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Superconductivity on the verge of Mott localization in ternary iron sulfide
Jiangang Guo,Xiaolong Chen,Gang Wang,Tingting Zhou,Xiaofang Lai,Shifeng Jin,Shunchong Wang,Kaixing Zhu
Physics , 2011,
Abstract: We report the results of electrical and magnetic properties on two new compounds, K0.8Fe1.7S2 and K0.8Fe1.7SeS, both having similar structures to newly discovered superconducting K0.8Fe1.7Se2. K0.8Fe1.7S2 exhibits a semiconductor-like electrical property and undergoes an anti-ferromagnetic transition at about 260 K. Upon replacing half of S with Se, K0.8Fe1.7SSe becomes a superconductor at 25 K, implying the superconductivity evolves from a Mott AFM state in Fe-Se based superconductors.
Quenching of superconductivity by Co doping in K0.8Fe2Se2
Tingting Zhou,Xiaolong Chen,Jiangang Guo,Gang Wang,Xiaofang Lai,Shunchong Wang,Shifeng Jin,Kaixing Zhu
Physics , 2011,
Abstract: We synthesized a series of K0.8Fe2-xCoxSe2 samples with nominal compositions 0\leq x\leq 0.035 and investigated their physical properties. The results show that the superconductivity in K0.8Fe2-xCoxSe2 is quenched down to 5 K by 0.5 at. % Co doping, the fastest quenching rate ever-reported. The role played here by Co is in contrast with the one in FeAs based superconductors where Co usually induces superconductivity from parent compounds. Such a rapid quenching favors a localized 3d model against the itinerant one for iron pnictide superconductors.
Effect of atmospheric environment on the attenuation coefficient of light in water
Juan Liu,Jiulin Shi,Yijun Tang,Kaixing Zhu,Yuan Ge,Xuegang Chen,Xingdao He,Dahe Liu
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: The attenuation coefficient of 532 nm light in water under different atmospheric conditions was investigated. Measurements were made over a two-year period at the same location and show that the attenuation coefficient is significantly influenced by the atmospheric environment. It is lowest when the atmospheric pressure is high and temperature is low, and is highest when the atmospheric pressure is low and temperature is high. The maximum attenuation coefficient of pure water in these studies was about three times the minimum value. The mechanism of the phenomena is discussed. These results are also important in underwater acoustics.
Superconductivity in the iron selenide KxFe2Se2 (0 <= x <= 1)
Jiangang Guo,Shifeng Jin,Gang Wang,Shunchong Wang,Kaixing Zhu,Tingting Zhou,Meng He,Xiaolong Chen
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1016/j.physc.2011.04.009
Abstract: We report the superconductivity at above 30 K in a new FeSe-layer compound K0.8Fe2Se2 (nominal composition) achieved by metal K intercalating in between FeSe layers. It is isostructural to BaFe2As2 and possesses the highest Tc for FeSe-layer materials so far under ambient pressure. Hall effect indicates the carriers are dominated by electron in this superconductor. We confirm that the observed superconductivity at above 30 K is due to this new FeSe-based 122 phase. Our results demonstrate that FeSe-layer materials are really remarkable superconductors via structure and carrier modulation.
Seed Structure and Germination of Taxillus chinensis (DC.) Danser

Li Yonghu,Ruan Jinlan,Chen Shilin,Li Xianen,Lu Dong,Zhu Kaixing,Zhao Minghui,Pei Hehuan,
,阮金兰,陈士林,李先恩,卢 栋,朱开昕,赵明惠,裴河欢

世界科学技术-中医药现代化 , 2010,
Abstract: 目的:了解广寄生种子结构与种子萌发过程及其影响萌发的因素。方法:采用体视显微镜观察广寄生种子萌发过程和智能人工气候箱培养观察广寄生种子萌发的影响因素。结果:①广寄生种子由种皮、胚与胚乳构成,胚由胚芽与“类胚根”构成,其中“类胚根”为分化形成种子初生吸器的器官;②种子不具休眠期,可以独立萌发。萌发时首先见“类胚根”从种孔“露头”膨大并逐渐分化形成初生吸器,同时芽也从种孔长出;③广寄生种子含水量为50%,种子对干燥脱水敏感,当含水量下降到25%时种子的萌发率为0;④广寄生种子适宜萌发温度为20~30℃,低于10℃和高于40℃萌发率为0;⑤种子无论有无光照均能独立萌发,在有光照条件下分化形成的初生吸器通常为一个,并呈现避光性分化;在无光照条件下种子则能分化形成多个吸器;⑥在有寄主情况下,种子的初生吸器分化形成朝向寄主;⑦种子不耐储藏,寿命短暂。结论:广寄生种子不具休眠期,种子一经成熟即可萌发生长,属于顽拗型种子类型,种子由种皮、胚与胚乳构成,成熟的胚由胚芽与“类胚根”器官构成,初生吸器在种子萌发时在“类胚根”基础上逐渐分化形成。
Characteristics of heavy metals enrichment in algae and its application prospects

LU Kaixing,TANG Jianjun,JIANG De''''an,

应用生态学报 , 2006,
Abstract: Using algae to bio-remedy heavy metals-contaminated waters has become an available and practical approach for environmental restoration. Because of its special cell wall structure, high capadty of heavy metal enrichment, and easy to desorption, algae has been considered as an ideal biological adsorbent. This paper briefly introduced the structural and metabolic characteristics adapted for heavy metals enrichment of algae, including functional groups on ceil wall, extracellular products, and intracellular heavy metals-chelating proteins, discussed the enrichment capability of living, dead and immobiliaed algae as well as the simple and convenient ways for desorption, and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of using algae for bioremediation of polluted water, and its application prospects.
A Study on the Driving Factors of Tourism Destination Brand Equity Based on Internet Sharing Content: A Case Study of Shenzhen Happy Valley  [PDF]
Ju Zhu, Mingfang Zhu
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2018.116039
Abstract: Thanks to increasing mature tourists, continuous innovation on science and technology, improved accessibility of attractions, the destination has to confront the growing competition tourism destinations leading to the importance of consumer based brand equity. The paper, taking the tourists’ evaluation and sharing contents of Shenzhen Happy Valley obtained on Mafengwo website as the text material, constructs a tourism destination brand equity driving factor model with “product”, “experience” and “marketing” as the core category based on the grounded theory Through the study, the driving factors of brand equity of destination are identified, and corresponding suggestions are provided for the management of destination brand equity.
Principle and Characteristic of Lorentz Force Propeller  [PDF]
Jing ZHU
Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications (JEMAA) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/jemaa.2009.14034
Abstract: This paper analyzes two methods that a magnetic field can be generated, and classifies them under two types: 1) Self-field: a magnetic field can be generated by electrically charged particles move, and its characteristic is that it can’t be independent of the electrically charged particles. 2) Radiation field: a magnetic field can be generated by electric field change, and its characteristic is that it independently exists. Lorentz Force Propeller (ab. LFP) utilize the characteristic that radiation magnetic field independently exists. The carrier of the moving electrically charged parti-cles and the device generating the changing electric field are fixed together to form a system. When the moving electrically charged particles under the action of the Lorentz force in the radiation magnetic field, the system achieves propulsion. Same as rocket engine, the LFP achieves propulsion in vacuum. LFP can generate propulsive force only by electric energy and no propellant is required. The main disadvantage of LFP is that the ratio of propulsive force to weight is small.
China’s Savings and Current Account Balance: A Demographic Transition Perspective  [PDF]
Chao Zhu
Modern Economy (ME) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/me.2011.25089
Abstract: In this paper, we build an overlapping generation model to analyze how China’s family planning policy affects the demographic structure and the dependency ratios. We also employ the Cointegration Test and Granger Causality Test to examine the relationship between Chinese population dependency ratios and the national savings rate, as well as the relationship between relative productivity differences and the national current account balance. We find that the family planning policy can be sustainable with respect to these metrics. The current account balance reflects the transfer of savings over time and space. We posit that the demographic structure determines the savings transfer over time, while the relative productivity difference determines the savings transfer across the space. This transfer does not change the total welfare calculated on a national or generational basis. Consequently, focusing on improving the consumption rate to boost the economy without consideration of demographic structure transition warrants further serious discussion. Similarly, too much attention to short-term current account surplus or deficit is not productive.
Credit Rating in China’s Bond Market: Evidence from Short-Term Financing Bonds  [PDF]
Song Zhu
Modern Economy (ME) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/me.2013.42015

In recent years, the Chinese government has highly emphasized the development of bond market, which plays an important role during the development of macro-economy and finance sector in China, especially on some crucial steps concerning national economy and the peoples livelihood, as well as reforms in banking industry and the financial innovations. However, the bond market is smaller compared with its counterparts abroad, and its structure is much simpler. To promote the development of bond market, credit rating is very important, which has been hotly discussed during and after the recent financial crisis. This paper discusses the credit rating of bond in China, particularly the short-term financing bonds (STFBs). Our results reveal that almost all credit ratings for STFBs are A-1, the highest rating, which cannot provide investors with effective information, thus being consistent with some critical voices. However, the credit ratings for issuing firms exhibit significant difference so that they are reliable benchmarks for bond investors, and credit ratings indeed reflect the risk of issuing firms in China. Our paper provides more information for foreign and domestic investors about the bond market and the credit rating in China, and gives answer to the question about efficiency of bond rating in China. We provide some evidence for the reliability of rating in China though it is still in its early stage.

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