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K. Narendra,K. M. Sowjanya,J. Swathi,A. Krishna Satya
International Research Journal of Pharmacy , 2013,
Abstract: Pterospermum. Xylocarpum (Family: Sterculiaceae) is a wild medicinal plant distributed throughout India and south East Asia. It is used against treatment of joint diseases like gout, rheumatism, arthritis. In present study acetone, hexane, chloroform and methanol extracts were prepared from the leaf of P.xylocarpum and phytochemical analysis was done to screen alkaloids, steroids, saponins, tri terpinoidal saponins, carbohydrates, flavonoids, polyphenols, tannins and glycosides. Antimicrobial activity was tested against nine bacterial and nine fungal species. Among the four extracts methanol and acetone extracts showed significant anti bacterial activity and there is no significant activity against fungal strains and it was found to be effective against two tested bacterial species viz, xanthomonas campestis and E.Coli. Methanol crude extract was prepared by the cold maceration process and it was optimized for the yield, the crude extract was tested for anti bacterial activity at different concentrations viz, 250,500,1000mg/ml among them 500mg/ml concentration has shown significant antibacterial activity and in the methanol crude extract the phytochemical analysis showed the presence of alkaloids, steroids, phenols and cardiac glycosides.
Semantic E-Learn Services and Intelligent Systems using Web Ontology
K.Vanitha,K.Yasudha,Dr.M.Sri Venkatesh,K.N.Sowjanya
International Journal of Advanced Computer Sciences and Applications , 2013,
Abstract: Present vision for the web is the semantic web in which information is given explicit meaning, making it easier for machines to automatically process and integrate information available on the web. It provides the information exactly. Now days, ontology is playing a major role in knowledge representation for the semantic web [1]. Ontology is a conceptualization of domain into a human understandable and machine readable or machine process able format consisting of entities, attributes, relationships and axioms. Ontology web language is designed for use by applications that need to process the content of information [22]. In this context many e-learning systems were proposed in the literature. Semantic Web technology may support more advanced Artificial intelligence problems for knowledge retrieval [20]. This paper aims at presenting an intelligent e-learning system from the literature.
Preparation and characterization of Cefadroxil loaded alginate microbeads
Sowjanya Battu, R. Indira Prasanna, Narayana Swamy, C. Madhusudhana Chetty, K. Gnanaprakash,K. Jyothshna Devi,M. Purushothaman
International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: Cefadroxil is a broad spectrum antibiotic that acts against an extensive variety of bacteria, including Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. The major drawback of orally administered drug like cefadroxil is its shorter half life of 1.2 hrs. The goal of the study is to prolong the drug release, producing a desired blood serum level, reduction in drug toxicity and improving the patient compliance by prolonging the dosing intervals. The present research highlights the formulation and evaluation of cefadroxil loaded microbeads using polymers such as carbopol and sodium carboxy methyl cellulose while sodium alginate being the common polymer with a cross linking agent being calcium chloride. The beads were prepared by “Ionotropic gelation technique” and characterized for its particle size shape, micromeritic properties, percentage drug loading, percentage drug entrapment efficiency, swelling ratio and In vitro drug release studies. The release studies were obtained up to 12 hrs from 3 batches. The in vitro release data were fit to different equations and kinetic models to explain release profiles. The kinetic models used were zero order, Higuchi’s and Peppa’s. The correlation coefficient value (r) indicates the kinetic of drug release was zero order and the mechanism of drug release was found to be super case II transport.
New Proximity Estimate for Incremental Update of Non-uniformly Distributed Clusters
A. M. Sowjanya,M. Shashi
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: The conventional clustering algorithms mine static databases and generate a set of patterns in the form of clusters. Many real life databases keep growing incrementally. For such dynamic databases, the patterns extracted from the original database become obsolete. Thus the conventional clustering algorithms are not suitable for incremental databases due to lack of capability to modify the clustering results in accordance with recent updates. In this paper, the author proposes a new incremental clustering algorithm called CFICA(Cluster Feature-Based Incremental Clustering Approach for numerical data) to handle numerical data and suggests a new proximity metric called Inverse Proximity Estimate (IPE) which considers the proximity of a data point to a cluster representative as well as its proximity to a farthest point in its vicinity. CFICA makes use of the proposed proximity metric to determine the membership of a data point into a cluster.
FPGA Implementation of Efficient VLSI Architecture for Fixed Point 1-D DWT Using Lifting Scheme
Durga Sowjanya,K N H Srinivas,P Venkata Ganapathi
International Journal of VLSI Design & Communication Systems , 2012,
Abstract: In this paper, a scheme for the design of area efficient and high speed pipeline VLSI architecture for the computation of fixed point 1-d discrete wavelet transform using lifting scheme is proposed. The main focus of the scheme is to reduce the number and period of clock cycles and efficient area with little or no overhead on hardware resources. The fixed point representation requires less hardware resources compared with floating point representation. The pipelining architecture speeds up the clock rate of DWT and reduced bit precision reduces the area required for implementation. The architecture has been coded in verilog HDL on Xilinx platform and the target FPGA device used is Virtex-II Pro family, XC2VP7-7board. The proposed scheme requires the least computing time for fixed point 1-D DWT and achieves theless area for implementation, compared with other architectures. So this architecture is realizable for real time processing of DWT computation applications.
An Efficient Approach for Leakage Tracing
Paladugu Divya,V.Sivaparvathi,M.Salaja,V. Sowjanya
International Journal of Electronics and Computer Science Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: Data distribution across trusted agents by a distributor is difficult to analyze and manage as there is always the danger of misappropriation by one or more number of agents. A prior approach such as Watermarks that alters the data is of no use. In case of a leak the data is found at an unauthorized place (e.g., on the web or somebody’s laptop). Nothing can be done in former’s case. In a latter scenario data allocation strategies like injecting “realistic but fake” data records to the original sensitive data were developed such that these fake tuples can be used to identify the leaker among the trusted agents. Also guilt assessment algorithms were proposed for distributing objects to agents, in a way that improves the chances of identifying a leaker. These strategies have limited functionality as they function with an assumption that there are a fixed set of agents with requests known in advance. We propose to extend the functionality of these techniques to handle more number of agents using staged event-driven architecture (SEDA). Using this model a distributor can assess the likelihood of a leaker among more number of trusted agents in the aftermath of a leak.
Venugopal Gaddaguti, S Jwala Mounika, K Sowjanya, T Rao, MSR Krishna Chakravarthy R, Allu
International Journal of Bioassays , 2012,
Abstract: Plants constitute major source of drugs for prevention and spread of wide range of pathogenic carriers and also treating various diseases of human beings. Modern people increasingly prefer drugs of natural origin mostly from plant origin due to abundant accessibility and fewer side effects. Whereas synthetic drugs and antibiotics often cause wide spread toxicity and harmful side effects to the end user other than targeted health condition / pathogen carrier. In search of novel active compounds from plant origin, and to assess the efficient thereupatic properties with minimum side effects, application of advanced methods like GC MS and computational techniques play a crucial role in designing and development of drug of interest. 13 compounds were identified in aerial parts of Hyptis suaveolens L. methanolic extracts. Of the 13 compounds identified in the methonolic extract, Stigmast -5-en-3-ol, oleate, and Gamma-sitosterol and Butyl 11-eicosenoate found to represent 51.7% of the 13 compounds. Molecular docking studies were performed for all 13 compounds along with commercially known mosquito repellent compounds including DEET, Prallathrin, and Permithrin against Odorant Binding Protein (3N7H) of Anopheles gambiae using Schrodinger Maestro software. The binding affinities for compounds of Hyptis suaveolens were compared with known mosquito repellents for its ability to suppress human seeking behavior of mosquitoes and further possibility for designing of potential mosquito repellent natural compounds were discussed.
Design and characterization of diclofenac diethylamine transdermal patch using silicone and acrylic adhesives combination
Dandigi M Panchaxari, Sowjanya Pampana, Tapas Pal, Bhavana Devabhaktuni, Anil Kumar Aravapalli
DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences , 2013, DOI: 10.1186/2008-2231-21-6
Abstract: Modified solvent evaporation method was employed for casting of film over Fluoropolymer coated polyester release liner. Initial studies included solubilization of drug in the polymers using solubilizers. The formulations with combination of adhesives were attempted to combine the desirable features of both the adhesives. The effect of the permeation enhancers on the drug permeation were studied using pig ear skin. All the optimized patches were subjected to adhesion, dissolution and stability studies. A 7-day skin irritancy test on albino rabbits and an in vivo anti-inflammatory study on wistar rats by carrageenan induced paw edema method were also performed.The results indicated the high percent drug permeation (% CDP-23.582) and low solubility nature (1%) of Silicone adhesive and high solubility (20%) and low% CDP (10.72%) of acrylic adhesive. The combination of adhesives showed desirable characteristics for DDEA permeation with adequate % CDP and sufficient solubility. Release profiles were found to be dependent on proportion of polymer and type of permeation enhancer. The anti-inflammatory study revealed the sustaining effect and high percentage inhibition of edema of C4/OLA (99.68%). The acute skin irritancy studies advocated the non-irritant nature of the adhesives used.It was concluded that an ideal of combination of adhesives would serve as the best choice, for fabrication of DDEA patches, for sustained effect of DDEA with better enhancement in permeation characteristics and robustness.Drugs can be delivered across the skin to have an effect on the tissues adjacent to the site of application (topical delivery) or to have an effect after distribution through the circulatory system (systemic delivery). While there are many advantages for delivering drugs through the skin the barrier properties of the skin provide a significant challenge. By understanding the mechanisms by which compounds cross the skin it will be possible to devise means for improving drug del
Classification of Different Species Families using Clustering Algorithm
D.Chandravathi,TMN Vamsi,,A. M.Sowjanya,,Allam AppaRao
International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering , 2010,
Abstract: The division of similar objects into groups is known as Clustering. The main objective of this implementation is classification of DNA sequences related to different species and their families using Clustering Algorithm- Leader-sub leader algorithm. Clustering is done with the help of threshold value of scoring matrix. It is another simple and efficient technique that may help to find family, uperfamily and sub-family by generating sub clusters. From thisanalysis there may be a chance that members in sub-cluster may be affected if one of the leader clusters gets affected.
Y. Naga Prasanna*, S. Archana, G.S. Sowjanya, S. Lalitha, M. Lalitha
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research , 2013,
Abstract: ABSTRACT: Rapid, simple, sensitive and accurate spectrophotometric methods have been developed for the determination of Trimetazidine in pure and pharmaceutical formulations. Various methods were developed for estimation of trimetazidine .but a simple extractive photometric method using has not been developed .This method is based on the formation of chloroform soluble ion pair complex of Trimetazidine with bromothymol blue (BTB) in buffer of pH 5.0 with absorption maximum at 409nm. Reaction conditions were optimised to obtain the maximum colour intensity. The absorbance was found to increase linearly with increase in concentration of Trimetazidine. Calibration graph was plotted and the correlation coefficient was found to be 0.998.Beer's law was obeyed in the concentration range of 1- 7 μg/ml with molar absorptivity of 30*10^3 l /mol /cm .Various analytical parameters have been evaluated and the results have been validated by statistical data. This method has been successfully applied for the assay of drug in pharmaceutical formulations. No interference was observed from common pharmaceutical adjuvant. The proposed method is simple, accurate and suitable for quality control applications.

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