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Translocation t(2;14)(p13;q32) in a case of Ph+ acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Kerketta Lily,Vundinti Babu,Ghosh Kanjaksha
Indian Journal of Human Genetics , 2007,
Fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis of balanced t (8;22) (q24.3;q12.2) in a female with recurrent spontaneous abortions
Vundinti Babu Rao,kerketta Lily,Korgaonkar Seema,Ghosh Kanjaksha
Indian Journal of Human Genetics , 2002,
Pericentric inversion of chromosome 9[inv(9)(p12q13)]: Its association with genetic diseases
Rao Babu,Kerketta Lily,Korgaonkar Seema,Ghosh Kanjaksha
Indian Journal of Human Genetics , 2006,
Abstract: Background: The chromosomal polymorphism of short arms of acrocentric chromosomes and heterochromatin variation of Chromosomes 1, 9, 16 and Y have been reported in humans. The pericentric inversion of Chromosome 9 is commonly seen in normal humans and the frequency estimated to be 1 to 3% in general population and inherited in mendalian fashion or might occur spontaneously without any clinical significance. Aim: The aim of the study was to study the frequency of inv(9) and its clinical correlation with human genetic diseases. Materials and Methods:0 The chromosomal analysis using GTG-banding was carried out in 3,392 cases suspected with genetic diseases. Results: The pericentric inversion frequency of different chromosomes in our study was 1.24% and frequency of inv(9)(p12q13) was high (64.29%) compared to other pericentric inversions in our study. A high frequency (9.33%) of inv(9)(p12q13) was detected in children with dysmorphic features and congenital anomalies. Conclusion: As a high frequency of inv(9)(p12q13) detected in children with dysmorphic features, the inv(9) definitely have a role in the abnormal phenotype development. During inversion event there might be loss or suppression of euchromatin chromosome region and hence detailed chromosomal break point study is important to understand the clinical significance of the pericentric inversion of Chromosome 9.
Dandy-Walker malformations in a case of partial trisomy 9p (p12.1→pter) due to maternal translocation t(9;12)(p12.1;p13.3)
Vundinti Babu Rao,Kerketta Lily,Korgaonkar Seema,Ghosh Kanjaksha
Indian Journal of Human Genetics , 2007,
Abstract: We describe a five-year-old proband presented with Dandy-Walker malformations, right microopthalmia, hamstring contractures, undescended testis with absence of testis in right scrotum in addition to typical trisomy 9p clinical features. Routine cytogenetic studies with GTG - banding showed 46,XY,der(12)t(9;12) (p12;q13.3),mat karyotype (trisomy 9p). Chromosomal analysis of the father was normal and phenotypically normal mother had 46,XX,t(9;12)(p12;q13) karyotype. Fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis with single copy probes bA5OIA2 (9p11.2), bA562M8 (12p12.1) and centromere probes (9) showed break point at 9p12.1 region. The gene dosage effect of Chromosome 9p along with environmental factors might be associated with Dandy- Walker malformations in the patient.
The Effects of Family Structure on the Development of Bilinguality  [PDF]
Lily Halsted
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2013.49098

This study examines the role of family structure in the development of different levels of bilinguality. Students from five different public and private universities responded to an extensive survey on various aspects of bilinguality. Participants were divided into three groups: monolinguals, non-fluent bilinguals and fluent bilinguals. In line with the initial hypothesis, higher levels of bilinguality correlated with having more bilingual family members. Also further evidence was found for the importance of the mother, father and sisters in becoming bilingual. Additionally, the presence of bilingual step-parents and grandparents on acquisition and maintenance of a second language was examined and fund to be much less influential than the role of the parents. Finally, the influence of socio-economic status (SES) on development of bilinguality was measured with no clear effect being found. The unique contribution of this study is that it attempts to connect the influence of specific family members to different levels of bilinguality.

AIDS vaccine: Present status and future challenges
Nigam P,Kerketta Manjula
Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology , 2006,
Abstract: Development of a preventive vaccine for HIV is the best hope of controlling the AIDS pandemic. HIV has, however, proved a difficult pathogen to vaccinate against because of its very high mutation rate and capability to escape immune responses. Neutralizing antibodies that can neutralize diverse field strains have so far proved difficult to induce. Adjuvanting these vaccines with cytokine plasmids and a "prime-boost," approach is being evaluated in an effort to induce both CTL and antibody responses and thereby have immune responses active against both infected cells and free viral particles, thereby necessitating fewer doses of recombinant protein to reach maximum antibodies titers. Although obstacles exist in evaluation of candidate HIV vaccines, evidence from natural history studies, new molecular tools in virology and immunology, new adjuvants, new gene expression systems, new antigen delivery systems, recent discoveries in HIV entry and pathogenesis, and promising studies of candidate vaccines in animal models have provided reasons to hope that developing a safe and effective AIDS vaccine is possible and within reach.
Citrullinemia and Hyperglycinemia Presenting with Seizures - Case Report of a 4 Day Old Baby
Moushumi Lodh, Joshi Anand Kerketta
Asian Journal of Medical Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3126/ajms.v3i1.4801
Abstract: Inborn errors of amino acid metabolism (IEM) are of concern in India, the spectrum being wide, varied and poorly diagnosed. Since aggregate incidence of inborn errors of metabolism is relatively high, in countries such as India, a high degree of suspicion is essential to correctly diagnose an inborn error of amino acid metabolism. We report a case of citrullinemia, glycinemia with hyperammonaemia and seizures in a 4-dayold previously asymptomatic baby, with a brief review of the literature. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3126/ajms.v3i1.4801 Asian Journal of Medical Sciences 3(2012) 17-20
A Study on the Innovation of Business Model in Manufacturing Enterprises under the Background of “Internet Plus”  [PDF]
Fanzhu Kong, Lily Zhao
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2017.510004
As a new productive force, “Internet plus” is changing the modes of production. It has become a key to develop a new business model to meet “internet plus” for manufacturing industry. This paper analyzed the basic connotation and elements of the business model. On this basis, it discussed the factors that affect the innovation of the business model on the era of “Internet plus”, and put forward the innovation strategy of business model from the four aspects of customer value proposition, client, enterprise and industry.
Golden Research Thoughts , 2013, DOI: 10.9780/22315063
Abstract: Effective management of emotions is an important aspect of human behavior. Many investigations in the field of personality indicate that emotional maturity and social skills along with intelligence bring adjustment and success in one's life. An emotionally intelligent person can manage his /her feeling in a better way and cope with stress, with the effective ability to solve problems. It is said that the emotionally intelligent person is the one who is capable to managing one's feeling and emotions in various aspects of one's life. Such a person consequently is well adjusted and more successful in various areas of educational and other professional fields.
Using Q-methodology to identify local perspectives on wildfires in two Koyukon Athabascan communities in rural Alaska
Lily Ray
Sustainability : Science, Practice and Policy , 2011,
Abstract: Sustainable resource management depends upon the participation of resource-dependent communities. Competing values between community members and government agencies and among groups within a community can make it difficult to find mutually acceptable management goals and can disadvantage certain resource users. This study uses Q-methodology to discover groups with shared perspectives on wildfire policy in the Koyukon Athabascan villages of Galena and Huslia, Alaska. Before the study, participants appeared to disagree over the amount of wildfire suppression needed, but Q-method results showed three perspectives united around deeper, less oppositional concerns: Caucasian residents and resource managers who preferred natural processes; older Koyukon residents concerned about losing local control, small animals, and cultural places; and younger Koyukon residents who felt subsistence activities were resilient to social-ecological change. Additionally, both Koyukon groups suspected it was cheaper to suppress all wildfires while small. These results imply that community frustration with wildfire management may be reduced through collaborative research with Koyukon elders on locally important issues, cultural site mapping in order to extend some level of wildfire protection, and greater agency transparency about wildfire-suppression costs. The results also indicate that age may be an understudied driver of community resource-use preferences. This study proposes that without identifying resource user-interest groups and their main concerns, it is difficult to develop equitable environmental goals. It shows how Q-methodology provides a systematic approach for identifying the stakeholders and issues needed in resource management.
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