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Transaction Cost, Specialization and Division of Labor
—A General Equilibrium Analysis of Entrepreneurship under Globalization

Ke Li
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2014.41006

This paper develops a Walrasian general equilibrium model based on transaction cost and specialization to investigate the evolution and role of entrepreneurship in a competitive market under globalization. The implication of our model is straightforward that if the entrepreneurship in a competitive market under globalization is efficient, it will ensure the network and effects of division of labor can be fully exploited when the gains from the division of labor outweigh the costs of exchange between individuals of different specialization patterns with the different fixed learning costs. Hence, the entrepreneurship service in a competitive market under globalization can promote aggregate productivity by enlarging the scope for trading off network effects of the division of labor on aggregate productivity against transaction costs. To business practitioners, this model suggests that the entrepreneurship service is a key element of business viability during which a major transition took place in human activity. Besides, the improvement of the level of globalization and the general transaction efficiency coefficient will increase the level of division of labor and the per capita real income level of participants.

Innovative Study of Grassroots Society Based on “Internet+”
— Taking “Wuzhen Housekeeper” Model as an Example

Ke Li
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2018.65011
Abstract: Our grassroots society exists some problems that it is hard to adapt new situation of interest entity diversification, prominent contradiction, governance system and modes, whose reasons lie in insufficient participation of residents and incomplete formation of society multi-governance to some large extent. With the analysis of “Wuzhen housekeeper” modes, we find that the modes of “Wuzhen housekeeper” realize the upgrade from “single rules and regulation” to “participation in the entire process” to ensure that the public can be got full participation. The practice shows that “internet+ social governance” is not only a direct and shortcut platform of participation in supervision, but also an important path to innovate grassroots social governance. In the process of grassroots social governance in future, “internet+ social governance” urgently needs to consummate channel of participation and incentive mechanism, pay more attention to change government ideas to expect to build new modes of grassroots social governance among society, resident and government and improve the levels of grassroots social governance.
Analysis of Barrier Factors in Vertical Planting of Old Housing Estates  [PDF]
Ke Li
Advances in Applied Sociology (AASoci) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/aasoci.2018.87033
Abstract: In order to solve the problem that currently it is difficult to implement vertical planting in old housing estates, the paper investigates the status quo of vertical planting in old housing estates by selecting five typical old housing estates as the research objects, starts from the three aspects of the planning, management and construction of vertical planting in old housing estates and focuses on the analysis of barrier factors confronted by development of vertical planting in old housing estates at present. The author acquires data through field visits and questionnaires, conducts one-way analysis of variance with SPSS20.0 software and carries on modelling based on the multiple regression model. It is found that the overall planning and post-management and maintenance profoundly affect the implementation of vertical planting in old housing estates. Therefore, good pre-planning and fulfillment of post-management and maintenance after completion of vertical planning project can better implement the vertical planting in old housing estates.
Research on Application of ZigBee Technology in Flammable and Explosive Environment  [PDF]
Yang Li, Ke Zhang
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/wsn.2010.26058
Abstract: Wireless Sensor Network based on ZigBee technology is a wireless network which is composed of many nodes of ZigBee RF chips, sensors and MCUs, especially suitable for application of the remote monitoring system in flammable and explosive environments. This paper presents the characteristics and advantages of ZigBee technology, also discusses the system for hardware and software design. This system effectively fulfills the remote monitoring in flammable and explosive environments and posses high practical values.
Cardy-Verlinde Formula and Holographic Dark Energy
Ke Ke,Miao Li
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2004.12.010
Abstract: If we separate energy in a holographic theory into an extensive part and an intrinsic part, where the extensive part is given by the cosmological constant, and assume entropy be given by the Gibbon-Hawking formula, the Cardy-Verlinde formula then implies an intrinsic part which agrees with a term recently proposed by Hsu and Zee. Moreover, the cosmological constant so derived is in the form of the holographic dark energy, and the coefficient is just the one proposed recently by Li. If we replace the entropy by the so-called Hubble bound, we show that the Cardy-Verlinde formula is the same as the Friedmann equation in which the intrinsic energy is always dark energy. We work in an arbitrary dimension.
Computer Assisted Pathway Generation for Atrazine Degradation in Advanced Oxidation Processes  [PDF]
Xiang Li, Fang Zeng, Ke Li
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2013.41B012
Abstract: A model was developed to generate the complex degradation pathway of contaminants initiated by hydroxyl radical in the advanced oxidation processes. The model abstracts chemical structures into mathematic graphs. The manipulation of the graphs enumerates the reactions among the large number of molecules, radicals, and other intermediates in the advanced oxidation processes. Using Canonical Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Specification (Canonical SMILE) representation, the algorithm was able to simulate the reaction of contaminants containing both chain and ring structures. The input chemicals, reaction pattern, and the reaction rules could be specified by users through a graphical user interface. The degradation pathway of Atrazine was used as an example to demonstrate the capability of the algorithm. The generated reaction pathways were compared with those reported in literatures.
An Analysis of the Design Concept Presenting “Humanistic Spirit”
Ke Li
Asian Social Science , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v8n12p243
Abstract: This article conveys to the readers the idea of the author on how to present the design concept of “humanistic spirit” through a “simple but profound” manifestation mode and proposes the “human center” design concept in the development of the new times. Also, the author makes an analysis of the structure, support and application methods of the design means he has experienced in practice from different design angles from the surface to the center.Keywords: humanistic spirit, design innovation, environmental communication, connotation of the timesWith approaching of the times of information, what human kind is faced with the issues why the human kind exists behind the abundant life embraced by modern industrial commodities and where the sustainable development of human society is going forward. Development of science and technology and rational design has brought to the society continuous progress, development and civilization and the industrial revolution period. Our efforts are targeted at a rational and beautiful living means and we are aimed to resolve the issue of “subsistence right” of clothing, food, shelter and transportation. However, in the contemporary society where the crisis of materials for subsistence no longer perplexes human kind, the natural rule of human nature makes the human demand upgraded from “subsistence right” to “quality of subsistence” and the free and harmonious condition of human kind will become a standard for the subsistence quality of human kind. The concept of modern design will also be changed together with this change and design for poetic subsistence will take the place of design for satisfaction of materials and will become a requirement of the times. Design will adjust the relationship of human’s physiological reaction with the materials under a condition of working and living. It is necessary to change the aesthetic orientation and replace it with a new culture under a new situation. Construction of a new design cultural pattern requires the modern design to have a basic foothold and behavioral norm. That is to say, whether personal pursuit of individualized subsistence or maintenance of the characteristics of the times and the purpose of design, it is necessary to focus on the human oriented design cultural significance. Design is aimed to provide service for the human kind and the realistic demand of human kind, the national sentiment and the characteristics of the times have constructed connotation of new design cultural times. Therefore, the design concept that embodies “humanistic spirit” will become a design t
The Present Situation of Fairness in Elementary Education
Ke Li
Asian Social Science , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v4n7p33
Abstract: With the development of the society, there is a widespread public concern about the problem of “fairness of education”, which possesses the prominent characteristics of the times in different educational stage. This paper views from the angle of “elementary education”, then carry out analysis of the problem of fairness in starting point, educational process and the result, and gradually spread out the reason for this phenomenon. At the end of this paper, it puts forward some proposals about how to strengthen the fairness of education.
Second-order asymptotics for quantum hypothesis testing
Ke Li
Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1214/13-AOS1185
Abstract: In the asymptotic theory of quantum hypothesis testing, the minimal error probability of the first kind jumps sharply from zero to one when the error exponent of the second kind passes by the point of the relative entropy of the two states in an increasing way. This is well known as the direct part and strong converse of quantum Stein's lemma. Here we look into the behavior of this sudden change and have make it clear how the error of first kind grows smoothly according to a lower order of the error exponent of the second kind, and hence we obtain the second-order asymptotics for quantum hypothesis testing. This actually implies quantum Stein's lemma as a special case. Meanwhile, our analysis also yields tight bounds for the case of finite sample size. These results have potential applications in quantum information theory. Our method is elementary, based on basic linear algebra and probability theory. It deals with the achievability part and the optimality part in a unified fashion.
Discriminating quantum states: the multiple Chernoff distance
Ke Li
Statistics , 2015,
Abstract: We consider the problem of testing multiple quantum hypotheses $\{\rho_1^{\otimes n},\ldots,\rho_r^{\otimes n}\}$, where an arbitrary prior distribution is given and each of the $r$ hypotheses is $n$ copies of a quantum state. It is known that the average error probability $P_e$ decays exponentially to zero, that is, $P_e\thicksim\exp(-\xi n)$. However, this error exponent $\xi$ is generally unknown, except for the case that $r=2$. In this paper, we solve the long-standing open problem of identifying the above error exponent, by proving Nussbaum and Szko\l a's conjecture that $\xi=\min_{i\neq j}C(\rho_i,\rho_j)$. The right-hand side of this equality is called the multiple quantum Chernoff distance, and $C(\rho_i,\rho_j):=\max_{0\leq s\leq 1}\{-\log\operatorname{Tr}\rho_i^s\rho_j^{1-s}\}$ has been previously identified as the optimal error exponent for testing two hypotheses, $\rho_i^{\otimes n}$ versus $\rho_j^{\otimes n}$. The main ingredient of our proof is a new upper bound for the average error probability, for testing an ensemble of finite-dimensional, but otherwise general, quantum states. This upper bound, up to a states-dependent factor, matches the multiple-state generalization of Nussbaum and Szko\l a's lower bound. Specialized to the case $r=2$, we give an alternative proof to the achievability of the binary-hypothesis Chernoff distance, which was originally proved by Audenaert et al.
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