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Amicus in Spiritu Christi – die Rezeption des Laelius in einer Kloster gemeinschaft des 12.Jahrhunderts: Aelred von Rievaulx. Amicus in Spiritu Christi – Cicerono Lelijaus recepcija XII a. vienuolijoje: Aelredas i Rievaulx
Kerstin Julius
Literatura , 2010,
Abstract: Straipsnyje aptariama domi Cicerono traktato Laelius de amicitia recepcija XII am iaus cisters vienuolyno vienuolio Aelredo i Rievaulx kūrinyje. D mes pa-traukia pirmiausia pats faktas, kad svarstyti draugyst s kategorij ir nustatyti jos apibr im krik ion kv p pagoni kosios literatūros altinis ir kad autorius nepaiso viduram iams būdingos nuostatos, jog vienuoliai turi labai kriti kai vertinti pagoni kūrinius ir nesiremti jais kaip autoritetais. Aelredo i Rievaulx kūrinys i siskiria ir tuo, kad jame kalbama apie draugyst , per engian i prastos krik ioni kosios meil s ribas, apibr tas v. Benedikto reguloje. Straipsnyje siekiama rodyti, kad tarp Aelredo i Rievaulx dialogo ir Cicerono kūrini yra daug stiliaus ir id j pana um , ypa suvokiant s vok virtus, kuri, Aelredo nuomone, yra esmin draugyst s prielaida. Siekdamas suderinti Cicerono pateikt draugyst s apibr im (De am. 20: Amicitia est rerum humanarum et divinarum cum benevolentia et caritate consensio) su savo gyvenimo patirtimi ir vienuolyno kultūrine aplinka, Aelredas sukuria sav j amicitia spiritalis koncepcij , pasak kurios, tikroji draugyst gali būti tik sakralioje vienuolyno aplinkoje.
Active and Healthy Ageing at Work—A Qualitative Study with Employees 55 - 63 Years and Their Managers  [PDF]
Kerstin Nilsson
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2017.57002
Abstract: The proportion of elderly individuals in the population is increasing in most industrial countries. This demographic change increases the need of more people who work until an older age to maintain the welfare in the states. However, it is not clear if older employees are interested to in generally extend the working life to an older age. It is also not stated if managers in organizations are interested of extending their older employees working life. The overall aim of this study was to examine older employees own experience of their work situation and ageing at work. The aim was also to investigate their managers’ attitude to them as older employees. The investigation was conducted by focusing group interviews with employees aged 55 - 63 years, and with their mangers aged 40 - 63 years. The findings stated that the older employees’ consideration for an extend working life seemed to be based on their health and health problems in relation to their work situation; their personal economy; their managers attitude to them as elderly and the possibility to social inclusion at work; and their possibilities for self-crediting activities at work despite their age. The managers seem to have a positive attitude to some of the older employees’ experience knowledge, if that was in the same direction as their own interest. Otherwise the mangers saw the older employees as problem and obsoleted. The managers were also negative to older employees who got health problems which effect the work production negatively. The older workers in this study described managers’ importance to if they want to work in an extended working life. However, the managers seem not to understand their own importance in this and were not interested to keep all elderly in an extended working life.
The Influence of Work Environmental and Motivation Factors on Seniors’ Attitudes to an Extended Working Life or to Retire. A Cross Sectional Study with Employees 55 - 74 Years of Age  [PDF]
Kerstin Nilsson
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2017.57003
Abstract: Aim: The aim of this study was to investigate difference between whether individuals think they can work, and want to work until 65 years or not. Methods: A cross/sectional study including survey of 1949 employees aged 55 - 74 years. Results: Working environments were the most significant differences between the groups associated to if the respondents think they can work beyond 65 years or not. Motivation factors were the most significant differences between the groups associated with if the respondents want to work beyond 65 years or not. Conclusions: A satisfying work environment is important to whether people think they can work or not. Nevertheless, whether people want to work is depending on whether the employees are satisfied with the factors that promote their motivation for work. If society wants more people to work until an upper age, it is important to improve both work environmental factors and motivation factors in their work situation.
Some Characteristics of a Plant Growth Promoting Enterobacter sp. Isolated from the Roots of Maize  [PDF]
Frank Ogbo, Julius Okonkwo
Advances in Microbiology (AiM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/aim.2012.23046
Abstract: Some properties of an Enterobacter sp. isolated from the roots of maize are described. Isolation was carried out using the semisolid enrichment culture technique and subsequent plating, both on nitrogen free biotin medium. Morphological, biochemical and phylogenetic characterization using the MicroSeqTM 16S rDNA technique were employed in identification of isolate, which was revealed to be closest matched at 99.4% with Enterobacter asburiae. The isolate possessed properties of plant growth promoting bacteria. Thus, it produced indole-3-acetic, plant polymer hydrolyzing enzymes, pectinase and cellulase as well as ammonia in vitro. The isolate grew well in the presence of both 3% NaCl and 10 μg of streptomycin. In plate bioassays, isolate promoted the germination of both maize and rice seeds as well as root and lateral root growth resulting in weight increases of seedlings over their controls. Experiments to quantify ability of isolate to promote plant growth was performed using hydroponics solutions and as appropriate, an inoculum of the isolate. Pot experiments were also employed. Results from these studies showed that isolate enhanced nitrogen accumulation and significantly (p < 0.05), improved the growth of maze seedlings over controls. Isolate has potential for utilizetion as inocula for sustainable production of cereals.
An internet-based intervention program for supporting families with prematurely born infants  [PDF]
Birgitta Lindberg, Kerstin ?hrling
Open Journal of Nursing (OJN) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojn.2012.22012
Abstract: The purpose of this paper was to describe the development, planning and implementing of an internet-based intervention program for providing support to families with prematurely born infants. During the families initial stay at home with their infant; families were given access to use of videoconference system from their home to have contact with staff at the neonatal unit, via direct link, throughout twenty-four hours. This program successfully ended, and video-conferencing is incorporated as a tool to support families after coming home. Probably, a variety of factors has contributed to make this program successful, as for example user friendliness and the close collaboration between researchers and staff at the neonatal unit. In conclusion, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) must be taken into consideration in developing upcoming care, thereby making possible a program to extend accessibility to health care.
The Transfer of Knowledge between Younger and Older Employees in the Health and Medical Care: An Intervention Study  [PDF]
Emma Nilsson, Kerstin Nilsson
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2017.57006
Abstract: In the ageing society more old employees need to stay in working life for longer. However, the society also needs to take care of the increased amount of elderly in a more effective and respectful way. To take care of older employees experience knowledge to make the elderly care and the care employees work situation better and self-crediting to go on in an extended working life, new methods and measures are needed to be developed and evaluated. The overall purpose of this article was to evaluate how the participant in the intervention project experienced the project and its methodology. The intervention project followed three different methods: i) through interviews of the participants and the supervisor; ii) through participant observation; and iii) through an evaluation questionnaire to participants after the project was completed. The intervention project did transfer knowledge between different fields, that are, between generations, between different departments and between the municipality and county. The participation was described as not only a place for reflection and knowledge, but also a protected zone where participants could talk about the kind of problems they would ponder over. Several participants felt that it was important to develop and continue the work that the intervention project set in motion. The participants’ experience was made to be visible and their professional competence has been strengthened. They indicated that there had been an exchange of knowledge and between not only the generations but also the different kinds of work. The organisations also seem to have gained from the project by allowing the participants to unload, become more positive, develop more knowledge of experience, increase their propensity for reflection and get a better consensus between the municipality and county. The intervention project seems to have fulfilled the stated purpose and also the expectations of the participants.
To Harmonise or Not to Harmonise?: The Case of Cross-national Biotechnology Governance in Southern Africa
Journal of technology management & innovation , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-27242011000300003
Abstract: this paper is based on a study which investigated both existing and new regulatory responses to food emergencies and bigger challenges presented by modern gene-based biotechnologies. in particular, this paper looks at the challenge of cross-national cooperation in regulation of these technologies in southern africa. one response to this challenge which has dominated policy agendas in the region for a long time, and with more prominence after the 2002-2003 food emergency, is that of harmonisation of national biosafety regulatory systems. harmonisation is touted by its promoters as one way in which countries can buttress weaker national and sub-national regulatory capacities, and develop synergies that will place them in a strong position to deal with the dynamic challenges presented by modern biotechnologies. the desire for cross-national cooperation in biotechnology management was investigated from the broader perspective of policy convergence, with harmonization being but one of the mechanisms towards the policy convergence. a number of factors facilitating or inhibiting policy convergence were identified, including but not limited to cultural, institutional, socio-economic and policy community attributes. the paper concludes that an understanding of these factors is crucial if grounded empirical and theoretical proposals on cross-national policy convergence are to be advanced.
Gender differentiation in Daily Farm Wage Rates in Abuja, Nigeria
A Julius
Journal of Agricultural Extension , 2012,
Abstract: The main objective of the study was to determine if significant difference existed in gender daily wage rates (wage rate/day) in farm production activities. Multi-stage technique was used for sample selection while structured questionnaires were used for data collection. A total of 168 farmers were randomly interviewed in four Agricultural Zones (42 respondents in each agricultural zone). Data were analyzed using two way mixed factorial analysis of variance and mean separation was done at 5% probability level. Results revealed that there was significant difference (P < 0.05) in the gender daily wage rates. The daily wage paid to an adult male (N950 = $ 6.47) was significantly higher than the wage paid to an adult female (N692.08 = $ 4.55), young male (N683.33 = $4.73) and young female (N562 = $ 3.70). Young females received the least daily wage. Generally, the grand mean daily wage was N734.82 ($ 4.86). Furthermore, there was significant (P < 0.05) main effect of location meaning that there were locational differences in the average daily wage rate. The Eastern Agricultural Zone had the highest daily wage (N798.94) On the contrary, there was no significant (P > 0.05) interaction effect between gender daily wage rates and locations. Based on the findings, the paper concluded that there was significant difference in gender daily wage rates. It was recommended that the study should be replicated in other places for cross-validation purposes.
Significant Factors Affecting Patronage of Health Facilities by Rural Dwellers in Owo Region, Nigeria
Julius Olujimi
The Social Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: Infrastructure has become ubiquitous theme in a variety of areas of the policy debate. For instance, a number of studies have argued that generalized access to infrastructure services plays a key role in helping to reduce income inequality and enhancing productivity. Health care facility is one of these infrastructure. Paradoxically, the inadequate provision of infrastructure is more pronounced in the rural areas that habour greater proportion of the Nigerian population than the urban area. While frantic efforts are being made in providing for more infrastructure, it is therefore necessary to encourage adequate patronage of the available infrastructure particularly health facilities by the rural dwellers. This study reports the findings of a study that looked into the significant factors affecting the patronage of health care facilities by rural dwellers in Owo region, Nigeria. The study utilized a set of questionnaire designed to collect data on the health-seeking behaviour of 348 rural dwellers randomly selected from 22 rural settlements in the region. The study identified 20 health consumer variables that were fitted into regression model. Using a step-wise regression model, it concludes that only nine (9) of the 20 variables significantly affected the patronage of health care facilities by the rural dwellers in the region. Finally, the paper gives suggestions that would enhance these factors in the promotion of patronage of health care facilities in the region in particular and Nigeria in general which are adaptable to most developing countries of the World.
Einstein-Riemann Gravity on Deformed Spaces
Julius Wess
Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry : Methods and Applications , 2006,
Abstract: A differential calculus, differential geometry and the E-R Gravity theory are studied on noncommutative spaces. Noncommutativity is formulated in the star product formalism. The basis for the gravity theory is the infinitesimal algebra of diffeomorphisms. Considering the corresponding Hopf algebra we find that the deformed gravity is based on a deformation of the Hopf algebra.
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