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Characterization and Potential Recovery of Household Solid Waste in the City of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)  [PDF]
Kayaba Haro, Issoufou Ouarma, Bernard Nana, Antoine Bere, Jean Koulidiati
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2018.94021
Abstract: This study on physical and physicochemical characteristics of household solid waste (HSW) in the city of Ouagadougou by using MODECOM, “Method of Characterization of Household waste” was done fifteen (15) years after the first study. Special attention has been paid to waste sampled and also to estimate energy content, namely the higher heating value (HHV) and the lower heating value (LHV). As a general tendency, the results showed a sensitive evolution in the physical parameters of waste (composition by size and composition by category) and also in the physicochemical parameters (moisture content and energy content). The results of HSW composition study showed that regardless the seasons, fermentable fraction is dominant (39% in the rainy season and 20% in the dry season) followed by plastics (18% in the rainy season and 20% in the dry season). The moisture content is measured to be 56.69% and 37.69% respectively in the rainy season and dry season. The results analysis of the potential of recovery showed that the organic recovery is more important (60% in the rainy season and 55% in the dry season) than the matter recovery (43% in the rainy season and 46% in the dry season). These results highlight the need for organic recovery and matter recovery of HSW in the city of Ouagadougou. The results from the analysis of the energy content showed that the HHV is estimated to be 17.94 MJ/kg in the rainy season and 17.96 MJ/kg in the dry season. The LHV is calculated to be 6.38 MJ/kg in the rainy season and 10.27 MJ/kg in the dry season. These results suggest that incineration as treatment of HSW in the city of Ouagadougou is not economically an appropriate option.
Contribution to the Modeling of a Solar Adsorption Refrigerator under the Climatic Conditions of Burkina Faso  [PDF]
Guy Christian Tubreoumya, Alfa Oumar Dissa, Eloi Salmwendé Tiendrebeogo, Xavier Chesneau, Aboubacar Compaoré, Kayaba Haro, Charles Didace Konseibo, Belkacem Zeghmati, Jean Koulidiati
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2017.92010
Abstract: This work concerns a dynamic modeling and a numerical simulation of the operation of an adsorption solar refrigeration system using the zeolite-water couple. For this, a mathematical model representing the evolution of heat and mass transfer at each component of the solar adsorption refrigerator has been developed. We have adopted the Dubinin-Astakhov model for the adsorption kinetics of the zeolite/water pair. This model allows to describe the phenomenon of adsorption and to calculate the rate of adsorbate (water) in the zeolite (adsorbent) as a function of the temperature and the pressure. The equations governing the operation of the solar adsorption refrigerator, deduced from the thermal and mass balances established at the collector adsorber, condenser and evaporator components, were solved by an implicit finite difference scheme and Gauss Seidel’s iterative method. We have validated the model established by applying it to the model of Allouhi et al. 2014. We analyzed the influence of the adsorbate/adsorbent couples, the solar flux, the ambient temperature on the adsorption and desorption process. The temperature profiles obtained representing the temperature evolution of the glass, the absorbent plate, the zeolite-water mixture, the condenser, the evaporator, as well as the pressure and the adsorbed mass allowed us to evaluate the performance of the solar adsorption refrigerator. SCOP is higher the higher the solar flux captured by the collector-adsorber.
Turkish Studies , 2010,
Abstract: Sarban Ahmed is one of poet melami sheik in the 16th century. Since his sheik smail Masuki died and his follow up by state, cause to slow up activity of tariqat. Sarban Ahmed use to poems that contiued to faith tariqat of disciples. He process to theme of melamet, when write to form of ottoman poetry. We look for concept of melamet to Ahmed Sarban’s poems that inside to meaning borders of ottoman poetry. Sarban Ahmed 16. yüzy l air Melami eyhlerindendir. eyhi, smail Ma uk ’nin tarikat inan lar yüzünden ldürülmü olmas , Sarban Ahmed’in devlet otoritesi taraf ndan takip ediliyor olmas , tarikat n yer alt na ekilerek faaliyetlerini yava latmas sonucunu do urmu tur. Sarban Ahmed, müritlerinin tarikat inan lar n devam ettirmek i in iirlerini kullanm t r. Divan iiri naz m bi imiyle yazd iirlerinde melamet temas n i lemi tir. Bu al mada, Divan iirinin anlam s n rlar er evesinde Sarban Ahmed iirlerindeki Melamilik anlay n tespit etmeye al t k.
?zlem KAYABA?I
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: Ahmet Midhat Efendi is one of the most important writers oftheliterature of the Tanzimat period. In his works, Ahmet Midhat Efendiaimed to present the cultural changes of a nation. Carnaval is one of hisworks written with this repect. The writer initially presents what thecarnaval is, how it is performed, what kind of poeple participate it andhow they dress. Social panaroma is depicted as well. Concepts behind theclash of emotions such as love, jealousy, fidelity are explained. The novelis examined under the titles of plot, content, language and narration. Ahmet Midhat Efendi Tanzimat d nemi romanc l n n nemliisimlerinden biridir. Yazd roman ve hikayelerde bir milletin ya ad kültür ve medeniyet de i iminin izlerini yans tmaya ve insanlar bude i ime haz rlamaya al m t r. Bu ama la yazd romanlardan biri deKarnaval’d r. Yazar bu romanda ncelikle karnaval n ne oldu unu, nas lyap ld n , karnavala kimlerin kat ld n , insanlar n nas l giyindiklerianlat r. Sonras nda da sosyal hayat n i inden manzaralar anlat r. A k,k skan l k, ihanet, sadakat gibi duygular n at mas alt nda de i ende erler anlat l r. Roman; zihniyet, yap (olay rgüsü, ki iler, zaman,mekan), tema, dil ve anlat m ba l klar alt nda incelenmi tir.
Consumer Confusion in the Turkish Mobile Communication Market: A Field Study on Young Consumers
Ayd?n Kayaba??
International Journal of Asian Social Science , 2012,
Abstract: This study has been carried out so as to analyze consumer confusion of those benefiting from options offered to them in the Turkish mobile communication market. Data in the study designed in the descriptive and relational research models was obtained through the survey method. The judgement sampling method was chosen as a sampling model. Assuming that mostly young users benefit from the tariffs in the mobile communication market, the university students were included in the scope of the survey. The students studying at the faculties and academies of Dumlup nar University, which has a great number of students in Turkey, were included in the scope of the survey. Data was obtained from the interviews. Variables of age, gender, educational level, the operator they use, information sources, motives to prefer, intended uses were analyzed in the scope of the descriptive research model. In the relational research model, firstly the exploratory factor analysis was performed. In line with three factor solutions obtained, the confirmatory factor analysis was performed and analyzed by structural equation model. Various goodness of fit indices were used in order to assess compliance between the model and data. As a result of index assessment, it was observed that the model is the best fit.
Analysis of customer complaints and a field research on the logistics in electronic (online) shopping
Ayd?n Kayaba??
??letme Ara?t?rmalar? Dergisi , 2010,
Abstract: Logistics is a series of activities, which has a prominent role within the value chain. Logistics has become a very important means in the process of defining, constructing and transferring value within the current conditions of competition. The fact that logistic activities are developed with amendment and improvement highly affects customer satisfaction. On the other hand, managing customer complaints effectively has an important role in carrying out customer satisfaction. Providing high quality service depends on empathizing customers and evaluating activities from their aspects. The evaluation in question has two dimensions and one of them consists of customer satisfaction and another one consists of managing customer complaints effectively. Deficiencies will be able to be eliminated with the help of knowing customers’ dissatisfactions from activities and so the quality level of services will increase. In this study, it has been aimed to search for customers’ complaints on logistic activities. In accordance with this aim, content analysis and survey method have been used and the data obtained from these analyses has been analyzed. In consequence of analyses, customers’ basic complaint subjects have been determined and advices have been developed accordingly.
Parenteral Insecticide Injection for Suicidal Attempt: A Case Report  [PDF]
Ali Kemal Erenler, G?khan Ba?ara, Abdülcelil Kayaba
Health (Health) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/health.2014.615225
Abstract: Poisoning by insecticides is a public health problem, particularly in developing countries. Insecticide poisoning may occur due to ingestion, inhalation or skin contact and is commonly associated with psychiatric illnesses. However, intramuscular injection of these chemicals is rare in the literature. In this report, we represent you a case of 35-year-old female who presented to our Emergency Department due to parenteral insecticide injection after an argument with her husband. A tender swelling was observed on the upper region of left upper extremity, underneath the shoulder. The patient did not develop any signs and symptoms of organophosphate poisoning and, after follow-up, the patient was discharged with total recovery. Even in the absence of systemic effects of OP, clinicians must be aware of possible complications of intramuscular injection of OPs such as cellulitis and abscess. We aimed to raise the awareness to this rare condition.
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: Abilities to write effectively are one of the important skills of individuals’ daily life, business life and whole education life; from primary to higher education. This paper aims to study preservice teachers’ opinions on reading newspaper in Turkish I: Writing Skills Course. Preservice teachers’ opinions on the contributions of reading newspaper in Writing Skills are studied in the paper. The opinions are examined by using qualitative and quantitative inquiry methods with mixed methods research design. 89 preservice teachers, who are studying Turkish and Social Sciences Education in 2010/2011 Autumn semester at Adiyaman University, are participated in this study. Quantitative data of the study are gathered by measuring insrument which is developed by the researchers to specify the opinions of preservice teachers’ concerning the contribution of using newspapers in order to develop writing skills. The data obtained as a result of the study are evaluated as average, standard deviation, t test, frequency (f), percentage (%). Qualitative data are gathered by semi-structured interview technique and they are analyzed by content analysis technique. As a conclusion it has been discovered that using newspapers in Writing Skills courses helps preservice teachers’ to develop their language skills especially writing skills and personal development. Etkili yazma becerileri bireylerin ilk retimden yüksek retime tüm renim ya am , i ya am ve günlük ya amlar n n en nemli becerilerinden birini olu turmaktad r. Bu ara t rman n amac retmen adaylar n n yaz l anlat m dersinde gazete k e yaz lar n n kullan m na ili kin dü üncelerini ortaya koymakt r. Ara t rma, tarama modeli kapsam nda y ntem e itlemesinden yararlan larak karma desenle ger ekle tirilmi tir. al maya 2010–2011 retim y l güz d neminde Ad yaman üniversitesi Türk e retmenli i ve Sosyal Bilgiler retmenli i programlar na devam eden 89 birinci s n f rencisi kat lm t r. Ara t rman n nicel verileri retmen adaylar n n yaz l anlat m becerilerinin geli tirilmesinde gazete k e yaz lar n n kullan m na ili kin g rü lerini belirlemek amac yla etkinlik sonras nda uygulanan l me arac ile toplanm , nicel verilerin istatistiksel analizinde t testi, frekans (f), yüzde (%), aritmetik ortalama ve standart sapma teknikleri kullan lm t r. Ara t rman n nitel verileri ise yar yap land r lm g rü me tekni iyle toplanm ve i erik analizi tekni i kullan larak analiz edilmi tir. Ara t rma sonucunda, yaz l anlat m dersinde gazete kullan larak yap lan retim sürecinin retmen adaylar n n ba ta yazma bec
Ius et Praxis , 2003, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-00122003000100006
Abstract: under the provisions of the argentine constitution of 1853/60, the supreme court always maintained the doctrine of the supremacy of the constitution over international treaties, and the status of these as equal to congress' laws, until the court gave precedence to treaties on human rights over national laws in 1992. a fundamental change takes place in argentine law with the constitutional amendment of 1994: a) new rights and guarantees were received; b) by the provisions of article 75 subsection 22, ten treaties were given constitutional status, and treaties were granted precedence over national laws; c) article 75 subsection 24 authorizes the delegation of power and jurisdiction to supranational organizations under the provisions of integration treaties; d) the supreme court has accepted the jurisdiction of the inter-american court of human rights over the interpretation and application of the american convention and has declared that its own decisions must serve as guidelines for the interpretation of the conventions.
Lineamientos fundamentales de la reforma constitucional Argentina de 1994
Ricardo Haro
Pensamiento Constitucional , 1999,
Abstract: No contiene resumen
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