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K. Ramesh
Journal of Global Research in Mathematical Archives , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper we introduce intuitionistic fuzzy contra generalized semi open mappings, intuitionistic fuzzy contra generalized semi closed mappings and intuitionistic fuzzy contra M -generalized semi open mappings in intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces and some of their basic properties are studied. Keywords: Intuitionistic fuzzy topology, intuitionistic fuzzy contra generalized semi open mappings, intuitionistic fuzzy contra generalized semi closed mappings and intuitionistic fuzzy contra M -generalized semi open mappings.
Socio-Cultural Matrix in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four
K Ramesh
Journal of Literature, Culture and Media Studies , 2010,
Variations in wood tratis in micro and macro propagated plantation woods of Populus deltoides Bartr. ex Marsh  [PDF]
Pramod K. Pande, Ramesh C. Dhiman
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2010.14035
Abstract: The paper presents a comparison between intra-ramet, intra-clonal and inter-clonal variations in girth at breast height (gbh), fiber length, fiber diameter, wall thickness, vessel element length, vessel element diameter and specific gravity in the ramets of L34, G3 and S7C15 clones of Populus deltoides at the age of 6 years old produced from planting material grown by macro- and micro-propagation techniques. Variance ratio (F) test indicated that intra-ramet variations were non-significant for all the characters except specific gravity for height in L34 for macro and specific gravity and vessel element diameter for radial locations for micro, and fiber length for G3 (micro) for height, and specific gravity for radial location and fiber length for height for S7C15 clone for both the techniques. The clone L34 showed the significantly higher girth followed by G3 and S7C15. The variations were significant for girth, vessel element length and specific gravity between the wood produced from planting stocks grown by two techniques. Intra-clonal variations were significant for fiber length, fiber diameter and vessel element length. In general wood element’s dimensions and specific gravity increased from bottom to top and pith to periphery radial locations. G3 clone was different from the L34 and S7C15 clone for the wood traits. The three different clones of Populus deltoides showed variability in wood anatomical properties and specific gravity in the woods grown from macro- and micro-propagated planting stock. So, the plantation raised by two techniques could not produce similar type of wood even from the same clone. G3 clone was the exception as it did not show variation in wood traits for two techniques. Intra-clonal variations in all the three clones of P. deltoides indicated that wood traits were not stable within the population of same clone grown by either method.
Synthesis, Growth and Characterization of Organic Nonlinear Optical Single Crystals of 4-Bromo-4’-Methyl Benzylidene Aniline  [PDF]
L. Jothi, R. Ramesh Babu, K. Ramamurthi
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2014.24036

Organic nonlinear optical material of 4-bromo-4’-methyl benzylidene aniline (BMBA) was synthesized and single crystal of BMBA was grown by solvent evaporation method at room temperature using ethanol as solvent. The crystalline nature of the grown crystals was confirmed using powder X-ray diffraction studies. The crystals were also characterized by single crystal X-ray diffraction method and their lattice parameters were determined. Thermal properties of BMBA were evaluated with thermogravimetric, differential thermal and differential scanning calorimetric analyses. Fourier transform infrared and FT-Raman spectral studies were carried out on the BMBA material to confirm the synthesized compound. 1H and 13C-nuclear magnetic resonance spectral studies were recorded to elucidate the structure of the grown crystals. Fluorescence spectrum recorded shows a peak at 485 nm. UV-Vis-NIR spectral analysis shows transmittance of ~92% in the visible region. The mechanical stability was analyzed by Vickers microhardness tester and the work hardening coefficient of the grown crystal was calculated. Second harmonic generation efficiency of the grown crystal measured by Kurtz powder technique is ~1.8 times that of potassium dihydrogen orthophosphate.

A Review on Mechanical Properties of Natural Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Polymer Composites  [PDF]
K. P. Ashik, Ramesh S. Sharma
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2015.35044
Abstract: Natural fibres will take a major role in the emerging “green” economy based on energy efficiency, the use of renewable materials in polymer products, industrial processes that reduce carbon emissions and recyclable materials that minimize waste. Natural fibres are a kind of renewable resources, which have been renewed by nature and human ingenuity for thousands of years. They are also carbon neutral; they absorb the equal amount of carbon dioxide they produce. These fibers are completely renewable, environmental friendly, high specific strength, non-abrasive, low cost, and bio-degradability. Due to these characteristics, natural fibers have recently become attractive to researchers and scientists as an alternative method for fibers reinforced composites. This review paper summarized the history of natural fibers and its applications. Also, this paper focused on different properties of natural fibers (such as hemp, jute, bamboo and sisal) and its applications which were used to substitute glass fiber.
Assessment of immunomodulatory activity of Euphorbia hirta L.
Ramesh K,Padmavathi K
Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: Immune system is the major target for development of treatment strategies to improve the management of infections. Many species of Indian medicinal plants have been reported to possess active principles with immunomodulating properties. Euphorbia hirta, a pantropic herb has been reported to be pharmacologically active. This study reports one another not widely reported property of the plant, immunomodulatory activity, which has been proved using simple techniques like the macrophage activity testing, carbon clearance test and mast cell de-granulation assay.
Wireless Sensor Network Lifetime Enhancement Using Modified Clustering and Scheduling Algorithm  [PDF]
K. Ramesh, K. Somasundaram
Circuits and Systems (CS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/cs.2016.78154
Abstract: Random distribution of sensor nodes in large scale network leads redundant nodes in the application field. Sensor nodes are with irreplaceable battery in nature, which drains the energy due to?repeated collection of data and decreases network lifetime. Scheduling algorithms are the one way?of addressing this issue. In proposed method, an optimized sleep scheduling used to enhance the?network lifetime. While using the scheduling algorithm, the target coverage and data collection?must be maintained throughout the network. In-network, aggregation method also used to remove the unwanted information in the collected data in level. Modified clustering algorithm?highlights three cluster heads in each cluster which are separated by minimum distance between them.?The simulation results show the 20% improvement in network lifetime, 25% improvement in?throughput and 30% improvement in end to end delay.
Classification of Agricultural Land Soils: A Data Mining Approach
V. Ramesh,K. Ramar
Agricultural Journal , 2013, DOI: 10.3923/aj.2011.82.86
Abstract: The problem of the knowledge acquisition and efficient knowledge exploitation is very popular also in agriculture area. One of the methods for knowledge acquisition from the existing agricultural databases is the methods of classification. In agricultural decision making process, weather and soil characteristics are play an important role. This research aimed to assess the various classification techniques of data mining and apply them to a soil science database to establish if meaningful relationships can be found. A large data set of soil database is extracted from the Soil Science and Agricultural Department, Kanchipuram and National Informatics Centre, Tamil Nadu. The application of data mining techniques has never been conducted for Tamil Nadu soil data sets. The research compares the different classifiers and the outcome of this research could improve the management and systems of soil uses throughout a large number of fields that include agriculture, horticulture, environmental and land use management.
Satellite Image JPEG Compression
K. Lohitha,Ch. Ramesh
Indian Journal of Computer Science and Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: This paper proposes a novel compression scheme to compress multi band satellite images using JPEG in efficient manner. Satellite images are multiband images that constitute bands in several regions of theelectromagnetic spectrum. Wavelet transform compression and Bendelet compression Techniques were generally used with satellite images. Here we proposed a scheme to compress satellite images using JPEG.
Concomitant tuberculous and pyogenic cerbellar abscess in a patient with pulmonary tuberculosis
Ramesh V,Sundar K
Neurology India , 2008,

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