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A Comment on Reis  [PDF]
Kenji Miyazaki
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2011.13019
Abstract: This note gives a counterexample on Reis [1]. Using a certain family of utility functions, this note not only gives a sharper representation than that of Reis but also demonstrates that interest rate inelastic money demand does not lead to superneutrality. This implies that superneutrality does not exist when uncerinty is introduced.
Inflation, Growth, and Impatience in a Generalized Cash-in-Advance Economy
Kenji Miyazaki
International Journal of Financial Research , 2012, DOI: 10.5430/ijfr.v3n3p2
Abstract: In this note, we consider a cash-in-advance (CIA) economy in which the CIA constraint applies to not only consumption but also to all or part of investment and where the discounting rate is a function of consumption. We use this economy to investigate the effects of monetary growth on capital, money, consumption, and welfare. We find that as long as the condition assuring the uniqueness of the steady state holds, the effect of monetary growth on all of these variables is negative, though mitigated by the positive slope of the discounting function. Using this result, we establish a qualitative equivalence between the money-in-the-utility, transaction-cost, and CIA models.
Conservative Medroxyprogesterone Acetate Therapy in Early Stage of Endometrial Carcinoma Associated with Phosphatase and Tensin Homolog Expression  [PDF]
Kenji Niwa, Minako Mori, Tatsuhiko Miyazaki, Takuji Tanaka, Ken-Ichiro Morishige
Open Journal of Pathology (OJPathology) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojpathology.2017.71001
Abstract: Young patients with the endometrial cancer IA who desire to preserve fertility, can select the conservative therapy with progestin. However, the therapy involves risks of progression and relapse. We examined immunohistochemical analyses of phosphatase and tension homolog (PTEN) and p53 expressions to predict the early relapse, and pregnancy and delivery. Twenty women with endometrial cancer, FIGO IA (1988) (FIGO staging was essentially defined post-surgically), instead of the pathogical specimen before surgery without myometrial invasion were estimated by MRI under 40 years at Gifu University Hospital, Japan from 1988 to 2009. Patients were treated with medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA, 400 - 600 mg/day) for 4 - 10 months, with whole wall endometrial curettage performed every four weeks. Response to the therapy, pregnancy, delivery and relapse of disease during follow-up over a 72-month period. Immunohistochemical expression of PTEN and p53 was also evaluated with pregnancy, delivery and relapse rate. All patients had pathological complete remissions within 4 - 10 months. Relapse rate was high (60%) in more than 72 months. Immunohistochemical PTEN retain in tumor cells before MPA treatment (8/10) was significant better correlation with pregnancy and delivery rate than of lost cases (1/5) in non-obese women (P < 0.05). Conservative therapy is feasible in carefully selected young women with endometrial cancer without myometrial invasion. However, the relapse rate was high. In cases who desire to be a pregnant, an earlier infertility treatment may be considered especially for PTEN loss especially in nonobese cases.
Rational therapeutic strategy for T2 gallbladder carcinoma based on tumor spread
Naohiko Kohya, Kenji Kitahara, Kohji Miyazaki
World Journal of Gastroenterology , 2010,
Abstract: AIM: To evaluate the adequacy of surgical treatment of T2 gallbladder carcinoma (GBCa) according to tumor spread in the subserosal layer.METHODS: A series of 84 patients with GBCa were treated at Saga University Hospital, Japan between April 1989 and October 2008. The tumor stage was graded according to the TNM staging for GBCa from the American Joint Committee on Cancer Manual 6th edition. Tumor staging revealed 30 patients with T2 tumors. T2 GBCa was divided into three groups histologically by the extent of tumor spread in the subserosal layer, using a score of ss minimum (ss min), ss medium (ss med) or ss massive (ss mas).RESULTS: For ss min GBCa, there was no positive pathological factor and patient survival was satisfactory with simple cholecystectomy, with or without extra-hepatic bile duct resection. For ss med GBCa, some pathological factors, h-inf (hepatic infiltration), ly (lymphatic invasion) and n (lymph node metastasis), were positive. For ss mas GBCa, there was a high incidence of positive pathological factors. The patient group with extra-hepatic bile duct resection with D2 lymph node dissection (BDR with D2) and those with S4a5 hepatectomy had significantly better survival rates.CONCLUSION: We suggest that radical surgery is not necessary for ss min GBCa, and partial hepatectomy and BDR are necessary for both ss med and ss mas GBCa.
Analysis of Appropriate Category Level of Web Directory for Cross-Language Information Retrieval
Fuminori Kimura,Akira Maeda,Kenji Hatano,Jun Miyazaki
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2008,
Natural Postoperative Bone Metabolic Changes after Total Knee Arthroplasty Determined by Positron Emission Tomography Scans  [PDF]
Masakazu Kanetaka, Soichiro Kaneko, Kei Wagatsuma, Kenji Ishii, Kimiteru Ito, Shinya Nakamura, Hiroshi Hamaji, Yukimasa Yamato, Yorito Anamizu, Fumiaki Tokimura, Tsuyoshi Miyazaki
Open Journal of Orthopedics (OJO) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojo.2018.812046
Abstract: Artificial joint replacement surgery is the orthopedic procedure of choice to relieve pain, correct joint deformities, and help patients resume everyday activities. However, the detailed mechanisms regulating peri-implant bone remodeling at the bone-prosthesis interface remain elusive. To address this gap in knowledge, we evaluated the natural postoperative course of bone metabolism by using [18F] NaF positron emission tomography (PET)/computed tomography in 57 patients (104 joints) who underwent asymptomatic total knee arthroplasty (TKA). First, we measured total tracer uptake around TKA to determine the total bone metabolism (TBM) and used the ischial tuberosity as the reference tissue for normalization of PET images. Second, we calculated the TBM ratio (TBMR) by dividing the TBM by tracer uptake in the reference tissue. A moderate increase in TBMR was observed 4 - 5 days after implantation, and its intensity reached the maximum on the seventh postoperative day. The TBMR showed no differences until 12 weeks, after which it decreased slowly and returned to the basal levels. The new parameter TBMR and the unique pattern of postoperative metabolic changes in the bone around the prosthesis may help set accurate interpretation criteria to diagnose complications such as loosening or infections.
Incentives in Public and Privatized Firms under Incomplete Contracting Situations  [PDF]
Takeshi Miyazaki
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2012.23059
Abstract: It is argued that incentives for employees in the public service agencies will necessarily be weak because of the multiple dimensions of products, multiple principals, incomplete contract, and socializing. Some empirical studies refer to incomplete contracting situations as part of the cause of the diminishing of the public sector. This work investigates the effects of privatization and ownership shares on incentive schemes for employees who work for public or privatized firms under incomplete contracting situations. Two main results are obtained. First, the incentive intensity of public firms decreases as the government has more ownership shares, and the social benefit declines. Second, privatized firms offer their employees higher-powered incentive contracts than do public firms.
Analysis of Extrahepatic Multiple Primary Malignancies in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma according to Viral Infection Status
Keita Kai,Atsushi Miyoshi,Kenji Kitahara,Masanori Masuda,Yukari Takase,Kohji Miyazaki,Hirokazu Noshiro,Osamu Tokunaga
International Journal of Hepatology , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/495950
Abstract: Previous studies have investigated extrahepatic multiple primary malignancy (EHPM) associated with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). However, its correlation with viral infection, such as hepatitis B virus (HBV) or hepatitis C virus (HCV), has not been examined. The aim of this study is to investigate the association between EHPM and hepatitis infection in HCC patients. A total of 412 patients who underwent surgical resection for primary HCC were enrolled. Viral infection was evaluated by serum HBV surface antigen (HBs Ag) and HCV antibody (HCV Ab). Sixty-eight (16.5%) patients had one or more EHPM. The most frequent EHPM was gastric cancer ( ) in this cohort. No statistical significance was observed in the distribution of viral infection and incidence of entire EHPM. However, HCV Ab, HBs Ag, and negative status for both were correlated with the frequency of gastric ( ), urinary tract ( ), and breast cancer ( ), respectively. Infection of Helicobacter pylori was investigated by immunohistochemistry in gastric EHPM and resulted that 20 out of 21 analyzed cases were negative for Helicobacter pylori. Although it should be verified by well-designed large cohort studies, the current results suggested correlation between HCV infection and gastric cancer, HBV infection and urinary tract cancer and viral hepatitis-free status and breast cancer in HCC patients. 1. Introduction Extrahepatic multiple primary malignancy (EHPM) associated with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) has been investigated in previous reports [1–15]. However, the majority of these studies were performed decades ago. The improved survival rates in HCC patients, advances in diagnostic modalities and clinical treatments, and long-term followup might produce a higher incidence of EHPM as well as useful information for the treatment of HCC patients. Although chronic infection with hepatitis B virus (HBV) and/or hepatitis C virus (HCV) are well-known risk factors and are the most influential determinants for HCC, there have been few investigations of the correlation between viral infection status and EHPM. The aim of this study is to reveal the characteristics of EHPM in a cohort receiving long-term followup as well as the association between EHPM and the viral infection status in HCC patients. 2. Materials and Methods 2.1. Patients A total of 412 patients, who underwent a surgical resection for primary HCC between 1984 and December 2010 at Saga University Hospital, were included in this study. Informed consent for the use of medical information was obtained from all patients and the study protocol
Disruption of cerebellar microzonal organization in GluD2 (GluRδ2) knockout mouse
Miki Hashizume,Taisuke Miyazaki,Kenji Sakimura,Masahiko Watanabe,Kazuo Kitamura,Masanobu Kano
Frontiers in Neural Circuits , 2013, DOI: 10.3389/fncir.2013.00130
Abstract: Cerebellar cortex has an elaborate rostrocaudal organization comprised of numerous microzones. Purkinje cells (PCs) in the same microzone show synchronous activity of complex spikes (CSs) evoked by excitatory inputs from climbing fibers (CFs) that arise from neurons in the inferior olive (IO). The synchronous CS activity is considered to depend on electrical coupling among IO neurons and anatomical organization of the olivo-cerebellar projection. To determine how the CF–PC wiring contributes to the formation of microzone, we examined the synchronous CS activities between neighboring PCs in the glutamate receptor δ2 knockout (GluD2 KO) mouse in which exuberant surplus CFs make ectopic innervations onto distal dendrites of PCs. We performed in vivo two-photon calcium imaging for PC populations to detect CF inputs. Neighboring PCs in GluD2 KO mice showed higher synchrony of calcium transients than those in wild-type (control) mice. Moreover, the synchrony in GluD2 KO mice hardly declined with mediolateral separation between PCs up to ~200 μm, which was in marked contrast to the falloff of the synchrony in control mice. The enhanced synchrony was only partially affected by the blockade of gap junctional coupling. On the other hand, transverse CF collaterals in GluD2 KO mice extended beyond the border of microzone and formed locally clustered ectopic synapses onto dendrites of neighboring PCs. Furthermore, PCs in GluD2 KO mice exhibited clustered firing (Cf), the characteristic CF response that was not found in PCs of wild-type mice. Importantly, Cf was often associated with localized calcium transients in distal dendrites of PCs, which are likely to contribute to the enhanced synchrony of calcium signals in GluD2 KO mice. Thus, our results indicate that CF signals in GluD2 KO mice propagate across multiple microzones, and that proper formation of longitudinal olivo-cerebellar projection is essential for the spatiotemporal organization of CS activity in the cerebellum.
Isotropic photonic band gap and anisotropic structures in transmission spectra of two-dimensional 5-fold and 8-fold symmetric quasiperiodic photonic crystals
Masashi Hase,Hiroshi Miyazaki,Mitsuru Egashira,Norio Shinya,Kenji M. Kojima,Shin-ichi Uchida
Physics , 2002, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.66.214205
Abstract: We measured and calculated transmission spectra of two-dimensional quasiperiodic photonic crystals (PCs) based on a 5-fold (Penrose) or 8-fold (octagonal) symmetric quasiperiodic pattern. The photonic crystal consisted of dielectric cylindrical rods in air placed normal to the basal plane on vertices of tiles composing the quasiperiodic pattern. An isotropic photonic band gap (PBG) appeared in the TM mode, where electric fields were parallel to the rods, even when the real part of a dielectric constant of the rod was as small as 2.4. An isotropic PBG-like dip was seen in tiny Penrose and octagonal PCs with only 6 and 9 rods, respectively. These results indicate that local multiple light scattering within the tiny PC plays an important role in the PBG formation. Besides the isotropic PBG, we found dips depending on the incident angle of the light. This is the first report of anisotropic structures clearly observed in transmission spectra of quasiperiodic PCs. Based on rod-number and rod-arrangement dependence, it is thought that the shapes and positions of the anisotropic dips are determined by global multiple light scattering covering the whole system. In contrast to the isotropic PBG due to local light scattering, we could not find any PBGs due to global light scattering even though we studied transmission spectra of a huge Penrose PC with 466 rods.
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