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Evaluation of Intravenous MagnesiumSupplementation as Prophylaxis forCisplatin-induced Hypomagnesemia
Kazem Anvari,Mehdi Sielanian Toussi,Marjaneh Mirsadraee
Middle East Journal of Cancer , 2010,
Abstract: Background:We assessed the effects of cisplatin-based chemotherapy, magnesium supplementation, probable contributory factors such as cisplatin cumulative dose and dose per cycle on serum magnesium levels. Methods:In this prospective randomized study, serum magnesium levels of 59 newly diagnosed adult patients receiving cisplatin-based chemotherapy were studied.The patients were randomly allocated to receive magnesium supplementation at a dose of 5 g IV per cycle (n=31) or to a control group (n=28). Serum magnesium levels <1.8 mg/dLwere considered to indicate hypomagnesemia. Results:The decrease in mean magnesium levels with continuing chemotherapy courses was significant in both groups with a more prominent decrease in the control group. In courses 4 and 5, mean magnesium levels were significantly higher among those who received magnesium supplementation than in the control group. Thirty patients (50.8%) had at least one incident of hypomagnesemia after beginning chemotherapy. All hypomagnesemia incidents were mild (mean 1.69, range;1.52-1.79 mg/dL). Hypomagnesemia was more frequent in the control group (38.7%vs. 60.7%, P=0.09). Although age and sex had no significant effect on the incidenceof hypomagnesemia, more hypomagnesemia incidents were observed in patients who received cisplatin in a single loading dose than in those who received the drug in divided doses for each cycle (71.4% % vs. 42.9%, P=0.056).Conclusion:Magnesium supplementation at a dose of 5 g per cycle partially compensated for cisplatin- induced magnesium loss. Monitoring magnesium levels and magnesium supplementation is warranted, especially for those undergoingprotracted courses of cisplatin-based chemotherapy. Patients who receive the drug in a single loading dose might be more prone to magnesium loss.
Anorectal Melanoma: A 10-Year Study in the North-East of Iran
Kazem Anvari,Payam Izadpanahi,Bahram Memar
Iranian Journal of Cancer Prevention , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Anorectal melanoma is one of the rare but significant malignancies of the anorectal area. This malignancy currently accounts for 1% of all types of melanoma and less than 1% of all the anorectal area malignancies. Very rare cases of this disease have been reported worldwide.Anorectal melanoma is mostly diagnosed while treating other benign conditions of this area such as hemorrhoids with conventional modalities. Its treatment of choice has always been a controversial issue.Methods: In this study, clinical pathology and outcome of 7 cases with anorectal melanoma referred to Omid Oncology Teaching Hospital during 2001-2011 were assessed.Results: Out of seven cases, 2 patients had been diagnosed with hemorrhoids and undergone surgery and 2 other cases had been referred with the primary diagnosis of lymphoma. Initially, only in 3 cases melanoma was diagnosed in clinico-pathology setting. Three cases of patients had distant metastases to the liver, lungs, omentum and mesentery, while the other 4 patients had advanced local disease. No patient had been diagnosed in the primary stages of the disease. The mean time duration between symptoms onset to diagnosis of disease had been 8 months. The median survival time was 5 months.Conclusion: Rare anorectal melanoma and its similar manifestations to other common anorectal conditions can delay the diagnosis, therefore should be considered as an uncommon differential diagnosis. The disease's outcome is poor and most probably delay in the diagnosis has an important role in the treatment results.
The Effect of Surveillance on the Outcome of Breast Cancer Patients
Kazem Anvari,Azar Fanipakdel,Yasmin Davoudi
Iranian Journal of Cancer Prevention , 2013,
Abstract: Background: The beginning of metastasis poorly affects the prognosis of breast cancer patients. Lung is the most frequent site of visceral metastasis, and the rate of recurrence is 10-30%. We have tried to find out if the routine Chest X Ray (CXR) could play a role for early detection of lung metastasis, during the prognosis of these patients.Methods: The files of the breast cancer patients between 1996 to 2006 (1739 patients) have reviewed. Clinical characteristics of patients with pulmonary metastasis have recorded. Patients, who lacked imaging files or lacked an appropriate follow-up, have excluded. Data have analyzed by SPSS 11.5. The survival analyses have performed by using the Kaplan-Meier method.Results: Fifty-six patients, median age 46, have entered into this retrospective study. Median tumor size was 4cm; median number of Lymphadenopathy (LAP) was 4. The intermediate grade has detected in 74% of patients. All patients have received adjuvant treatment. Median time from cancer diagnosis to pulmonary metastasis was 22 months. Pulmonary metastasis has detected by control CXR in 77.4% and patients' symptoms in 22.6%. Forty eight patients have received chemotherapy in metastatic phase. In 28 patients (50%), other sites of metastasis (bone, liver, and brain) have discovered.The most frequent pattern of lung recurrence was pulmonary nodule (44.6%), followed by pleural effusion (28.6%). Median survival was 27.5; median survival from pulmonary metastasis was 8 m.Conclusion: Early detection of pulmonary metastasis by CXR did not affect patients' endpoints. None of the probable prognostic factors have shown a significant effect on patients' outcome. Despite systemic treatment, survival after metastasis is low.
Expression of Bcl-2 and Bax in Advanced or Metastatic Prostate Carcinoma
Kazem Anvari,Mehdi Seilanian Toussi,Mahmoud Kalantari,Shahram Naseri
Urology Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Purpose: To evaluate the correlation of Bcl-2 and Bax protein expressions with biochemical failure-free survival in patients with advanced or metastatic prostate carcinoma (PCa) undergoing androgen deprivation therapy. Materials and Methods: This retrospective study was performed on patients with locally advanced (≥ T3) or metastatic PCa, who were referred to Omid Hospital between years 2003 and 2007. All subjects had undergone androgen deprivation therapy. Samples were analyzed immunohistochemically for Bax and Bcl-2 expression. The H-score was calculated for each sample based on intensity and percentage of stained cells. H-score > 50 was considered positive. Results: Thirty-seven patients (13 metastatic and 24 locally advanced) were eligible for analysis. Thirty-six (97.3%) samples were positive for Bax and 26 (70.3%) for Bcl-2 expression. The median H-score for Bax and Bcl-2 was 200 (range, 40 to 300) and 85 (range, 0 to 220), respectively. While there was no correlation between Bax expression and Gleason score, high Bcl-2 expression (H-score > 85) was significantly associated with Gleason score > 7 (P = .004). The median time to progression in the advanced and metastatic groups was 22 (range, 10 to 37) months and 16 (range, 9 to 26) months, respectively. High Bcl-2 expression (P = .01) and prostate-specific antigen > 20 ng/mL (P = .01) were significant predictors of lower biochemical progression-free survival. Conclusion: High Bcl-2 expression was associated with higher Gleason scores and lower biochemical-free survival in patients with advanced PCa undergoing androgen deprivation therapy.
Extending Smooth Cyclic Group Actions on the Poincare Homology Sphere
Nima Anvari
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Let $X_0$ denote a compact, simply-connected smooth $4$-manifold with boundary the Poincar\'e homology $3$-sphere $\Sigma(2,3,5)$ and with even negative definite intersection form $Q_{X_0}=E_8$. We show that free $\mathbb{Z}/p$ actions on $\Sigma(2,3,5)$ do not extend to smooth actions on $X_0$ with isolated fixed points for any prime $p>7$. The approach is to study the equivariant version of the Yang-Mills instanton-one moduli space for $4$-manifolds with cylindrical ends. As an application we show that for $p>7$ a smooth $\mathbb{Z}/p$ action on $\#^8 S^2 \times S^2$ with isolated fixed points does not split along a free action on $\Sigma(2,3,5)$. The results hold for $p=7$ if the action is homologically trivial.
A Rare Case of Thymic Carcinoma  [PDF]
Farshad Anvari, Arnold M. Schwartz, Gregory Trachiotis
Surgical Science (SS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2011.23030
Abstract: Thymic carcinomas are unusual tumors of the thymus gland. Basaloid carcinoma, an unusal epithelioid varient of a thymic carcinoma, is a rare histopathological subtype, and is not well charecterized in the literature. We present the anatomical and histogical features of a basoloid thymic carcinoma, and discuss current diagnosis and imaging strategies, as well as the operative and oncologic care of this type of thymmic carcinoma. Basaloid carcinomas of the thymus after complete surgical resection and adjuvant therapy genarally have a favorable long-term prognosis.
Optimum Designing of Gas Distribution Networks of Ilam Province by Using GIS Network and Spatial Analysis  [PDF]
Hosein Anvari, Bakhtiar Feizizadeh, Rasool Olyani Nejad
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2016.68062
Abstract: Undoubtedly, pipeline transport is considered as significant economical artery of country and national valuable resources, so it is necessary to use latest technologies, major standards and instructions and the best human resources in designing, operation and supervision in construction and also protection of it. Also, all authorities and involved of construction and operation of gas industries installation should observe safety criteria, health and environment and aware of them ever. In fact, in designing of these programs, in addition to technical and economical points, environmental characteristics should be considered in order to their construction has minimum damage to environment. On the other hand, common and traditional approaches of pipeline routing are based on using costly and time-consuming methods. In these methods, it is not easily to use all effective parameters in determining optimum way. According to capability of analysis of network spatial information systems in incorporation of spatial data, for using all effective parameters in routing, this environment is used, therefore weighted overlay analysis (Boleyn, index and fuzzy) and shortest path are modeled for finding optimum path of pipeline in GIS environment.
Microwave-Assisted Oxidation of Organic Compounds with Cetyltrimethylammonium Chlorochromate  [PDF]
Mohammd Kazem Mohammadi
Open Journal of Synthesis Theory and Applications (OJSTA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojsta.2013.23011

An efficient and mild methodology for oxidation of organic compounds is described using Cetyltrimethylammonium Chlorochromate (CTMACC) under microwave irradiation. The reactions are performed cleanly and are controlled to stop at aldehyde stage, without over-oxidation and side products. Oxidation of organic compounds to their corresponding carbonyl compouds, are studied under microwave radiation. The easy procedure, simple workup, short reaction times, and excellent yields, are another advantages of this reagent.

On the Cozero-Divisor Graphs of Commutative Rings  [PDF]
Mojgan Afkham, Kazem Khashyarmanesh
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/am.2013.47135
Abstract: Let R be a commutative ring with non-zero identity. The cozero-divisor graph of R, denoted by\"\" , is a graph with vertices in \"\", which is the set of all non-zero and non-unit elements of R, and two distinct vertices a and b in \"\" are adjacent if and only if \"\"and \"\". In this paper, we investigate some combinatorial properties of the cozero-divisor graphs \"\"and \"\"such as connectivity, diameter, girth, clique numbers and planarity. We also study the cozero-divisor graphs of the direct products of two arbitrary commutative rings.
Cloning of phenazine carboxylic acid genes of Fusarium fujikuroi antagonists bacteria
M Anvari, MRS Motlagh
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2010,
Abstract: Bakanae disease caused by Fusarium fujikuroi is an important diseases on rice. Pseudomonas fluorescens produces the broad-spectrum antibiotic phenazine-carboxylic acid (PCA), which is active against a variety of fungal root pathogens. In this study two genes from seven gene locus of phenazine were cloned in Escherichia coli DH5. The contaminated rice samples were collected from infected farms of Guilan. 238 bacteria were isolated from the rhizosphere. The antagonistic ability of 12 of which, was demonstrated with dual culture method. From the biochemical and culture results, 8 isolated were identified as P. fluorescens. The two genes from seven gene locus of phenazine were cloned into E. coli DH5. We speculate that P. fluorescens that produce 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol (Phl) play an important role in the natural suppressiveness of this soil to causal agent of collar and root rot of rice.
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