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International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Bio-Science , 2012,
Abstract: Extended release formulations make the drug available over extended time period after oral administration. The extended release product will optimize therapeutic effect and safety of a drug at the same time improving the patient convenience and compliance. By incorporating the dose for 24 hrs into one tablet/capsule from which the drug is released slowly. This formulation helps to avoid the side effects associated with low and high concentrations. The ideal drug delivery system should show a constant zero-order release rate and maintain the constant plasma concentrations. The extended release formulations may maintain therapeutic concentrations over prolonged periods. The use of extended release formulations avoids the high blood concentration. Extended release formulations have the potential to improve the patient compliance, reduce the toxicity by slowing drug absorption, Minimize drug accumulation with chronic dosing, Usage of less total drug and reduce the dose frequency, Improvement the bioavailability of some drugs. This article provides an overview of design and fabrication of extended release system and in-vitro performance of extended release formulation.
Automatic Text Detection Using Morphological Operations and Inpainting
International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: Image inpainting is the process of restoring the lost or damaged regions or modifying the image contents imperceptibly. It refers to the process of filling-in missing data in a designated region of the visual input. In this paper, the technique presented is for detection and removal of text from images. The system detects text using morphological operations, connected component labelling and a set of selection criteria which helps to filter out non text regions. So, the resultant image is the image with only texts. Text Inpainting is done in two steps. The first step detects the text region automatically, without user interaction and in the second step; the text is removed from the image using exemplar based Inpainting algorithm.
Comparison Of Infraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block With Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block In Upper Limb Surgeries. (A Study Of 100 Patients)
Sheetal Shah,kamla Mehta,Kirti Patel,Khyati Patel
NHL Journal of Medical Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: Comparative prospective study of two routes of Brachial plexus block – infraclavicular coracoid approach with conventional supraclavicular approach was carried out in 100 patients of ASA RISK I to III, undergoing elective or emergency surgeries on upper limb, at the level of elbow and below elbow. Patients were divided into 2 equal groups, Group I (Infraclavicular) and Group S (Supraclavicular), which were compared for block performance time, onset, quality and duration of block. The applied anatomy, methodology, complications and limitations have been emphasized. The study concludes that infraclavicular brachial plexus block with coracoid approach is a useful block without complications if practiced with precautions.
Comparative Study of Intranasal Midazolam and Intravenous Benzodiazepines in Control of Seizures in Children
Janki Panchal,Khyati Kakkad,Prashant Kariya,Prakash Patel
National Journal of Medical Research , 2013,
Abstract: Background: Seizures are very common in pediatric patients. As duration of seizures impacts morbidity and mortality to child s life, control of seizures should be achieved as early as possible, preferably at home. Rectal diazepam and intranasal midazolam are available methods for control of seizures and can be learnt by parents. Methods: We assessed safety and efficacy of intranasal midazolam for control of seizures and also compared its effect with other benzodiazepines given by intravenous route. Results: Among 84 patients, success rate of treatment with Midazolam (intranasal) was 45.5% and success rate with Benzodiazepines (intravenous) was 90%. The difference is statistically significant. In present study, average time recorded to give drug after arrival at hospital in IN Midazolam group was 0.379 min, where as it was 1.598 min in IV Benzodiazepine group. Average time for cessation of seizures after giving drug was 3.001 min in IN Midazolam group, where as it was 1.009 min in IV Benzodiazepine group. Conclusion: Intra-venous route for control of seizures is most effective compare to Inta-nasal Midazolam. However intranasal Midazolam can be use full when IV access is not available at home or during transport of patient to health care centre. [Natl J of Med Res 2013; 3(1.000): 30-33]
Hybrid Approach for Measuring String Similarity and its Usage in Supply Type Questions’ Answer Evaluation
Khyati Rajulkumar Shah,Mayuri Patel,Jikitsha Sheth,Kalpesh Lad
International Journal of Computer & Electronics Research , 2012,
Abstract: In this paper we are going to present a novel approach for spell checking algorithm. We used concepts like backtracking and alignment. This algorithm is helpful in educational tools where supply type questions are there. And domain knowledge is more important than linguistic knowledge. It reduces the penalty and tries to give maximum marks.
Guillain-Barré Syndrome with asystole requiring permanent pacemaker: a case report
Mehul B Patel, Sandeep K Goyal, Sujeeth R Punnam, Khyati Pandya, Vipin Khetarpal, Ranjan K Thakur
Journal of Medical Case Reports , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1752-1947-3-5
Abstract: An 18-year-old Caucasian female presented with bilateral lower limb paraesthesias followed by bilateral progressive leg weakness and difficulty in walking. She reported an episode of an upper respiratory tract infection 3 weeks prior to the onset of her neurological symptoms. Diagnosis of Guillain-Barré syndrome was considered and a lumbar puncture was performed. Cerebrospinal fluid revealed albuminocytologic dissociation (increased protein but normal white blood cell count) suggestive of Guillain-Barré syndrome and hence an intravenous immunoglobulin G infusion was started. Within 48 hours, she progressed to complete flaccid quadriparesis with involvement of respiratory muscles requiring mechanical ventilatory support. Whist in the intensive care unit, she developed multiple episodes of bradycardia and asystole requiring a temporary pacemaker. In view of the persistent requirement for the temporary pacemaker for more than 5 days, she received a permanent pacemaker. She returned for follow-up three months after discharge with an intermittent need for ventricular pacing.Guillain-Barré syndrome can result in permanent damage to the cardiac conduction system. Patients with multiple episodes of bradycardia and asystole in the setting of Guillain-Barré syndrome should be evaluated and considered as potential candidates for permanent pacemaker implantation.Autonomic neuropathy is an important complication of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), seen in about 60% cases. It is common in young adults, presents with more severe syndromes, and accounts for the mortality in severely affected individuals. Cardiac autonomic impairment in GBS includes labile hypertension, orthostatic hypotension, and a wide range of cardiac arrhythmias including sinus tachycardia, serious bradyarrhythmias and asystole. These manifestations occur primarily from either an under activity or an excessive activity of the sympathetic or parasympathetic pathways. We report a case of Guillain-Barré syndrome req
Exploration of Data mining techniques in Fraud Detection: Credit Card
Khyati Chaudhary,Bhawna Mallick
International Journal of Electronics and Computer Science Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: Data mining has been increasing as one of the chief key features of many security initiatives. Often, used as a means for detection of fraud, assessing risk as well. Data mining involves the use of data analysis tools to discover unknown, valid patterns as well as relationships in large data sets. Decades have seen a massive growth in the use of credit cards as a transactional medium. Data mining become even more common in both the private and public sectors. Data mining has been used widely in industries such as Banking, Insurance, Medicine and Retailing to reduce costs, enhance Research and increase Sales. Credit cards are much safer from theft than is cash and also a promising area for buying and sales. Credit Cards are growing as a popular medium of transaction. Therefore, Fraud Detection involves monitoring the behavior of users/customers in order to estimate, detect or avoid undesirable behavior in future. In this paper, we investigated the factors and various techniques involved in credit card fraud detection during/after transaction as well.
Credit Card Fraud: The study of its impact and detection techniques
Khyati Chaudhary,Bhawna Mallick
International Journal of Computer Science and Network , 2012,
Abstract: With the rise and swift growth of E-Commerce, credit card usesfor online purchases has increased dramatically and it causedsudden outbreak in the credit card fraud. Fraud is one of themajor ethical issues in the credit card industry. With both onlineas well as regular purchase, credit card becomes the most popularmode of payment with cases of fraud associated with it are alsoincreasing. A clear framework on all these approaches willcertainly lead to an efficient credit card fraud detection system.Currently, for simplicity reasons, all the base learners for creditcard fraud detection use the same desired distribution. It would beinteresting to implement and evaluate the credit card frauddetection system by using very large databases with skewed classdistributions and non-uniform cost per error. This paper presentsa analysis of cost incurred in credit card fraud detection on dataset.
Identification of node behavior for Mobile Ad-hoc Network
Khyati Choure , Sanjay Sharma
International Journal of Advanced Computer Research , 2012,
Abstract: In present scenario, in ad-hoc network, the behavior of nodes are not very stable. They do not work properly and satisfactory. They are not cooperative and acting selfishly. They show their selfishness to share their resources like bandwidth to save life of battery, they are not hasitate to block thepackets sent by others for forwarding and transmit their own packets. Due to higher Mobility of the different nodes makes the situation even more complicated. Multiple routing protocols especially for these conditions have been developed during the last few years, to find optimized routes from a source to some destination.But it is still difficult to know the actual shortest path without attackers or bad nodes. Ad-hoc network suffer from the lot of issues i.e. congestion, Throughput, delay, security, network overhead. Packet delivery ratio is the issues of ongoing research. Cause of node failure may be either natural failure of node links or it may be due to act of an attacker or bad node which may degrade performance of network slowly or drastically, which also need to identify or determined. In this paper, we identify the good and bad nodes. A simulation has been performed to achieve better performance of modified AODV. Good result has been obtained in terms of Throughout, Packet Delivery Ratio.
3D Graphical User Interface on Personal Computer using P5 Data Glove
Ms Khyati r. Nirmal
International Journal of Computer Science Issues , 2011,
Abstract: This paper presents Essential Reality works on 3D HCI for changing 2D visual to 3D visual. The mouse is the critical interface to handle 3D graphical objects. Using data glove its possible to put it on like a normal glove and it then acts as an input device that senses finger movements and hand position and orientation (3 coordinates) in real time. The limitation of surface do not allow large no of windows and icons to be positioned on the screen. If more no of windows are forcibly open some of them get overlie. However in 3D spaces we get one more dimension and its better to work with 3D instead of 2D. Number of windows and icons can be situated five surface.. It looks like a tunnel in which icons and windows glide in the space as the windows are dragged to the for front they turn in to bigger and they pushed back they turn in to smaller due to perspective projections
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