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What’s in a Bot? L2 Lexical Development Mediated through ICALL  [PDF]
Kelly Arispe
Open Journal of Modern Linguistics (OJML) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojml.2014.41013

In recent years, the field of Second Language Acquisition (SLA) has made great strides to refocus its attention on the essential role that vocabulary plays in becoming a proficient L2 learner (Nation, 2001). Moreover, Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) has made advances in providing interactive online tools that help L2 learners strategically engage and work through their vocabulary development. This present study reports on how an Intelligent CALL tool (ICALL), Langbot, helps learners at the beginner and intermediate levels with their lexical acquisition. Modeled after instant messaging systems, which create a synchronous communicative environment, Langbot acts like a pedagogical scaffold or online buddy that caters to the vocabulary needs of each individual learner. It provides 1) translation requests with examples in context, 2) a frequency-based “word of the day” and 3) quizzes based on recent inquiries and a specific frequency range according to the learner’s level. The results from breadth and depth tests (N = 142), suggest that learners at all levels that have access to Langbot significantly improve their vocabulary breadth, while only intermediate-high learners with access to Langbot improve their vocabulary depth. Furthermore, survey data demonstrate Langbot’s effectiveness and accessibility based on learner perceptions.

The Geographic and Demographic Challenges To the Regional Institutionalization Of the Texas Lower Rio Grande Valley
Arispe y Acevedo, Baltazar;
Norteamérica , 2009,
Abstract: the purpose of this article is to examine the institutionalization of a region of the united states of america: the texas lower rio grande valley. it will use and build on theories of regional institutionalization, geography, and demography by paasi, harvey, gilbert, and other theorists. this research asks how history, geography, and demography challenge the present and future regional institutionalization of the texas lower rio grande valley. to answer this question, recent case studies on institutionalization and regional development in canadian and u.s.-mexican regions will be used to explain phenomena.
Sistema de Puntaje de Stegen, kaplan y Tolledo.
Ruben F. Arispe Vidal
Revista Científica Ciencia Médica , 2010,
Abstract: Mediante un sistema de puentaje se determina el Diagnóstico de Tuberculosis infantil y mediante un algoritmo, el manejo del contacto.
Fluorescent Analysis of the Cell-Selective Alzheimer's Disease Aβ Peptide Surface Membrane Binding: Influence of Membrane Components
Olga Simakova,Nelson J. Arispe
International Journal of Alzheimer's Disease , 2011, DOI: 10.4061/2011/917629
Abstract: We performed a fluorescent analysis of the binding of Aβ to the surface membrane of different types of cells lines such as PC12, GT1-7, and ex vivo neurons. Analyses were performed on sorted cells with membrane bound Aβ Competitive binding between Aβ phosphatidyl serine- (PtdSer-) specific binder annexin V and an anti-PtdSer antibody provided compelling data confirming the involvement of PtdSer as one of the surface membrane signal molecules for Aβ. We found that populations of cells that exhibited high surface membrane binding affinity for Aβ also show higher membrane cholesterol levels compared to cells that did not bind Aβ. This direct relationship was upheld in cholesterol-enriched or cholesterol-depleted cell membranes. We conclude that the initial process for the cell-selective binding by Aβ, to later conversion of elemental Aβ units into larger structures such as fibrils or to the potentially toxic ion channel aggregates, is highly influenced by the membrane content of PtdSer and cholesterol in the cell surface membrane. 1. Introduction It has been hypothesized that the primary cause for the cellular damage and the degeneration in the Alzheimer’s disease (AD) brain is a toxic interaction between the amyloidogenic peptides amyloid beta peptides (Aβ) and nerve cells [1]. The cellular degeneration observed in the AD brain is characteristically selective to the neuronal circuits in the neocortex, hippocampus, and basal forebrain cholinergic system. Cell selectivity in the toxic Aβ attack is also observed in vitro within cells in cultures externally exposed to the peptide Aβ, where not all cells are equally affected by Aβ and some cells are even found to be resistant. This selective attack of Aβ to cells in cultures may embody the selective attack observed in cells of specific regions of the AD brain. The peculiarities of these neurons that predispose them in general to the selective attack of Aβ are not well understood. However, as the first effective interaction of Aβ with cells occurs at the surface of the cell membrane [2], observation in cell culture experiments suggests that the particular affinity of Aβ for specific cells resides in the composition of the surface membrane. Our earlier findings on a variety of neuronal cell lines and ex vivo neurons, sorted on the basis of affinity to bind Aβ showed that permanent intracellular and surface membrane conditions endorsed the initial sensitivity and the association between Aβ and the cell membrane [3]. The most prominent of the surface membrane conditions that establish this association is related
Inocuidad y calidad: requisitos indispensables para la protección de la salud de los consumidores
Arispe,Ivelio; Tapia,María Soledad;
Agroalimentaria , 2007,
Abstract: food innocuity is a fundamental aspect of public health and an essential element to manage of total quality, for which it is a subject of the highest priority for all countries and governments. in venezuela, this subject requires the greatest attention due to the health implications, which reach all levels of the population. also, due to the economic implications that imply the fulfillment of the obligatory and voluntary normative framework related to quality and the food safety for national businesses. finally, due to the commercial implications of fulfilling the framework that affects business competition and establishes distinctions in terms of quality and innocuity management and integrated management. the present work gives a referential framework to the discussion of these aspects that are of great importance to the agriculture industry and the venezuelan consumer
Abundancia y patrones de actividad del mapache (Procyon cancrivorus) en un bosque Chiquitano de Bolivia
Arispe,Rosario; Venegas,Claudia; Rumiz,Damián;
Mastozoolog?-a neotropical , 2008,
Abstract: the crab-eating raccoon (procyon cancrivorus) is a carnivore widely distributed in central and south america, but due to its nocturnal habits and evasive conduct, little is known about its natural history. this study reports the first data on home range, abundance and activity of raccoons based on systematic camera trap surveys conducted in the chiquitano dry forest of san miguelito ranch. two sampling efforts (sep 17-nov 21, 2002, and jun 5-aug 8, 2004) totaled 3197 camera trap-nights and rendered 133 captures of 17 and 15 individuals, respectively, recognizable by the number, width, and shape of the tail rings. by applying capture-recapture statistics we estimated abundances of 20 and 22 individuals and population densities of 19 and 40 individuals/100 km2. records of single individuals at several stations allowed us to estimate travel distances of 0.7-4.2 km and minimum observed ranges of 0.28-1.97 km2. raccoons traveled through most of the available habitats except cerrado forests, and seemed to prefer dirt roads over trails, salt licks, river banks, and springs. given the preference for roads and differences in individual capture probability, the estimation of abundance needs to be based on individual recognition, and comparisons require that effort be distributed evenly across types of sites and habitats. camera trapping has been a successful methodology to get the first data on density and behavior of this species for bolivia.
Rosario Arispe,Claudia Venegas,Damián Rumiz
Mastozoolog?-a neotropical , 2008,
Abstract: El mapache cangrejero (Procyon cancrivorus) es un carnívoro ampliamente distribuido en Sur y Centro América, pero debido a sus hábitos nocturnos y conducta evasiva, su historia natural es poco conocida. Este estudio reporta los primeros datos sobre abundancia, área de acción y actividad de los mapaches basados en muestreos sistemáticos con trampas-cámara en el bosque seco Chiquitano de la estancia San Miguelito. Dos esfuerzos de muestreo (sep 17-nov 21, 2002 y jun 5-ago 8, 2004) totalizaron 3197 trampas-noche y proporcionaron 133 capturas pertenecientes a 17 y 15 individuos, respectivamente, identificables por el número, grosor y forma de los anillos de la cola. Aplicando estadísticas de captura-recaptura se estimaron abundancias de 20 y 22 individuos y densidades poblacionales de 19 y 40 individuos/100 km2. Los registros de los mismos individuos en diferentes estaciones permitieron estimar distancias recorridas de 0.7 a 4.2 km y áreas mínimas de acción entre 0.28 y 1.97 km2. Los mapaches recorrieron la mayoría de los hábitats disponibles excepto el Cerrado, y parecían preferir los caminos más que las sendas, salitrales, orillas de río y manantiales. Dada la preferencia por los caminos y las diferencias en la probabilidad de captura por individuo, la estimación de la abundancia necesita estar basada en el reconocimiento individual, y los análisis comparativos requieren que el esfuerzo esté uniformemente distribuido entre los tipos de sitios y hábitats. El trampeo con cámaras ha sido una metodología exitosa para conseguir los primeros datos de densidad y comportamiento de esta especie en Bolivia.
Civic-Political Development in the Context of Economic Apartheid in Distressed Communities: A Theoretical Model  [PDF]
Diann Kelly
Advances in Applied Sociology (AASoci) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/aasoci.2017.712025
Abstract: As class status improves, engagement in civic and political activities increases. These activities are voting, volunteerism and vocal activism. However, depressed socio-economic status leaves many individuals disengaged from civic-political structures. Applying Attachment Theory, this article proposes there are five statuses of civic-political development to being an engaged citizen. These statuses correspond to fixed class categories and are 1) disengaged and detached; 2) insecure, responsive; 3) insecure, subscribing; 4) secure, subscribing; 5) secure and defining. The lower the quintile, the less engaged an individual is in the civic-political structures of society and attached to their community. Organizing communities is one way to engage individuals into the civic-political structures of their community in spite of their economic status.
Histidines 13 and 14 in the Aβ sequence are targets for inhibition of Alzheimer's disease Aβ ion channel and cytotoxicity
Biological Research , 2006, DOI: 10.4067/S0716-97602006000300007
Abstract: the fact that alzheimer's beta amyloid (aβ) peptides forms cation channels in lipid bilayers was discovered during the course of our experiments in the laboratory of "guayo" rojas at nih in bethesda, maryland (usa). recently, we found that the aβ ion channel could be blocked selectively with small peptides that copy the amino acid sequence of the predicted mouth region of the aβ channel pore. we now have searched for the essential amino acid residues required for this blocking effect by mutations. we found that the ability of peptides to block aβ channel activity could be lost by replacement of histidines 13 and 14 by alanine or lysine. the amino acid substitution also resulted in the loss of the capacity of the peptides to protect cells from aβ cytotoxicity. these data thus contribute to the definition of the region of the aβ sequence that participates in the formation of the channel pore. additionally, these data support the hypothesis that the ion channel activity of ab contributes significantly to the cytotoxic properties of aβ. these data also emphasize the potential value in using inhibition of aβ ion channel activity as an end point for alzheimer's disease drug discovery.
Nuevo esquema numerico conservativo para la difusion de calor en medios bi-dimensionales no-homogeneos
Arteaga-Arispe,Jhonnathan; Guevara-Jordan,Juan M;
Revista de la Facultad de Ingeniería Universidad Central de Venezuela , 2008,
Abstract: a new numerical conservative scheme formulation and its application to the 2d transient heat equation is presented. the evaluation of the method and its comparison with the standard finite difference method are analyzed. the results show the advantages of the new method, in particular for those physical problems where the boundary conditions are very important for an accurate numerical solution approximation.
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