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Induced and Coinduced Modules in Cluster-Tilted Algebras
Ralf Schiffler,Khrystyna Serhiyenko
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We propose a new approach to study the relation between the module categories of a tilted algebra $C$ and the corresponding cluster-tilted algebra $B=C\ltimes E$. This new approach consists of using the induction functor $-\otimes_C B$ as well as the coinduction functor $D(B\otimes_C D-)$. We give an explicit construction of injective resolutions of projective $B$-modules, and as a consequence, we obtain a new proof of the 1-Gorenstein property for cluster-tilted algebras. We show that $DE$ is a partial tilting and a $\tau$-rigid $C$-module and that the induced module $DE\otimes_C B$ is a partial tilting and a $\tau$-rigid $B$-module. Furthermore, if $C=\text{End}_A T$ for a tilting module $T$ over a hereditary algebra $A$, we compare the induction and coinduction functors to the Buan-Marsh-Reiten functor $\text{Hom}_{\mathcal{C}_A}(T,-)$ from the cluster-category of $A$ to the module category of $B$. We also study the question which $B$-modules are actually induced or coinduced from a module over a tilted algebra.
Minimal Length Maximal Green Sequences and Triangulations of Polygons
Emily Cormier,Peter Dillery,Jill Resh,Khrystyna Serhiyenko,John Whelan
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We use combinatorics of quivers and the corresponding surfaces to study maximal green sequences of minimal length for quivers of type $\mathbb{A}$. We prove that such sequences have length $n+t$, where $n$ is the number of vertices and $t$ is the number of 3-cycles in the quiver. Moreover, we develop a procedure that yields these minimal length maximal green sequences.
Influence of maternal experimental hypothyroidism on quantitative-qualitative indicator of rat progeny skin mast cells in age aspect according to histochemical investigation results and on the base of lectins GNA and PNA receptors cytotopography  [PDF]
Khrystyna Strus, Antonina Yashchenko, Olena Smolkova, Olga Nakonechna
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2013.48111

Amount of thyroid pathology patients in Ukraine increased 3.7 times from 0.9 to 3.5 per 1000 population within a decade. The main reason of most of organs damage associated with hypothyroidism is decreased synthesis of number of cellular enzymes because of thyroid hormones deficiency. Mast cells (MC) play leading role in inflammatory processes, allergic reactions and in autoimmune diseases pathogenesis, since they produce various cytokines. Influence of maternal hypothyroidism on the progeny skin histogenesis and MC correlation is poorly studied. Hypothyroid condition was modeled in Wistar female rats by adding thyreostatic drug mercazolilum (methimazole) 5 mg/kg body mass. Thyroid glands and progeny skin pieces from the back on the 1, 10, 20 and 40 postnatal development days were fixed in 4% neutral formalin and embedded in paraffin. For MC detection slides were stained by Bismark brown, alcian blue (pH 2.5), toluidine blue. D-Man and β-DGal carbohydrate determinants were studied by use of GNA and PNA lectins labeled with horseradish peroxidase. Lectin receptors visualization was conducted in3’3-diaminobenzidine tetrahydrochloride system in Н2О2 presence. Counting the MC number and thyroid glands’ morphometric parameters were conducted on 5 μm thin sections by using UTHSCSA “Image Tool for Windows Version2.00”(USA) computer program. Statistical analysis was performed using Student t-test. Body mass increase, changes in thyroid cells parameters and colloid structure were stated in experimental animals. The biggest MC amount was detected in control animals skin on the 1 day of postnatal development, slight decrease on 10 day and gradual increase till 40 day. MC amount with signs of degranulation increased in experimental animals skin at all stages of the research. Simultaneously, D-Man and β-DGal glycopolymers expression similarity was noted on MC surface. According to MC quantitative-qualitative indicators in skin,

μ-Peroxido-bis[acetonitrilebis(ethylenediamine)cobalt(III)] tetrakis(perchlorate)
Khrystyna O. Regeta,Iryna Odarich,Svetlana V. Pavlova,Valentina A. Kalibabchuk
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2010, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536810047653
Abstract: The title compound, [Co2(O2)(CH3CN)2(C2H8N2)4](ClO4)4, consists of centrosymmetric binuclear cations and perchlorate anions. Two CoIII atoms, which have a slightly distorted octahedral coordination, are connected through a peroxido bridge; the O—O distance is 1.476 (3) . Both acetonitrile ligands are situated in a trans position with respect to the O—O bridge. In the crystal, the complex cations are connected by N—H...O hydrogen bonds between ethylendiamine NH groups and O atoms from the perchlorate anions and peroxide O atoms.
Computation of the scaling factor of resistance forms of the pillow and fractalina fractals
Michael J. Ignatowich,Daniel J. Kelleher,Catherine E. Maloney,David J. Miller,Khrystyna Nechyporenko
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: Much is known in the analysis of a finitely ramified self-similar fractal when the fractal has a harmonic structure: a Dirichlet form which respects the self-similarity of a fractal. What is still an open question is when such structure exists in general. In this paper, we introduce two fractals, the fractalina and pillow, and compute their resistance scaling factor. This is the factor which dictates how the Dirichlet form scales with the self-similarity of the fractal. By knowing this factor one can compute the harmonic structure on the fractal. The fractalina has scaling factor $(3+\sqrt{41})/16$, and the pillow fractal has scaling factor $\sqrt[3]{2}$.
DREAM Mediated Regulation of GCM1 in the Human Placental Trophoblast
Dora Baczyk, Mark Kibschull, Britt Mellstrom, Khrystyna Levytska, Marcos Rivas, Sascha Drewlo, Stephen J. Lye, Jose R. Naranjo, John C. P. Kingdom
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0051837
Abstract: The trophoblast transcription factor glial cell missing-1 (GCM1) regulates differentiation of placental cytotrophoblasts into the syncytiotrophoblast layer in contact with maternal blood. Reduced placental expression of GCM1 and abnormal syncytiotrophoblast structure are features of hypertensive disorder of pregnancy – preeclampsia. In-silico techniques identified the calcium-regulated transcriptional repressor – DREAM (Downstream Regulatory Element Antagonist Modulator) - as a candidate for GCM1 gene expression. Our objective was to determine if DREAM represses GCM1 regulated syncytiotrophoblast formation. EMSA and ChIP assays revealed a direct interaction between DREAM and the GCM1 promoter. siRNA-mediated DREAM silencing in cell culture and placental explant models significantly up-regulated GCM1 expression and reduced cytotrophoblast proliferation. DREAM calcium dependency was verified using ionomycin. Furthermore, the increased DREAM protein expression in preeclamptic placental villi was predominantly nuclear, coinciding with an overall increase in sumolylated DREAM and correlating inversely with GCM1 levels. In conclusion, our data reveal a calcium-regulated pathway whereby GCM1-directed villous trophoblast differentiation is repressed by DREAM. This pathway may be relevant to disease prevention via calcium-supplementation.
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