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Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension as a cause of dyspnoea in an older patient with a complex history
C. M. Khler
European Respiratory Review , 2009,
Abstract: A full diagnostic work-up for patients with pulmonary hypertension (PH) is vital. Classification and diagnosis of the underlying cause is important to ensure optimal management, but may be complicated by overlapping signs and symptoms. This case study describes how a full work-up identified chronic thromboembolic PH (CTEPH) as the cause of dyspnoea in a 68-yr-old male with a history of pulmonary embolism and an original diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Key indicators included decreased tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion, increased Tei index and elevated systolic pulmonary artery pressure. Multi-slice spiral chest computed tomography and pulmonary angiography showed severe chronic thromboembolic pulmonary disease, both centrally and distally. Diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide was reduced and blood gas analysis revealed a wide alveolar–arterial oxygen pressure difference, which is typical of CTEPH. The patient was eligible for pulmonary endarterectomy according to established criteria. Residual PH after surgery was successfully managed with bosentan.
First report of Elasmus polistis Burks (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) recovered from Polistes versicolor (Olivier) (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) nests in Brazil
Dorfey, C;Khler, A;
Neotropical Entomology , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-566X2011000400019
Abstract: the first record of elasmus polistis burks in polistes versicolor (olivier) nests in the rio grande do sul state and in brazil is provided. a total of 173 specimens of p. versicolor and 790 specimens of e.polistis were collected from two nests from gramado and santa cruz do sul, rs, brazil.
Effect of Diet, Photoperiod and Host Density on Parasitism of Anisopteromalus calandrae on the Tobacco Beetle and Biological Parameters of the Parasitoid  [PDF]
Kássia C. F. Zilch, Simone M. Jahnke, Andreas Khler, Eduarda Bender
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2017.812217

Lasioderma serricorne is known to be pest of tobacco, besides of attacking other products in storage. Anisopteromalus calandrae is an ectoparasitoid of coleopteran larvae also parasitizing the tobacco beetle. This study was aimed to evaluate the parasitism of A. calandrae on different densities of L. serricorne larvae grown in different diets and photoperiods, and to record the longevity and reproductive potential of A. calandrae. Individuals of L. serricorne were raised in three diets: wheat flour (F); wheat flour and brewer’s yeast (FY) and wheat flour and dried tobacco (FT). Different amounts of host larvae (10, 20, 50 and 100) for each diet were exposed to a couple of parasitoids. The same larval densities from diet F were exposed for 24 h to a couple of adult parasitoids maintained in three photoperiods (0:24, 12:12 and 24:0 - scotophase: photophase). The highest values of apparent parasitism were in the density of 50 larvae in the FY diet (96.34%) and 100 F (92.91%). There was no significant difference in the parameters in each photoperiod in all larval densities. However, the treatment in which hosts and parasitoids always remained in scotophase, was the one that had a significantly higher sex ratio. Females had longer longevity than males surviving for up to 25 days. On the fourth day of larvae exposure occurred, the maximum number of offspring generated. It is inferred that A. calandrae has potential to be used as a control agent for coleopterans that attack stored products.

Few-body approach to diffraction of small helium clusters by nanostructures
Gerhard C. Hegerfeldt,Thorsten Khler
Physics , 1998,
Abstract: We use few-body methods to investigate the diffraction of weakly bound systems by a transmission grating. For helium dimers, He$_2$, we obtain explicit expressions for the transition amplitude in the elastic channel.
Relaxation of curvature induced elastic stress by the Asaro-Tiller-Grinfeld instability
C. Khler,R. Backofen,A. Voigt
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/111/48006
Abstract: A two-dimensional crystal on the surface of a sphere experiences elastic stress due to the incompatibility of the crystal axes and the curvature. A common mechanism to relax elastic stress is the Asaro-Tiller-Grinfeld (ATG) instability. With a combined numerical and analytical approach we demonstrate, that also curvature induced stress in surface crystals can be relaxed by the long wave length ATG instability. The numerical results are obtained using a surface phase-field crystal (PFC) model, from which we determine the characteristic wave numbers of the ATG instability for various surface coverages corresponding to different curvature induced compressions. The results are compared with an analytic expression for the characteristic wave number, obtained from a continuum approach which accounts for hexagonal crystals and intrinsic PFC symmetries. We find our numerical results in accordance with the analytical predictions.
Aerosol-cloud-precipitation effects over Germany as simulated by a convective-scale numerical weather prediction model
A. Seifert, C. K hler,K. D. Beheng
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) & Discussions (ACPD) , 2012,
Abstract: Possible aerosol-cloud-precipitation effects over Germany are investigated using the COSMO model in a convection-permitting configuration close to the operational COSMO-DE. Aerosol effects on clouds and precipitation are modeled by using an advanced two-moment microphysical parameterization taking into account aerosol assumptions for cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) as well as ice nuclei (IN). Simulations of three summer seasons have been performed with various aerosol assumptions, and are analysed regarding surface precipitation, cloud properties, and the indirect aerosol effect on near-surface temperature. We find that the CCN and IN assumptions have a strong effect on cloud properties, like condensate amounts of cloud water, snow and rain as well as on the glaciation of the clouds, but the effects on surface precipitation are – when averaged over space and time – small. This robustness can only be understood by the combined action of microphysical and dynamical processes. On one hand, this shows that clouds can be interpreted as a buffered system where significant changes to environmental parameters, like aerosols, have little effect on the resulting surface precipitation. On the other hand, this buffering is not active for the radiative effects of clouds, and the changes in cloud properties due to aerosol perturbations may have a significant effect on radiation and near-surface temperature.
Preface 50 Years of Gonadotropin Therapy
Albring C,Behre HM,hler K,Friese K
Journal für Reproduktionsmedizin und Endokrinologie , 2013,
Ein kombinierter Operationsansatz zur Therapie der rektovaginalen Endometriose auf der Basis histologischer Befunde
Khler C,Mangler M,Loddenkemper C,Lanowska M
Journal für Gyn?kologische Endokrinologie , 2008,
Abstract: Einleitung: Eine Endometriose des Septum rectovaginale kann oberfl chlich dem Darm aufliegen oder die Darmwand infiltrieren. Durch bildgebende Verfahren kann jedoch pr operativ eine Infiltration des Darms weder hinreichend best tigt noch ausgeschlossen werden, was zu einem therapeutischen Dilemma führt, da nur die Darmwand eindeutig infiltrierende Endometrioseprozesse durch eine Darmresektion behandelt werden sollten. Wir m chten ein neues Operationsverfahren vorstellen, das eine intraoperative Differenzierung zwischen einer oberfl chlichen und einer infiltrativen Darmendometriose erlaubt. Patienten und Methodik: 70 Patientinnen mit rektovaginaler Endometriose wurden nach einem neu entwickelten kombinierten vaginal-laparoskopisch-abdominalen Verfahren operiert. Diese Operationsmethode wird Schritt für Schritt vorgestellt. Die Entscheidung zur Darmresektion wurde dabei allein aufgrund der intraoperativen Befunde und nicht aufgrund der pr operativen bildgebenden Diagnostik getroffen. Alle Resektate wurden standardisiert histologisch aufgearbeitet. Ergebnisse: Ob eine Darmresektion notwendig war, lie sich intraoperativ anhand der Pr paration des rektovaginalen Septums entscheiden. Daher wurden nur bei Patientinnen mit gesichertem infiltrativem Darmbefall Darmresektionen unter Erhalt des Mesointestinums durchgeführt. Weder intraoperative noch postoperative Komplikationen wie Anastomoseninsuffizienzen oder Restharnmengen traten auf. Diskussion: Die vorgestellte Operationsmethode zur Therapie der rektovaginalen Endometriose erlaubt eine exakte Diagnosestellung und pr zise Therapieentscheidung bei minimaler Morbidit t. Die Resektion des Darmschlauches ohne Mesoresektion ist ausreichend, da sich die Endometrioseknoten wie histologisch bewiesen wurde nur im ventralen Darmbereich befinden. Durch die Mesoerhaltung werden die vegetativen Funktionen des kleinen Beckens nicht beeintr chtigt.
Sensitive and reliable detection of Kit point mutation Asp 816 to Val in pathological material
Christian Khler, Sabine Didlaukat, Alfred C Feller, Hartmut Merz
Diagnostic Pathology , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1746-1596-2-37
Abstract: The Kit point mutation Asp 816 to Val is heterozygous which means a problem in detection by PCR because the wild-type allele is also amplified and the number of cells which bear the point mutation is in most of the cases low. Most PCR protocols use probes to block the wild-type allele during amplification with more or less satisfying result. This is why point-mutated forward primers were designed and tested for efficiency in amplification of the mutated allele.One primer combination (A) fits the most for the introduced PCR assay. It was able just to amplify the mutated allele with high specificity from different patient's materials (FFPE or blood) of varying quality and quantity. Moreover, the sensitivity for this assay was convincing because 10 ng of DNA which bears the point mutation could be detected in a total volume of 200 ng of DNA.The PCR assay is able to deal with different materials (blood and FFPE) this means quality and quantity of DNA and can be used for high-througput screening because of its robustness. Moreover, the method is easy-to-use, not labour-intensive, and easy to realise in a standard laboratory.1,000 to 8,000 incidences of human mastocytosis are reported every year in the US [1]. Human mastocytosis is characterised by accumulation of mast cells in different organs. It is a heterogenous group of disorders which can be divided into the categories cutaneous mastocytosis (CM) and systemic mastocytosis (SM) which is commonly seen in adults by histological lesions in the bone marrow and other non-cutaneous organs [2,3]. SM can be further divided into the categories indolent systemic mastocytosis (ISM), SM with an associated clonal hematologic non-mast cell lineage disease (AHNMD), aggressive sytemic mastocytosis (ASM), and mast cell leukemia (MCL). ISM is the most common form which involves skin, bone marrow, and GI tract with good prognosis for the patient. First relations between mastocytosis and activating mutations in the receptor tyrosine kin
Triplicated P-wave measurements for waveform tomography of the mantle transition zone
S. C. St hler, K. Sigloch,T. Nissen-Meyer
Solid Earth (SE) & Discussions (SED) , 2012, DOI: 10.5194/se-3-339-2012
Abstract: Triplicated body waves sample the mantle transition zone more extensively than any other wave type, and interact strongly with the discontinuities at 410 km and 660 km. Since the seismograms bear a strong imprint of these geodynamically interesting features, it is highly desirable to invert them for structure of the transition zone. This has rarely been attempted, due to a mismatch between the complex and band-limited data and the (ray-theoretical) modelling methods. Here we present a data processing and modelling strategy to harness such broadband seismograms for finite-frequency tomography. We include triplicated P-waves (epicentral distance range between 14 and 30°) across their entire broadband frequency range, for both deep and shallow sources. We show that is it possible to predict the complex sequence of arrivals in these seismograms, but only after a careful effort to estimate source time functions and other source parameters from data, variables that strongly influence the waveforms. Modelled and observed waveforms then yield decent cross-correlation fits, from which we measure finite-frequency traveltime anomalies. We discuss two such data sets, for North America and Europe, and conclude that their signal quality and azimuthal coverage should be adequate for tomographic inversion. In order to compute sensitivity kernels at the pertinent high body wave frequencies, we use fully numerical forward modelling of the seismic wavefield through a spherically symmetric Earth.
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