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Process and Product in Cross-Cultural Treatment Research: Development of a Culturally Sensitive Women-Centered Substance Use Intervention in Georgia
Hendrée E. Jones,Irma Kirtadze,David Otiashvili,Kevin E. O’Grady,Keryn Murphy,William Zule,Evgeny Krupitsky,Wendee M. Wechsberg
Journal of Addiction , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/163603
Abstract: Women who inject drugs (WID) are highly marginalized and stigmatized and experience ongoing discrimination in Georgia. Few opportunities exist for WID to receive publicly funded treatment for substance use disorders. The IMEDI (Investigating Methods for Enhancing Development in Individuals) project was developed in response to the need for women-specific and women-centered treatment services. This paper described our approach to understanding the Georgian culture—and WID within that culture—so that we could integrate two interventions for substance use found effective in other Western and non-Western cultures and to outline how we refined and adapted our integrated intervention to yield a comprehensive women-centered intervention for substance use. Reinforcement Based Treatment (RBT) and the Women’s CoOp (WC) were adapted and refined based on in-depth interviews with WID () and providers of health services () to such women and focus groups [2 with WID () and 2 with health service providers ()]. The resulting comprehensive women-centered intervention, RBT+WC, was then pretested and further refined in a sample of 20?WID. Results indicated positive pre-post changes in urine screening results and perceived needs for both RBT+WC and a case management control condition. The approach to treatment adaptation and the revised elements of RBT+WC are presented and discussed. 1. Background and Aims Injection-drug-using individuals are highly marginalized, highly stigmatized, and are at increased risk for STIs, HCV, and HIV worldwide [1]. Women who inject drugs (WID) experience this same marginalization, stigmatization, and increased risk for disease—without any recognition for the need for research and service delivery focused on their unique needs [1]. WID in Georgia are likewise highly marginalized and stigmatized and experience ongoing discrimination in Georgia. Although they represent up to 10% of the adult substance-using population [2, 3], only 1–5% of drug-related service beneficiaries are women [4, 5]. The World Health Organization [1] has recently called for worldwide efforts to provide treatment services for women to meet their unique needs, including physical abuse and violence. Women in Georgia who use illicit substances commonly experience emotional abuse, physical aggression, and sexual violence [6]. Such violations are rooted in social norms and traditions and a cultural environment that supports asymmetry in gender roles and places restrictions on women’s freedom and independence [7]. Recent economic problems in Georgia have facilitated women’s rise
A Band Without Walls at the End of the World: The Green Mist, Next Stop Antarctica and the Tasmanian geographic imaginary
Keryn Stewart,Helen Hopcroft
Transforming Cultures , 2009,
Abstract: The Green Mist is a floating international blues entity which evolved in the deep south of Tasmania. Featuring former members of the Violent Femmes and Beasts of Bourbon, the Mist’s first album Next Stop Antarctica represents a vivid evocation of the peculiar strangeness of the island’s atmosphere, history and environment. Musician Julien Poulson’s father Bruce was a historian who lived in a derelict organic garlic farm in the small town of Southport; an area that is often bitterly cold, perpetually gloomy, bleak yet strangely beautiful. Bruce was one of the people who discovered the remains of a garden built in 1792 by French explorers in Recherche Bay, and this discovery was later used to help protect the site from logging. While his dad was dying of cancer, Julien helped him put together his final book about Recherche Bay’s history and later many of these old stories formed the basis of album tracks. Using The Green Mist as a case study, this paper will explore the links between physical place of production and creation; the use of both individual memory and historical narratives in song writing; and the extent to which these factors form part of a conscious or deliberate strategy.
The Equivalence of Certain Norms on the Heisenberg Group  [PDF]
Murphy E. Egwe
Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/apm.2013.36073

Let IHn be the (2n+1)-dimensional Heisenberg group. In this paper, we shall give among other things, the properties of some homogeneous norms relative to dilations on the IHn and prove the equivalence of these norms.

The Association of Hepatitis B Vaccine Supply Policy with Timing of Receipt of the First Dose of Hepatitis B Vaccination  [PDF]
Zhen Zhao, Trudy V. Murphy
Open Journal of Statistics (OJS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojs.2012.24053
Abstract: An estimated 800,000 - 1.4 million persons in the US have chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. The risk for chronic infection is greatest among young children; approximately 90% of infants will remain chronically infected with HBV. Approximately 25% of those who become chronically infected during childhood die prematurely from cirrhosis or liver cancer. Hepatitis B vaccination is the most effective measure to prevent HBV infection and its consequences. In 2006, 29 US states had Hepatitis B Vaccine Supply (HBVS) policy which either supplies hepatitis B vaccine at no cost to all providers for all children or provides hepatitis B vaccine to delivery hospitals-only free of charge for all infants; other 21 US states and the District of Columbia did not have. 17,636 infants born in 2006 obtained from 2007-2009 National Immunization Survey (NIS) were analyzed with survival analysis procedures of Kaplan-Meier estimate and Cox proportional hazards model for complex sample survey to evaluate the association between state HBVS policy and the timing of infant age in days to receipt of hepatitis B vaccination. State HBVS policy is associated with infant age in days from birth to receipt of the first dose of hepatitis B vaccine (P < 0.01), and to completion of the 3-dose hepatitis B vaccine series (P < 0.01). Receipt of the first dose of hepatitis B vaccine occurred 31% earlier among infants residing in states with HBVS policy than among infants residing in states without (adjusted hazards ratio 1.31, 95%CI (1.23, 1.39)). Completion of the 3-dose hepatitis B vaccine series were 12% sooner among infants living in states with HBVS policy than among infants living in states without (adjusted hazards ratio 1.12, 95%CI (1.06, 1.18)). State HBVS policy may help overcome barriers to timely delivery of hepatitis B vaccines to infants.
Tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases
Gillian Murphy
Genome Biology , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/gb-2011-12-11-233
Abstract: The naturally occurring inhibitory activities of the matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) were initially identified in many cell and tissue culture studies, carried out over several decades. Between 1985 and 1996, however, four members of the tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases (TIMP) family were definitively identified at the gene level in mammals. In fact, orthologs of the TIMPs are widely distributed across the animal kingdom and have now been identified in species as widely separated as Trichoplax, Hydra, molluscs, worms and insects, as well as in vertebrates such as fish and birds. Plants do have metzincins, but no plant TIMP ortholog has been identified.TIMP1 was originally cloned in 1985 when it was found to have an erythroid potentiating activity [1] and to be an inhibitor of metalloproteinases [2]. TIMP2 was cloned in 1990 by Stetler-Stevenson et al. [3], TIMP3 by Pavloff and colleagues in 1992 [4], and TIMP4 in 1996 [5]. These proteins act as significant regulators of the activities of MMPs and, in some instances, of other metalloendopeptidases of the metzincin clan, namely the disintegrin metalloproteinases (ADAM) and the disintegrin metalloproteinases with thrombospondin motifs (ADAMTS). TIMPs inhibit with a 1:1 molar stoichiometry. Their importance in modulating the ability of a cell to control its extracellular environment, from the remodeling of the extracellular matrix to the interaction of cells via adhesion and signaling molecules such as growth factors has long been appreciated [6], but the significance of TIMPs as both proteinase inhibitors and signaling molecules in their own right is only just beginning to be documented [7].The four mammalian TIMPs are thought to be products of gene duplication because there is a single gene in insects, but orthologs of all four proteins are not found in all vertebrates. The TIMP proteins share a similar domain structure, composed of an amino-terminal domain and a carboxy-terminal sub-domain. TIMP1 and TIMP3 see
The social pillar of sustainable development: a literature review and framework for policy analysis
Kevin Murphy
Sustainability : Science, Practice and Policy , 2012,
Abstract: There is a need to develop a clearer understanding of what the social pillar of sustainable development means and how it relates to the environmental pillar. This article contributes to this process by presenting a conceptual framework that identifies four overarching social concepts and links them to environmental imperatives. These concepts are: public awareness, equity, participation, and social cohesion. The framework builds on concepts and policy objectives outlined in research on international sustainable development indicators and the social sustainability literature. The social pillar can be expanded to include environmental, international, and intergenerational dimensions. This framework can then be used to examine how states and organizations understand the social pillar and its environmental links.
Faith and Philosophical Analysis: The Impact of Analytical Philosophy of Religion
Murphy, Benjamin
Ars Disputandi : the Online Journal for Philosophy of Religion , 2005,
Enforcing Tax Compliance: To Punish or Persuade?
Murphy, Kristina
Economic Analysis and Policy , 2008,
Abstract: A long standing debate has existed between those who believe deterrence-based enforcement strategies work for gaining compliance from offenders and those who believe gentle persuasion and cooperation is more effective. This article is concerned with the issue of how to best deal with offenders so as to increase support for the law and lower the rate of subsequent re-offending. Using survey data from 652 taxpayers who have been through an enforcement experience with the Australian Taxation Office, the present study will show that depending on how an enforcement experience is perceived by offenders (as either stigmatic or reintegrative in nature) can influence the feelings of resentment they experience, but more importantly these feelings of resentment mediate the effect of punishment on subsequent compliance behaviour. In other words, it is these feelings of resentment in response to disapproval that go on to predict who will and will not comply with their subsequent obligations under the law.
Philip Murphy
Language Learning and Technology , 2007,
Abstract: This paper describes an ongoing project to create an online version of a reading programme, a custom-designed English language proficiency course at a university in Japan. Following an interactionist view of second language acquisition, it was hypothesised that comprehension of a reading passage could be enhanced by online materials promoting interaction between students as they completed a multiple-choice reading comprehension exercise. Interaction was promoted: (a) through pair work at a single computer and (b) by providing Elaborative feedback in the form of hints about incorrect answers as a means of stimulating discussion about corrections. Students were randomly selected from upper and lower levels of English proficiency, as determined by the Kanda English Proficiency Test (Bonk & Ockey, 2003), to receive either Elaborative feedback or Knowledge of Correct Response feedback (which supplies the correct answers). Within these groups, some students worked in pairs and some alone. Quantitative results show that the interaction between Type of feedback and Manner of study (individual or pair work) was statistically significant; students performed best on a follow-up comprehension exercise when in pairs and having been provided with Elaborative feedback. Furthermore, qualitative analysis of transcribed interactions also shows that Elaborative feedback was conducive to quality interaction.
Having the World in View: Essays on Kant, Hegel, and Sellars
Christopher Murphy
Perspectives : International Postgraduate Journal of Philosophy , 2012,
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