri??o arquivística em processos judiciais
Kich, Tassiara Jaqueline Fanck;Konrad, Glaucia Vieira Ramos;
Perspectivas em Ciência da Informa??o , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-99362011000400013
Abstract: introduces arrangement and description proposal for lawsuits of custody from the collection of the archive of the judicial court of rio grande do sul. this collection consists of documentary resources that enable social studies, cultural, legal and historical. for organizing and accessing information, the cases were arranged and described by applying the archival functions according to the needs and specificities of the court files. considering the brazilian standard of archival description, were defined and described the description levels base, section, subsection, series and process, which were described as the evidence presented by the standard. the proposed description was applied along the lawsuits representatives of the first republic (1889-1930). analysis of the information described allows relations with facts and social, political and cultural aspects from the historical period considered, providing the scholars with numerous opportunities for research and allowing access to relevant information contained in court documents.
Filosofia e literatura: diálogo motivado a partir de Plat o e Tchekhov = Philosophy and literature: dialogue motivated from Plat o and Tchekhov
Ramos, Flávia Brocheto,Gutierres, Athany,Kich, Morgana
Educa??o , 2011,
Abstract: Este artigo tem por objetivo apresentar aproxima es entre a filosofia e a literatura e discutir a relevancia de seus textos na prática docente. Essas duas áreas do conhecimento, através da sabedoria e de processos civilizatórios que envolvem seus escritos, dialogam de diferentes maneiras, contribuindo para a forma o do sujeito. O estudo, vinculado à linha de pesquisa Educa o, Linguagens e Tecnologia, do PPGEd/UCS, sustenta-se a partir dos pressupostos da obra de Plat o e de uma breve análise de um conto do escritor russo Anton P. Tchekhov (1999), representante da literatura clássica. Tais disciplinas constituem instrumentos valiosos para uma educa o comprometida com a humaniza o dos indivíduos. This article aims at presenting approximations between philosophy and literature and discussing their importance to education. These two areas of knowledge, through the wisdom and civilization processes that surround their writing, dialogue in different ways, contributing to the formation process of the human being. This study, which is bound to the research line of Education, Languages and Technology, from PPGEd/UCS, is supported by the assumptions of Plato and a brief analysis of a short story by the Russian writer Anton P. Tchekhov (1999), representing the classic literature. Both disciplines constitute valuable tools for an education committed with the humanization of the individuals.
Flávia Brocchetto Ramos,Athany Gutierrez,Morgana Kich
DLCV : Língua, Linguística & Literatura , 2011,
Abstract: Literature is a potential art of imagination, creativity and human knowledge. The valuable literary books have a broad polysemic reference to be offered to the reader; accordingly, the mediator teacher should act in a way to emphasize these possibilities within the text, which can be implemented by the one who reads. The present study, which originates from researches done at the PPGEd/UCS, analyses Maria Mole, by André Neves, a children’s literature book, belonging to the collection of PNBE/2008 and based on the assumptions of Gadamer (1997), Hauser (1973) and Jauss (1994). It is about a sample of an artistic text representing human life and enabling the experience through the word and visuality.
Fatores associados à soroprevalência de Salmonella em rebanhos comerciais de suínos
Kich Jalusa Deon,Mores Nelson,Piffer Itamar Antonio,Coldebella Arlei
Ciência Rural , 2005,
Determina??o de 25-hidroxivitamina D2 e D3 em plasma por CLAE-DAD
Kich, Daiana Manuele;Vieira, Fabiana Aparecida de Souza;Bassuino, Mauricio;Linden, Rafael;
Jornal Brasileiro de Patologia e Medicina Laboratorial , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-24442012000500005
Abstract: introduction: the interest in vitamin d has increased significantly in recent years. epidemiological studies conducted over the past 25 years have shown a steady increase in vitamin d deficiency. the diagnostic marker of choice to determine vitamin d levels is the concentration of 25-hidroxy-vitamin d (25(oh)d) in the fractions d2 (25(oh)d2) and d3 (25(oh)d3). objective: to develop an analytical method using high-performance liquid chromatography with diode-array detection (hplc-dad) for the determination of 25(oh)d2 and 25(oh)d3 in plasma. materials and methods: 25(oh)d3 and 25(oh)d2 were extracted from plasma samples with hexane and dodecaphenone was used as internal standard. the separation was performed in an ace 5 c18 column, with particle size of 5 μm (4,6 × 150 mm), mobile phase methanol-water (80:20, v/v) and quantification at 265 nm. results: accuracy was in the range of 98.4 to 107.5%. intra-assay precision was between 6.5 and 9.2% for 25(oh)d3 and 3.7 and 8.7 for 25(oh)d2. inter-assay precision was between 2.9 and 6% for 25(oh)d3 and 4 and 4.5 for 25(oh)d2. the limit of quantification was 10 ng/l. concentrations of 25(oh)d3 in samples from 32 elderly patients were between 10.1 and 32.4 ng/ml, characterizing vitamin d deficiency in this group. discussion: the method allowed the quantification of 25(oh)d2 and 25(oh)d3. furthermore, the sample preparation was relatively simple and fast. the method was selective with an adequate separation of metabolites and internal standard with no interfering substances. conclusion: not only did the developed method show suitable analytical performance, but it may also be applied in clinical conditions.
Otimiza??o da técnica da PCR para a detec??o de Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae
Souza, Karina Koerich de;Klein, Catia Silene;Kich, Jalusa Deon;Coldebella, Arlei;Alberton, Geraldo Camilo;
Ciência Rural , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782008000800023
Abstract: the use of molecular methods based on pcr is important in actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae detection, being able to identify the infection before the establishment of the disease in the herd. these methods have larger sensitivity when compared with traditional methods of bacteriological isolation, but they can suffer influence of substances that reduce the specificity of the test and resulting in inespecific amplifications. in order to reduce inespecific amplifications, observed when applied the pcr technique for the gene cpx in tonsil's tissue samples, the optimization was performed, in which different annealing temperatures were analyzed and introduced, in the technique, an antibody that binds to the enzyme taq dna polimerase, increasing its specificity. in parallel, an experiment was performed in order to verify the inhibiting effect of the tonsil's tissue on the pcr results. for that, portions of tonsil from animals negative to the a. pleuropneumoniae were artificially contaminated with the reference sample of the sorotype 5b. the addition antibody for the enzyme taq dna polimerase and the increase of the primers anneling temperature to 57°c reduced the inespecific amplifications. the results obtained in the experiment demonstrated a possible inhibiting effect of the tonsil's tissue in the pcr amplifications. besides, amplifications depend on at least 675 ufc present in the aliquot of samples that will be used in pcr (equivalent to 1.35 x 105 ufc ml-1), therefore, samples tissue's fragments in initial infections and/or with few cells can result in false-negative.
Fatores associados à soroprevalência de Salmonella em rebanhos comerciais de suínos
Kich, Jalusa Deon;Mores, Nelson;Piffer, Itamar Antonio;Coldebella, Arlei;Amaral, Armando;Ramminger, Lucas;Cardoso, Marisa;
Ciência Rural , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782005000200024
Abstract: a cross-sectional study was conducted with 65 finishing pig herds from the states of rio grande do sul and santa catarina, brazil, in order to identify factors associated with seroprevalence for salmonella. pig farms were visited one week prior to slaughtering of animals when personnel were asked to answer a questionnaire. feed was also sampled for attempts of salmonella isolation, water for colimetrics analisis and around 40 pigs were bled. feed samples were subjected to salmonella isolation in selective media and sera were tested in an elisa, plates were coated with antigens of serovar typhimurium. herds were classified in one of three categories according to the prevalence of elisa positive sera, being low (less then 40% of positive sera), medium (between 40 and 70% positive sera) or high (more then 70% positive sera). seroprevalence was used as the explanatory variable and results obtained from the attempts to isolate salmonella from feed, water colimetrics results and the questionnaire answers were used as explanatory variables. initially, attempts of association between explanatory and explained variables were performed using the chi-square test. when associated (p£0.1), the two variables underwent multiple correspondence analysis. factors associated with herds having high seroprevalence were: in finishing herds, pelleted feed, swine manure disposal less than 100m from surface water, feeder not provided with water drinker, swine from several herds transported together to slaughterhouse; in the farrow-to-finish herds, feed ingridients exposure to other animals, no active rodent control, dry feed, absence of fence, whitewashing of facilities after cleaning and disinfecting and permission for other people entrance to the herd. among the 65 pig herds visited, 98.5% were elisa-positive, with seroprevalence of 57.6% (confidence interval 56 to 60%).

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