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Prospective Study of Chikungunya Virus Acute Infection in the Island of La Réunion during the 2005–2006 Outbreak
Frederik Staikowsky,Fran?ois Talarmin,Philippe Grivard,Abdel Souab,Isabelle Schuffenecker,Karin Le Roux,Marc Lecuit,Alain Michault
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0007603
Abstract: Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) is a recently re-emerged arthropod borne virus responsible for a massive outbreak in the Indian Ocean and India, and extended to Southeast Asia as well as Italy. CHIKV has adapted to Aedes albopictus, an anthropophilic mosquito species widely distributed in Asia, Europe, Africa and America. Our objective was to determine the clinical and biological features of patients at the acute phase of CHIKV infection.
Estimating Chikungunya prevalence in La Réunion Island outbreak by serosurveys: Two methods for two critical times of the epidemic
Patrick Gérardin, Vanina Guernier, Jo?lle Perrau, Adrian Fianu, Karin Le Roux, Philippe Grivard, Alain Michault, Xavier de Lamballerie, Antoine Flahault, Fran?ois Favier
BMC Infectious Diseases , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2334-8-99
Abstract: Two serosurveys were implemented: first, a rapid survey using stored sera of pregnant women, in order to assess the attack rate at the epidemic upsurge (s1, February 2006; n = 888); second, a population-based survey among a random sample of the community, to assess the herd immunity in the post-epidemic era (s2, October 2006; n = 2442). Sera were screened for anti-CHIKV specific antibodies (IgM and IgG in s1, IgG only in s2) using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays. Seroprevalence rates were compared to clinical estimates of attack rates.In s1, 18.2% of the pregnant women were tested positive for CHIKV specific antibodies (13.8% for both IgM and IgG, 4.3% for IgM, 0.1% for IgG only) which provided a congruent estimate with the 16.5% attack rate calculated from the surveillance-system. In s2, the seroprevalence in community was estimated to 38.2% (95% CI, 35.9 to 40.6%). Extrapolations of seroprevalence rates led to estimate, at 143,000 and at 300,000 (95% CI, 283,000 to 320,000), the number of people infected in s1 and in s2, respectively. In comparison, the surveillance-system estimated at 130,000 and 266,000 the number of people infected for the same periods.A rapid serosurvey in pregnant women can be helpful to assess the attack rate when large seroprevalence studies cannot be done. On the other hand, a population-based serosurvey is useful to refine the estimate when clinical diagnosis underestimates it. Our findings give valuable insights to assess the herd immunity along the course of epidemics.Chikungunya fever is an arbovirosis caused by Chikungunya virus (CHIKV), a mosquito-transmitted alphavirus belonging to the Togaviridae family [1,2]. CHIKV was first isolated in 1952, during a Tanzanian outbreak [3]. It circulated in Africa and Asia, where periodic outbreaks were described in the past 50 years. In some areas, attack rates had reached 80 to 90% [1,2]. Between February 2005 and August 2006, a large Chikungunya fever outbreak swept the Indian Ocean islands
Analysis of Interfering Fully Developed, Colinear Deepwater Waves
J. P. Le Roux
International Journal of Oceanography , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/314064
Abstract: The sea surface is normally irregular as a result of dissimilar waves generated in different areas. To describe such a sea state, various methods have been proposed, but there is no general consensus as to the best characterizing parameters of the interwaves. Three simple methods are proposed here to calculate a characteristic interwave period, length, and height for fully developed, colinear deepwater waves. The results of this study indicate that the interwave period and length are equal or very close to the period and length of the dominant component wave, irrespective of the periods of the subordinate waves. In cases where the dominant wave period is double or more than double the periods of the subordinate waves, the wave period, length and height are within 4% of the dominant wave parameters, so that such interfering, irregular waves have virtually the same characteristics as monochromatic waves. Secondary, individual interwaves propagate at the velocity of the component wave with the shortest period, that is, slower than the primary interwaves which have the same celerity as the dominant component wave.
Historical understanding and rethinking the foundations
J Le Roux
HTS Theological Studies/Teologiese Studies , 2007,
Abstract: This article contributes to the fundamental rethinking of New Testament scholarship being undertaken by New Testament scholars attached to the University of South Africa (UNISA), Pretoria, South Africa. The thrust of the article holds that the historical Jesus research is of the utmost importance and it puts the emphasis on the individuality of an event and the contribution of nineteenth century reflection on history. As point of departure and further elaboration it accentuates the notion that history writing must be a form of homecoming. HTS Theological Studies Vol. 63 (3) 2007: pp. 983-998
Levitikus as agtergrond van Markus 5:25–34, ge nterpreteer in terme van eer-en-skaamte
E le Roux
HTS Theological Studies/Teologiese Studies , 2011,
Abstract: Leviticus as background to Mark 5:25-34 interpreted in terms of honour and shame This article investigated whether Mark 5:25–34 proposes a radical discontinuity with the Jewish purity codes and subsequently, holds drastic liberating implications for women as far as access to the temple is concerned and more existentially speaking, access to Yahweh. It determined whether Leviticus speaks about women in such an androcentric and exclusive manner and whether Jewish culture is indeed so discriminating. This article argued that Mark 5:25–34 does indeed radically turn the Jewish purity codes upside down and that the Jesus movement proclaims a drastic liberation for women from social marginalisation. However, the original meaning of the text in Leviticus should not be viewed so negatively. The dreadful consequences of the exile and the destruction of the temple lead to the idea amongst the orthodox rabbi’s that the purity codes should be maintained in a very strict way. These codes were thought to ensure that the holiness of Yahweh would manifest in the social sphere, the people of Yahweh would be blessed and a catastrophe of these immense proportions would be avoided in future. Unfortunately, this lead to the degeneration of the cult, that became exclusive as many people were deprived from the presence of Yahweh. The author of the Gospel according to Mark is reacting to this and clearly voices his criticism against this marginalisation.
Dealing with cholera: exclusively the domain of environmental health practitioners?: review
Cheryl S Le Roux
Health SA Gesondheid , 2004,
Abstract: Cholera outbreaks have a profound impact on the health and well-being of communities. Especially young children are vulnerable to the disease and schools report high absenteeism during epidemics. There is both the perception and evidence thereof, that educating communities about cholera (its prevention and treatment) is the responsibility of the Department of Health through its health care workers. In this article it is argued and justified that educators are in a favourable position to support such initiatives. In fact, according to the generic roles of the educator as indicated in the Norms and Standards for Educators, it is the responsibility of educators to actively take part in the development of the communities they serve in fulfilment of their pastoral role as outlined in the Norms and Standards document. Furthermore, provision is made in the Revised National Curriculum Statement for addressing environmental health issues in the Life Orientation learning area. This article further explores current health care initiatives to combat the incidence of cholera and examines the potential role of educators to support such initiatives. Reference is also made to a recent study in northern KwaZulu Natal where a survey of practising educators' level of knowledge regarding cholera was undertaken. Key Words: Environmental health; Cholera; Educator roles; Health practitioners; Life orientation Cholera het 'n diepgaande invloed op die gesondheid en algemene welsyn van gemeenskappe. Veral jong kinders is vatbaar vir die siekte, gevolglik rapporteer skole ho syfers van afwesigheid gedurende epidemies. Daar bestaan die persepsie sowel as die bewyse daarvan dat voorligting van gemeenskappe in verband met cholera (voorkoming sowel as behandeling) die verantwoordelikheid van die Departement van Gesondheid se gesondheidsorgwerkers is. In hierdie artikel word daar aangevoer en gemotiveer dat opvoeders in 'n gunstige posisie verkeer om sulke inisiatiewe te ondersteun. Inderdaad, volgens die generiese rolle van die opvoeders soos uiteengesit in die Norme en Standaarde vir Opvoeders, is dit hulle verantwoordelikheid om aktief deel te neem in die ontwikkeling van die gemeenskappe waarin hulle werk, ter vervulling van hulle pastorale rol soos omskryf in bogenoemde dokument. Daarbenewens, maak die Hersiene Nasionale Kurrikulumverslag voorsiening vir die addressering van omgewingsgesondheidsake in die Lewensori nterings leerarea. Hierdie artikel verken ook die huidige gesondheidsorginisiatiewe waardeur die trefwydte van cholera teengewerk kan word. Dit ondersoek voorts die potensi le rol van opvoeders om sulke inisiatiewe te ondersteun. Verwysing word ook gemaak na 'n onlangse studie in noordelike KwaZulu Natal waar 'n opname van die praktiserende opvoeders se vlak van kennis in verband met cholera onderneem is. Health SA Gesondheid Vol.9(3) 2004: 55-65
Pornography: Human right or human rights violation?
E le Roux
HTS Theological Studies/Teologiese Studies , 2010,
Abstract: The article investigates the availability of pornographic media to under-aged users, specifically the already marginalised under-aged sector of the South African population. It argues that the availability of pornography is just another illustration of the systemic discrimination against this section of the population. Theoretical, non-experimental and clinical evidence illustrating the negative impact that the exposure to pornography has on children is presented against the background of the social reality of South Africa. The article finds that exposure to pornography leaves children even more vulnerable than they already are. The investigation of relevant legislation indicates that those who broadcast and/or sell pornography contravene South African law. The article concludes that the effects of pornography on children are far-reaching and potentially harmful. Children should be more effectively protected against exposure to pornography. Lastly, the role of faith-based organisations (FBOs) and the possibilities of their effective involvement, is explored.
Andries van Aarde as historical Jesus scholar
JH le Roux
HTS Theological Studies/Teologiese Studies , 2011,
Abstract: This article focuses on Andries van Aarde’s work on the historical Jesus and especially his book, Fatherless in Galilee, which made an important contribution to historical Jesus study in South Africa. In the first part of the article Van Aarde’s historical and social approaches are highlighted, his ongoing reflection on the resurrection described and his work on the Infancy Gospel of Thomas accentuated. In the second part we discuss Van Aarde’s depiction of Jesus as someone who grew up fatherless. For Jesus this meant a lifelong struggle against slander and exclusion from the temple and the presence of God. Jesus nevertheless trusted God who filled Jesus’ emptiness. Jesus was baptised and then started a ministry, focusing on the outcasts of society. He preached that the kingdom of God had come and that the people of this kingdom could experience God, as well as forgiveness of sins. Jesus died but arose in the kerygma. The article also refers to the struggle of the authors of the New Testament writings to understand and express the Jesus event.
The use of augmented reality in command and control situation awareness
W le Roux
Scientia Militaria: South African Journal of Military Studies , 2010,
Abstract: Augmented reality is not completely new technology, but rather an interesting combination of existing technologies, facilitated by the rapid progress made on ultra-portable devices such as smart cellular telephones. It has the potential to enhance the situation awareness of military operators. This study identifies possible uses of augmented reality in command and control applications with specific attention to situation awareness in the South African context. Applications across the different command and control functions, as well as at the different levels of military operations are considered. The article concludes with some concept definitions for augmented reality applications.
Andries van Aarde’s Matthew Interpretation
JH le Roux
HTS Theological Studies/Teologiese Studies , 2011,
Abstract: This article focused on Andries van Aarde’s interpretation of the Gospel of Matthew. It argues that Van Aarde has changed his approach to Matthew in the course of time. At the beginning of his career he focused on structural analysis and even made a contribution to the Gattung problem from a structural perspective. Then his attention shifted to narrative criticism and social-scientific criticism. Van Aarde’s consistent narratological interpretation of Matthew enabled him to identify Matthew’s ideology and to determine the way in which it took shape on the surface structure. This narratological investigation also shed new light on, amongst others, the parables, the characters and the problem of direct and indirect discourse. To conclude the article, some critical statements with regard to the historical understanding of the Gospel of Matthew were formulated.
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