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Early exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke and the development of allergic diseases in 4 year old children in Malm?, Sweden
Kristina Hansen, Elisabeth Mangrio, Martin Lindstrm, Maria Rosvall
BMC Pediatrics , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2431-10-61
Abstract: The study was population-based cross-sectional with retrospective information on presence of secondhand tobacco smoke during early life. The study population consisted of children who visited the Child Health Care (CHC) centres in Malm? for their 4-year health checkup during 2006-2008 and whose parents answered a self-administered questionnaire (n = 4,278 children). The questionnaire was distributed to parents of children registered with the CHC and invited for the 4-year checkup during the study period.There was a two to four times increased odds of the child having an allergy or having sought medical care due to allergic symptoms if at least one parent had an allergy, while there were rather small increased odds related to presence of secondhand smoke during the child's first month in life or at the age of 8 months. However, children with heredity for allergies and with presence of secondhand tobacco smoke during their first year in life had highly increased odds of developing an allergy and having sought medical care due to allergic symptoms at 4 years of age. Thus, there was a synergistic effect enhancing the independent effects of heredity and exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke on allergy development.Children with a family history of allergies and early exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke is a risk group that prevention and intervention should pay extra attention to. The tobacco smoke effect on children is an essential and urgent question considering it not being self chosen, possibly giving life lasting negative health effects and being possible to reduce.Today about 1 billion people smoke worldwide and every second child is exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke [1]. In Sweden about 1 million people smoke, 11% of the men, 14% of the women [2] and 6% of the pregnant women [3]. Even though secondhand tobacco smoke has decreased during later years, about 6% of Swedish mothers smoked when the child was 0 to 4 weeks and 7% when the child was 8 months old, while 11
应用与环境生物学报 , 1998,
Abstract: 摘要用rep1r?1和rep2?1dna为引物,对22株四川土著慢生花生根瘤菌染色体dna的基因外回文重复序列(repetitiveextrogenicpalindromicsequencerep)进行了pcr扩增和凝胶电泳,并对电泳结果的指纹图型进行了相似性聚类分析.结果表明了四川土著慢生花生根瘤菌的遗传多样性.指纹图形是根瘤菌多样性研究中一种简便而有效的方法.
Individual characteristics, area social participation, and primary non-concordance with medication: a multilevel analysis
Kristina Johnell, Martin Lindstrm, Jan Sundquist, Charli Eriksson, Juan Merlo
BMC Public Health , 2006, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-6-52
Abstract: We analysed cross sectional data from 9 070 women and 6 795 men aged 18 to 79 years, living in 78 areas in central Sweden, who participated in the Life & Health year 2000 survey, with multilevel logistic regression (individuals at the first level and areas at the second level).Younger age, financial strain, low self-rated health, and low trust in the health care system were associated with primary non-concordance with medication. However, area social participation was not related to primary non-concordance, and the variation in primary non-concordance between the areas was small.Our results indicate that people in central Sweden with younger age, financial difficulties, low self-rated health, and low trust in the health care system may have a higher probability of primary non-concordance with medication. However, the area of residence – as defined by administrative boundaries – seems to play a minor role for primary non-concordance.Patients' concordance with medication is a prerequisite for effective drug therapy. Non-concordance is a major public health problem that imposes a considerable financial burden on the health care system [1,2]. Despite the comprehensive research on concordance during the last decades [3], non-concordance remains a concern in health care, and there is still a need for studies on correlates of non-concordance because the complex phenomenon of non-concordance is far from understood. It has been suggested that the social context in which non-concordance occurs should not be ignored [1,2,4], and we have tried to incorporate this aspect in this study.The term concordance implies agreement, trust, and harmony between patient and doctor regarding treatment, and acknowledges the patient as a decision maker, and a cornerstone is professional empathy [2,5]. The members of a working party of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain introduced the term concordance, which recognizes a patient's own choice to concord with treatment [2].Patient
Maternal educational level, parental preventive behavior, risk behavior, social support and medical care consumption in 8-month-old children in Malm?, Sweden
Elisabeth Mangrio, Kristina Hansen, Martin Lindstrm, Marie K?hler, Maria Rosvall
BMC Public Health , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-11-891
Abstract: This study was population-based and cross-sectional. The study population was 8 month-old children in Malm?, visiting the Child Health Care centers during 2003-2007 for their 8-months check-up, and whose parents answered a self-administered questionnaire (n = 9,289 children).Exclusive breast feeding ≥4 months was more common among mothers with higher educational level. Smoking during pregnancy was five times more common among less-educated mothers. Presence of secondhand tobacco smoke during the first four weeks of life was also much more common among children with less-educated mothers. Less-educated mothers more often experienced low emotional support and low practical support than mothers with higher levels of education (>12 years of education). Increased exposure to unfavorable parental behavioral factors (maternal smoking during pregnancy, secondhand tobacco smoke and exclusive breastfeeding <4 months) was associated with increased odds of in-hospital care and having sought care from a doctor during the last 8 months. The odds were doubled when exposed to all three risk factors. Furthermore, children of less-educated mothers had increased odds of in-hospital care (OR = 1.34 (95% CI: 1.08, 1.66)) and having sought care from a doctor during the last 8 months (OR = 1.28 (95% CI: 1.09, 1.50)), which were reduced and turned statistically non-significant after adjustment for unfavorable parental behavioral factors.Children of less-educated mothers were exposed to more health risks, fewer health-promoting factors, worse social support, and had higher medical care consumption than children with higher educated mothers. After adjustment for parental behavioral factors the excess odds of doctor's visits and in-hospital care among children with less-educated mothers were reduced. Improving children's health calls for policies targeting parents' health-related behaviors and social support.Socioeconomic conditions have been shown to influence the risk of many types of ill h
菌物学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 为了解长期定位施肥对石灰性紫色水稻土丛枝菌根真菌(AMF)物种多样性的影响,从稻麦轮作下连续26年定位施农家肥(M)、氮肥+农家肥(NM)、氮磷肥+农家肥(NPM)、氮磷钾肥+农家肥(NPKM)、不施肥(CK)、氮肥(N)、氮磷肥(NP)、氮磷钾肥(NPK)等不同施肥处理小区采集根区土样,分离鉴定AMF、测定多样性特征。共鉴定出17种AMF,其中球囊霉属Glomus12种,占已分离总数的70.5%,为优势属;无梗囊霉属Acaulospora3种,占17.6%;原囊霉属Archaeospora和内养囊霉属Entrophospora各1种,各占5.9%。无论是石灰性紫色土种植水稻还是小麦,AMF侵染率最高的施肥处理均为无肥处理(CK),施肥特别是磷肥,降低AMF侵染率、孢子密度、相对多度和种丰度。变性梯度凝胶电泳(denaturinggradientgelelectrophoresis,DGGE)分析结果表明,不施肥对照(CK)的AMF多样性最丰富,多样性指数最高,水稻和小麦种植下的多样性指数分别为2.68和3.02;与无机肥处理相比,农家肥配施无机肥提高了AMF多样性指数。农家肥配施无机肥更有利于AMF发育。
生物多样性 , 2011,
Abstract: ?为了认识长期施肥对石灰性紫色水稻土培肥和肥力演化的作用,结合变性梯度凝胶电泳(denaturinggradientgelelectrophoresis,dgge)和限制性酶切片段长度多态性(rflp)技术,研究了稻麦轮作下农家肥(m)、氮肥+农家肥(nm)、氮磷肥+农家肥(npm)、氮磷钾肥+农家肥(npkm)、无肥(ck)、氮肥(n)、氮磷肥(np)、氮磷钾肥(npk)等不同施肥制度对石灰性紫色水稻土古菌群落结构的影响。研究结果表明,长期定位施肥明显影响土壤中的古菌组成。在长期施用氮肥+农家肥、氮磷肥和氮磷钾肥+农家肥处理的土壤中,古菌多样性指数低于农家肥、氮磷肥+农家肥、无肥、氮肥和氮磷钾肥处理。在dgge图谱的基础上,分别选择种植水稻和小麦的氮磷钾肥处理土壤样品,对古菌克隆子的16srdna序列进行了系统发育分析,发现水稻土古菌与各种土壤及水体环境的古菌极其相似。对dgge图谱的聚类分析发现,不管是种植水稻还是小麦,8种施肥处理的古菌都聚在3个群里。种植水稻时,m和npk处理下的土壤古菌聚成第一个群,np处理下的聚成第二个群,另外5种施肥处理(npkm,nm,ck,n和npm)聚成第三个群。种植小麦时,npkm和m处理下的土壤古菌聚成一个群,np处理下的聚成第二个群,n、npk、nm、npm和ck处理下的聚成第三个群。聚类分析结果显示,作物类型会影响土壤古菌群落结构。
应用与环境生物学报 , 2005,
Abstract: 摘要采用大肠杆菌和根瘤菌接合的方法,将celb标记基因分别导入了两株慢生型花生根瘤菌spr3?5和spr4?5中.对出发菌株和标记菌株的代时测定结果表明,二者之间没有显著差异.在标记菌株与出发菌株等量接种的前提下,比较了二者的竞争结瘤能力;结果显示,标记菌株形成的根瘤(蓝瘤)的占瘤率与50%相比,差异不显著.为了研究标记菌株与出发菌株的固氮有效性,测定了标记菌株与出发菌株各自共生植株的干重、全氮和叶绿素含量;结果表明,标记菌株与出发菌株的这3项指标之间没有显著差异.说明利用celb基因研究慢生花生根瘤菌的竞争结瘤能力是可行的.表5参7
应用与环境生物学报 , 2003,
Abstract: 摘要对32个来源于中国不同产地的花生品种进行了aflp指纹图谱及相似性聚类分析.结果表明:所有供试花生品种的遗传相似性为35%,在45%的相似性水平处分为3个群,表明我国的花生品种存在遗传多态性.aflp指纹图谱分析技术能很好地反映出花生品种之间存在的遗传差异.图2表1参26
Effects of long-term fertilization on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi community in calcareous purple paddy soil

GU Yun-Fu,LI Fang,ZHANG Xiao-Ping,TU Shi-Hua,KRISTINA Lindstr?m,
,李芳,张小平,涂仕华,KRISTINA Lindstr?m

菌物学报 , 2012,
Abstract: To determine the influence of long term fertilization on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) species diversity in calcareous purplish paddy soil, rhizosphere soil samples collected from different designed plots continuously supplied with manure only (M), nitrogen fertilizer plus manure (NM), nitrogen and phosphoric fertilizer plus manure (NPM), nitrogen, phosphoric and potassium fertilizer plus manure (NPKM), mineral nitrogen (N), nitrogen-phosphoric fertilizer (NP), nitrogen and phosphoric and potassium fertilizer (NPK) and without treatment (CK), under rice-wheat rotations for 26 years were mycologically investigated. The results showed that there are 17 species of AMF, among them, 12 species belong to Glomus, accounting for 70.5 percent of the total isolated species. Three species belong to Acaulospora, accounting for 17.6 percent of the isolated species. One species belongs to Archaeospora and one species Entrophospora, accounting for 5.9 percent of isolated species. Regardless of wheat and rice, the AMF highest infection rate emerged in the control treatment (CK). Fertilizer treatments especially using phosphorus would decrease the infection rate, spore density, relative abundance and species richness of AMF. Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) profiles showed that both the AMF community structure and Shannon diversity index were the highest in the soil under CK as compared with those in the soil under any other fertilizer treatments. AMF diversity index in planting plots of wheat and rice were 2.68 and 3.02, respectively. In compared with the inorganic fertilizer treatments, the combining use of manure and inorganic fertilizer increased the AMF diversity index. The results suggested that the mixing of manure and inorganic fertilizer would be more beneficial to the development of the soil AMF.
Teaching physics novices at university: A case for stronger scaffolding
Christine Lindstrm,Christine Lindstrm
Physical Review Special Topics. Physics Education Research , 2011,
Abstract: In 2006 a new type of tutorial, called Map Meeting, was successfully trialled with novice first year physics students at the University of Sydney, Australia. Subsequently, in first semester 2007 a large-scale experiment was carried out with 262 students who were allocated either to the strongly scaffolding Map Meetings or to the less scaffolding Workshop Tutorials, which have been run at the University of Sydney since 1995. In this paper we describe what makes Map Meetings more scaffolding than Workshop Tutorials—where the level of scaffolding represents the main difference between the two tutorial types. Using a mixed methods approach to triangulate results, we compare the success of the two with respect to both student tutorial preference and examination performance. In summary, Map Meetings had a higher retention rate and received more positive feedback from students—students liked the strongly scaffolding environment and felt that it better helped them understand physics. A comparison of final examination performances of students who had attended at least 10 out of 12 tutorials revealed that only 11% of Map Meeting students received less than 30 out of 90 marks compared to 21% of Workshop Tutorial students, whereas there were no differences amongst high-achieving students. Map Meetings was therefore particularly successful in helping low-achieving novices learn physics.
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