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Karina Rocha Martins Volpe, Universidade Anhanguera-Uniderp, Brasil
Espa?o Jurídico : Journal of Law , 2012,
Abstract: Resumo: Este artigo analisa a atua o do Supremo Tribunal Federal na efetiva o dos direitos sociais no Brasil tendo como fio condutor o conceito de mínimo existerpncial. Observa-se que os direitos sociais presentes na Constitui o Federal de 1988 demandam uma atua o positiva do Estado para a sua concretiza o. Nesse contexto, s o discutidos quais direitos sociais comporiam o mínimo existencial e n o se sujeitariam à reserva do possível. Verifica-se que o Supremo Tribunal Federal, em situa es excepcionais, atua afirmativamente na efetiva o dos direitos sociais compelindo o Poder Público a cumprir obriga o devida ao cidad o via políticas públicas que necessariamente devem ser realizadas. Palavras-chave: Direitos sociais. Mínimo existencial. Políticas públicas. Brasil.
Ecology and conservation of the endemic lizard Tropidurus hygomi in “restinga” habitats of the north coast of Bahia state, Brazil
Karina Vieira Martins,Eduardo José dos Reis Dias,Carlos Frederico Duarte da Rocha
Biotemas , 2010,
Abstract: “Restingas” are herbaceous/ shrubby coastal sand-dune habitats that cover great areas of Brazil, particularly along the Bahia state coast. The restingas are disturbed and are under strong pressure, mainly in northeastern Brazil. Fragmentation of the landscape and habitat loss within natural ecosystems are the factors which are mainly responsible for reduction of species diversity by extinction events. The goal of thepresent study was elucidate whether the conservation status of restinga habitats on the northern coast of Bahia state was interfering with microhabitat use by the endemic lizard Tropidurus hygomi. The results showed that the use of microhabitat resources by T. hygomi did not have any signifi cant differences in the four areas we chose for study. However, diverse factors of degradation were found to contribute indirectly to its habitat loss. The T. hygomi lizard is a generalist in its use of restinga microhabitats, and probably due the endemic condition, its conservation status is linked directly to conservation of the restinga habitats on the northern coast of Bahia state.
Stress Infantil e Desempenho Escolar: avalia??o de crian?as de 1a a 4a série de uma escola pública do município de S?o Paulo
Lemes, Sandra Ozeloto;Fisberg, Mauro;Rocha, Gláucia M.;Ferrini, Luciana G.;Martins, Geórgia;Siviero, Karina;Ataka, Marcos A.;
Estudos de Psicologia (Campinas) , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-166X2003000100001
Abstract: the objective of this article was to evaluate stress in children (1tst to 4th grade ) at a public school in s?o paulo city and also to study the correlation between the presence or absence of stress and the children's school performance. 342 children were evaluated through the esi (escala de stress infantil) and their school performance was assessed on the basis of the average grade (a, b, c, d or e) given by their teachers in seven different subjects. for statistical purposes, the average school performance grades were defined as: a-strong; b-medium; c-weak. the results did not show differences that were statistically significant. however, they showed that 30,1% of the children had stress symptons and 38,2% of the children who had stress had also weak school performance.
Valor nutritivo de silagens de milho (Zea mays L.) produzidas com inoculantes enzimo-bacterianos
Rocha, Karina Dosualdo;Pereira, Odilon Gomes;Valadares Filho, Sebasti?o de Campos;Oliveira, Amanda Prates de;Pacheco, Leonardo Bruno de Bastos;Chizzotti, Fernanda Helena Martins;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982006000200008
Abstract: two inoculated corn silage experiments are reported. in the first one, ph value, ammonia nitrogen in total nitrogen (n-nh3/total n), chemical composition and in vitro drymatter digestibility of corn silages with or without enzymatic-bacterial inoculants were evaluated in laboratory silos. a 6 x 3 factorial arrangement of treatments, with six fermentation periods (01, 03, 07, 14, 28 and 56 days) x three inoculants (control and two commercial inoculants: maize all (alltech of brazil) and biomax (christian hansen) was used in a completely randomized design, with three replications. effect of the inoculant × fermentation period interaction was detected on silages dm content, larger values corresponding to the inoculated silages, independent of the fermentation period. inoculants favored silage crude protein (cp) concentration, the smallest value (6.23%) being observed in control silage. it was also observed an effect of fermentation period on neutral detergent fiber (ndf) and acid detergent fiber (adf), which decreased by 0.302353 and 0.063321 units/fermentation day, respectively. the in vitro dry matter digestibility increased with fermentation period, with increments of 0.0546305 unit/day. in the second experiment, intake and total apparent digestibility of silage nutrients were evaluated with rams. eighteen castrated adult rams were assigned to three treatments, in a randomized blocks design, with six replicates. the diets consisted of 90:10 forage to concentrate ratio in a dry matter basis. the intake of nutrients was not influenced by the experimental diets, being observed mean values of 1.26; 0.14 and 0.84 kg/day for dry matter (dm), crude protein intake (cp) and total digestive nutrients (tdn) intake, respectively. an inoculant effect was observed on cp apparent digestibility, greater value being observed for silage treated with the biomax inoculant (66.0%). the inoculant addition to corn plant changed nor silage chemical composition, neither the intake of its nu
A Theoretical Overview of Bioresponse to Magnetic Fields on the Earth’s Surface  [PDF]
Pietro Volpe
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2014.510097
Abstract: This survey points to the mechanisms of bioresponse caused by magnetic fields (MFs), paying attention to their action not only on ions, molecules and macromolecules, but also on cells, tissues and organisms. The significance of findings concerning the MF-dependence of cell proliferation, necrosis or apoptosis was judged by comparing the results obtained in a solenoid, where an MF can be added to the geomagnetic field (GMF), with those obtained in a magnetically shielded room, where the MFs can be attenuated or null. This comparative criterion was particularly appropriate when the differences detectable between the data provided by experimental samples and the data provided by control samples were rather small, as observed in estimating the MF-influence on total DNA replication, RNA transcription and polypeptide translation. The MF-induced inhibition of apoptosis was considered as a risk potentially leading to accumulation of cancer cells. The analysis also surveyed the MF-dependence of the interactions between host animal cells and infecting bacteria. In relation to studies on the origin and adaptation of life on the Earth, theoretical insights paving the way to elucidating the MF-interactions with biostructures and biosystems of different orders of organization evaluated the possible involvement of the so-called “biological windows”. Analogously to what is known for ionizing radiations, the efficiency of the applied MFs appeared to depend on the complexity of their biological targets.
The Unexpected Existence of Coding and Non-Coding Fragments along the Eukaryotic Gene  [PDF]
Pietro Volpe
Advances in Biological Chemistry (ABC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/abc.2015.52009
Abstract: The pathways leading to synthesis and post-synthetic modification of DNA employed methionine as donor of atoms: the carbon that came from its –CH3 served for DNA replication and repair either in bacteria or humans; its entire –CH3 served instead for building N6-methyladenine and 5-methylcytosine on bacterial DNA and 5-methylcytosine alone on human DNA. In humans, although a slight extra-S asymmetric methylation appeared de novo yielding on parental DNA 5’-m5CpC-3’/ 3’-GpG-5’, 5’-m5CpT-3’/3’-GpA-5’ and 5’-m5CpA-3’/3’-GpT-5’ monomethylated dinucleotide pairs, a heavy symmetric methylation involved in S semiconservatively newly made DNA to guarantee genetic maintenance of –CH3 in 5’-m5CpG-3’/3’-Gpm5C-5’ dimethylated dinucleotide pairs. In this framework, an inverse correlation was found between bulk genomic DNA methylation occurring in S and bulk polyA-containing pre-mRNA transcription taking place in G1 and G2. Thus, probes of 1 × 106 Daltons (constructed using sheared by sonication newly made methylated DNA filaments) revealed a modular organization in genes: after the hypermethylated promoter, they exhibited an alternation of unmethylated coding and methylated uncoding sequences. This encouraged the search for a language that genes regulated by methylation should have in common. An initial deciphering of restriction minimaps with hypomethylatable exons vs. hypermethylatable promoters and introns was improved when the bisulfite technique allowed a direct sequencing of m5C. In lymphocytes, where the transglutaminase gene is inactive, its promoter exhibited two fully methylated CpG-rich domains at 5’ and one fully unmethylated CpG-rich domain at 3’, including the site +1 and a 5’-UTR. At variance, in HUVEC cells, where the transglutaminase gene is active, in the first CpG-rich domain of promoter few doublets lost their –CH3. Such an inverse correlation suggested new hypotheses especially in connection with repair-modification: UV radiation would cause demethylation in given loci of a promoter by chance, whilst even a partial demethylation in this promoter would be able to resume a previously silent pre-mRNA transcription.
A regula??o do lobo anterior da hypophyse por um hormonio testicular, especialmente sob o ponto de vista morphologico
Martins, Thales;Rocha, Arnoldo;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1931, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761931000100005
Abstract: the authors summarize the results of former works, based on the technics of parabiosis. after parabiotic union of two infantile rats, normal + castrate, the normal fellow enters into precocious puberty in about 7 days (kallas). in the case of pairs: castrated male + normal female, the implants of testicles, or injection of maceration or aqueous extracts of testis in the castrated fellow, prevents the induction of early puberty in the normal female. in the case: castrated female + normal female, no inhibiting effect is provoked by that treatment. there is therefore a testicular hormone that regulates the hypophysis. after castration, this gland manifests a hyper-function and shows histological alterations, the chief character of these being the appearing in the anterior lobe, of the so-called castration cells, probably originated from basophile cells. implants or injections of testis material prevent those alterations. this is a useful test; the effect is controlled by estimating the castration cells in the microscopic field. the testicular hormone that regulates the anterior lobe is probably another one, quite different from that which regulates the accessory genitalia. on account of the facts and experiments, it may be assumed that this new hormone is elaborated by the germinal epithelium of the testicles.
Henrique Martins Rocha
Revista Eletr?nica de Ciência Administrativa - RECADM , 2004, DOI: 10.5329/409
Henrique Martins Rocha
Revista Eletr?nica de Ciência Administrativa - RECADM , 2004, DOI: 10.5329/428
Henrique Martins Rocha
Revista Eletr?nica de Ciência Administrativa - RECADM , 2005,
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