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Influencia de las vías de inmunización mucosales sobre la protección contra herpes simple tipo 2 con el AFCo1 como adyuvante
Osmir Cabrera,Maribel Cuello,Karolina Th?rn,Madelene Lindqvist
Vaccimonitor , 2011,
Abstract: Las vacunas mucosales se han planteado como una estrategia prometedora para inducir protección mucosal.El virus herpes simple tipo 2 es uno de los patógenos más frecuentes en el humano transmitidos por vía sexual.Varios candidatos vacunales contra este patógeno se han evaluado, pero no han sido efectivos, por lo que aún no se cuenta con una vacuna profiláctica ni terapéutica. La gD2 es una glicoproteína recombinante y está reportada como uno de los antígenos de importancia vacunal contra este germen. Contamos con el cocleato derivado del proteoliposoma de Neisseria meningitidis serogrupo B (AFCo1)que ha mostrado capacidades adyuvantes porvarias vías de inmunización. El objetivo de este trabajo fue evaluar la protección inducida en ratones por el AFCo1-gD2, administrada por diferentes vías mucosales. Se utilizaron ratones hembras C57BL6, los cuales fueron inmunizados por vía intranasal (IN), intravaginal (IVag) o intrarrectal (IR) con AFCo1-gD2 o gD2 sola.Se determinó la IgG anti gD2, la proliferación celular específica, la replicación viral en lavado vaginal, los signos de la enfermedad y la protección frente al reto viral. Se obtuvo respuestas significativas de IgG anti gD2 por todas las vías, aunque la IN mostró los valores más elevados. Se observó proliferación celular en células de animalesinmunizados IN e IVag, pero no por vía IR. Se observó la mayor protección (100%) en los animales inmunizados por vía IN. Se concluye que la vía nasal es la más prometedora en la inducción de protección contra este reto viral.
Unraveling Molecular Signatures of Immunostimulatory Adjuvants in the Female Genital Tract through Systems Biology
Madelene Lindqvist,Intawat Nookaew,Ingrid Brinkenberg,Emma Samuelson,Karolina Th?rn,Jens Nielsen,Ali M. Harandi
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0020448
Abstract: Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) unequivocally represent a major public health concern in both industrialized and developing countries. Previous efforts to develop vaccines for systemic immunization against a large number of STIs in humans have been unsuccessful. There is currently a drive to develop mucosal vaccines and adjuvants for delivery through the genital tract to confer protective immunity against STIs. Identification of molecular signatures that can be used as biomarkers for adjuvant potency can inform rational development of potent mucosal adjuvants. Here, we used systems biology to study global gene expression and signature molecules and pathways in the mouse vagina after treatment with two classes of experimental adjuvants. The Toll-like receptor 9 agonist CpG ODN and the invariant natural killer T cell agonist alpha-galactosylceramide, which we previously identified as equally potent vaginal adjuvants, were selected for this study. Our integrated analysis of genome-wide transcriptome data determined which signature pathways, processes and networks are shared by or otherwise exclusive to these 2 classes of experimental vaginal adjuvants in the mouse vagina. To our knowledge, this is the first integrated genome-wide transcriptome analysis of the effects of immunomodulatory adjuvants on the female genital tract of a mammal. These results could inform rational development of effective mucosal adjuvants for vaccination against STIs.
Impact of social standing on traffic injury prevention in a WHO safe community  [PDF]
Kent Lindqvist, Koustuv Dalal
Health (Health) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/health.2012.44033
Abstract: The objective of the current study was to evaluate outcomes of a program to prevent traffic injuries among the different social strata under WHO Safe Community Program. A quasi-experimental design was used, with pre- and post-implementation registrations in the program implementation area (population 41,000) and in a neighbouring control municipality (population 26,000) in ?sterg?tland County, Sweden. The traffic injury rate in the not vocationally active households was twice than employed or self-employed households in the intervention area. In the employed and not vocationally active households, males showed higher injury rates than females in both areas. In the self-employed households females exhibited higher injury rates than males in the intervention area. Males from not vocationally active households displayed the highest post-intervention injury rate in both the intervention and control areas. After 6 years of Safe Community program activity, the injury rates for males in employed category, injury rates for females in self-employed category, and males/females in non- vocationally active category displayed a decreasing trend in the intervention area. However, in the control area injury rate decreased only for males of employed households. The study indicated that there was almost no change in injury rates in the control area. Reduction of traffic injuries in the intervention area between 1983 and 1989 was likely to be attributable to the success of safety promotion program. Therefore, the current study concludes that Safe Community program seems to be successful for reducing traffic injuries in different social strata.
Influencia de las vías de inmunización mucosales sobre la protección contra herpes simple tipo 2 con el AFCo1 como adyuvante
Cabrera,Osmir; Cuello,Maribel; Th?rn,Karolina; Lindqvist,Madelene; Lastre,Miriam; González,Elizabeth; Zayas,Caridad; Balboa,Julio; Romeo,Belkis; Sarandi,Ali M; Pérez,Oliver;
Vaccimonitor , 2011,
Abstract: mucosal vaccines are a promising strategy to induce mucosal protection. herpes simplex virus type 2 is the commonest pathogens in the human transmitted by exposure at the genital mucosal surfaces. many vaccine candidates against this pathogen have been evaluated; but they have not been effective, and neither a prophylactic nor a therapeutic vaccine has been yet obtained. the gd2 is a recombinant glycoprotein and it is reported as one of the antigens of importance for vaccine against this virus. there is the cochleate (afco1) derived from proteoliposome of neisseria meningitidis serogroup b. this cochleate has shown potentialities as adjuvant for several immunization routes. the objective of this study was to evaluate the protection induced in mice by the afco1-gd2 administered by different mucosal routes. female mice c57bl/6 were used and immunized by: intranasal (in), intravaginal (ivag), or intrarectal (ir) routes with afco1-gd2 or gd2 alone. the anti-gd2 igg and specific cellular proliferation were determined and the viral replication in vaginal wash, the signs of disease and the protection against the viral challenge, were measured too. a significant anti-gd2 igg response was obtained by all routes, although the in route showed the highest values. cellular proliferation was observed in cells of animals immunized in and ivag route; but not by ir route. in addition, a higher protection (100%) in the animals immunized with afco1-gd2 by in route was observed. in conclusion the intranasal is the most promising route in the protection induction against this viral challenge.
Animal Health and Welfare in Organic Sheep and Goat Farming – Experiences and Reflections from a Swedish Outlook
Lindqvist ?sa
Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica , 2002, DOI: 10.1186/1751-0147-43-s1-s27
Notes on the Infinity-Laplace Equation
Peter Lindqvist
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: These notes are written up after my lectures at the University of Pittsburgh in March 2014 and at Tsinghua University in May 2014. My objective is the $\infty$-Laplace Equation, a marvellous kin to the ordinary Laplace Equation. The $\infty$-Laplace Equation has delightful counterparts to the Dirichlet integral, the Mean Value Theorem, the Brownian Motion, Harnack's Inequality and so on. It has applications to image processing and to mass transfer problems and provides optimal Lipschitz extensions of boundary values. My treaty of this "fully non-linear" degenerate equation is far from complete and generalizations are deliberately avoided.
On the Time Derivative in an Obstacle Problem
Peter Lindqvist
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: I prove that the time derivative for the solution of the obstacle problem related to the Evolutionary p-Laplace Equation exists in Sobolev's sense, provided that the given obstacle is smooth enough. We keep p > 2.
Inmunización nasal con AFCo1 induce en ratones respuesta inmune a N. gonorrhoea
Cuello,Maribel; Cabrera,Osmir; Acevedo,Reinaldo; Nu?ez,Niury; del Campo,Judith; Lastre,Miriam; Zayas,Caridad; González,Elizabeth; Balboa,Julio; Romeu,Belkis; Th?rn,Karolina; Lindqvist,Madelene; Persson,Jossefine; Harandi,Ali M.; Pérez,Oliver;
Vaccimonitor , 2009,
Abstract: neisseria gonorrhoeae infections are common sexually transmitted diseases. increased antibiotic-resistant of n. gonorrhoeae strains were reported. n. meningitidis is another human restricted bacterium transmitted through mucosa. however, the induction of systemic specific igg antibody against some proteins between the two species is known, but the mucosal immune response to these pathogens is not clear. we hypothesized that n. meningitidis could induce immune response against n. gonorrhoeae. therefore, serogroup b proteoliposome (pl) was transformed into afco1 (adjuvant finlay cochleate 1) and used for nasal immunization of c57bl/6 mice. the specific igg and igg subclasses against both antigens in sera and vaginal extraction were measured by elisa. specific proliferation (3h incorporation) of spleen cells and lymph node recall in vitro with pl or n. gonorrhoeae total antigens was measured. serum and vaginal extraction anti n. meningitidis and n. gonorrhoeae igg as well as the induction of specific igg subclasses were detected. n. gonorrhoeae induces specific proliferation of spleen, cervical lymph node (cln), and mediestinal (meln) cells from immunized mice. in conclusion, afco1 induce anti n. meningitidis immune responses that recognized n. gonorrhoeae antigens in mice.
Hydrotherapy treatment for patients with psoriatic arthritis—A qualitative study  [PDF]
Maria H. Lindqvist, Gunvor E. Gard
Open Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation (OJTR) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojtr.2013.12005
Abstract: Purpose: To describe how patients living with psoriatic arthritis experience long-term hydrotherapy group treatment. Studies for this group of patients are lacking. Method: Qualitative in terviews were conducted with ten informants after hydrotherapy treatment. The treatment included exercises for increased mobility, coordination, endurance, aerobic fitness, stretching and relaxation. The interviews were analysed with content analysis. Results: A theme “hydrotherapy—a multidimensional experience” and two categories emerged: situational factors and effects of hydrotherapy. The category “situ- ational factors” comprised the subcategories: warm water, training factors and a competent instructor, and the category “effects of hydro- therapy” comprised the subcategories: psy- chological effects, improved physical capacity, social effects, changed pain experience and changes in work and participation in daily life. Conclusion: Positive effects of regular hydro- therapy in a group setting were shown in physical ability, energy, sleep, cognitive function, work and participation in daily life. The instruc- tors had an important coaching role, which needs to be promoted.
Karolina Nikielska
Studia Humanistyczne AGH , 2012,
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